This flagship drone filled a gap in the enterprise lineup that provides exceptional capabilities with a user friendly workflow that can literally fit in a backpack in this video about the m30 im going to show you some examples of how industry professionals like construction engineers and public safety Officials can use it to be more effective and efficient were also going to take a quick look at the flighthub 2 software, so lets get into it. Music, hi everyone russ here, thanks for stopping by to learn more about djis, newest flagship enterprise, drone the matrice 30.. Now there are two use cases that i want to demonstrate for you today to show you how this drone can potentially be used to save lives. Now, if you havent yet watched my first comprehensive review of the m30 series ill put a link to it right up here in the corner and in the video description down below. I highly recommend that you do watch that first and then come back here and watch this one. So, first of all, i wanted to visit with some people who build big things: things like roads and bridges, levees and schools, and i wanted to see how they use drones in their workflow and then get their thoughts on the m30t. So i went to visit a regional, civil engineering and architectural firm and we talked about some of the projects that they have done in our community. Now they actually have a matrice 600 in house, but it pretty much just sits on the shelf because they usually reach for their phantom 4 pro when they want to complete some documentation, work or inspection type things.

So basically, does your matrice 600 just sit in on the counter, unfortunately, kind of overkill really yeah when it was originally purchased. We had a dedicated, a fairly dedicated uav gis specialist, on staff, yeah, and, and so he and he was a hes, a retired helicopter pilot. So he uh, he was obviously very into it um, and so they they kind of dove in head first, with it sure um, and he was looking at doing some of those other applications with it. Okay, um and weston, and i have kind of picked it up from that – and uh, like i said, were using it for, unfortunately, more the more mundane purposes, right yeah that were using mostly the phantom 4 for one of the biggest issues with the matrix 600 is What it takes to set up and learn how to fly and then fly plus it really is overkill for most users. You know unless you have a dedicated drone pilot thats going to be using it on a regular basis. Almost every day, the average employee is not going to want to fly it and, i think thats the case with this firm. You know, convenience and usability is huge, especially when it comes to employees wearing several hats in organizations and so for most companies that person or people that use drones are also engineers or designers, or they hold some other kind of job title and the ones that fly. The drones mostly are chosen to do so because they have some interest in it, and theyve been volunteering to do it now, of course, that isnt the case for all companies, but i certainly think its more likely in smaller firms.

So anyway, first of all, we spent some time in the office and we talked about the drone. I showed them everything that it can do and then we went outside and just demonstrated everything that the m30t could do, and i also gave them a chance to fly it so westin and kevin who do the drone flying for their company were very impressed at how Simple, it was to fly as well as how powerful the camera system is. Thats the idol huh thats the idol wow isnt that awesome thats crazy. I couldnt believe it either when it was the first time i heard im like really wow. Is it running wow yeah thats only 20 x, and this goes up to what again 200 thats insane 200 digital, its only 16 optical, but even at 40 like right now were at 48 and it looks great. I could um read those signs: yeah wow, now theres about a 30 mile per hour wind that day as well, so they got to experience how stable it flew in those conditions. So i demonstrated the zoom capabilities as well as the thermal camera. Now weston mentioned how useful that thermal camera would be in so many use cases, including bridge inspections for one we had talked about getting into was bridge deck inspections like weve done a weve done some breed well, some bridge work in places where you have to do Like repairs on the bridge deck, the the method that we use to check the bridge deck for like uh, spalling or cracking on the concrete, is dragging chains across the concrete.

Oh really, it sounds hollow where theres a bad spot – oh sure, um yeah, whereas i i did watch a couple videos where some people are testing using thermal imaging on a bridge, deck and uh. Those spalled spots will be different. Different temperatures yeah that makes surrounding areas and it might be yeah and then, if you could map them like on there yeah, you know like put all the dots where yeah and then they could go right to them yeah and because the problem with chaining is you Have to shut down lanes of traffic right and then like on the broadway bridge. We did it yeah you had to shut down one to two lanes of traffic or whatever you know just to just to go out there and do it its labor intensive, and it requires the constricting of the highest traffic artery in town plus. It requires someone with the experience and the knowledge of what those anomalies sound like so theres, quite a bit of subjectivity with this method, and it also takes a very well trained ear with something like the m30t and its high resolution thermal camera. These spots could be located with precision and would allow for traffic to flow. Normally, you wouldnt have to shut anything down, plus it would save on labor costs and it would be much safer. So what i did actually when i was done visiting with them, i went out to the bridge and i actually found a hot spot, as i was doing my own kind of mock thermal inspection.

