I will talk about the dji’s new fpv drone, as you can see, after quite some months of leaks, it’s officially here so let’s get into the action, because we got a lot of great and unexpected features. I would say this: drone is somewhere between a regular drone and an fba drone or it’s a regular drone with some fpv functions so let’s get started. I will talk about the dimensions, specifications, functions, pricing and the target audience of this drone and at the end of the video i will answer the evergreen question for buying or not. Okay. First of all, let’s see the drone in dimensions: it’s 255 by 312 by 127. Millimeters with propellers and its weight around 800 grams, so i would say it’s a pretty fat drone. The size of the drone is like the unfolded, mavic 2 probe size, but this one is slightly lighter, but in dimensions it’s, quite big. So i would love to see how you can fly through branches with this little monster and if you are here, let’s talk about the battery and the flight time. It got a 2 000 milliamp hour battery with which the drone can fly up to 20 minutes in optimal conditions, so in reality it’s around 60 to 70 minutes it’s, not a big deal but it’s way way higher than the average fpv drones. So let’s not complain about this, and the wind resistance is also really really impressive. The drone also got some sensors that are quite unusual on an fbv drone there’s, a forward sensing dollar sensing and a time of flight sensor on the bottom of the drone.

We can also find a little led light. Okay and now let’s see the functions. If you buy the drone, you will get an immersive flight experience, which is telling all that you have to know about this. So i would rather talk about the 4k 60 fps wide angle, camera let’s, see in detail. The size of the sensor is nothing than usual it’s, similar to the dji, mavic mini and mini 2’s camera sensor. But at least this drone got a 120 megabit bitrate, which is quite great so as i expect, the image quality will be somewhere between the mini 2s and the air tooth quality. I guess it’s hard to tell from these footages as the name of it says: it’s a wide angle, camera and it has 150 degree field of view. In comparison. An average dji drone has 84 degree field of view, so this one is much larger. It can record up to 60 fps in 4k and there is a 120fps mode as well, which is available in full hd. The camera is stabilized by a 3 axis gimbal and the drone got a rocksteady stabilization as well, but i think this function will be available. Only in full hd, the gimbal can be tilled from minus 50 degrees up to plus 58 degrees. This one is interesting because you can look upward with the camera, but you can’t, loot downwards. Okay let’s say this is understandable because at a high speed, when the drone peels forward, the gimbal has to be able to look forward.

But i think this fact worth mentioning by the way, if you are still here and you enjoy this video consider subscribing to my channel and support me with your like. Thank you. The next feature is the low latency which will help you in controlling the drone. So the video transmission between the drone and the goggles is great. It has a high transmission speed. The transmission range is similar with the ocusim 2.0, so it’s up to 10 kilometers in the us and up to six kilometers in europe. This one is awesome, i think, and if you are here, let’s just talk some words about the goggles as well, which weighs a bit more than 400 grams. It got an 810p 144 hairs display with two live view modes. The first one is the low latency mode and the other one is the high quality mode. This one is only available in 60fps. It got four antennas for a great signal and also got a microsd slot to record what you’re seeing in the goggles. I guess worth mentioning: the goggles are included in the package together with the drone. Okay and now let’s see that brand new sport mode and if you’re already here, let’s see all of the modes. There are three the n, the s and the m mode. You can switch between these with a button on the controller, so the n mode is the normal mode. This mode is something what we already know really well in this mode.

The drone acts as a normal usual dj drone. You can control the height and the rotation with the left. Stick and the right stick: controls the movement forwards, backward left or right in this mode. The sensors are working, so hopefully the drone will not hit anything. Okay and let’s talk about the s mode or the sport mode as well. In this mode, the controls are working the same as in normal mode, but the drone is becoming way faster. It can speed up to 97 kilometers per hour, which is insane there is a cruise control button on the controller as well. So if you press it, the drone will hold the same speed on its own. Another interesting and unusual button on the controller is the emergency brake and return to home button, which stops the drone at the same position where it is and if you hold it for two seconds, the drone will return to home. Okay and now let’s see what that m mode is, for this is the manual mode. This mode is doing what you expect, while hearing the fpv board. The dji is not giving any details about this mode, only test to make sure to complete the demo modes before trying this out, but i guess in this mode the drone is act as a real fpv drone, so the sensors are completely off and the drone can Speed up to 140 kilometers per hour with a magnificent acceleration speed, it can reach 100 kilometers per hour in two seconds.

So this tiny drone beats the new tesla model s in acceleration. As i said, it has a return to home function as well. So if the drone is losing the signal – or you just simply would love to call home, the drone – all you have to do is to hold the return to home button for 2 seconds. This function comes together with the emergency brake function, which helps the pilot to stop the drone anywhere and after stopping it. The drone will hover at the same place. As i said before. This is something really unusual and many times a life saving there’s another unexpected thing, which is the intuitive motion controller. This controller is like a joystick in the air that controls the drone, i have to admit it seems way easier to control the drone with this one, especially if you switch to sport mode, but this one is not coming together with the drone, and i will talk About this later so finally, let’s talk about the pricing. The dji fpv combo cost 1 300 us dollars on the dji’s official store. This is the basic pack, so for this price you will get the drone the controller one battery the goggles and fpv top shell. For the drone and the necessary cables, the dji motion controller is not included in the package, as i said, if you would love to buy it, it costs 200 dollars in plus. So keep this in mind also, if you are thinking about buying the fly more kit with two extra batteries and with a charging hub, you have to pay hundred dollars more okay, okay, but what if i pay 1500 for a new drone and while practicing, i will Hit the first three, the dji got a solution for this, because the drone is made of easily replaceable parts, at least they say so.

We don’t know the price of the parts, but i am sure that will be not cheap, but luckily the dji care is also available for this drone, which is a kind of insurance for one year length. So now, let’s make a conclusion. In my humble opinion, with this new fpv lightroom, the dji will have a huge success. It has a really wide target audience, because, with this drone, you can fly regularly like with any other dji drones, which has sensors and quite high speed, and you can use it as a true fpv drone. It is worth buying. In my opinion, this drone is really really user friendly drone, especially if you would love to learn how to fly an fvv drone i’m sure it’s made out of really good quality materials. So if you have 1 300 for an fpv drone – and you are not a professional or even if you are in my opinion, you can go for this wrong. You will not regret it. It got a lot of great and safety features, so you can’t go wrong with this rom. The camera quality will be not epic and i’m sure the mavic 2 pro has a better image quality, but after all, these drones are quite different, so they cannot be compared. I would love to thank you for your attention. I hope you find this video helpful if you did feel free to support me while liking this video and subscribing to my channel also don’t forget to press the little bell next to the subscribe to get a notification.