Tiernan ray is here with me to talk about it. Tiernan go ahead. Tell us about the specs on this drone beth. The mavic 3 is, as it sounds, the third generation of djis highly foldable, highly portable drone. You can see that its roughly the size of a starbucks venti this just was released in november and as with prior versions, going back to the first mavic series drone in 2016 uh, it folds up pretty nicely, which means you can carry it with you anywhere uh. But it also has some pretty terrific specs the main thing that they did with this new version of the mavic. Is they slimmed it down actually um just by putting more horsepower into it and they um increase the camera capability? So the camera in this one is for the first time is a dual camera system. It has two hasselblad which are high end high end uh lens and chip combinations, two hasselblad cameras, uh one is a telephoto camera and one is um, a wide angle camera, and so you can get two kinds of angles on things. The flying time has been increased to uh, just over 45 minutes from what had been basically a half an hour uh, and the cruising speed is now six meters per second, which is up from five meters per second, so theres, a bunch of different technical details. Uh packaged into something slightly slimmer and slightly lighter weight than the prior version, but the big feature: uh is this new camera and gimbal system in the front where you can see that theres a smaller camera on top and a larger camera on the bottom? I am im really impressed with how small that started to um how big that can be its very compact when you arent using it.

The premise of the mavic series, from dji really from from the beginning five years ago, was that this is the first drone that can do commercial quality, video filming that can be in the air for a long time and that can also be folded up and taken With you in just a shoulder bag, so not only is there a mavic 3 but theres also a mavic 3 senna option. What is the difference between these two yeah so the at the top end of the mavic 3 line? As you said, it starts out at 2100 for the basic unit, but if you want to really up your game for 5 000, you can buy a version of the same drone that has a couple of differentiating factors one instead of the typical onboard eight gigabytes of Storage, it will have a flash drive, that is one terabyte in capacity, and it also will have a high bandwidth connection cable. The reason you might want to do that is along with the dual camera system, one of the differentiating factors of this version of mavic versus the prior, the mavic 2 pro is that, instead of filming only in 4k resolution and below the drone will now film in A couple more high end options, so, for example, there is support for what apple calls its apple prores codec, which is a higher resolution, video codec, and that that is used by a lot of film production units.

So thats the first time for this highly portable series to have apple prores, its a big boost, theres, also something called 5.1 k, which is above 4k, so 4k is usually a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels at 24 frames up 220 frames per second uh. Above that um you, you get into whats called dci 4k, which is slightly higher resolution 4096 pixels by 2160 pixels, and now we have 5.1k, i didnt even know it existed, but 5.1 k is 5 120 pixels by 2700 pixels also 24 frames per second up to 50 frames per second, so you can do normal and slow mo takes now in this much higher resolution. So obviously, if youre gon na be storing a lot more bits of video its conceivable that you might want to have a larger onboard storage system for that, so hence you will pay up. Uh youll pay 5000 for a one, terabyte ssd drive and youll pay. For this special custom, proprietary dji high speed link to connect from the drone to your apple, workstation or whatever youre, using to then download or upload the video and then edit it all right, tunin uh. I cant wait for you to test it out um and to let us know what you think uh, because its one thing to read off the specs but its another thing to throw the thing in the air and see how it does um. So to follow.