This is old school. This is old. School lets go down here. Lets pop this case. Open right lets see whats going on here right, some old school stuff now youre, probably thinking this is new tech, but the inspire was when was the inspire release right so old, but new right, oh boy, look at what we got here! Luscious, you need some inspire in your life. Oh boy, this is some equipment, so this is the drone whats in here uh. This is the lens lenses crack. The lenses open lets, see. Oh, this might be the uh camera or the camera lets crack it. These are the lenses. How do you open this ill? Take the lenses? You can open this camera, okay, wow camera, so the cameras got its own case. The lenses got its own case and we got a wide variety here. We got a super 16. Everything is 20. 35 right and 50. yeah, 16, 24, 24, 35, 35, 50, 50 right four, so the tightest lens is the 50 and the widest is the 16. all right. So this is pretty. I mean this is some nasty stuff man, i dont know they say old tech, but this is this. Is this doesnt look old to me not at all out of a spaceship? What do you call this sentence? I mean look at ports going on over here. You just got some ports in your life. Awesome youve got a screen controller.

This controller is so light. Oh my gosh, it carries its own batteries of fact. Let me pop one in right now, all right, so we can pop a battery in there. There you go pop it right in its beautiful there, you go thats its ready to go whats this hanging. Oh, this is for the antenna, okay plug in somewhere plugs in right here and what goes here, how do we see? This is the crystal sky, so you got the chris monitor gets attached to that wow. This is nice. This feels, like man case for this. This just feels so perfect. Crystal sky also takes a battery. Now you might be saying to yourself. Oh, why does the crystal sky need a battery? Why cant? You have like an all in one solution? Well, because when youre filming on the set all day, you need separate batteries for everything. Otherwise, you got to keep everything pumped up and going so this is kind of like you know: everybodys got their own individual thing yeah, which is nice. I like this, so this just goes in push that locks locks there you go now were good to fly. Oh, my gosh, not yet its hot, not quite not quite all right. What do we do? Next? We have to get the inspire outside right. We have to get the inspire out. Okay, so lets crack this bad boy out. Shes out connect the lens and connect the uh dont.

We bring it down. First, six presses right: this is a cap that goes on top of the now we just got to pop a lens on be careful dont. Let anything now do you want to put a 16 25 okay? That would be sixteen right. That would be the 16 right here. These props click on nice and easy. You just put it on you press the sides you twist the lock beautiful twist lock system, baby. Okay, all right! This is a ratchet, lock im, just surprised not like most dslrs. That click, not at all its like a ratchet thats click, click click, yeah ill. Take the other part its got to click as well. I like how the props just click in Music. There you go thats it that wasnt that wasnt bad thats about it at all. Pretty simple, set up right, simple setup lets get this baby up in the air, get it up and see what it can do so uh daryl buddy. Can i fly it sure? Why not lets get it baby all right, so you got to tell me: how do you raise the legs up, or does it happen automatically its going to happen as soon as you ascend its going to automatically automatically go up automatically lets go up automatically in the Air all right lets do this. Okay, the legs go up in the air automatically automatically this heres loose lets, tighten that up all right, sticks down and then were going up.

Yes, sir, oh she does go out boy. She holding nicest teddy boy old technology. Whatever you want, i need to find my life fire me baby inspire inspire with the inspire and got the wide lens on thats, a 16 yeah 16 mil more spin Music Music, oh Music, oh Music, all right, thats hot swap were going to try a different lens Because you know this is what you get this stuff for right: im, ready to film a movie man like bring it on Music focus Music, Music. Now this is what i call cinematic. This is what i call making a movie like. It just pulls in the whole background. This is what i call hollywood baby. This is hollywood lifestyle right here. I need this in my life. Mavic 3. You better come good. You better come real good, real Music Music, oh yeah, cause! Look at this man come on. This is how you frame up a movie right here, Music. You could even go up on the heidel. Oh man, luscious love it Music, so Music, quick questions before i go. Why this whole setup? Why did you go all out? You got everything buddy. Why im im coming from a photography background, and i love that that look, you know and then transitioning from photography into video was a charm um, its all about the the image and what it does so thats. Why i went with the inspire too awesome gives me what i want.

Thank you for bringing your tech out here. You certainly got what you want. I got to get what i want to you know, not a problem with. That being said, guys uh make sure you give this video a huge like if you enjoyed the content today, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified. When i release more videos like this with that being said, i will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.