It has some good features, but this right here, the camera. Slash stabilization in my opinion, is not one of them, but the gopro hero 9. Here, which is what i usually film fpv with, is incredible, so i took this and this and made a baby now you might be thinking. This is super shaky, like there’s, no way it’s gon na stay on there, so duct tape seriously. My 3d printed mount didn’t arrive yet so i literally just took strips of duct tape and wrapped it around the entire drone. Earlier this month, i spent 10 days in the turks and caicos islands filming with this drone, and this is what it looked like hit. It Music Applause, Music, me Music, me: Music, Music, Music, you, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, alrighty guys, so that was it and, to be honest, i’m, pretty freaking stoked with how it turned out this thing right here definitely is not the prettiest bird in the Sky, but it definitely gets the job done, combining the strengths of the dji fpv and the gopro. We have created a monster, please gopro dji, if you’re watching this, please do a collaboration where you just put this camera straight here before i sign off. I want to give a huge shout out to the guys down in turks and caicos at wake to wake, which is the boating company that we went out with nat and mark. You guys are the best if any of you are ever in turks and caicos definitely hit them up and then.

Lastly, thank you to jake, castor, he’s. The world champion, wake surfer that you guys saw throughout the video jake you and sophie. Thank you guys for being so accommodating and letting me fly so close to you with my drone anyways guys, that’s it for this video in the coming months, i’m going to be doing a ton of fpv content with the dji fpv and with a couple other ones That i’m super stoked to try out so stay tuned for that make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already, because then, if you press the button again you’ll unsubscribe but make sure you subscribe, if you don’t want to miss any videos drop a like. If you can come on, you know you want to drop a like, but honestly it helps me out so much with the youtube algorithm. So i appreciate it.