Dji made it possible for everyone to be a pilot with their phantom series drones. Two years ago, when i sparked my interest in fpv drones, i wish that there was a dji option, something that you could just buy turn on and start flying and now there is dji has done it again, but this time with fpv they have made it accessible For everyone, this is the dji fpv a ready to fly drone that comes with everything you need to start flying the drone itself, goggles controller, the intelligent flight battery and the user interface that your grandparents could understand. They really have made it very simple to get started with fpv. The intelligent flight battery can provide you with maximum of 20 minutes of flight time. The controller is compact and very well made at first. The sticks act like any mavic controller with springs, centering the sticks, but once you have played around with their fpv simulator and have gotten the hang of manual controls, it’s time to release the springs and turn it into a proper fpv controller. One of the best features in my opinion is the fact that, with a flick of a switch, you can easily change the flight modes. I actually once had a situation where i was headed into a tree in manual mode and thanks to this feature, i still have this device to review and changing flight modes can also be useful for landing the drone with assistance taking off like a mavic.

So we can take off, we can take off with it like a mavic, so it’s now just hovering in air and it’s it’s, acting as a mavic drone. Basically, now if we will go into the acro mode, so all right, we are in the acro mode, as we can see doing flips and such yeah. This is the most fun mode you can have on a racing drone all right, and so now we will do a landing, and the cool thing is that we can just switch. It goes into the assisted mode, and now we can land it just like any old mavic, just like that and for beginners. This is really cool because you don’t want to uh, destroy your drone landing because sometimes landing can be challenging, and i just really enjoy that. I can flick the switch just like that go into the assisted mode and land it like a mavic. Thank you dji. This is a very cool feature and the quality of the image in these goggles is amazing. I started out with analog fpv as we can see and uh. I know when i say that this image is it’s a whole new world of crystal clear image in your eyes, and you can see everything so basically all those little branches little wires. All that stuff is, you can see it and you can feel more comfortable flying. So this high definition, 120 frames per second ultra wide 150 degrees field of view.

Video feed will provide you with a very immersive flying experience and ocusing 3.0 will make you feel comfortable flying it. I wouldn’t feel safe flying this thing in some environments. I was flying this thing. I mean this thing. It made me feel comfortable with the signal with the signal strength and with the clarity of the image. I really i was able to see everything yeah these these goggles and the signal stability they provide you with is insane it’s, it’s, very good. I really enjoyed flying the digital system, so uh. A really cool thing about these goggles is that you can wear them with your glasses, easy like that, and you can also adjust the width of your eyes with these sliders right here. So people with narrow or wide eyes these goggles will probably be good with you just like mavic drones. This drone has quick release. Propellers that can be attached and taken off very easily. Camera has the power to capture up to 4k 60 frames per second, and it also has built in rock steady stabilization that will make the footage, smooth and enjoyable, and it can also record slow mo up to 120 frames per. Second. The camera is on a gimbal that holds the level in normal and sports mode, but in manual mode it’s extra useful, because you can change the angle of camera. While you fly, one of the most desirable features for beginners will be many flight modes, normal sports and manual mode.

That can be full manual or angle mode. If you have no experience flying fpv drones, you should definitely start with the normal mode, because it will give you the feel of the type of flying that is fpv flying it’s it’s different it’s, very different. I i can’t really compare regular drones to fpv drones, as they are totally two different worlds, and once you have gotten the hang of the normal mode, then you can gradually step up to the sports mode and then to manual mode. That would recommend going to manual mode only after you have played around with dji’s virtual flight simulator. Once you have gotten the hang of the manual mode in simulator then go ahead and have fun with the true fpv flying experience. So why would you want to get this instead of this as a beginner? There are few reasons why one of those reasons is the flight modes. Well, as i mentioned before, it has multiple flight modes, normal sports and manual that’s, also split into which is like the acro and angle mode. If you’re a beginner, it’s really cool that you have an option to fly in normal mode and in sports mode and get the hang of this thing in air, while it’s really flying it’s a whole new world. When you are flying in real world and with this thing in the normal and sports mode, you’re assisted, and it gives you the feel of fpv. One more reason would definitely be this built in camera.

That is actually quite very amazing, because it has that inbuilt stabilization that stabilizes the image just like that you stop the recording and it’s already stabilized. You can turn that off as well. I like to have it on because well i have i like my images, smooth and stabilized, and for this thing, for example, you have this camera, but that’s only good to just guide you where you’re flying. You still need to get a separate camera to mount on. It to get that image that better image to be showing off your shots depending on the camera you choose, it can go up to 500 dollars extra to get that possibility to capture, and this thing just has it built in also one insane feature. I also mentioned before, if you fly it in manual mode, there’s an option to change the angle while you fly, which is very useful. If you capture multiple things and you just need to fly faster, you put the angle higher and you can fly faster and get those shots with faster moving things. And if you have something that’s moving slowlier and you don’t want to land switch. The angle of the camera, you just change the angle while you fly to a bit lower angle and get those little slower moving shots. That is one of the most amazing features, in my opinion that this camera can provide you with changing angle in flight. I haven’t seen any other fpv drone.

Do that it’s. I think this is the first one that can do it at least what i know that is really really cool. One more reason is that you can just buy it and fly it. You don’t have to assemble anything in this one and that’s, not the case with this one. This one is actually like custom built drone. I didn’t build it. I have a friend that builds drones and i asked him if he can build it and he helped me out, and he built this drone for me, this thing you just buy and it’s already assembled you just put on these props and and you’re ready to go. No, no additional engineering skills needed. I really wish that this was out two years ago, when i started out with fpv it’s, really cool that there’s now an option that you can just buy and fly, buy and fly that should be one of their slogans, buy and fly. Maybe i don’t know in the normal mode you have like these sensors. That will stop you from crashing. If you like flying into things, one of my favorite features, as i mentioned before, is that you can just take off in the gps mode that is assisted. Then you switch to acro, you fly your acro stuff and then you switch the normal mode again just to land, and you can land safely, just like any other dji drone, which is very cool and for beginners.

This is going to be a very desirable feature. Also the return to home feature if you lose the signal with this thing. If you lose the signal it just drops out of the air and that’s it, then you have to go and find it. But this thing just like any other dji drone, it will return to the home point, which is insane another amazing feature that will make you feel safer while flying fbv and that flight time this battery provides you with is like crazy in normal mode. You can fly up to 20 minutes, but in acro it’s from 10 to 13. that’s a lot of time in air, especially with fpv flying. This is also good for those long range flights, for example, if you’re in the mountains – and you want to get those really cool mountain surfing shots this battery and the range of this drone will be just the perfect tool for that. I wish i had mountains in the place where i live, but i don’t i am extremely excited for this device. I have had it for almost three months now and i got ta, say it’s, it’s amazing. This really is one of the best beginner drones that you could get if you want to get into fpv. I would recommend getting this thing because well, as i said before, if this would have been out two years ago, this would be my first fpv drone it’s out now and all you beginners who want to get into fpv flying.

Definitely, i would recommend checking this thing out: it’s a game changer for the fpv world. Dji has done it again, and i guess this is the part of the video where i tell you that if you want to get your own dji fpv combo go check. The description there’s a link, if you get it through there, you’re helping out my channel and that’s very much appreciated, and if you have any questions about this device, go ahead, comment down below and let me know what do you want to know because i have had It for a while – and i know a few things about it and i can make a video answering your questions.