We’Re gon na cover the travelers cemetery, and here we go. This is the third official flight with my dji mavic uh draw a mini 2 drone i’m in samson alabama at the travelers cemetery uh. I did reach this video a version of this video earlier i wasn’t happy with it at all, so i deleted it and starting over uh. I need to put out better quality than what i did had things going on earlier uh. It looked good old by end. I didn’t go check it close enough and it was substandard. My apologies earlier you can hear the air conditioner over it. Ah, the playing speed, wasn’t good. I used pinnacle as a video editor um. I edit it to be on pinnacle, then run it through obs. Like i’m doing now, yeah so another day i was catching lag off the internet, so, instead of just being smooth drone footage, it looked like. I took a bunch of uh snapshots with the drone, so two big old strikes on that one. So i’m done with it time to shut that part of it down. Uh the furnace sure is a nice pretty cemetery. Here there you go there, we go there’s. A dog barking outside got sugar barking inside sorry, uh, hey there’s, my van right. There that’s the peanut butter express, got it loaded up with solar panels, generator power. Inverter. You see sugar barking, our food head off in the van she won’t now precious was in there, but she wasn’t cutting up like that.

Yeah it’s a real nice place, uh it’s, beautiful uh mavic mini two. There i’m loving it very stable on the hover, very responsive on the handling, very reliable drone uh. If you get ready to get a drone, i highly recommend that you get a dji mavic mini 2 good draw there also uh needed to uh download the before you fly app on your phone and check out before check, checking up for your lunch. Every time you launch without fail uh this place here had a military flight space overhead uh a mile and a quarter away. There was a a small air strip. I got a warning on it that um that the small air strip was in use. You don’t see it in the video, but when i shut uh we called the drone back into me. I had a crop. Duster come flying through probably about 150, so feet off the ground, so go to pilot institute, um dot com and go check them out. Uh get your section 107 license for commercial uh, get your beginner license to them, it’s a hundred and six seventy five dollars. I think it is with pilot institute lifetime membership. You go back renewed, uh lessons from there on out uh it’s 160 that’s um, but you go to get your um sex part 107 from faa. And if you fail it pilot institute will refund your money, plus the test cost or you can go back and test again uh.

They have like a 90, almost like a 99 it’s, a little better 99 rate on people that take the six 107 uh test that they passed the first time and get their commercial bar pilot drone license. You seen the truck pass through how about here. Just a few minutes had people come in and look and see what was going on for a small town where everybody know everybody look out for everybody. They probably wonder what i was doing out there, but what’s the shots flying the drone and that’s what no hassle but uh yep but i’m, not getting paid through this video it’s um demonetized uh i’m, not getting any kind of endorsement from our pilot institute. Just trying to help out, i highly recommend you go to pilot institute um online or you can do your online courses be aware of your uh laws on flying a drone, for instance you’re not supposed to fly over 400 feet anywhere. Not unless you got this six that uh section 107 license and uh permission from the faa um, you can sometimes there but not usually 400 feet and up that’s for um big airplanes helicopters. That sort of thing uh this one, all the reasons: i’m brilliant i’m. Telling all of this is i ain’t freaked by see the drone video and they get all keyed up. They won’t go, get them a drone and you literally pay for one from walmart, get it sent to your house a couple hours.

Have it charged up step out in your front yard? Human nature is let that center go, how high would it go boom and there it goes. Fifteen thousand feet two thousand feet up in the air they ain’t gon na, come at you, probably gon na get a thousand dollar five for that crap, so i’m, just giving a heads up there uh you get a drone, keep that sucker 400 feet or under go Flying over people uh over stadiums, large sporting events and as you got it cleared by the faa, don’t fly around no airport for god’s sake: don’t land, one at no airport, uh, hey a guy, landed one at an airport and afaa find him a hundred and eighty Four thousand dollars that’s one hundred eighty four thousand dollars for flying his drone over to an airport and landing it hey. I saw a picture bro, he wasn’t happy. He had tears running down his face biggest horse turds and i ain’t making fun of him, but i sure hate that happen, but i don’t want that to happen to nobody else. So you get a drone learned what your laws are, where you can fly where you can’t fly, how you’re not supposed to fly uh, i won’t, so nobody don’t get no trouble uh. This is just about the end of the l of the video here uh. There goes the second vehicle come in to check up on me, that’s. Why i hurried up and landed, but um y’all have any comments, complaints, suggestions, uh i’m, like dumbo, there i’m all ears, you know, y’all have anything you want to tell me about or whatever i’m all for it um.

You know. Any places is haunted or cryptids have been spotted at lay it on me, so i can go look and see maybe get it on video, but i’ll have a good one there. I hope y’all share this around hit that like and share subscribe button smash that bill join the posse you don’t, never know what i’ll be doing next and he’ll have the time i don’t know either. I just fly by the seat of my britches, my god: hey y’all have a good one.