So is this a spot that requires attention? I have no idea, but i bet when these two guys watch this video theyll know if its something that they should investigate further and then also thermal inspections are not the only method that the m30t could be useful for when it comes to infrastructure, and we discussed That the use cases are pretty much endless and the time saved could be astronomical. This drone can fit into places that humans could never reach, providing a more comprehensive look at the entire structure in great detail now. The other benefit of the m30t that we talked about is how that zoom lens could be used to inspect in less than ideal conditions like very windy days, because you could maintain a safe distance away from objects yet still acquire high resolution images. Safety for the crew and safety for the community are two major benefits of using the m30t for infrastructure inspections, so also when i was done visiting with them. I took the drone out and i just kind of drove around town, and i did some mock inspections of like a water tower of a communications tower, some more bridges in town. You can see this one right here. This is a walking bridge that crosses the river and its been closed for obvious reasons and heres an example of why this bridge is closed. But it was really cool that i was able to stay pretty far away from that bridge and be able to zoom in and see that kind of detail.

Now. The next thing that i really wanted to dig into is how using this drone with its thermal capabilities, could aid public safety officials in locating a lost or missing person? Yes, the obvious capabilities are the thermal camera and the rapid response time, but i think the biggest strength of the m30 series, besides its portability, is its ability to fly in nearly any weather conditions and when the weather is bad, it adds to the complexity of search And rescue, so i had one of our rural firefighters join me for a short demonstration of the thermal capabilities of the m30t, and we did a mock, search and rescue. With my two sons. I instructed the boys to walk out into the trees and basically try to hide like they were kind of trying to run away from home or something whats that hot spot to your lower left screen on the thermal right there straight kind of in the middle there. Uh thats well right here: thats the sun reflection nope. It was in the woods. Oh you kind of panned over it go to your upper right relative right and there i seen it switching to i cant video anything on the video side, though. Just like a kid sized hot spot right, there theres a tire yep, and i will tell you this its not as easy as you would think, to find two little heat signatures. It took a long time before we were able to locate them and thats.

Even when i sort of knew the area that they would be in all right and there we have our missing children, i couldnt imagine how challenging it would be if we needed to search like a five mile radius for someone or something even bigger than that. Now, keep in mind im in no way trained in any of this. Everything that you see me do here is me doing this for, like the second time, so its pretty obvious that im doing these things as pretty much a beginner, and i want to put that out there. So i dont get shredded in the comments for not knowing what im doing when i do these inspections. I can tell you how much more respect i have for people that do this on a regular basis, and one thing that i really appreciated was having stefan viewing. What i was viewing at the same time and having that full situational awareness having those two sets of eyes on a search, is a game changer and thats. Why flighthub 2 would be instrumental in leading to a successful search and rescue? You could have multiple people viewing the images as they are live streamed from the drone, increasing the likelihood of seeing something that matters so stefans ipad. We werent able to do any screen recording on it, but he did capture a few screen captures some screenshots of our search, so heres, a few of those flighthub 2 is just so incredible.

You guys, and i wanted you to see how well it actually works. So i went back out and i flew again and i created a new project and then i connected as a team member with my ipad under another account. So, on your left hand, side of your screen is my ipad screen my screen capture from that and then on the right hand, side is the m30t screen. So i did a screen recording of the rc plus controller, and so you can see everything that i see with the drone. Any member of the team can see on their device what im viewing you know. The map view the camera view all of the stats, all the locations, its live streaming the entire time, and then you can also switch the drone camera to you view full screen. If you want to so, if youre, using like a smaller screen so lets say, a pilot creates a section that he thinks is of interest and he maps it out on on his drone on the rc plus, and then this area will be instantly seen by the Team members and then, as the pilot navigates to something of interest in that area, that area of interest can be pinned that exact location with gps coordinates so and then that pin can be opened by any team member and the coordinates are right there. So they can navigate to that location and further investigate on on the ground.

What exactly that pilot saw from that location and then also any photos or videos taken can be saved to the assets folder to be viewed by the team or reviewed at a later time. For further analysis – and i cant imagine how useful this would be for like law enforcement like if theyre in pursuit of a suspect on a dark and stormy night, the perp would have zero chance. Now i actually have a meeting with some law enforcement that are considering getting a matrice 300 until they saw my video on the m30t and now theyre reconsidering because of the usability, the lower price, the rapid launch time and the weatherproof design. It fits everything that theyre looking for for thousands of dollars less than the matrice 300, so the m30 series continues to impress me every time. I fly it or demonstrate it to someone. The fact that i could just show stefan just a few minutes of how to fly the m30t and he has never flown a drone before and then bieber will catch on and just fly it after 10 minutes speaks to the user centric design of this drone. Now, if you guys have any further questions about the m30 series, let me know down in the comments i do have at least one more video coming on this drone and if its a question that you have that i cant answer, i can certainly reach out to My contacts at dgi and get the answers to all of your questions also follow me on social media, instagram, twitter and tick.

Tock, im posting a lot of fun extra stuff on the m30 series that im, not posting here on the channel, so be sure to follow me there as well. I do want to thank you for watching this.