Well thats. What the engineers over at dji enterprise, not only imagined but created, introducing the newest addition to the dji enterprise lineup, the dji m30 series, Music, okay thats enough of that. You guys arent here for flashy jump, cuts and bumping music youre here for information, so right away. Heres a 60 second summary of everything that you are about to watch. The m30 series is the answer to the question: whats better than the mavic 2 enterprise advanced, but not as beastly as the m300, its a foldable quadcopter with pullers on the front and pushers. On the back, which, in my opinion, is how all drones should be, it weighs 3.7 kilograms or eight pounds and it folds up to 14 by nine by eight inches. It is ip55 rated and it comes with the new rc plus enterprise controller, with o3 transmission. That has a signal strength up to 15 kilometers. The m30 has an integrated camera system with a wide angle: a hybrid zoom, an fpv camera and a 1200 meter laser rangefinder. The m30t has all of those plus a high res thermal camera. It goes 51 miles per hour. It flies for 41 minutes on a good day. It has two hot swappable, 5880 lithium ions. You can get it up into the air faster than any drone i have ever seen, and the target market is search and rescue public safety and infrastructure inspections, along with the drone, comes some impressive additions to the enterprise ecosystem, including the new pilot app flight hub 2 And dji dock now, if that was all a little bit too fast for you, enjoy the video in this first of at least three videos about the dji m30 im going to discuss who this drone is for the different versions available and how its different from other Dji enterprise drones ill give an overview of the specifications as well as the external design and the components and finally well get the m30t up in the air for a short demonstration of the flight performance and the camera system.

This video is going to be a little bit longer than normal, so there are time stamps in the video description, so you can navigate to any particular topic that you wish the next time that you watch this video also, i do have a walkthrough video of the Brand new dji, rc plus controller im going to be releasing that the same time as this video. So when youre done watching this, you might want to check that out ill put a link at the end of this video, as well as in the video description. This controller is one of the most significant additions to the enterprise system and im so excited to show it to you now. One thing to keep in mind is that this unit you will see in this video is a review unit, so it has some printing on the fuselage that wont be on the final production units. And finally, i know this drone is not meant to be fun in any way, but it is by far the most fun drone that i have ever had the opportunity to fly so something you should know. This is not just a new drone. The m30 is just one part of a new integrated solution from dji enterprise that includes the m30 and the m30t, which is the same drone but includes a high resolution: thermal camera flight hub 2 and the dji dock and then theres also new design of the software Dji pilot todays focus will primarily be on the m30t itself.

The other things will be covered in future videos here on the channel, the m30 series and this new enterprise ecosystem was developed as an effort to bring a user centric industry workflow solution that helps everyday heroes and inspection professionals perform their job more efficiently. It is very much like a little brother to the matrice 300. The m300 is an amazing drone and it can perform a variety of complex tasks like search and rescue inspections, 3d mapping and much more with a variety of payloads, but the m30 can do many of those things with more agility and efficiency. This drone fills a gap for users that want something as powerful as the m300, but with more capabilities than the mavic 2 enterprise advanced. So one of the biggest challenges for dji when they created this drone was making it light and compact yet still weatherproof. So apparently, it takes a lot of weight to make a drone weatherproof, and so they wanted to keep this light, and so it took. I guess it took a lot of work to make this possible, but this drone, the m30 series is ip55 rated. That means you can fly it in virtually any kind of conditions, rain, snow, sleet and really heavy winds like scale 7 winds. But i just wanted to test out the waterproof ive. Never done this before and im kind of nervous to do it, but im going to spray it with water and see how it handles it.

So lets get it up all right here we go Music. Is that not just insane look at that wow? Oh, that makes me so nervous, but wow that is really really cool and then the other thing uh. The other day we had 33 mile per hour winds at 150 feet and i put the m30 up in those kinds of windy conditions, and that was also very nerve wracking, especially when watched the fpv camera. But i mean it was rock steady like when you switch it over to the wide angle, camera and just view it from the gimbal view. Everything was perfect, like the drone was like tilted. I dont know how many degrees, but it was so windy that day the wind was gusting and it performed very well so ip55 rating, the controller ip54. So you can fly with this in the rain as well, so it doesnt matter if this gets wet. It was so important for them to design it to be weatherproof, because a lot of the situations that this drone is going to be in is going to be in situations like that, its going to be super windy out its going to be really rainy snowy. You know someones going to get lost with the weather conditions being bad. This drone needs to be able to get up in the air and find that person some other highly efficient design features of the m30 include that it has no landing gear to install no payload to connect, because the camera and the gimbal system are fully integrated into The drone and no components to attach before you launch you simply insert the batteries you unfold, the arms that lock confidently into place, no more twisting and making sure that everything is locked.

