Looking for um its an exciting season were coming into because i think were going to start seeing a few releases coming up from dji, not quite perhaps in the same way that we saw last year where it was literally. You know launched after launch after launch for a very small period there, but i think its going to be um were still going to see some more dji stuff fairly soon. Um and thomas is letting us know that its actually cloudy contemporary its a long way to temporary but uh its been far too long since ive been over to my homeland, uh thomas. So i hope you hope youre well, sir, so we were all now used to the so called leaks um. I i really feel like now. We we are almost all as well its really accepting of the fact that whenever we get something leaked these days, it really is somewhere coming from dji. I cant imagine that all of these leaks seem to happen just as that products literally about to launch its. Almost it becomes the the the standard procedure of the the the artist impression comes out. Then a couple of photos and a photo of it being used somewhere and then you might get an unboxing or something like that happening on youtube when best buy accidentally released. One of the products well, it does feel like its in the order that they happen in is something instigated by the manufacturer.

Personally, nothing. I have nothing to prove that point and i know that they often do a lot of work to try and stop the leaks. But i dont know im not im, not 100 convinced, because again we dont really get the the leaks happening, which are out of sync. If that makes sense, you know we dont two weeks before the mavic 3. We dont suddenly get an inspire 3 huge amount of leaked information. It is, of course, the product thats just around the corner and the fcc filing turns up for, and then we get a release on so its its interesting. I do want to give a shout out to azita lv and drone deals on twitter for the information uh. Some of the pictures that ive got here today from are from them, and also some of the information and speculation as well. There are links to both their accounts in the description theyre. Both um give give some interesting information, and particularly josie threlvia will give some opinion on whats happening as well, but, as i say, im not entirely sure where all of those things are are actually happening in ufo seekers. Great to see you hope, youre well, sunny here in california, thats good to hear. Let us know what the the uh the weathers like, wherever you are actually watching. This id be interested to know. So we have a launch coming this monday from dgi, well its technically from dji enterprise to be precise, uh, which ill have the details of the actual launch itself later in the video.

So to do stay tuned for that and it is pretty exciting, especially to the enterprise users, such as public safety, emergency services, inspections that type of thing, because this is going to be a large looking beast of a drone. Frankly, now weve weve started to see some sort of almost frankenstein looking pictures appearing across social media um over the the last really about the last week. I would say that they started appearing and it appears to show a new line to the matrice line of drones. Now we all know that, of course, the matrice looks a little bit more like this. Usually um highly effective platforms lets see. Have it sit on my hand. There here goes a thumbnail um, a highly effective platform um, but you know it is a large machine. We do see a lot of emergency services that actually have these in quick deploy drawers. So you open the back of an suv or van, and the thing comes out on on on a plinth effectively ready to fly, but they are big. They are bulky et cetera. So were now starting to see what appears to show a matrice craft that looks more like a mavic. Frankly, now the we see these pictures, which which again with the dual batteries in the back that type thing it does appear to be more like a matrice craft than anything that were going to be seeing from a consumer point of view. So i dont think this is going to be anything to do unless youve got an awful lot of money as a consumer.

Of course that wants to fly this kind of thing around, but the people are starting to refer to this as either the m400 rtk or the m30. I quite like the m30 personally, i think its probably accurate to what the name is going to be its expected. The drone will take on the the highly recognized mavicky sort of looking style line of drone, which of course, is going to allow it to be something which could be folded away. So it looks really. If you look at the back here, it looks kind of like twice the height of the mavics, mainly due to theres a lot of tech on board theres as youll see on the front theres a lot of sensoring going on um and um. Some complex cameras there. As well on the gimbal and it it, you can also see at the back here, theres the two batteries being loaded in the back, which is obviously the first time well see that in a mavic style drone. But something matrice and inspire users are very much used to so the extra height also means that were going to see the first downward facing propeller on a mavic star drone, the the rear pair. Let me just go across this couple of these other pictures here. So you can see so, as you can see when it actually opens up fully. You actually have a pair of them pointing downwards, which is obviously very unusual um in terms of a mavic drone, although, although they they do appear um to to move in a different way to most models as well.

