Ah, i hope you liked the intro. My name is angitaria and welcome back to the channel. Now this is the first time were going to talk about fpv ive been flying fpv from last one year, and i think now is the time and by the end of this video, you will know that how to get started with the fpv, how to practice? How to actually fly so stick to the end of this video now, first thing: first, what is fpv fpv is basically a first person view its a type of drone, and there are two different type of drones. One is commercial drones like mavic pro mavic air like this one. This is mavic air ii and you must have seen a lot of people flying these type of drones because they are very easy to learn and you can just get started without anybody help. You can just watch few tutorials on youtube and you can actually start flying and you can take any type of shots like basic cinematic shots. You can take it with this one. Now. What is fpv fpv is altogether different art. Think of it, as you are actually flying like a bird and you can move in any direction, you can take shots in any angle, any possible angle and you can rotate. You can just just do all those things which is not possible with this type of drones, because they are very limited in terms of the shots like itll go just in straight direction, left right, but it will always be stabilized and if you lose the control wait.

This is the remote lets say if you lose the control or, if youre not using your remote. This will basically just hover in the air and it will not crash so thats the biggest difference with the fpv. If you lose control its going to crash, if you lose signal, youre going to crash so thats, why its all together different art – and it takes a lot of efforts to learn these type of fpv now, basically, there are two type of fpv one is custom made Or homemade fpv and second one is dji fpv now last year, when i started learning about fpv, there was no dji fpv. The only option was to do this custom type of fpv and it was very difficult trust me. It was very difficult because you cant do this on your own. I thought you know when i i started searching about fpv. I thought i can do it on my own. I will build my own drone. I just set up everything and i started searching a lot for 10 to 15 days. I just searched a lot on youtube about how to build your own custom fpv and after watching a lot of video, i got to know that its very difficult you have to order every single part used in this uh drone and you have to do the soldering Thing and you have to do all the firmware upgrades and all those things you have to do it and still there is a chance that it may not fly, or it may do some weird stuff, so thats.

Why i thought i need somebody else to help me out building this drone and then i can get started so. Luckily i found someone in my city who helped me out making this this custom made fpv and then i started practicing on computer even before flying this drone and after one to two months of practice, i actually started flying these type of drones, but there is a Big risk involved, because if you lose the signal, this is going to crash, as i told you like, there is no safety feature in this one, so thats why they are very risky. So once you crash, you have to get all those parts and you have to get this repaired and you need again somebodys help so thats. Why till date, i havent made a video about this one because it is still complex for me to fly these type of drones, but with the dji fpv. I have a solution now. I recently started flying this. I got this last month and ive been flying this, and i can say that i can safely say that you can set this drone on your own and you can start flying. You can practice, you dont need anybody help and there are a lot of safety features. Also thats in this drone, so thats why i thought now. This is the time i can make a video about it, and i can talk to you guys and i will tell you everything about how to set up these type of drones and how to practice.

And you know what are all the software that you need and how to take these type of fpv shots, which you saw in the intro, so thats? What were going to talk about so to fly? Fpv, you basically need three things. One is your remote controller. That is going to control the drone and the second one is the feed. You will get the live feed in the goggles, which you will actually see where youre flying and its the real time. So you will actually know where drone is and the last one is your actual drone. So all these things you will get in the dji fpv. Now there are a couple of steps that you need to follow to get started, so the first step is set up. Your dji fpv start practicing on the dji virtual app or the drl simulator, which ill talk about later on and then, after one or two weeks of practicing on computer, go out and start flying in either normal or the sports mode. There are basically three modes in this controller and the manual one is the final one and then, after getting a little bit, taste of flying fpv just come back home and practice for two to three weeks more and then go out and start flying in the manual Mode and thats the journey that you have to follow so now. The first step is how to set up your dji fpv now by default.

This controller stick on the left side will not move up or down automatically. So you have to change this for this. Just open this back case of this remote like after you open, there will be two screw f1 and f2 and then just tighten up a bit and you will see that it doesnt go automatically up or down so thats. What you need on the left stick, and after doing this, just put everything on charge, basically the goggle battery remote controller and your drone battery after its fully charged turn on all the devices. Your remote controller connect your goggle with the battery and then put in your main drone battery in the drone and just power it on and after doing this, just download dji fly app on your phone and you will see that it automatically connects everything and it will Ask to upgrade the firmware. You just have to click next next, its going to do all the updates, and you will see that everything is connected automatically and thats the biggest pain with the custom made fpv, because you have to do everything on your own. You have to download the firmware and you have to just install the beta flight and do all those changes for the sticks for the drone for the propellers, everything on your own and thats, the biggest task and sometime it may work. Sometimes it may not work with the dji. You dont need to worry about anything and you dont need anybody to set this up.

