Let me explain: okay, im, pretty sure that whole intro is going to invite so much hate. In the comments, let me clarify im referring to the digital side of the house. Analog is gon na win just on the price point itself, but im moving forward with digital right. The dji fpv is actually my first digital drone. When i converted from analog and disclaimer here, i actually bought this drone for myself, and so i have flown it hard. I have crashed it. I have repaired it. The opinions im gon na give you are true to what an fpv drone pilot who has built his own drones, but yet i still decided to get the dji fpv kit, so anyways lets get started. Whats up, fam raheem. Here and today i really wan na talk about the dji fpv, because there are still many out there that want to get into fpv, but they are not sure whether this is the route that they want to go and they want to hear more of not just A first impressions review, and so here im going to give you a one years review its never too late, and i realized that ive never actually spoke about this drone or reviewed it over the year. So let this be it my long term review of the dji fpv, the good, the bad. The ugly about this drone and ill also be comparing it to my diy drones, then so that you can have a better opinion on whether you want to go through this route.

Or you want to just get yourself a diy drone and at the end ill be mentioning who and what this drone is about, and what youd expect, if youre getting this drone. So i want to start this off talking about the kit in itself its a complete kit. It comes with the drone, goggles controller set of batteries, charger and some spare parts here and there it comes at a reasonable price. Now i know some of you will not agree with me, but let me break it down to you. 1600 kit youll be getting in the box. The dji fpv goggles v2, which, if you were to buy this on its own, is already gon na cost. You 900, with that 700 difference you decide. Instead, you just want to get the goggles v2 and go for the diy route. All i got is this drone get rc mark 4 hd5. The mark 5 is already costing around 600 plus i dont even have a controller and batteries to fly it with so yeah thats. What i mean by the dji fpv kit is at a reasonable price. Im. Not gon na bore you with every single detail of the things that im gon na, be mentioning but ill be putting links in the description click on those, and then you can get more info there. But i am gon na mention about the individual components of the dji fpv kit and ill be starting off with the remote controller itself.

Dji already has a remote controller v1. Now they came out with the v2, which i feel i guess the focus is more towards whats in right now, which is the gamepad style of remote controller. There are no like metal switches, sticking out. Everything is in buttons or click switches. The real focus i think about this controller is for the new user, where i guess ergonomics may be the top on the list, its not that heavy. It grips well right. It holds like a normal gamepad. The buttons are all within the reaches of your fingers for tumblers out there, its really comfortable right. You can easily reach the end sticks, but for a hybrid like myself, so whats a hybrid. I fly with my thumbs and with my indexes on top im, not exactly a pincher, but i use my indexes to guide the sticks along. So i felt the sticks were a bit short as a hybrid on the controller but easy fix. All i did was upgrade to longer sticks. You can watch this video right up here. So what i really like about this transmitter is that the buttons are neat. The antenna falls away, the sticks, you can then stow away inside and youre good to go just chuck. It in your bag, you have no worry about it and it is charged by a type c connector. So you never need to worry about having an additional charger for your transmitter. You can literally just charge this off a power bank.

Now, on top of all that, you can connect this transmitter to a pc, a mac or mobile device, for you to train on the sim. So this transmitter sounds so perfect until you realize that it is proprietary, it is only for the dji fpv drone and nothing else. You made a version too. It connects well, it feels well, but its only for the dji fpv, so yeah thats. My one issue about this dji fpv remote so now lets talk about the drone in itself. This is my spare set by the way. Normally i will be flying with this one over here now. I feel this is a complete airworthy, fpv drone and more now, as an fpv drone, its design is a bit unconventional compared to the diy drones. Now, when you compare the hardware of this drone to a typical diy drone, it has everything that that diy drone will have, but more in the form of the digital camera is now on a gimbal. It has a cooling fan, included even heat sinks on its esc. It has the easiest battery mounting of all the drones that ive ever had the same kind of prop mounting like there are other dji drones, which is a pop in pop out kind of system. Also built in is gps sensors on the outside, to send obstacles and also internal sensors, to know the health of the drone itself. Now, on the software side of things, dji has always rolled out new updates, firmware updates for the drone goggles and battery and thats interesting right.

