If you stand right under it, you can feel the power that it has im in love with it. The x5 camera had a great money maker and the galras people are really professional and are great people th. I have used the product for three weeks now, except for a strange fly away when using waypoint mode that i was easily able to abort product has worked just fine. I have fallen in love with my new drone. I cannot stop staring at her, even though she is just one eye with a mechanical body that moves in only three positions. I can live with that Music flying with the fpv goggles i will have to get used to, but it is absolutely the coolest experience in my entire life. This is the closest thing to actually flying like a superhero, and i am hooked words cant describe how happy i am that i bought this. Just do yourself a favor and get one. You will not regret it. I give it five stars accidentally did four. This was my first investment in a professional aerial device. I was advised to get a cheaper drone and learn first well, its cheaper than the dji s1000 plus canon 5d. I originally considered the inspire pro is a great starting point. This bird is no toy and the camera is professional quality. I did not go with the inspire raw because of its burdensome workflow and cost of proprietary ssds ill. Consider upgrading the camera after i had mastered this one.

My biggest advice is read the manuals. There is vital information in each manual, especially the detail, about turning vision, positioning off and using gps when flying over water. Each accessory comes with a manual that you should read thoroughly to get the best value of your unit. This is not a run and gun drone recommended accessories, 180 watts, rapid charger charging hub, monitor hood extra batteries, usb adapter for charging phone slash tablet via drone battery circular polarizing lens third party, i usually land with about 20 percent battery left.