You can do everything on your own. After that everything is set up. Just you can start flying fpv, but dont do that right now, because you need to practice a lot on the computer before you can actually start flying the drone. So keep your drone aside. Just get the goggle and the remote controller and just connect it with the dji virtual app so just download the dji virtual app and then connect your goggle with the phone and just use the app. And then you will see that everything all the things you will see in the goggle and you will see a different virtual world and with this you will get the experience of flying now. Dont worry at this point. You will not understand anything and you will not know like how these sticks work. So, basically, let me tell you this left. Stick is your throttle. Basically, it will go up or down, and then this is your. It will go left or right, and this right stick. This will basically go the pitch, it will go forward and this left or right it means its going to roll, so its its called rule and dont worry if you dont get all these stumps. So just take a bit of time at this point just practice for one to two weeks and then after practicing it for one to two weeks, you will get familiar with the with the remote and then you can actually go out and connect your drone and start Flying in the normal mode, so once you turn on the drone goggle and your remote to actually start flying, you just have to do these sticks down and then the drone will start and then you have to take.

This left stick up and it will go up. Then, by default it will be in the normal mode. So dont worry youre not going to crash its very easy to fly and then just set this to sports mode and just start flying it. It will be very limited. You know you will not be able to do all the turns left right. You know you will not be able to rotate this 360.. Just you will be able to do the minimal stuff, so you will get just the gist of flying fpv. Now, after that, you have to come back home and practice a lot more now this time, i would suggest you to practice this on the drl simulator. What is drl simulator drl is basically a drone racing league software that you have to install in your computer, because, with the dji virtual app, the maps are very limited and with the drl there are a lot of maps and you can actually practice with your friends. Also, when i started learning about fpv, we used to practice every single night, like i used to connect on my drl, my friends used to connect from their home, and you know in this one software you can connect everybody and you can just do the racing thing Now how to install this in your computer? Basically, you have to download the steam software on your computer and once you install the steam just open the steam and search in the software search about drl or drone racing league and youll see that you have to purchase this around 349 rupees.

And after that, what you have to do is you have to connect your dji remote using the usb to the computer, and then you will see that it will actually detect, and then you have to make few changes in the drl to make sure that its connected. So after a lot of practicing, i think now is the time you are ready to go out and start flying in the manual mode up until this point you have practiced in normal or the sports mode. Now is the time to switch to manual mode. So, for that just turn this to manual mode after changing it to the manual mode by default, your dji drone will still fly in the sports mode. So what you have to do is you have to go in the goggle and manually change these two settings. So your first setting is just go to the remote controller option in your goggle and go to the custom button and then change from sports mode to manual mode and then go to the second option here. Just turn this off now, after doing this, your drone is set. You can fly in the manual mode, so by default, when you start flying dji fpv every time it will be in the normal mode, so you have to manually change it thats. One of the thing i like that you dont need to start with the manual mode. You can start in the normal mode and then once you have the goggle, you can switch to manual mode and fly lets test it out.

So just click this manual mode and after that, in your goggle. You will see that your drone will ask you to change the sticks. You move the sticks and once you do that youre good to go, you can start flying in the manual mode. At this point. Just be careful because youre flying for the first time and at any point of time there is a safety feature, if you feel like youre panicking because youre flying for the first time you can just press this panning button or the pause button. So once you hit this panic button or the pause button, you will see that your drone will hover at one point and then you can just change the mode and just practice in the normal mode again or maybe you can switch to the manual mode. You can just try, so this is the safety feature. This is really really good. If you at any point, you feel like youre panicking, you can just hit the panic button with the custom made fpv its not possible. I remember i once i was flying in the goa with the custom made fpv and i literally didnt know what to do after this step, because i i was able to see that its going to crash its going to crash. But there was no button and i didnt know how to control, and then it just you know it got crashed in the trees and at that time, if i had dj fpv definitely i would have hit this pause button and the drone will just power at that Point so thats the thing i love about this dji fpvp a lot and the second safety feature which i loved a lot about dj fpv is that once you lose the signal, its gon na come back home automatically its coming home and thats.

The most scary thing with the fpv that once the signal is lost, you dont know if its gon na like if you will be able to find the drone or not, with this dj, fpv its coming back home. I cant see the signal its coming up here. Now i can see man theres such a great feeling, im loving it its just my first flight thats amazing, because with the custom made fpv, once you lose the signal its going to crash theres, no nothing! You can do so thats why? I used to scared a lot flying in the mountains because there is no way to recover the drone the dji fpv when i was flying. I was very confident you know i. I was sure that im not going to lose this drone because a lot of safety features so thats. Why? I thought to make a video about it, but by this point, if you follow all these steps, im sure you will be able to fly the fpvs and you will be able to take all those amazing crazy shots. Now, if you talk about the battery with the dji fpv, you can fly up to 10 to 15 minutes with one battery, so i would highly suggest you to get two more batteries if you want to fly for longer duration, otherwise it will be very difficult to Just charge one battery and then come back and then charge it again, so i have three batteries with the dji fpv and with the custom made fpv.

If you have that, then it the battery will go around three to four minutes. If you are using custom drones, then you have to carry a lot of batteries with you, but with the dji, its a little easier, so thats also a good thing and with the dji fpv you can take shots in 120, fps, 1080p and 4k 60fps also thats. All the things i wanted to talk about in this video – if you still have questions for me, then do let me know in the comments below ill try to make another video. So with that said, if you like, the video then do give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel for future videos and hit the bell notification icon as well.