The battery also needs a firmware update. You can then connect up your mobile device and thats, where you can see the data logs of all your flight paths and also run the agnostics to check on the health of the drone and dont forget. The software also includes fail safes and also safety features that help you fly the drone better. So only now that makes up the kit and dji has made specifically for this dji fpv drone dji virtual fly app, but sadly its only for ios its not for android, but im. Okay, like its a balance for me, i feel like hey its already a year and the android version still hasnt come out, but then again i already dont care anymore. I personally prefer to train on the velocity drone team anyways, so yeah now heres, where you buy from a premium brand dji you get the warranties you get after care service, but not dont. Forget that this is an fpv. Drone crashes are very likely to happen. So the thing is, if you were to crash this drone um, i ive seen people share their repair costs and i think its reasonable right, but um. The thing is, youll have to send it in to dji theres, not much option for you to just walk into a hobby shop and get it repaired or not that i know in singapore anyways you still have to send it up to somebody and um. You will still have some kind of down time, but compared to diy, where you can repair it yourself or learn to repair yourself.

The dji fpv is youll, have limited options right. If you can get the spare parts, then okay go repair. It yourself, but i just feel that its kind of better to send it back to dji. Now let me explain if a diy drone as simple as arming that drone and it cannot arm, i cant figure it out ill, have to do my own. Um diagnosis ill. Have to test here and there theres gon na be hours on the bench now with dji yeah. You dont have to try to figure out things you just send it in for a specialist to solve it. For you kinda, i feel thats the fair exchange in price, but i dont like the downtime. I did have issues with my goggles v2. It was under warranty right. There were some issues with the with the screen itself. It took six weeks downtime now thats the thing that was painful right, its not something i can solve ill have to send it in it. Didnt cost me anything, but it cost me time right and for myself, the channel where i started off with a lot of dji fpv stuff, not having my goggles and not being able to proceed forward and make more content now that kind of hurt. This is something you want to expect. Um yeah, pros and cons about going to a premium branded drone company were not forgetting that also you can get separately on the kit.

The dji motion controller ive, not really toyed with this thing enough its kind of fun right its kind of simplified. Really, you just have to point whichever direction you want to go and the drone will go, but its really limiting right as simple as i cant. Even reverse: okay, but ill – probably just make another episode out of this, so well! Leave it to that. Okay! Now i might sound like im going back and forth because now im going to be mentioning about the gorgos v2 again, but that was talking about the kit. Earlier so now, let me go a bit more into the goggles v2. Is that um you made a v2, but the design wise is exactly the same. Actually, i cant really tell if im looking at somebody are you holding on to a v1 or v2 no idea, but it does have better resolution because to cater to actually the dji fpv. The pro that i think about this pair of goggles is that i can actually just connect up an external dongle and then my type c connector can then go to my phone, where i connect up to the app and an external person can watch along with me. As im flying the drone, which you should always have a spotter now, at least the spotter also can see your drone and know where how you are flying, maybe hes your mentor. He can guide you along on how to fly so thats.

The pro part about having the dji fpv goggles v2 now the awesome part about the goggles v2 – is that it has two interfaces. You can either be on the dji fpv and fly that or you can actually link up to a diy drone that comes with an air unit or a vista unit, so thats the the pro that, yes, you can use both a dji fpv and a diy fpv In a single outing, there is a con to that. Ive experienced right on the field is that when im switching back and forth, i seem to never be able to hold a bind with every switching ill need to buy and rebind my drones to the goggles. I think one of my drones doesnt have this binding issue, but i am very sure that when im from diy side of the interface and switch over to dji fpv, it will give me binding issues right ill need to rebind. So thats actually just a touch and go about the goggles v2. Now i want to run through the menus with you, but ill leave that for another episode. So now, im gon na go over the components of the drone in itself and im gon na start with the gimbal. Now i think this is the most awesome part about an fpv drone having a gimbal there, because i can now adjust my angle on the fly. Okay, if youve had or ever seen, an fpv drone right.

The drone has a fixed camera angle, which means that ill always have to land the drone and then adjust the camera. But with the dji fpv i can adjust it on the fly but thats for manual mode. So if youre on normal and sport mode, it will be a stabilized one axis gimbal, you can activate electronic image stabilization where it will digitally stabilize the image, and you will really fly smooth now, heres another interesting thing about this gimbal, just like i mentioned that it Has one axis stabilization right? That means its stabilizing the camera to not till, even though the drone is pitching forward or backward. If you were to switch on this digital setting in the goggles, you can actually get the horizon stable. Even though the drone is rolling left and rolling right, it has its limitations, its not for hard banks like if you hard bank, then you will roll along with you, but i kind of feel when i activated that mode right, i feel like im flying a mavic. All right, a mavic or phantom, where your horizon is level. Your role is level now i believe, dji included. This mode is so that um, this isnt gon na be just like a fpv kind of drone but kind of an all rounder, because now i know that when i just want those um, simple camera, drone kind of shots, right, stabilized and horizon level, i can just Switch on this mode and thats what im gon na get and yeah, i think thats a good bonus for you to have in the package so now more about the camera in itself.

