You have been the phantom one. I dont know i stopped using it, so it has been a while. So this is new drone stuff. For me, Music, hey guys, aaron here for the love of tech, and today we are looking at drones. Thats right, ive been talking about thinking about wanting to get a new drone, bring you some more clips and footage for some time now they fascinate me absolutely. However, i just dont have a ton of free time, but i figured this was on sale at best buy for 300 off. It was a smoking deal. My mom is getting a new roof and she asked me if i had a drone to go ahead and look at the new roof as its being put up, and i thought to myself no, i dont, but i should and im going to fix it and thats. What led me with this guy and im im really excited to get into it, so lets go ahead and just quickly see what we have in the box lets get into it. Unboxing knife Music. So here it is. This is the fpv. I think that means first person view or front person view i dont know i dont know anything about drones, so um drone people feel free to correct me. You wont, hurt my feelings today, but eventually ill become an expert and you cant hurt my feelings. So here are the goggles fpv goggles by dji. This thing i mean dji has made some quality things and theyve also made some stupid things Music.

So right from the very beginning, i can share with you that im slightly a little bit disappointed on the whole experience here. I thought that maybe some sort of case i was anticipating, but that didnt come it looks like weve got another little helmet there. So i dont know what this stuff is, but what i do know is we have to charge it before we can go play with it. So give me one second: while i go ahead and get this drone charged up and set up the next day, oh hey, so we are back, and this has taken a lot longer than i thought it was going to be. I thought i was going to charge some batteries play with my little joysticks and go flying and it was going to be wonderful and amazing and thats not what just happened to me, its literally the next day new shirt later time that i unboxed it. I showed it to you, i powered it up the battery wouldnt charge so back to the store. I go returning my dgi fpv combo pack and thank god they had another one in the store. So i bought one and then i also got the little controller which i havent figured out. How to use so were not going to talk about it. Yet you know nothing. Nothing went according to plan with this drone, nothing its complicated, its full of instructions that are unclear the the website.

The videos made out by dji are very fast paced non descriptive and they lack visual representation to where you can associate it with anything that youre doing at the house. So everything they produce is high quality. Stunning looks amazing, makes you feel like dgi knows what theyre doing they dont have to put together a really good video. They do not know how to put together a good, instructional or tutorial video, and i dont know if im up for the task, but i hope somebody i barely figured out how to use this today, so this is going to require a lot of work. This has brought upon a new appreciation for the skills of the pilots of the ftp uh community. I just i didnt realize how complicated it was. I literally have to take dramamine before i look at those goggles, and i have this little thing. Its called motion ease for behind the ears for afterwards, because i i i typically get motion sickness, so maybe getting an ftv fp fpv drone might not have been the smartest thing for me to do, but then again i dont always do whats smart. I do what i want and i wanted this drone and i got it and it was on sale at best buy. I will go ahead and link in the description, some uh, some amazon, affiliate links in case you want to get some drama means some motion ease or even buy the drone yourself.

So, thanks for hanging in there with me expect to see some more cool drone product footage in the future.