I just wanted to talk about this briefly, and this video will be mainly directed at why this specific aircraft and this kit is very suitable for protective services from police fire and search and rescue, and a couple things ill just point out here is really the amazing Quality of the camera. This aircraft supports a 48 megapixel rgb camera on a half inch sensor with 32 digital zoom and the thermal camera, which is the one on top here, is a 640×512 thermal resolution. So a real, clear picture uh when youre dealing with thermal imagery, which is uh so important. The fast deployment of it well talk about how fast this aircraft can be uh deployed and do a demonstration of that and then well talk about portability. And then safety of this platform, so the quality and ease of use um. I personally have not seen a a drone system with the quality of thermal imagery that this one has, and it is really an advance in technology and remarkably easy to use. So, with this platform out of the box, youre really getting the best quality in auto exposure, and you have a bit of control over the exposure value. But a lot of the complexities of photographic imagery is taken out of the equation. So you dont have to deal with that, which is an advantage when youre talking about using this thing for for protective services and so on. Right now, it is mounted with the spotlight.

As you can see, there also supports a high intensity, strobe light, which is very useful in certain situations, especially when youre around air traffic or other people, and then this feature right here is a speakerphone which is very loud and very effective. We have tested it, which you can simply talk into the controller and it will relay in real time a message to be broadcasted very loud. The other thing we talk about in this presentation is the speed of deployment. Obviously, in protective services were talking about seconds matter when responding to a scene or when doing a search and rescue operation or when trying to gain situational awareness in a very fast moving environment where the situation on the ground is changing rapidly, and so this is where This one just beats all because it has a unbelievable capability of being set up in a very fast time. In fact, we could clock it between 60 and 90 seconds were going to do a demonstration in real time in its travel configuration to deployment ready just to demonstrate how rapidly the mavic 2 enterprise can be deployed in an emergency situation. Okay, this is out of transport case. Its in transport mode looks good there. Aircraft is on, it is clear, looks good, acquiring the signal acquiring the radial links and gps all simultaneously within a few seconds here. Good power looks good battery, looks good home point has been upgraded at this time and taking off making sure the area is clear and were ready, Music, so thats, just a demonstration of how fast it can be launched in around the 60 second mark is what we Would expect now we can just do a quick demonstration of what its like to recover the aircraft and to pack it away if we wanted to move our station.

Okay, Music land, it after takeoff, free landing checks, battery off power, confirmed off fold away the aircraft and just like that, put it securely into its ruggedized transportation case power confirmed off on the rc controller, stow away the kit and were off that quickly. We can move the station, so we understand that in emergency situations, time is critical. Other systems are way too bulky, even when you get into bigger drones or bigger multirotors youre, dealing with a lot of time to set the system up with this thing, everything is built into this controller into this smart controller, so i dont have to even worry about Plugging things in in this specific case, so i could tie in an hdmi cord to this port right there and project this to a screen which would be tremendously advantageous if you do have spotters and other people that can assess uh the imagery and the footage that The aircraft is taking in real time. The other thing we talk about with this platform is the portability of the kit, and so were dealing with a kit that is literally about a little over one feet by one feet and ill. Just show you right here here is the ruggedized kit, which i would always recommend transporting this aircraft in, and that is literally how small it is just like that so um very easy to transport and carry and just pop out in wherever you are. The drone can also be folded up into a small compact configuration, as you can see here very quickly, and go into a soft case which is equipped with as well and be packed into any type of a small pack, the overall weight of it.

Even with the battery, which is kind of the heavier part of the drone system is still remarkably lightweight. This means its not a heavy bulky thing that youre transporting and the other thing. Well, we talk about a lot of one of the biggest challenges. I think, with the implementation of this remarkable technology, as part of it as part of a kit for protective services, is the whole thing about training and navigation safety, situational awareness, integrating the aircraft in with air traffic in our airspace systems and so part of vap services. Training as well, in addition to flying these aircraft, we do training operations to help people understand situational awareness of where they are a lot of these zones that we talk about in around airports. Even here, around victoria airport, in vancouver, as you can see, are a lot of restricted zones, but this aircraft, once you have advanced pilot certification, which we train students to get, is capable of unlocking the system by request through djis channels, and we can switch off. All of the geo fencing for the specific zone were in and now ill just say that police services, including chiefs and fire officers and police officers, can get special permission from nav canada to fly at certain altitude restrictions at any time without even notification. So that proves that the integration of these aircraft into airspace can be done were at that stage now, overall, its a remarkable piece of kit, i believe every protective service should have access to it and should have people that are qualified to use it and understand how To use it properly, this technology has the capability of saving lives and of helping people that are in distress and assisting protective services.

So its a great asset. We do training, we do consultations, we do free demonstrations. So please call us if you would like to learn more about this aircraft system would like to see a demonstration of it or would like training for the transport.