I want to do a quick little review. A very honest review of the new dji fpv drone fly more system. I am a drone pilot for many years. I started off with phantom here’s me flying in cambodia. These kids have never seen anything other than a bird fly. It was kind of amazing, so i’ve been doing this for a really long time. I have flown pretty much on every continent on the planet with various degrees of success. So, if you’re a drone pilot operator and are used to flying cinema drones like the mavic, i think that this review is going to help answer a few questions that i definitely had when i bought this little guy. So the first thing is it’s not that little they’re pretty big. I have covered drone racing before there’s a link to that um down below, and this is a pretty big beefy boy for an fpv drone, it’s also ridiculously heavy. This can really hurt someone. The fpv drones that i’m used to seeing are extremely light and extremely small and almost disposable they’re, i wouldn’t say meant to crash into things, but you’re, not gon na have like a heart attack. If you do. My first impression is that this thing um i’m scared to fly it because the type of flying that i want to do with fpv, meaning, you know extremely fast, close to objects through objects, doesn’t really lend itself to the size and the weight of this drill.

This feels much more substantial. It feels like there’s a lot of tech going on there and it is by far definitely much more expensive than some of the other little fpv drones that you can buy for a hundred bucks to get started. So, overall, i would say: yeah get a smaller drone, get something less expensive to play with and break um, because you’re you’re going to you’re going to fly it into something it’s just the way the game’s played. The nice thing about. Dji, obviously, is that it works right out of the box it’s a it’s, a lot of good tech, it’s, very robust. It works pretty well right out of the box. I did have a problem linking it to my phone i’ve done a video about that as well. If you need to see how to to fix that problem, but what what’s great about it is that it does rely on gps, which helps you learn better. How to fly an fpv drone for sure, because if you’ve used, the simulator, which i’ve done by downloading uh something on steam, you’ll realize right away that you know. Fpv drones have to move forward they’re like sharks, so this doesn’t actually have to do that. This will hover in space, which is great. It allows you to plan your shots a little better. It allows you to take a breath figure out what your plan of action is and you’re not constantly trying to keep it up and afloat.

It does have that mode available which you can build up to so in a way it’s a great drone to start learning how to fly fpv on that being said, it is big bulky and it’s extremely fast, if you let it be so. The potential running this into something is definitely there. I typically don’t buy insurance policies on my drones because i’ve been flying long enough to know you know how not to crash with this. I would say: it’s almost a must i i wouldn’t even risk you know taking this up in the air without knowing that, if something does happen to it, i can get a replacement. The second thing is, you know the image quality is great it’s, not the same as like a mavic it’s, not buttery, smooth it’s, a one axis gimbal, which is still fantastic, but you’re, definitely going to see more camera shake and movement and jerkiness that cinema quality is Much better obtained by a mavic than by an fbv. That being said, there are shots and styles that you can get with this drone that you can’t get with mavic, mainly flying into tight spaces, doing extreme climbs and dips or following objects at high speed. I think that that’s, what this is mainly good for you’re, going to get much more exciting shots, uh much more dynamic shots with this, even though you’re losing a little bit of the quality of like the smooth cinnamonness of a mavic say or inspire um.

That said, there’s a learning curve to flying these guys. I definitely think the more you use it. The better one thing i will say is that, with my mavic, i can take it up in a very small space. I could launch it out of the back of a car. I could fly through a window with a lot of security, knowing that i’m going to be able to pilot it safely at a distance. I think for this. You really do need a little bit of a you know, space to practice it. You need big, open area. If you really want to let her open up and see how she handles at speed because that’s, what you’re going to be doing, probably out in the open. So in urban settings, unless you practice a lot, i think that this is the best the best little flying machine for that application. I would much rather be in some park, or you know some wilderness area where there are no people just so that i can feel secure going fast and not worry about running into something or getting myself in a position where i’m gon na crash and either hurt The drone or hurt someone in the process – the other thing is that wearing goggles is very strange. You know it’s, always nice to be able to see a screen and then also to visually see where the drone is and plan your shots. That way, i’ve never had a problem.

Navigating i feel, like i understand, where 3d space is when i’m flying my mavic. With this, i have no idea about 3d space. You almost have tunnel vision of where you’re heading directly to but you’re left right up and down and behind is blind, whereas with the mavic i can maneuver between objects and still get the shot. This the shot has to be in front of me, and i can only travel in that direction. What’S even stranger, perhaps, is that you’re no longer in the world you’re in this goggle world, so uh, depending on where you fly, people could screw with you real easy. You know it’s it’s, weird enough to fly a drone out in public, and you know people obviously want to talk to you or look at your screen or ask questions like that’s normal but wearing the goggles. Blinded you don’t even know who’s around you, you can’t, look at your stuff. You kind of almost need a spotter to be flying with you the whole time i don’t know. If i thought about that before, i bought the drone and realized the application, but i really wanted to get some of these more dynamic, fast shots that i just couldn’t get with the mavic and thought that this this little guy would be able to do it. For me, i’m shooting a motorcycle commercial later this month, so that’ll be the first real test run for this little guy um. I think it’s gon na do great.

I think we’re gon na get some really cool stuff, but um versatility, wise other than doing something. On a set – or you know, a closed application like that, i don’t see it being as versatile as my mavic, you know, and bringing it around the world um i’d. Much rather have that in hand they’re about the same size. I would say when everything is put together, i will say that for the price, the noise that this makes when it turns on is worth every penny, because it sounds like it’s going to kill you. I hope if you got one you’re enjoying it i’d love to know uh what your reactions are to it, especially if you fly a mavic and have been for a while and yeah good luck with it.