Im just gon na skim through because i think this in itself deserves a whole separate episode, but it is the same kind of camera in the dji, a units which are used in the fpv drones. It has low latency high quality recordings. It also offers a d cine light profile. Another setting will make the colors flat, but its for those that want to do more coloring for cinematic kind of look. This camera is also capable of setting some manual settings like your iso, shutter speed and also color balance, and when you have those settings dialed in you can also then attach on nd filters. All right now lets move on to the battery pack of the drone. Now this is a costly but very low stress battery. A typical six cell battery pack for a diy drone would cost you around forty six dollars, but this costs two hundred zinc dollars. Is it exactly five times better? A diy drone maybe flies about five minutes uh. This about 15 thats only about three times, but what makes this low stress i dont need to worry about how i need to work out the amperage i need to plug it in. I need to always monitor it about, of course, when youre charging anything, you will need to monitor it, but this is kind of, i would say much safer plug it in and youre done, and if you have the multi port, which is like in your fly more Combo, the port actually decides for you which battery you will charge first, which typically, it will charge the one with the most power so that you can get flying as soon as you can and at the same time, if, in the situation that it is increment weather.

Oh man i cant fly. I go fly my diy drones with at least 10 battery packs. Now, if it rains that means, i need to discharge 10 packs. Okay, thats a lot of hours just watching the drone discharge, the juice. This actually is a smart battery. So you didnt get to fly, leave it aside, take it out of your bag. Of course, right it will discharge on its own, a diy drone. If you never discharge, you will see it start to puff up in the next few days, and after a few more puffs up you better, go and destroy or discard that battery you cant use anymore this in itself for 200 dollars for kayla. I feel that i have really less worry with this smart battery. Okay, so ive talked about the various components of the kit. Lets talk about the flight in itself. Now there are three modes that you have access to, which there is no rush for you to get into manual mode. There are also support and normal mode, which normally is for you to start off with right. You will fly just like a stabilized camera drone like your mavics, like your phantom sport mode, will unleash it a bit. You have higher speeds cruise control, but at the same time it will switch off some of its sensors. Normal and sport mode will create habits right. Your controls are very easy. I will call it because in any case, anything goes wrong.

Let go, and the drone will actually just hover there in place, but manual mode now, thats, where i need you. If you are getting this drone for the first time, do get yourself in the sim. Not only practice experience it, you actually can go into anything velocity, drone liftoff. This will let you know that manual is totally different than sport and normal modes. I need you to really feel this first, because theres no such thing as when in normal and sport mode, you push on the sticks to move forward, and then you let go. The drone will just stop there. You push on the stakes and never let it self center. The drone is going to continue spinning all right, because that is how manual mode is designed to be its fully manual. Control really do get yourself. Dont talk about hours, maybe days of practice in the sim. Really grind on that: to get the muscle memory in plus i mean if you can get into the dji virtual fly app then thats, where you can connect up your goggles. Now some people do experience a kind of disorientation i wouldnt call it motion sickness. I dont know what you want to call it, but i myself when i started off, i also did have that kind of like im sitting down sitting still, but when the drone is flying around. I also feel like moving with the drone, so its something that you need to get used to some people take a bit longer than others right, so dont worry about it.

Dont worry that, like for the first time that im practicing you youll get disoriented very fast. Now i would actually like to tell you that um, the sim, i think about the frame rate or all that all the digital stuff right. It affects your eyes and makes you feel this year faster. Now, if you were to actually fly the drone in fpv in real life still there, but not that bad and always remember to like take breaks in between being on the same or be in actual flights you go. You should only take like five to ten minute flights and then rest dont go the full battery up there in the sky. You will tie up, especially in manual mode as fpv pilots. You give us high acrobatic moves um. I give you maximum five minutes and im tired. I need to take a rest. My eyes are tired, anyways, so yeah thats, how id advise you as a first time user of the dji fpv system, so heres the thing about the dji fpv that i feel makes it better than all the diy drones out there is its safety features. Alright, you have simple features like a panic button in case you get disoriented, and all you need to do is just press a button if youre in manual mode or any mode, it will literally just stop the drone in its tracks, and you can then take a Breather regain control and bring your home safely.

Drone loses signal. It will come back to you. Drone loses video signal. It will come back to you, but of course these are settings that you really need to set depending on the situation because like for myself, if lets say im flying under a structure, i will not want to set my drone to return home. That oh drone return home, go and fly up first, another 60 meters for example. Example. It will definitely hit that structure, so its really down to the user to go and set the correct settings for the given situation. Now this is where you may say: raim. You can always just build a gps drone and you can also do that return home. I do have a gps drone here, which i have built to return home, and i know it is totally not the same all right. This gps drone is running on a firmware called inf which lets me set waypoints. I can actually activate a return home function. It will literally do whatever. I need needed to do your eyes. It will come back, it will turn it will land and slow down. Even when it is about to land and then switch off, but there is no way for me to make it just like a dji fpv where, especially, you have sensors. Now you cant get such sensors, and i wouldnt know also how to program such sensors. By the time i do figure it out and put everything together.