You power it on you, power on the rc plus, and you launch. You know what lets check it out lets see how long it takes to go from case to launch start the timer in three two one, all right, im gon na go ahead and time lapse. This here, just so goes a little bit faster, but you can see on your left hand, side. I have one of the worlds greatest commercial drone, pilots and hes setting up the m300 and although hes doing a wonderful job and hes very efficient at it, you can see that not even someone as talented and quick as billy kyle can compete with the efficiency of The dji m 30. from case to air in about 60 seconds time is critical, especially in a search and rescue or a public safety event. The m30 allows the team to get their eyes in the sky more quickly than ever before, so the m30 is packed with several safety features as well, including multi, redundancy flight controls, dji air sense, global navigation satellite system comprised of beidou gps and galileo. It has built in rtk, improved dual beacons and auxiliary lighting. The m30 has six directional obstacle avoidance with a total of 24 combined vision and infrared sensors. The vision sensors can recognize and inform the pilot of obstacles up to 38 meters away, while the infrared sensors handle anything less than 10 meters and they allow the m30 to avoid obstacles in very low light conditions.

Uh, just a little bit of advice when youre testing out obstacle avoidance on a drone, so you dont decapitate yourself, make sure that you have it in normal mode instead of sport mode. Also, this drone has an emergency three prop control system, meaning that, if something happens to one of the props or the motors during flight, it can still safely land using the remaining three. The m30 series is powered by two 58 80 milliamp hour 6s lithium ion batteries. Providing up to 41 minutes of flight time and with the newly designed individual locking mechanism theres virtually no risk of accidentally disconnecting both batteries, while hot swapping the tb 30 batteries can be charged two at a time up to 90 in just 30 minutes and fully charged In 50 minutes this means that with just four batteries you could potentially fly all day or all night long. All right so lets take a look at the cameras on the m30t. The only difference between the m32 and the m30 is that the m30t has a thermal camera, but the m30t has four cameras, including a wide angle: a hybrid zoom camera, a thermal camera and an fpv camera. The fpv camera has a resolution of 1920×1080 and 161 degree field of view. The wide angle camera has a 12 megapixel sensor with a 24 millimeter equivalent focal length. The zoom camera is a half inch. 48 megapixel quad bear sensor with a 113 to 405 millimeter equivalent focal length, and the m30 also has an optical zoom up to 16 x and a hybrid zoom up to 200x.

The thermal camera on the m30t has a resolution of 640×512 and a 40 millimeter equivalent focal length. The m30 series also has a laser rangefinder that can measure up to 1200 meters away now. Well, take a closer look at the image quality of all of these cameras. Here, in just a few minutes now, at the top of the drone, youll see four mounting holes as well as two ports thats right, the m30 is psdk and osdk compatible. This system will allow for third party developers to create components that can be used with the drone things like lighting systems, loudspeakers espresso machines, you name it and it can be used on this drone. Okay, maybe not the espresso machine, but a lot of other things. Also, on the top of the m30 is the beacon and theres one on the bottom as well, that exceeds faa anti collision. Lighting regulations on the port side is where youll find the micro sd card slot. All right were going to do a short flight test of the m30 today im just going to show you the camera, qualities the zoom capabilities, the infrared camera, maybe a little bit of flight performance on the m30 and im gon na try to make it as short As possible, i tend to ramble on sometimes in case. You havent noticed that but thats, why i do have time stamps in the video but uh. I just want to get it up and just kind of give you guys a glimpse of it and then well.

