9 has just been launched for android devices in this video im going to advise whats new is anything fixed and, most importantly, should you install so lets get on with it Music, so it was only recently. Dji gave us 1.5.8 in that review. I showed you that there was some additional menus, such as some new pro settings, a couple of the little indicators that change down at the top. The option to update your home point and also changed within the dji fly app and one little thing that i had. Actually missed uh on that video is the fact that one of the menus for the dji air 2s has actually been removed. This was the shooting mode where you could obviously toggle between the two options and where this really came in handy is when you was using the master shots on the dji a2s. Under some circumstances, you could see that there was the props showing in the shot and adjusting this little toggle here potentially and was quite noted as a fix solved. The problem. The issue i also found was the fact that i believe that there was a problem when it came to actually syncing the flight data. For some reason, all of my flights done on 1.5.8 and all of my tests that took part yesterday, didnt sink on. My dji account at all now one of the biggest issues in that video regarding 1.5.8 is the fact that i had a quite a serious issue with the screen video feed freezing crashing and sometimes going black completely.

There was an example where i took off on the dji mini 2 and the air 2s, and basically the video feed didnt move at all, even though the drone was up in the air and flying on its merry way. Now this was a bit of a problem, however. After doing a bit of investigating and thanks to you, the viewers for letting me know what you have found as well, it does seem this was potentially isolated to devices that were still running. Android 11, such as the one that i used myself appeared to any users using android 12. This didnt actually occur, and that was absolutely fine. Another problem i mentioned was a brief message that popped up on screen and im, seeing that due to a battery issue, this was going to reduce the aircrafts performance. I viewed. This is pretty ugly and quite serious because one of the short length of time that it actually uh popped up on screen that you could have easily missed it and two because it was just seemingly completely random um it didnt seem to be particularly cold um ive Flown in much colder conditions, including todays flight, where my hands pretty much ended up blue, if im perfectly honest with you, but ultimately you know those are everything and all the details i announced in that video so to cut a long story short, is anything fixed with Dji flight 1.5.9 and the short answer is yes: i have had the dji mavic mini the dji mini 2 and, of course, the air 2s in two places.

Ive had all of those drones on the bench where i have been testing out all of the features and just basically making sure that the screen didnt freeze again, i have tested this on all three models and ive had absolutely no problems. I have gone through. All of the menus on all three drones and i can confirm that there are no further changes to the ones announced in the previous video regarding 1.5.8, so everything is absolutely status quo. However, like ive just mentioned, all of these screen freezing issues seem to be completely fixed so far, but of course thats not good enough. I need to get these drones up in the air and test them out for myself to be able to advise clearly and confidently whether you should go ahead and install so thats exactly what ive done. So. First of all, we have got the dji mavic mini. I took the hair up to stretch the legs. It not been out for a little while and, of course, the dji mavic mini its also comparable with the dji mini se. Its pretty much the same drone give a take okay, so anything that i find on the dji mavic mini is likely to manifest itself on the se, but i can confirm that the flight went absolutely fine. I did my usual test flying up and down check in through the menus, and also the usual return to hub test that i do on all of my models for a full safety check.

Next up was again the dji mini 2.. Please ignore how dark it was for some reason i put the drone up in the air. I still had a bendy filter attached to it from my previous video um that im currently filming so uh yeah. Please ignore that, but, ultimately same again, dji mini 2. Put the drone up in the air flew absolutely fine, no signal issues, no range issues and, of course, going through the menus and changing resolutions and uh, ev values, etc, etc. I got no screen freezing whatsoever and just to complete the set. I also put the dji air 2s up in the air, performed all the exact same steps. Uh, full safety test flew up and down, went through at least more than half a battery and again not once did i get any anomaly whatsoever and whats even more positive is the fact that when ive landed and ive checked my dji flight logs, they are, of Course sinking once again, including actually syncing and updating to air data uav, which i think is a great website and great for detailed analysis on your flight over and above the dji flight app. So, following on from dji 1.5.8, where i said categorically, i wouldnt suggest you install it. Yes, it might have been okay for some android users on android 12, but for others on android 11. Potentially, there was a few problems that, as far as my testing goes, should you actually want to install this? I would suggest that is completely and utterly fine.

I have suffered not advanced reactions and everything that seems to be a problem with the drone. Apart from, of course, resetting the advanced giveaway settings on the dji mini 2, everything else seems to be working exactly as it should. However, if youre not familiar already, if you ever do, want to go back to an older version or have a device that isnt quite compatible with the latest flight app, you can use my link in the video description to visit. My own personal google drive where i host all of the old android apks, so you can easily install the older versions. Should you wish, but anyway, that wraps up the video and, like i said just to recap, everything that i have reported previously on 1.5.8 seems to be completely fixed. 1.5.9 does seem to go absolutely fine and i had no problems recommending that you actually install this one.