Now i know i am not the first to do this. There are a lot of designs out there, however, if im honest a number of them didnt do what i needed it to do, while some of them held the battery very well like this one here, which is a really nice design, it would clip in nice and Easily it kept falling off the goggles because of the way the strap went into it at the back and literally any movement when you took them off, it would actually end up coming loose. In my experience, so after playing with a lot of them, i decided to design my own and what im going to do in this video is walk you through what ive come up with, show you it show you it actually in use, and then there is a Link to it in the description of this video on thingiverse, the stl is available. You can download it and use it for yourself if you feel its appropriate now, the design ive come up with is similar to others, but ive made some changes, and the first big change is that the new one is going to be made out of tpu rather Than pla or pet g, because im actually sliding the battery in rather than clipping it, and i felt tpu – was a better option overall, because it allows me to do some things a bit differently with the strap now moving over to the desktop to show you what Ive actually come up with.

This is the design that i made. The idea is that you slide the battery through into the actual holder. You then have some holes on the front. You have three holes for the last three leds, because the idea is the first led sits here and at that point the battery is about halfway in the strap. Like some of the other designs, you have a hole to put the excessive cable in that comes with the dji goggles, and then youve got the strap area at the back, where you actually slide it in, and the design ive come up with, for this is sort Of a folded flap, the idea is because its made of tpu youre able to open this up slide the strap up and into this area. Here slide it into this area here, and that holds it in place. This little flap helps retain the strap but because its made from tpu its flexible and it ends up actually moving that way and sealing this area up and it prevents the strap coming off in normal use and in my experience, testing this, it simply will not fall Off once its fitted, you can easily remove it, but once its on its on then moving around to the back, you can see. Weve just got a curved area for your head, just to make it a little bit more comfortable, and then i put my logo on the front there, as you can see now, moving back over to the real one ill now show you the actual unit and how It fits on and how it goes on the goggles ive got two here: ive got the original design and the modified final one.

So if we go to the overhead, what you can see here is that other clip that i showed you before and i will say this is a real nice design. However its that area there, it literally just keeps falling off. So you know, even if i clip it on now and put it on so it holds in place which ive done you just find when youre moving the goggles around it falls off really really easily. So to show you my design, this is the unit here. You can see because its in black its quite hard to see you can see, youve got the logo. Youve got the three leds, because the fourth or the first one would be there. Weve got a hole and then youve got this flexible area here where the strap goes in. So again the idea is to fit it. You can simply open it up open it up, put the strap in that folds in that folds in and then we slide the battery on so to put the battery in. We simply do it that way around we side it in because its made of tpu it does grip. So if you want to get the leds perfect, you do have to just push it in like that and then the idea is, you can press the button and then you can still see the status of the other leds and were in roughly 50 percent. At that point, for a balanced point of view to then mount this onto the back of the strap, you simply fold it open and it is a bit easier to put on with the battery removed you simply fold.

It open slide it in fold. The bottom strap out flap out, so the strap actually falls in behind it. Just like that make sure its on properly and then you can see its all held and clipped in place and the idea is, you can see it falls into that gap and then that flap seals it and once its on it literally, is on. It will not fall off and ill show you that a bit more in a second. So then we can simply slide the dji battery in get it roughly right. If youre not particularly worried about the leds, you dont actually have to get it perfect, because its tpu, depending on your own tolerances, will depend on how close or how tight you want it. This one is for me a little bit tight but im not particularly worried there. We go ive got him there. We then simply take the power cable. We can then fold up the excess and because its tpu, its nice and flexible, so we can pop that in there out of the way you can get shorter cables. I do recommend looking at one of the shorter cables for the dji. It just makes it a lot easier, so you dont have to mess about actually, with the cable itself, push him through and again once this is done, you can simply leave it in place and then we can clip it in at the front thats actually a little Bit shorter than it should be that one, oh yeah, i put an extra fold in it when i shouldnt have oh, my straps come off and you just uh put the strap actually back on on the side.

Thats come off. I was actually doing it. That has there we go, and then that is the unit on the back. I can shake it. You know it is not going to come off and then when its clipped on your head. So if i just pop him on put that up there at the way simply clipped on the back holds it balances nicely because its roughly in the middle, i cant twist around to show you on the chair. But let me let me just come off, so you guys can just see its held on nicely there like that and again the big one for me on this is that it just will not shake off it holds tightly. If you really forced it, it would dont get me wrong, however, for the most part it just holds on like that, and then on the back of the goggles. You can see its there at the moment. I havent actually got it 100. There. You go tweak the position and then you can see its all as it should be now just to show you um, where you can download this, i have uploaded it to thingiverse, so it is available to download from thingiverse as well for free. You can go on there, you can get it. I need to put a few more pictures on this. Just to show you it in use. Should you uh just so people understand what it is, but the design is on there again.

Ive recommended you print this in tpu. You could print this in pla or pet cheap, but im just not sure how its going to hold the battery its more of a strap than a clip. I might do another design later on that. However, right now its like that so thats it if youre interested in getting it, i will put a link to it, as i said in the description of this video, if youd like to support the channel to allow us to keep doing stuff like this, there are Links to buy me a copy as well as patreon. You can also tip us on thingiverse as well. If you would like to do that, please do um. Consider sharing it if you think its good for someone its free. If theyve got a printer download it print it, if youve got any feedback on it, please do put it in the comments section as well. I might look at doing a clip design too. This is the first one ive done. I might get that one done.