Do some more detailed, um examples and some scenarios and things like that when i do uh the future videos the follow up videos to this one. So right here is our pre flight check and were gon na click on the hms health management system. So lets go ahead and get the m30 up in the air super quiet when its idling, not quite as quiet when its launching Applause, it is so so fun to fly this drone all right. So now, right now youre seeing the fpv camera on the screen and, of course, thats not stabilized so very concerning when you watch the fpv camera. So now ive been out here a few times and flown already, and you can see right there. I have a pin and ill show you what a pin is here in just a second. So first thing i want to show you, you can see im a thousand feet away right there in the bottom of the screen and lets switch over to the wide camera. Im just going to click on r3, okay, and that brings up the wide camera. So there is the h, thats, the home point, all right, so im going to go ahead and switch over to the zoom camera and show you uh what this zoom can do, its so good. So right there is 5x all right, so there you can see me right in the middle of the screen im going to go ahead and zoom.

In now we do have a 16x optical zoom on the m30 and the m30t and then a 200x digital zoom. So were going to zoom in theres 10x and right there at 20x, now 20x were getting into that hybrid zoom right now, so 16x is optical, and then we got a little bit of digital on here, but it still looks crystal clear and im just going to Keep clicking there im going to wave at you just so. You can see its really easy to see this drone at a thousand feet. You can even see it at up to almost 3000 feet on a cloudy day like today, so because it is a good sized drone im going to pan the gimbal over a little bit. Zoom in theres 80x now were starting to get a little bit. Blurry and theres 160x lets get up here. You could probably still see a license plate at this um. Maybe not i dont, know cant see mine because its blocked by the tailgate but uh and then well zoom in one more time and there it is 200x. So this is uh 200x on the hybrid zoom, so at about 40x, its pretty good clarity. I think it looks great so now what i want to do sorry im going through this kind of fast, but i dont want this video to get too long. But now what i want to do is im going to go ahead and fly over here to these oil tanks.

Right now were flying in normal mode im going to switch it over into sport mode get over there. A little bit faster, still really easy to see. This drone lets get up a little bit higher, so were at about 250 feet and im gon na try to put that tanker right there well go with this tanker lets, turn on the laser rangefinder im going to click in the upper left, hand, corner and thats Going to tell us that we are 2328 feet away from that oil tanker im, going to switch back all right already in the zoom camera im going to zoom in were going to take a look at this tank right here, so theres 20x. Okay, if there was someone walking right there on those stairs, well be able to see them very clearly, we can make out their facial features so theres 160x. So so, as i was editing this, i realized that i didnt actually record any footage that day with the m30 camera, so i went out the next day, heres the wide angle view from that same scene and then heres the zoomed in view now this is only Zoomed in to 20x, so you can see that zoom is pretty good and when you record with the m30, you can record the infrared, the zoom the wide and the current view. At the same time, the current view is basically just what youre looking at on the screen and then heres a thermal example.

Now this isnt the best example of the thermal camera, so heres a side by side on the left is the thermal camera and then the zoom on your right lets go and switch over to the infrared so im going to click on the l1 button. Thats, the infrared and click on that right there, so we can zoom in on the infrared, so theres a 5x infrared 10x. Okay, now were kind of getting some degradation of the um of the image but pretty cool. And then you can switch colors by switching right up here. Right now were in black hot theres, tint theres iron, red iron red is my favorite and i was using iron red the other day. I was out here just kind of flying over these trees right here. Right in this area – and i saw a couple of hot heat signatures there – i see a couple more right now lets get down a little bit and see what that is. You know what i wonder if thats deer – so i was out here anyway and i saw a couple heat signatures and i turned on the split screen so right now, im going to do that sbs so theres, the split screen. So, on your left hand, side you can see um lets, go ahead and zoom in see what these are its deer theres. So many deer out here. This is why i love flying out here so the other day i was out here and i saw two heat signatures, theyre kind of holding still, but i saw a little bit of movement, so i zoomed in with the split screen and sure enough.

