This is the dji mavic 2 series Music, the mavic 2 is the drone that so many of our customers have been waiting for. I was one of the few very lucky people to consider Music to field test this piece of equipment. I used to have to use a helicopter, and now we can do it with a drone that i can carry Music in my pack, which is amazing, it’s, going to make my work harder in the sense that everybody’s going to have such great footage. I really love this company, because they’re always doing something different having hyper lapse and having the dolly zoom just blows me. What it really does. Dji continues to break the ground with these new ideas, and these new types of intelligent flight modes i’m really excited about. What is to come, we’re gon na see Music a whole new level of aerial photography and videography that’s all going to be shot with the mavic 2.