Thank you for joining me on your sunday it’s great, to see you all uh, just say hi very quickly to a few people in the chat who have very kindly joined us early on uh, firstly, ken herron. Thank you very much for your five dollar super chat. I really appreciate it, sir. I hope you are well um ellis mean. Was the next person good to see you, sir thomas ariels hi, sir hope hope things are well over an island and that you’re not getting too much of the harsh weather that we’ve had as well? Uh, welsh rob hi david hayworth hi good to see you, the aerial views uh. Who else have we got in here? Some awesome people as usual, um brad, hendo, good, to see you as well, sir and uh apologies. If i’m missing anybody, aztec drone skycam video yeah a fantastic crowd. Thank you so much for popping in and seeing us. I really do appreciate eddie nunes hello, sir good, to see you well. It is we’re coming up to that time again of approaching a dgi launch where we’re we’re about to find out launch dates officially in any case, and that type of thing – and you know we we’re going to be seeing more and more um leaks, um uh coming Out about the dji fpv drone or or the uh, the dji flash, depending on what you want to call it and we it’s something i’m growing a little bit, not cynical about, but i i certainly i’m i’m, certainly starting to believe.

Looking at the mini two and the way that that happened, i’m starting to believe that there is an orchestrated effort behind the scenes to allow these things to happen. Uh frankly, um d d, ariel was saying he had march 5th, yeah i’m thinking, i’ve heard. Third and the eighth, and that type of thing, so i think once this, the chinese new year is fully out of the way and everyone’s back to work. I think we’ll we’ll probably see it happening, then um, simon cocaine. Thank you so much for the uh five pound super chat. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much, sir good to see you uh yeah, so we we have had some more some more leaks. First of all, we’ve had, of course, these pictures, which um i put out on instagram yesterday last night, which was some some very nice clear pictures, and i thought this was going to be it for a little while i didn’t think we would necessarily see anything um, Particularly new, i wasn’t necessarily expecting there to be a best, buy type leak or anything else like that, or you know an early accidental sale in inverted commerce, um and yeah it it. These were some nice, clear pictures which showed us a bit about what’s happening inside the actual combo kit, which is fantastic, skycam video. Thank you very much for the two pounds. Super chat really appreciate it. Just a little support, buddy everybody supported hugely appreciated.

I really appreciate you all coming along, especially on a sunday um, to have a look at this, so we have had another unboxing video which has um um found its way to the internet. This time is slightly different because it isn’t an end user getting hold of one um early, but a best buy error or anything else like that. This time, it’s actually um a video from a dji dealer, dominion drones and it it’s interesting to see whether or not they um are going to come out and speak about it publicly. We have reached out to them. We haven’t had a response back yet, but it’s appeared on quite a few channels and like last time, it’s quite a few unmonetized channels with with only a few subscribers and that type of thing which again that it that that whole side of things interests me and I’M going to look into that more and there will be a video on that coming up um on geekspanner, but i just wanted to play out a bit of this. Video and um. Give you uh an idea of what it is. Um i’m not going to play the entire thing, because obviously some of us would have seen it but we’re going to pick out some of the interesting parts of it fast forward, rewind through the video etc. So let’s take a look at the first bit: hey guys, it’s zach from dominion drones. We just got one of the new dji fpv combos, so we’re going to do an unboxing today, so we’re going to jump right into it with the box right on the front.

You got dji fpv, combo and then a nice side view of the drone i don’t have anything on the top or sides. On the other side, however, we have a picture of the new fpv controller. One thing i noticed here: um is obviously the it says in the top right hand, corner of the box here, not for sale and this doesn’t, this obviously isn’t any kind of final um, final marketing box, because there’s there’s, none of the usual logos and fcc and Ce markings and everything else like that, so i i’m again, i don’t think this is a. This is a final retail box i’m. Not that he’s necessarily saying it is let’s continue with that. A nice front view of the drone and then the v2 goggles on the bottom. You have your part list and all your serial numbers and everything as you can see it comes with all three because it’s a combo good stuff, so let’s get into it all right. So now that we got a good look at the box, we’re going to go ahead and get in to open it, so it’s like the best way to be down here a display demo, but it is a working demo. So these are real parts exciting. First, we have the drone very clean, let’s, see see if we can get this gimbal cover off easy. It comes up like this. I don’t want to break it. How many gimbal covers? Do you think we might get broken it’s, always it’s, interesting it’s, like with the with the um um with the minis and things like that? The the gimbal covers the first couple of times you take it off and put them back on you’re, always so careful um and then within a couple of practice times it just it just happens and, interestingly um interesting, noting the sensors on the front here, um, which Is obviously some kind of avoidance i don’t know if anybody else has seen the other video that’s going around, which is supposedly of an onboard um camera view of the fpv drone um i’m.