It was too dear, and here again we have uh quite a bit more than two deer. This is awesome. Lets see how close we can get with this camera, so theres 20x. This is so great. I love where i live, so yeah, theres deer everywhere. You come out here in the morning just herds of deer, so thats pretty cool but anyway um so theres the split screen. So you can. You can see the signatures on the left. So if youre doing a search and rescue situation and youll be able to zoom in and see, you know maybe theres like a child lost and hes hiding under a tree or something you would be able to see that um. You know with this so lets go back to the zoom camera yeah, nice thats, so fun all right now, a couple other things that i wanted to show you here is number one. I want to show you the smart tracking feature which is so so cool so lets get over to the highway here and lets say youre doing you know, youre in pursuit like law enforcement is in pursuit of a suspect and they know what the vehicle is. They know what it looks like and theyre telling the drone pilot from the flight hub in the command center theyre saying hey. We got a a vehicle heading westbound on highway two, and we want you to look for this vehicle, its a whatever lets.

Hopefully a car comes by here, but were gon na click on the smart track right there in the left, hand, side and then thats going to bring up your subjects that the drone can be able to track and so were going to tap on that semi right. There and guess what the drones going to start tracking that semi so right now its going to stay at 155 feet. We got 155 foot altitude, but the zoom camera is going to keep track of that um truck now, as the truck begins to speed up its going to get up to 70 miles an hour. Obviously, this drone cant go 70, but you can go 51 miles per hour. I got it up to 51.8 or 51.8 the other day, so that was pretty cool, but so right now were tracking this truck, and just i think, thats so great and then the the last thing that i wanted to show you lets go ahead and get off Of there and get back into the wide camera is the pins, so lets say you know you can see those little um diamonds there, those little blue diamonds right there. Those are things that ive pinned already in previous flights out here but but lets say, were doing a search and rescue. I keep coming back to search and rescue lets say you know we got uh, you know. Maybe maybe a car went in the lake fell through the ice or something like that and then the drone pilot sees something you know maybe floating in the ice, and he was out here and pinned this area right there.

So theres a pin right im going to show you how to set a pin youre just going to click on the l3 button. Okay. L3. I think i see like a tire or something all right and thats, going to pin that spot and then on flight hub. In the command center – or maybe you got some people on the team that are out in the field they got, you know their ipads or whatever and theyre a member of of the um of the team doing this search and rescue. I can pin that area and then on the map. You know you can bring up the map thats going to show you. The latitude longitude gps coordinates its going to show you the altitude of the pin its going to show you the altitude of the drone at the time. So all the information is right there, and so anyone on the team can navigate to that gps, coordinate and find you know what that drone pilot is looking at, so really really cool, being able to pin and being able to go back and forth between pins. You know navigate to a certain area instantly using the pins, so i think thats going to be very useful for search and rescue situations. So all right – and i think thats all im going to show you today so yeah so theres just a little taste of the cameras. Um, like i said, i got this up to 51, a little over 51 miles per hour, and that was on a pretty calm day.

I think it was like 10 miles per hour that day, im not sure, but so im gon na have a couple of more videos on this. At least i might actually do a few more videos. I do have a detailed video on the rc plus controller im going to post that at the same time as this one so im going to put that at the end of the video here. Also, you know what im going to put it right up here. So, click on that, if you want to see a walkthrough of the rc plus controller um, really really awesome controller. I wish we had this for consumer drones too. You really dont need it its kind of overkill for the consumer drones, but but its really fun to fly with this giant screen and this super bright screen, especially on bright sunny days so um. I did meet with some search and rescue officials and with the sheriffs, deputy and thats what im going to kind of focus on for the next video were going to do kind of maybe some mock scenarios, maybe like a mock rescue or maybe like a mock fire. We havent really talked about that yet, but i did show them the drone theyre very impressed with the capabilities of it. So im excited to uh to do some more things with those guys im also going to meet with some engineers on some inspection things. So anyway, if you have any comments or questions, let me know down in the comments.

Follow me on social media. You guys twitter, tik, tok instagram, because im going to be sharing some more content on the m30 on there, some more fun content. You know some more of those jump, cuts and music type things and highlights and close ups and things like that, so be sure to follow me if you want to see more content on this drone, if you guys got some information out of this video, hopefully that You did you guys this was the the most fun project that ive ever done since ive started this channel. This drone is really amazing for the first 24 hours of this video going live im going to answer every single question that you guys have down in the comments have a great day everyone.