So who knows so dji just teased the release of another new product and legend? Has it its gon na be the mavic air 2s kind of like an iphone s e, but all of it didnt dji just released a drone like last month, wasnt it madness. What specs are we looking at for the mavic air 2s? And please remember: all of this information is leaked or alleged, so you know theres a lot of stuff out there to corroborate across different blogs and different websites, but hopefully its all true and more spec number. One is a one inch cmos sensor couple that with a 20 megapixel camera now you might be thinking yeah, but bloody mavic. Air 2 has a 48 megapixel camera well get onto the difference a bit later that one inch cmos sensor is looking at giving us a 5.4 k, video looking at 4k on this old bad boy, like a old crustacean, now arent you, then we look at a Range of 12 kilometers flight time of around 31 minutes, then, given the odd looking design, the kind of porsche frog, looking design upwards obstacle, avoidance and im sure theyre going to put in the lower latency occusync 3.0, this old bad boy has the 2.0. So its a little higher latency, but things could be better with even lower latency. So of course, then the next thing is what about the price? Now, when i did this or i did the research for the dji fpv, a lot of places actually got it bang on for what the price was going to be when this came out.

So what im seeing is 12.99 for the fly more combo? I dont know what thats going to be for just the base set, but that is the fly more combo and apparently some best buys across the ux. Its actually been on, show not for sale but been on, show isnt. That weird, then we look at the comparison and first thing: well, compare the mavic air 2., now im no expert when it comes to image quality. But while this has a 48 megapixel camera, the new air 2s is expected to have a 20 megapixel camera. But the argument is is that, even though this has a 48 megapixel camera, its, not actually a true 48 megapixel camera now, whats expected on the one inch cmos sensor with a 20 megapixel camera is that the pixels are actually larger and hold more information making it Higher quality image thats, what ive read so, who knows then well look at comparing it to the mavic 2 pro, which you would have thought given the naming convention that the air 2s would just be an upgrade of the air 2.. But legend has it. What people are saying is its an upgrade of the mavic 2 pro or at least a smaller condensed version that gets you just as good a quality since there is that one inch cmos sensor comparison, but, of course the gem is that it will come with a Much cheaper price tag and then, finally, for comparison well, look at the dji fpv now these are two drones built for very different reasons.

Despite the fact that theyre, both drones id say, the main difference is the fact that this does not capture stills, whereas every other dji drone does capture stills. Now your typical dji drone is built for that. That standard cinematic drone footage the slow, steady drone shots, whereas the fpv gets you a very different look. However, like a few days ago, i tested out the least sensitive and the most sensitive setting to the dji fpv ill link. The video up here and i found that you can get a huge amount of control with this thing, even on full manual mode. But just bringing those settings all the way down its amazing, how much control you could get and you could actually get very similar shots to what you can get on this just at a lesser quality which brings me in to one of my roundup points but im Gon na step backwards, first thats forward im gon na step backwards. First, most dji drones have what seems to be called like a fixed wing mode or fpv mode which allows you to tilt, but, in my opinion, thats very similar to what the normal mode is on. The dji fpv, so its not a real id, say its more of a restrictive fpv style. Now. What will be interesting is if the fpv goggles the 2.0 that come with the dji fpv. If those will work with the air 2s im, not sure i can see myself using a pair of fpv goggles with one of these type of drones, but you may enjoy it now.

The question that you might be asking yourself before you go and drop 1300. Is this new drone for you now i can only talk from my experience, so ive recently shifted from being a filmmaker to a content creator. Call it a step down a sideways move whatever, but my thought process now is less about super, like moving the needle to get super high quality, its more about getting the shot. So for me, the dji fpv does everything i wanted to it. Does that fpv cinematic style? It also can do what this can do and im not going to be taking two three drones with me: im just gon na be taking the one. Ive got enough bloody batteries to carry as it is. So aside from images. This does what other drones cant do, but can kind of do what other drones can do, but heres the thing that may sway you one way or the other. If youre doing client work where quality is of the utmost, you cant be using a dji fpv as an all rounder for all your stuff youre going to have to get what i call a typical normal, proper drone. So, if youre currently using something like the air 2, which i think is their best in their range for price and quality, this may get taken over by the air 2s because of that one inch sensor. So there you go. I hope you found this video useful and if you did maybe like it, consider subscribing and well see you in the next one.