The last 10 days have been confined in the house. Doing not much. To be honest, the last 10 days of rest has been a godsend. Let the body heal up in quarantine and i’m still recovering from my elbow injury that i got at the end of the last trip. But today is a wing foiling day. We are straight out of the house and into the action, and i have also just got my hands on the new dji pov race, drone and i’m – pretty excited about this. Today, i’m gon na go down watch a few of my mates, go winging and test out this drone to see what it can do see how good it is for filming action. Sports on the water see how easy or hard it is to fly so let’s get straight into my first ever flight with the dji pov drone and if there’s no drone shots in this video it’s, because i’ve crashed the drone i’m taking it. This is my first ever flight with this thing, i’ve flown a lot of drone in the past, so i’d. Never recommend to have your first ever flight over water like i’m, about to do but i’m gon na go for it i’m gon na try and get some shots of the guys winging out there. So there’s a little bit more than your average drone to set up on this, and i would i would say i would not recommend this as your first ever drone purchase already.

I can tell that it’s um, slightly more advanced let’s, say than your average mavic or mavic air or spark, or anything like that. So yeah, you might get a bit lost. If this is your first drone purchase and definitely think it’s harder to fly so let’s see. Take the camera cover off check that the battery’s fully charged and you’ve plugged it in to register it bam right. Okay, so i got the view going on here. Okay, so the first thing i just did is forget to put an sd card in the drain Music. So, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, my Music, so so Music, okay, so that was one and a half batteries of flying. The first thing i noticed is, i felt pretty queasy and motion sickness doing it, so you probably wouldn’t want to do more than too many batteries or you need to get used to it. Now we’ve flown that i’m, pretty tempted to go out for a sesh myself. It is freezing cold. I think i’m going to throw on the new ion seek select wetsuit, apparently it’s, the warmest wetsuit ever so i’m gon na throw it on i’m gon na go out for a little shred first sesh back in the uk waters right here. Let’S, do it wow Music now do this Music Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, ah sick, so nice to be out quarantined and back on the water suddenly realizing how important it all is, and it doesn’t matter which country you’re in or where you’re at there’s always Shreds to be had so remember that – and i don’t even have gloves on, although i’m about to hear the pain barrier.

I think let’s go Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, wow, Music, Music, Music, uh, huh, Music, uh, okay, so that was a really fun session. On the wing foil super nice to get back in the water, even though it’s cold, you don’t need gloves back here and if you’ve got a warm enough, wetsuit it’s all good in conclusion to my first ever flight. With this absolute beast of a drone, it is not for the faint hearted, it is not a beginner drone, although it’s got uh features that allow you to learn fpv flight very easily and there’s. Definitely a really good amount of safety features on this. That makes it an easy to fly. Fpv drone it’s still a scary drone to fly and even on the training mode it’s fast, and you really do need a bit of flight experience before you’re, even going to get remotely anything close to a good shot with this drone. I do think that it is the future for shooting action sports you just have to be really careful around flying it around people. You have to be aware of the risks and you have to fly it with a friend so that they can keep an eye out on the drone. Whilst you’ve got the goggles on once. You’Ve had some practice with it. You’Re going to get some amazing results and i really look forward to the shots. I’M gon na get with this thing over the next few weeks, so make sure you subscribe to my channel.