Here i got a couple things i wanted to show you real quick kind of unusual um accessories for the dji fpv drum okay. First up i got this uh power bank that’s a one of those jump. Starters lithium jump starters! You know what i’m saying and you plug the cord into the end, and you can jump your car. I actually used it once to jump a work truck but other than that i’ve had it for six months. I have a newer car, so i haven’t needed it, but it’s one of these items, that’s nice – to have right. You know you rather have it not needed, as as a saying goes, any rate this particular one has a outlet on it: okay, it’s a regular 120 volt outlet, so because i’ve been thinking about, should i buy more batteries for the dji fpv drone. You know maybe even another fly more kit or what and it kind of dawned on me. I had this stupid thing in my car. It’S been riding around like a set for probably six months, so i went ahead and tried it and, as you can see, it works fine and to my eyes i think the battery is charging just as fast as it normally does um. This is a pretty big power bank, i believe it’s 2000 amps, so that means it’s uh, 20, 000 milliamps i’m, not mistaken, and these batteries are like 2 000 milliamps. If i’m not mistaken again, so i should be able to charge them.

You know four or five times you know if it only charges them once or twice. I mean that’d be good enough for me as far as that goes so any rate there’s that uh. The other thing i wanted to mention is just a real update, quick update on my harbor freight case uh. Someone reminded me of something in the comments. I really appreciate it. Uh you hose these down with plastic dip. If you don’t know what plasti dip is, this is stuff you can spray on your rims or whatever you can peel it off later, but it’s like a plastic coating way back in the day when it first came out, uh pliers and you know whatever didn’t – have Rubber handles on them right, and so you would dip them in plastic dip and would put they would put a rubber coating on them. You know uh made it more comfortable to use anyway. It comes in a spray can now and like i said you can hold down your rims or whatever and it’s a it’s, a pretty good coating, because it’s kind of rubber it’s kind of uh pliable any rate i hose down the foam. So it’s really sealed these off and i did the top and the bottom and the insides i use the whole can Laughter. So that brings my total cost about 55 bucks, but anyway and uh yeah. It came out really nice, like i said, it’s pliable, but now i don’t have to worry about it.

Fraying and i don’t have to worry about these breaking off on me. You know what i mean, which is which can happen with pluck you know, peel and pluck uh foam inserts. I don’t care where you buy it, okay, so there was that and then the last thing you know shut one thing i like about this case, but the harp. I think some of the other cases have side snaps on them, too it’s annoying it’s on my goggles. Okay, i got the flat fat strap okay, so that means i can just. I just leave my battery in there. Okay, i have a little hook by my charging station and i just unplug it from the goggles and plug the battery and just leave them in there, and that way i don’t have to worry about it. It’S one less thing i got to assemble and i don’t have wires hanging. You know hanging down to a battery in my pocket or something like that which is annoying. I also got this little insert pad. I got this on amazon. It was like 15 bucks, um it’s, a little velcro piece you can put in there. I did it, i might take it out. I don’t think it’s really that critical, but it’s really soft on the inside. So you don’t have to worry about scratching your lenses or anything and if you’re, one of the people that take their antennas off, it has slots here for the antennas and it has slots for uh sd cards micro sd cards.

So you can keep spare sd cards in here too, you have sd cards antennas and it protects you because, as most people know by now i’m sure you can’t let direct sunlight shine inside these okay it’s bad for the screens, so i was always taking them out Of the case and go oh crap, you know i forget, or i want to set them down or something like that and i’d always have to like finagle around with it. Now i can just throw this stupid thing in there and then i don’t have to worry about the sun right, so that’s positive. The other thing i did is, i wear glasses. Okay – and i ordered these corrective lenses from rho lenses they’re out of germany, so it took a minute to get them well about two weeks and you send them your prescription and they make you inserts. Okay and uh. You know left and right whatever and they just slip on the uh. You know the diopters are of your lenses so, and so now i don’t have to wear my glasses in the uh goggles. Nor do i have to try to cram my glasses in my goggles. You know what i mean, i believe they were like 70 euros, which is you know, 80 90, bucks whatever. It is well worth it to me, because it just makes my experience a hundred times better. I don’t have to juggle around with my glasses dink around with it.

You know what i mean so it’s, really nice and i can see i was making a choice sneaking around my glasses or fly around not being able to see that well, it’s, not that’s, not a confidence, booster right, you’re, worried about branches and wires and whatever it’s Kind of important that you’re able to see right so anyway, these inserts are awesome. Okay, um, it still lets you adjust. You know the slides on these left and right. It does take away about a millimeter. So if you’re somebody where your you’re maxing these out, then you need them maxed. You know these might not work for you but uh. I i needed mine wide and it seemed to be okay. Anyway, there you go some accessories for the dji fpv drone i’ll dig up all the links and attach them and uh we’ll be good to go this right. Here, though this uh, this is a. This is great. Quite frankly, i can just carry the i’m not necessarily going to carry the multi charger with me. I’Ll just carry the charger, i might even just buy an extra charger right and just carry around in my car all the time. That way. If i get to a point where oh man, i want to fly one more pack, i’ll go: oh yeah, that’s right, you know i could be charging these batteries. You know one at a time as i burn them. You know i mean, or i might bring the multi charger i don’t know anyway.

The long and short of it is it’s a nice uh solution, uh for my problem and of course i can still charge my goggles battery too. You know uh and all that kind of cute stuff anyway, fellas that’s gon na do it uh did a quick little video about some accessories hope you guys are enjoying your fpv drones and uh. I might make a video on how to unlock geo zones because apparently i’m one of three people in the entire country that know how to do it, no a little joke there, but everybody’s complaining about it, and you know like for me pretty much no problem anyway.