I’M. I’M, not sure about that particular video, because it seems to be the dji go app, which is on the screen, which i i don’t necessarily think is going to be the app that’s going to be used for this one for this drone um. But it it’s interesting because again you know you do have the um. The avoidance sensors at the front here, which i think uh is, is uh yeah it’s, pretty cool nice, nice fpv on the side display demo. As i said earlier, no charging this one. So it looks like these are sensors and not fpv. Cameras like that was speculated in earlier posts and leaks let’s get into the goggles. These are the new v2 fpv goggles. Really nice clean, look from the front and reminds me of like a robot very nice, see there’s some buttons here yeah. I noticed that as well tom um that the telemetry didn’t move. I wondered if that was because it feels a lot better than the version fully released and it’s. Definitely a lot lighter than version one all right, let’s get the rest out of the box, all right get under this phone here’s, the new fpv controller, really different antennas. We haven’t seen before definitely feels a lot more ergonomical, see we’ll see what all these are for in a minute. Oh, the dji, booty dude put that off to the side, see what else we have in here. So this looks like it’s going to be our tri blade, propellers that’s, exactly what they are, your other set of propellers again one thing to bear in mind: this is a um.

This isn’t a facility here, looks like we have a charging pack so um. You may find there be some differences in the final retail packaging classic brick that dji always sends out vr wall adapter just skip forward here. Slightly looks like it’ll work. A lot better, though, see try that on later, it comes with we’ll, see for sure and looks like the rest is just adapters and cables power, adapter cable, see what that’s for a couple of other de beds we’ll get into all right. Let’S put it all together. So first things first let’s get our battery charging, and here we have our power brown just take off this top one and then squeeze the sides chunky battery back out cool accuracy that looks like a a full gag mask all right. Next we’re gon na get our controller together. It’S, just like a bit dodgy looks like we have our sticks off to the side of this controller, get those out much smaller threads than we’re used to seeing this on. There feels really nice and it looks like it just charges at the bottom here with a usbc 3.0, whatever you want to call it and then same with the headset. It also just charges with a usbc, and it looks like this display model came with a microsd who knows, if that’ll be on all of them, we’re also going to have to get these antennas on there’s, four of them in total, just like the previous model, these Ones, i believe, have a 110 minute battery life and that’s it.

Okay, so i’m really interesting here, isn’t it with the with the unboxing um. I think the um, the controller is, is an interesting one to see uh up, close um and and the drone itself. Of course, if you look at the size um it, it doesn’t, look necessarily as chunky as as some thought it might be. Um it’s it’s an interesting piece of kit, certainly um you again looking at the construction and the fpv flyers in the in the audience will probably agree with me here. It doesn’t look like something that’s designed to be crashed in, in my opinion, um. I think it looks like, with the avoidance sensors everything else like that. It does look like the video that was out of the um of of which is supposedly showing an fpv flight from the camera view with the dji go um uh um surroundings that that kind of showed you sort of it would sort of go up to trees. Stop and come back away which, which that sort of side of things made me made me, have some credibility in that particular video, but it’s the app and everything else that makes me wonder about it, but that that’s that’s. What i think this this looks like it’s going to be and we’re not going to necessarily see like a um, a full, full acro mode, but again that’s me completely speculating because so far this is all we know this. This is, this is the first real clean, um unboxing of a not for sale display model, which is obviously very clearly clearly marked, as you can see on the arm there.

