Since i have done my last video, which was, i think, a while ago, its when i put the iflight crystal patching tent on here, along with the stubbies, these have stayed on here. Basically, since they put them on, i do have another set of goggles, my backup goggles, that i did a video on with the happy model. Analog adapter and i dont really use these for analog, so thats it on that other goggle. So you guys are going to be wondering. Well, you saw this on the video about that thats thats. Actually, not my daily driver goggles, my backup goggle, that that was on uh set up for analog, but i do have something else for analog. I want to show you thats not im, going to sort of preview it in this video, but im not going to do a full video on that, but yeah. This has been on here for more than a year, i havent touched it uh having any problems with it been working great. I dont really fly too far away. It is very directional. So if you point away from your quad, you will get some worse reception. Of course, and because of the stubbies as well, they wont perform as well stock if you move your head around a lot, so i think well talk about that in that video. But more importantly, i found that the transmitting antenna on the quad is actually more important than this setup.

Here, ive actually had a few bad antennas and wondered. Why am i getting bad reception and its always been the antenna on the quad and not the ifly crystal antennas? Okay, so, regarding my power setup here, i dont like batteries on the side or in the back or hanging in my pocket. So i actually cut short. My little plug here – and i have this permanently installed with a small 3d printer part here that holds this cable in place. It doesnt move around. Then i attached an xd30 connector on here, and i just have this like uh four. This is a 650. I think 4s lipo with an xc30 and that powers up my goggles, and i think this is very lightweight. It doesnt weigh a lot, which is what i like what i prefer. I just charge it pretty often, so this will probably last me about um, four or five good flights, and then i got ta charge it up again and its pretty easy to swap out as a battery strap here and im using a small, zip tie, which is Right there, which is hard to see, that is what the battery strap is attached to, that holds it to the top there, and that is how my power setup is, and i just i dont mind charging it up. You know regularly, and i have a spare of these in my bag. So if i im gon na fly longer, i have a few of these extras and just its an xc30 battery got plenty of those to swap out if i need to still using the standard.

Uh stock strap here for the for the goggles, because i have kind of like this one here on top kind of keeps it off of my face and not its kind of heavy, so it doesnt fall forward. I have um this little 3d printer part here. I forget where i got this from somebody theres a lot of these on thingiverse its not a big deal but yeah, basically its a lens protector for your um dji, goggles and theres tons of these on thingiverse. I have swapped out my foam a few times, so i originally had the dgi foam and then i had well. The original dji phone was like kind of a slippery material. Then i switched to these eiffel this eyeflight foam here and its its its a kind of a soft touch foam on here, and i was getting a little bit of light leak here in the nose area. So again, theres lots of options for dji goggles for foam out there. I know that race day quads has one um. Iflight has a several pyro jones has theirs. This one here is actually have is from newbie drone, and so it actually covers this little area right here, which uh sometimes get some light leak here, see its a little shaped a little bit differently and then its got a full nose section here. That goes all the way in, and i left this little foam piece here and from they came with this one here.

So with this and this little foam piece i was getting lately here, but now with this newbie drone foam, it is totally like uh dark. You dont see any light leak at all um. I think racine quads makes a lycra version of this with a different material on the surface, thats supposed to be better for sweat, but i have a different solution for that um on this foam. So if you have the stylophone and you want something thats going to uh – keep your foam clean, theres, a solution from its called a company called uh vr cover set this along here. So this actually goes over the foam here, and this is a this – is a fabric material, so its like a cover that goes over the foam and theres like some loops here to secure it to the goggle and theres ones. Uh see theres one on the side. Over here – and that goes over the foam and then use the velcro here to stick to the actual face plate but yeah. Basically it goes over and uh absorbs sweat and stuff like that. So they sent me a couple of these over. I havent actually tried these out yet theres some instructions on how to install them. It should be pretty straightforward and you got this lens cleaning cloth, but you get two of them in this pack and its washable and its basically so that if you sweat a lot, this is actually not a bad solution which is especially when its hot now.

But this kind of foam this does tend to get very kind of icky, especially sweat a lot. So this will come in pretty handy and then this company um also has another company called vr lens lab and they sent along some prescription lenses here, theyre a little bit different from the ones that i got from a vr wave. This is the first ones that i mentioned there. Those were a little bit more expensive because those had metal um, i guess the frame for the lens was metal so ill pop this out. So this is like the frame of this lens is like a 3d printed material, its like, i think, its a nylon jet fusion process its like injection, molded kind of very light. These are lighter than the metal ones, of course uh prescription, of course, so they have the my exact same pers, my exact prescription i need, and the astigmatism correction on this one seems to be a little bit better than the ones i got from vr waves. So the edges arent not as blurry theyre a little bit blurry on the vr wave ones, but these are almost perfect. So definitely switching these and these are cheaper. So they start at like 60 bucks, i think so, which is definitely better than the vr. I think people are complaining, the vr wave ones are kind of expensive, but anything anything with prescription lenses can tend to be expensive depending upon your prescription and your needs, because everyones eyes are a little bit different and some need more correction than others and some of Those things actually cost a little bit extra, so basically the prices started about 60 bucks and then they go up based on what you add, you can often obviously add things like um reflection, anti coding, reflection and other stuff theres all kinds of stuff there on the Website, but if you want a cheaper prescription lens, insert or diopter for your dji goggles, this is a good one here and ill link that down below as well alright.

So the last thing im talking about here is it looks like just a monitor, but this is something kind of really different um no battery in this one. This has dual diversity: receivers. 62 antennas looks similar to their the hawkeyes like two and a half inch monitor. Fpv monitor, but this one here is specifically for the dji, goggles and or some sort of other goggle, where, if you dont want to use a fast shark style module, you can use this instead and get basically a diversity receiver set up for this and its a Fairly inexpensive in terms of the cost for something that actually has two receivers inside and so their whole thing is to stick this on the side of the goggles like this, and then hell have a bunch of cables and stuff to get the analog video out from These two receivers into your goggles or your into the dji goggles or some other analog style goggles that has analog video in and theres no battery in this one. It looks like its the same form factor but uh, its metal, not plastic and im going to have a video on this one later im going to have a whole dedicated video in this one, but i just want to let you guys know this is something that Will be coming up down the road, its kind of interesting, because you can actually cook these up to fat shark style goggles with this little module.

Adapter like this as you can see, but i think its going to be something better suited for something like a dji golf. You want like true diversity, receivers on your dji goggles for analog again, but you dont want to go with like a full like rapid fire setup, or something like that. This is going to be pretty cool, so thatll be coming up in a future video, okay, so thats going to cover for my goggles. So far, if you guys have any requests on things that youd like for me to cover on the dji goggles, additional accessories or some other products, let me know in the comments below, as i is theres just too much stuff out there for me – to cover everything. But um yeah, if theres something specific that youre interested in do. Let me know down in the comments and i make a future video sometime down. There obviously, hopefully not wont, take me more than a year to make that video but yeah ill ill. Keep those things in mind, if you guys will, let me know on things i should be checking out for my dji fv goggles, okay, thats gon na.