While we go snorkeling in the bahamas, it has been to india. It has been to south america flying to machu picchu. Actually, we got caught by the drone police there, but in any case heres what you want to know these are still available. Yes, i know there is a new model out and it is phenomenal, but deals are out there to be had on this model, and this is still incredible with the hasselblad camera. Let me take this off, so you can see it yes there. It is my hasselblad camera one inch sensor there shoots. 4K awesome. The range is also incredible: no, it is not as good as the brand new one, but it is absolutely phenomenal. I am not sure unless you are a professional photographer youre, going to see the difference between the two in terms of your image and then the other thing that i wanted to tell you is dont, think youre going to get one with this cool skull design. I put a skin on it, you can find them anywhere. I find its a really really good thing to do, because those skins protect it. If, if and when you kind of crash it a little bit which will happen, sometimes thats part of life as a drone pilot, if youre going to really use it a lot, you can put the miles in sometimes things go a little sideways anyway, i have to Give this a 5 out of 5, for this is still my original one.