It will cost way more than the dji fpv system itself. Oh anyways, an inf driven drone does not fly anywhere as good as a dji fpv, but that being said, the dji fpv doesnt fly anywhere as close to a diy drone running on beta flight, or at least thats. For me, some of you may say that there are other firmwares out there. Yes, i know, but i i prefer betaflight. It has been my go to all this while if there was one thing to mention about what makes flying the dji fpv better is the confidence to fly over water with a diy drone. I have my reservations, okay, because i always will have the fear of either a visual signal loss or a remote controller signal loss. Yes, there are faces for you to set. There are gps kits for you to add on, but nothing beats a dji fpv that, even if you have total blackout, you dont have to worry. You just have to take off your goggles, keep an eye out to where the drone is, and you will see the drone come back towards you. But, of course that is, unless you already crashed into the water on your own, now thats pilot area, but i have yet to experience any issue with the dji fpv, where it has not been able to come back home on its own. I have lost the drone in the water i flew at gilman, i lost signal.

It took a dive. All i could do was take off my goggles stand up and give it a salute. You do not want to experience the loss of a drone safety features. Man thats the winning thing about the dji fpv. Okay. I think this video is kind of getting long id like to summarize about my thoughts about this drone. I know it has been a year since it came out ryan. Why did you even bother to make this episode, but i am very passionate about this drone. I feel that um. I know that there are people still contacting me and telling me at today right, like i just got my drone yesterday and so and so, and so so why are people still getting this drone? I believe simply because it is the only bridge out there for you to cross over into fpv and it is complete. It has all the safety features, it flies well, although it is not trash worthy, but drone crashes happen every time and its mostly due to pilot area im talking about fpv drones, fpv drones just always have a higher crash rate, especially once you start going into manual. Youre gon na do all the acrobatic stuff you going for all the dynamic shots, youre gon na crash crashing. Your drone is already part and parcel of this fpv hobby. So you accept that and know that this drone, this kit already comes with as much as possible.

The safety features that you can ever have theres so much negative opinions about this drone, but most of it is just about that. It doesnt fly as well its a bit floaty. It is not crash worthy right, it does not take hits very well but thats. Just about it! Okay, let me just tell you if you wanted to go into the route of diy fpv, so you get yourself the goggles, v2, okay, youre good to go now: thats 900! You get yourself the drone! You get yourself the full kit, batteries, remote control and all that, even if you can get the budget below thousand six hundred six dollars. Trust me there have been so many hours spent on the bench trying to figure out how to rectify small small problems. As simple as when i just got my drone and i um, then the motors are spinning the wrong way. How do i solve it? I dont know ill have to research. It up ill, have to make the changes. What if, as simple as that or you have issues with your receiver, it doesnt want to receive the signal from your controller. Now, then, what so? This is why, from the onstart, i already say this dji fpv kit is the best kit out there, because from start to finish, dji has got you right, getting it out of the box connecting it up its a breeze flying it. It has supposedly is supposed to have seams but its incomplete, but never mind just practice your own on any other sim then get in the goggles.

You have the full experience of first person, view immersive and all that when youre finally confident go out there in the skies, you have your normal mode to fly normally and then you wan na fly a bit more aggressive. You can get into sport mode and then, when youre fully confident flick that switch take over and fly manually, it will be the best experience you will ever have and you would have taken different stages growing along the way and getting yourself better. Getting all the muscle memory control in and then going into manual and youll have a good flight im. Very sure. If you were to crash dont. Blame me on the drone is purely pilot error. I also feel the dji fpv is for a specific kind of character. The creative you may already have an eye in the sky, which is either could be a phantom or mavic youre already flying cinematic camera drones. But you want more of that dynamic kind of shots which only fpv drones can offer. But you are not interested at all to be that hobbyist and go and climb that fpv mountain. So then this dji fpv is for you but thats. Just my opinion. You can have your own. You can. Let me know in the comments what you think about the dji fpv, but as of right now, i wish i had this kind of drone when i was starting out, it would have really made an easier journey for me to get into fpv.

Okay. Now i would like to wrap it up and leave it just as that now im, not gon na, tell you to go and buy the drone, because this is my opinions about what i feel about the dji fpv.