There’S gon na be links down below to where you get to get the files and then also the people that are responsible for this um. The developers should probably donate some money to them. I’Ll put all those links down in the description below and as well as uh it’s blunty uh he’s, the one that actually put this video out first i’ve been kind of following along, but i think he beat me to the punch anyway. It’S super easy to get this going, get the zip file from one of the links down below extract it. You’Re going to before you run the install drivers program, which is the next step you want to plug in your quad turn on your goggles to plug. In your goggles make sure they’re powered on plug in the quad and then quad needs to have the auto temperature control feature turned off if it’s on this won’t work, you’ll just get a black screen so make sure that the auto temperature feature is turned off auto Temperature control turn that off also, you probably want airflow over your vista or air unit, so you’re not burning it out, while you’re doing this little demo. So once you have a connection from the quads uh vistor air unit to the goggles, and you have video, then you want to go ahead and plug in the goggles to your computer uh view your usbc cable use a good one, you’re, probably the one that you’ve Been using for firmware updates will be good enough, but if it’s a cheap one, this mobile will probably fail so make sure it’s a good quality cable.

At this point, uh you’ll probably get the driver installation on windows. If you haven’t plugged in before, if not uh, it’ll, probably just recognize it as usual, and then you want to go ahead and run that install drivers program from the zip file and you’ll get this zig program. And you want to select the bulk interface as the dji fpv goggles, and hit replace drivers and then it’ll go and install that it’ll. Take a little bit of time depends on how fast your computer is about a minute to five minutes and then once that’s done. Uh you’ll have the proper drivers. You can go ahead and run the batch program down at the bottom. It’S called run voc or run voc hybrid gpu. So if you have a pc with a integrated graphics card and a dedicated graphics card that you want to run the hybrid program, if you have just a dedicated graphics card and only one graphics card, it won’t get confused, just run the run voc.bat and then it Will basically launch you get some text the command prompt window with a bunch of like data and stuff, and then a window called pipe with the video out from the um uh, the goggles yeah, so it works and there’s, obviously a bunch of latency and everything. I noticed that it’s pretty significantly into the actually probably like a second or two, but who cares this it’s really just for spectators and stuff? And if you have a pc next to your goggles and have your usb cable plugged in spectators can now watch your live feed, albeit it’ll, be a little bit delayed anyway.