As the the chat from dominion drones pointed out, so it’s it’s really interesting, um price, wise. No idea again i’ve had a lot of speculation um around the 1 500 mark and downwards. There was a um, a leaked memo which was being um put around yesterday, which showed them as between 900 and 1100, which i it doesn’t make sense. From the point of view that the the goggles themselves, of course, can can retail for five or six hundred dollars, so it’s it’s unlikely that the drone would be that cheap. Although it is quite small, so who knows i mean you know, you look at look at how how well they’ve made some of the other things um and brought them in at a decent price point. But there’s going to be some new technology on this drone, which is going to have cost an awful lot of money in r d. So let’s see what people are saying in the chat. Whilst we leave that playing on the screen in the background um, whilst rob said the combo comes with just one battery well, this is a display um a a sort of a an early retailer model. Essentially, i would call it an influencers pack, but it isn’t doesn’t, really look like one of those so i’m, not sure whether there’ll be any more batteries, in particular with the with the with this combo, because again this is this is all we know. I have no further inside information beyond this um lens capture is talking about eddie nunes.

I wonder about nda’s being violated, but dji um still gets free, targeted marketing from it. What do you think keeps water? I i agree with that, and it was interesting with the with the side of things with um um, the mini two when that happened. Obviously, people were saying: oh, does this guy work when, when, when manuel had his unboxing video and of course we followed that up with an interview, we certainly believe him 100 and he genuinely walked in found the drone that type of thing well, i think, if you’re Cynical, you might say is that those were allowed to be sold. Those were allowed to be out there until one or two of them went through the tills. Excuse me coughing um, and then, of course they they knew that those those drones would probably end up on youtube and giving them some free marketing. So a bit of guerrilla marketing. Almost this one again, i wonder because obviously it is a a dealer. It’S it’s not released on any of their official media channels. That type of thing so there’s a a a few degrees of separation that they could argue um so i’m, not sure to be honest, but i it does start to feel like this might be the way that dji are starting to market things. At ken herron. Look closely, you can see the word fragile by the way um by the way price will be 1. 299. Well, thank you.

Ken there you go ken herron, bringing us some some interesting information there and that wouldn’t be too bad and, oh, you know. I keep wanting things to pull me away from it. I’M. A camera drone flyer who wants to have cinematic fpv shots so i’m sort of excited by this by this product. From the point of view that it could give me that, without having to go fully down the rabbit hole of fpv, but i don’t really want to have to wear goggles and then i’m being told by a lot of people. Actually, you don’t necessarily need to wear the goggles you can. You can still fly like a camera drone and get good results, so that pulled me back in and then the price put me off a little bit because i spend too much money on drones and but then 12.99. If that is the price and that transfers across to the uk price as well, i have to say i am probably quite interested in it. I have to say ken herron. That price was quoted to me by a person with a dgi nda excellent. Thank you ken. I really appreciate that, and so does the rest of the audience views of cornwall. Do you think there’ll be an easy flight mode, uh like hover etcetera for less experienced flies? Yes as i’m. As far as i’m aware and ken, i know that you have uh flown this drone outing you, although you did out yourself on your own stream um.

I believe the button one of the buttons on the controller actually switches between like a um, an atti mode, acro mode, uh back into stabilized mode, and that also gives you the the benefit of if you’re swooping around you get yourself into a little bit of trouble. You can press the button and it will snap itself back into control again, that’s, something which, of course, as a as a camera. Drone flyer um – i am i’m personally very interested in, but this is not something. This is not going to be a fly crash. Repair repeat, type of um type of drone in any way shape or form – certainly uh ken heron. It actually does feel very well built, but it has weak points that won’t withstand the sort of crashes. Fpv quads regularly take exactly and by the way. If anybody hasn’t seen it, you should go across a look at ken herron’s recent fpv video, where he went back to uh the hospital, the abandoned hospital, where he actually has a um. An interesting experience with a police officer there and um has really come on some with his fpv flying. Actually, i really enjoyed that as a as a as an fpv video from a camera drone perspective. Certainly it was. It was awesome, uh, brad, hendo at kenhare, and i heard it had occu sync 2.0 – is that true uh practicality for fpv drone? I think it. Actually. This is one of the first ones to use ocusync 3.

