Then this product here is, i think, going to be right up your alley because um it has all the typical dgi safety features um that you’re used to in terms of like obstacle, avoidance and return to home, etc, and in the out of the box normal mode. It will pretty much fly like your typical mavic and get you that kind of footage that you’re looking for, while at the same time it will allow you to take off the training wheels slowly, one by one to develop your skills to be able to fly. The drone in the fpv style and eventually in complete manual mode and there’s, also a simulator as well, so you can actually fly virtually using the goggles and controller in the simulator to practice and build up your skills so that you don’t end up crashing this drone Because if you do crash this drone, it will break, but it is not durable, like a typical hobby grade, fv drone. So keep that in mind. You know it’ll break just like your mavics. If you crash it. So if you think you are going to be in situations where you might be flying around trees or objects, etcetera where you might crash it, you probably want to get a dji refresher. I think it’s called dji care is the insurance that basically pays for the insurance or pays for the repairs to fix the drone in case you crash it. So those of you that are already in the dj ecosystem probably already know about that, and that kind of goes without saying now for those of you guys that are a large part of my audience that already know how to fly fpv this product isn’t for you.

So you know you don’t need this in terms of training and learning how to fly. You guys already know how to fly and know how to build your own drones, how to repair your own drones now there’s a couple exceptions here that i think where you may want to consider getting this. If you already know how to fly fpv, one is if you want, if you’re interested in long range fpv. If you want to fly further away than you’re typically used to, but you’re not you’re not want to go through all the trouble of learning. All the ins and outs of gps rescue and this setup and all that stuff to make sure your drone doesn’t get lost um, but you want to build fly really far away. Apparently this room could go up to 10 kilometers away. So, if you’re interested in that kind of flying uh – but you don’t – want to go to the houses of learning all that stuff and you don’t want to you know – have to build something: that’s really expensive or you know time consuming then yeah. This might be something you might want to consider because you can. You fly long range, get that kind of footage, you’re looking for and it’s going to cruise around, and you know you don’t have to go through trouble. Learning all that stuff. The other use case scenario here is: if you’re you’ve been trying to learn how to fly fpv but you’re having some or having some trouble or a lot of trouble.

You know you’ve gone through all the you know, typical tutorials, the videos and all that stuff and you’re trying to get help and just can’t get your drone to work. You can’t get all that stuff to work, and this is a typical problem with learning how to fly pv when you’re, just starting out is there’s a lot of it’s, a very large steep learning curve. Yeah there’s a lot of you to figure out on your own yeah there’s, a lot of people that will help you out, but getting everything to work together can be a challenge and it takes some time. So you know if you spend a lot of time. You’Ve struggled you can’t figure it out. Maybe it might be a good idea to just go to this drone here. This dji tv drone and at least get you up in the air, get you sort of flying. You know that’s. Another thing is if, if you’re not into the um hobby aspect of the fpv flying or you, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on learning all this stuff, then yeah. You know it’s probably better, to spend the money instead of spending your time, uh and and get this drone to get up in the air and learn how to fly fpv. That way. Now, as for myself, i already know how to fly. Fpv i’ve been flying for four or five years now um. This drone has absolutely almost no interest for me, so i have no plans to buy this.

Of course, if one of you guys out, there really wants me to review it. Anyone who wants me to send me this, you know i’m happy to review it. You know, i know that some of you guys send me stuff and i i’ve obviously i’ll send it back to you guys. But if you want me to review it, i will, but you know, i have no plans to spend my money to buy this because i don’t need it anyway. I think it’s gon na do it for this one. I you know in terms of my thoughts based on the information i have, and you know hopefully i’ll, give you a better idea whether this is for you in a more sort of concise, uh compacted form. I think a lot of the videos out there for our at least 30 minutes long, which is kind of ridiculous but yeah. This is what i think of the dj fpu drone.