So these actually appear to open outward uh, rather than them the the rear pair flipping over basically so its interesting its going to be a very quick deploy drone which again, i think, thats very much the key here, its going to be a quick deploy, uh drone For emergency responders, that type of thing, especially if you look at things like the um, let me just pull this browser up and where thats gone there was two seconds now there we go and well get rid of that one. There we go, as you can see here, with the um get rid of the matrice one there shall we then, were just two seconds there. We go as you can see, with the the launch that theyre talking about here on the dji enterprise website for everyday heroes, which is why again were expecting this to be something a quick deploy drone for emergency services. That type of thing you can see the little icon on the top there, the little dome, and that is very prevalent in a lot of the pictures as well of of of this particular device. So i think that certainly shows us. You can see it there on the top of the drone there folded away. I think that certainly shows us that this is uh. This is the drone which is going to be launching. Now the shots do show an array of sensors and camera options that are built in so we could expect a powerful zoom, maybe similar to the mavic 3.

I think were going to see here, certainly um. The whole setup suggests. This is obviously, as i say, going to be aimed at public safety and inspection, rather than anything really to do with cinematic flight. This is actually a picture of it out in the wild being flown uh. So yes, as uh as thomas, is saying, uh look how thick it is. It is indeed in every sense of the word the gimbal seems fixed, although in some of the angles it does seem to suggest that you would be able to interchange them out as well, but its um its going to be interesting to see. From that point of view, the setup of the pictures appears to show multiple abilities, including a tele lens and wide angle, combo, to offer a powerful digital zoom as well as, of course, a thermal camera, which is very much what you would expect to see on there. On this type of aircraft, obstacle avoidance appears from these pictures to be six way. Sensing. Let me go back through these pictures again. Um now austin lv has been sharing some of some older patents as well, actually of essentially a drone and a box concept, which is this one here, and he feels like that. This new matrices line would be perfect for it and perhaps well actually see this being offered. In addition, i mean he has gone far enough to say that were going to see two products being launched on monday and speculates that it could be uh.

This drone in a box concept and again, if you look at this from the point of view that you you see other similar ones such as the uh, the axon photo kite drone in a box tethered drone system. I suppose this could work from that point of view that this this box could sit in the back of the vehicle or even on the top of the vehicle. I suppose i havent seen the full specs of this box yet and be able to very much quick, deploy and also charge within the station etcetera as well, which would obviously be which will also be quite exciting. Now, i think, with with concepts like drone in the box, youre also being able to talking about being able to do things like security flights, that type of thing checking the perimeter and returning to its box, etc. You do need a lot of visual beyond visual line of sight, permissions for that which we dont have in a lot of countries. Yet as far as regulations are concerned. So it will be interesting if it is a drone in a box as to whether how that actually gets deployed um yeah, as i say, its more likely, that it will get affixed to a a public safety um vehicle. So in a fire engine. That type of thing to be able to quick, deploy the drone, um again, automation, not sure, because even the skydio two isnt actually um um under the current uk regulations.

You cant even fly that here, so im, im, not sure itll be interesting. Its certainly a watch term for the launch, so id expect it to be lots of discussion about getting the drone into the air very quickly, which, of course, is something that skydio with their x um arranged with their with their enterprise range. Um is something which they focus on heavily as well. Theres also been a lot of focus on a new controller, which is this one here, and it has been doing the rounds now for a long time. This particular one – and i think we we all know that were going to see this used in the aggress drones for the agricultural crop spraying. That type of thing, i think that thats thats, pretty accepted, but actually with with a lot of the text, now coming up a lot of the um uh, the different bits of leaks from the retail side of things. It looks like theres going to be multiple models that are going to be able to use this so essentially a smart controller across the enterprise side of things and and it would appear as well as the long awaited in inspire 3, which i think will be a Different drone, i dont think this will be an an inspire type drone um then actually, this could actually be the controller that is used for this particular one as well, but we dont have long to wait. The launch is going to be on monday uh at 1 pm.

Uk time 9 am eastern time est. So it is a more convenient time, at least for us over here in europe than some of the previous launches. Looking at the the twitter poster on dj enterprise, they invite us to to join us for the launch uh event, so it should be more than just simply appearing on on a website, etc. So its going to be its going to be interesting. Now we are going to be live ourselves for the event, a few minutes beforehand, a few minutes after hand. So if you are new here hit the subscribe button to get notified of that show ill be joined by my co host stephen sutton of the flyby guys to take a look at the new drone and the all important pricing which im not even going to consider Speculating because again id expect there to be lots of different packages and lots of different types um in there frankly, so so yeah. So as i say, thank you very much for joining us everyone. I really appreciate you all being here. Um, its gon na be very interesting to see exactly what this drone turns out to be in terms of price in terms of capability um. But, yes, i think were certainly looking at a matrice style.