Having had hands on experience with the new dji fpv collated at all and i’m, going to share it with you. So we’ve looked at sam calder’s video, which actually a very good review, considering that it’s not his normal type of video potato jet full time filmmaker parker welbeck landon, by the way, whichever one you want to call that and then peter mckinnon. So what are they all saying? So one of the major things that sam kohler picked up on was the hms the health management system, so previously with fpv drones. If you crash it something’s wrong with it, you have to spend so much time diagnosing what the issue is. But now it sounds like you just plug the drone into your computer or the app, and it automatically tells you what’s wrong with it and what needs to be replaced. So the whole modular design now comes into play and makes it so much easier to fix and diagnose issues instead, you’re looking at about a top speed of 140 miles per hour and when it comes to a full stop. Some of this footage unbelievable there’s one button to bring it to a complete, stop and hover and that you know, depending on if you go on top speed, can take up to a second i mean: can you bloody believe that, up to a second to come from 140 kilometers per hour down to zero, unbelievable now, here’s, something really interesting. So i did also order the motion controller.

It looks incredible, but you can’t use that in full manual mode it’s only in the normal and sport mode, which is a little bit disappointing, it’ll, be interesting to see or understand why they chose not to allow that in the full mode. Probably because you can’t do a full 360. that was my version of a full 360. smooth as hell. So then, the next skeptical thing that one that we’re all skeptical about is the battery life being 20 minutes. While sam said you could get a 20 minute battery life from the other videos, i watched, i found out a little bit more information about what you really expect to be getting out of the different modes, but before we get on to that, we’ll finish off some Coldest bit which he said that, and he showed that you can open up the back of the controller, to adjust the screws to adjust. The stick. Yeah stick strength, which is huge, really good to be able to have that and really an essential for fpv users. Since it’s it’s very it’s a very tactile skill, what am i doing here? Gone full, mr krabs mode, so let’s get on to potato jet and he said you can get 20 minutes of flight time at 40 kilometers per hour, didn’t divulge too much about what kind of battery life you can get going faster than 40 kilometers per hour. But we did get that from someone else. This is another cool feature, it’s very easy to get disoriented when you’re in your goggles it’s a whole different world, so trying to find out where you are, especially, if you’re, in amongst lots of trees, mountains whatever when you circle past yourself or when you point towards Yourself using the drone, you can see a home icon in the goggles, so that’s super helpful to be able to know where you are at all times, especially when you’re getting to the end of that battery life.

One other thing as well is the faa in the states only allows speeds up to 100 miles per hour, so he was, you know playing around. I think he got up to 89 at one point and then he really went pretty heavy into how smart these batteries are. So one of the annoying things about normal fbv batteries is that you don’t it’s, not just a normal charger and the more battery you have to watch the ampage, how you charge them. You have to discharge them, etc, but for these they’re like any normal dji battery super smart and if you’re not using them over a certain period of time, they automatically discharge themselves to a safe area and now we’ll move on to this parker welbeck full time filmmaker. Landon by the way, situation and one of the main things that we picked up here or questions that people have is, are the v1 goggles compass tool compatible with this v2 system? No but it’s possible with a hardware or sorry a firmware update that the v1 goggles will be able to be used as audience goggles. So you know if i’m flying fpv, i can stick them on my wife so that she has something to do. While i waste a lot of her time and speaking of time, this is where landon reported that we’re looking at about 10 minutes of battery life when you’re ripping us around hard style, which is triple double what you get out of a normal fpv battery when you’re.

Normally, looking at three to five minutes so still very good: specs camera wise you’re, looking at a focal length of a 35 millimeter and an f 2.8, you do get full manual control over iso, shutter, speed, etc. But of course you then cannot change the aperture. Like a typical dji drip, another interesting thing is: i mean i can’t see why you would want to be shooting photos with an fpv drone to me. It just doesn’t make sense. I mean if it is your only drone yeah, so there isn’t a raw format it’s. Just jpeg and with the one over two thirds cmos sensor, which is the same as the mavic mini 2, not a huge sensor, which means you’re more likely going to be shooting this as a daylight drone not at night time. And you will not want to be pushing that iso too high, which is the other item in that landon was saying. He doesn’t see how you can fit nd filters on this i mean there’s. No doubt a third party will try and work it out and find a way um. But if you’re gon na be shooting in daylight, harsh conditions, you’re likely gon na need an nd filter, otherwise you’re just going to be cranking that shutter and you’re going to get choppy looking footage, so that’s kind of an interesting thing. I hope there are some developments there and one final thing i almost glazed over that landon picked up on the smart modes that you would find on any typical dji drone do not exist in this drone.

Now i don’t have enough information to say that they don’t exist on the normal mode or smart mode, but if he stated that i can imagine, they 100 do not exist in the full manual mode. So it’ll be interesting to see if they’re in the other modes and then finally the peter mckinnon video, which seemed like the less informative. I don’t mean that in the worst way, possible seemed like the less informative review of all of the ones i watched. But you know, while a couple of things were covered in the other videos. One of the things i picked out from peter’s video was that there are two types of manual mode: there’s, a manual mode where you can fly full manual, but you cannot do flips, fly upside down, etc and then the second manual mode which puts you in. I guess what we’ll call it is full full manual mode, but that allows you to do flips turn upside down, etc. So there you go. Those are all the uh things i found from all these different videos. If you have more items, let me know in the comments below and then everyone can read those as well community just become a community.