0 um. I don’t think we got a clear enough view of the bottom of the box with the specs, but let me have a little look to see if we can bring that up there we go and let me do a little bit of magic here with my let’s See if we can see how close we can get in without it without it blurring uh, okay, there’s there is dji care refresh there, which might be needed for this particular device. There might be more more returns than we’re used to seeing for it. Um yeah, we can’t really see the text. Unfortunately, so i wouldn’t like to comment, but i i understand um. Yes, ken herring is saying he can confirm it. Has the latest docusync um now, whether that’s, confirming it had donkeys 3.0 it’s, just saying the latest very political answer: um, let me bring that back to the right size very briefly, bear with me guys and then i will get it playing again. So yes, so i i understand it, it uses occasion 3.0. I don’t know about backwards, compatibility that’s, a question that a lot of my viewers have asked me um. I have no idea from that point of view forward and downward binocular avoidance. Sensors i’m wondering if the controller will will have haptic shaker from treetop fly, that’s interesting, because there’s also, of course, in our in last monday’s weekly um drone in tech news. We brought the fcc id filing for the um dji motion controller, which we understand is going to be linked to this product, so it can be interesting to see what that is.

When that first came out, i was pretty sure it was probably something more to do with uh the gimbal side of things for dji, but we’ll have to wait and see. From that point of view, um fly right: drones, i’m thinking about buying the original racing goggles from dji uh. Does anybody use those yeah? Let us know in the chat anybody, if you, if you have those um ken herrera, says it is compatible with original dji fov goggles, so it is, it is actually compatible with the original that’s that’s that’s good to know um. Thank you for all that information ken. I really appreciate it it’s good, to see you and thank you again for your super chat, sir okay, so that’s basically um everything i had for today. I don’t want to draw this on too long and keep you all from your sundays, but i wanted to put this out there get some information out to you, but also really take it apart a little bit from the point of view that i am starting to Wonder if this is a an official marketing strategy from ggi, because right now i am working for the man um and uh selling their drone, which i do not mind, of course, because this is an awesome piece of kit and i really like getting everybody. The the information out there so so yeah so it’s it’s gon na be interesting to see also if, if there’s any kind of um ratings, as far as the european side of things is concerned, which i don’t think there will be, i think we’re still too soon.

For that um one thing i did notice actually it’s got a very interesting attitude about it. If you look there when it’s, actually in it’s in its mode to just be sat down on a desk, it’s got a very aggressive look to it. Hasn’T, it there’s a lot of things here that i’m very excited about um, but i think i’m going to look forward to people like ken herron’s um flight video on this ken will. You have a flight video out on this drone after the release date. Let us know that in the chat would be uh, be good to know. D d. Aerial views be sure to tell your better half that you love them. It is valentines day guys uh, if you forget exactly um and ken’s, just clarifying that it’s, the v1 goggles, not the the giant white things that there’s compatibility with so just a very final quick look at the bits there. While we wait for ken to tell us if he’s going to have a uh, a video on release, which he he may not want to, tell us right now, um, there is one of the things which does concern me uh. Well, it doesn’t concern me because, of course i haven’t flown it, so i don’t know how easy it is to keep in the air, but it is very plasticky at the top um and i don’t think those those plastics are necessarily going to uh withstand much for Sure, okay, guys well um.

Thank you very much for joining us and give me giving me your opinions and views on this. I really appreciate it as well, and we will obviously see you next time on on geeksvana. I’Ve got a lot of content coming out this week, including later in the week on thursday we’re having a bit of a mars day, where we’re going to be having um, dr pascal and leon, to talk about the perseverance rover landing on mars, with its first ever. Drone on board, which is gon na, be very exciting so that we’re gon na have a drone being being flown there, um and uh on monday, so tomorrow, we’ll also be back with the drone and tech news live as well, and we’ve got lots of recorded content. Coming up this week from geeksfina as well, we’ve been very busy recently, actually so have a great sunday. Um, really appreciate it. Uh ken harry’s saying that dji snubbed him on this one. He hasn’t been given a test unit, but he will buy it as soon as it’s available yeah. You know how many subs do you have to have for for for them to to, for them to realize. You’Ve got a big enough audience and also the fact that, of course, ken you are now an fpv god. So yeah as i say, thank you everybody for joining us. I will see you next time on.