So what i’m gon na be getting today is the dji fpv and for those who don’t know what uh dji fpv is. First off fpv stands for first person view so pretty much. It is a drone that you can fly where you wear a headset and pretty much you’re, seeing exactly what the drone is seeing in real time generally. What a lot of people do is that they attach a gopro to the top of their fpv drone and obviously get their cinematic settings in and pretty much fly and get some really nice cinematic shots. But this one already has a built in camera. It’S already got a built in gimbal as well, which is super cool and pretty much. Everything is already pre built and ready to go. Pre tuned don’t really need to worry about tuning it or you know, charging really really weird lipo batteries so really really excited to get my hands on it, and it should be coming within a few hours. So we’re gon na wait for this product to come in and i’m super excited, so let’s wait for the product. All right, you guys, so we just got the package from b h, so super excited to get into this, so let’s get into the unboxing and alrighty guys. We just took it out of the box and right here we have the dji fpv combo. Here we have the new controller, which is kind of similar to like a playstation controller like xbox um, which is definitely a lot different than like a regular mavic controller and then up here we have honestly something that i’m super excited for, which is the dji headset.

I feel like this thing is probably like the coolest fpv headset that has ever been made. I don’t know um, but definitely i like it a lot better than like some of the like the fat shark ones, and things like that. So, as you guys saw in the title of this video stating why this kept me interested in flying drones, now, the reason why this kept me interested is because, for those who know currently, i do use the dji mavic 2 pro, which is by far one of My favorite drones i’ve ever flew, not just because it has so many amazing features like the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, but also because of that amazing hasselblad sensor with that 4k camera. It just looks it looks so good it’s, so sharp and you can just get some really really nice cinematic shots and i’ve pretty much taken it all here within my area i mean i’ve taken it to folsom lake. My backyard, like old folsom bridge like i’ve. Pretty much taken it to so many unique spots here within my area that i feel like i can’t really do much more and i’m, not going to say that the mavic 2 pro has been the thing that’s been causing me to not really like or fly drones Anymore, but i feel like it’s also because of the pandemic and not making me able to go and travel because i feel like if i was able to travel.

I feel like. I would have a lot more interest in flying the mavic 2 pro. But since i’ve kind of just been stuck at home and not really been able to travel that much to new places, i’ve kind of just lost interest in flying drones – i just i haven’t really just found the interest to you know, take my mavic 2 pro and Go somewhere and fly, but there really isn’t much for me to record until i go back and travel which hopefully i can do very soon, since obviously, i did get fully vaccinated for kovan 19 link in the description or probably in the info card up there. If you guys want to go check out that video that i made about it but yeah so hopefully with that, hopefully i can go and travel again where i can finally take my mavic 2 pro, but also i can take this guy along with me now, when Dji came out with her digital fpv system. It just made me really want to get even more into fpv, but the biggest two reasons why i just never really got into it is one because it is very, very expensive to get into to get the drone to get the headset to get the batteries to Get the controller everything in itself is going to cost you roughly around 1500 bucks. Second, one is probably the biggest reason why i truly never got into it is because of how time consuming it is now for those who do fpv.

Obviously i give a ton of respect to all the pilots out there, because i know you guys will spend time building your fpv tuning. It um. You know, obviously just working with all the quirks and stuff, because sometimes when you’re about to fly, you may have an issue and also even just charging the batteries charging. The batteries itself is pretty difficult because no it’s not just like something with dji that you can just kind of like plug in and you’re good. You know you have to like do like the whole calculations. You have to figure out the voltage. You have to charge discharge it’s, just it’s, really really complicated. Just for the simple minded person who just wants a drone that can just go in the sky and fly so with all of that, it just becomes really time consuming, which is one of the biggest reasons. Why i never truly got into fev until now, when dji finally came out with their dji fpv combo with their ready to fly drone? So this pretty much already comes with a pre built drone, so you don’t really need to do any soldering any tuning. Um like you, can technically tune it within the app. I do believe, especially with the goggles. I think you can tune if it doesn’t fly. The same way that you wanted to um but it’s just got so many nice features, especially with nice, uh front and downward obstacle avoidance, which is really really cool, and obviously it already has a built in really really nice 4k60 camera with a single axis gimbal.

I do believe i don’t think it’s the three axis which we’re all used to with regular dji drones um. But honestly. This is just so so nice that everything is pre built and ready for you to go, and the best part about this combo kit is that it all comes to a total of thirteen hundred dollars, all right guys so without further ado, let’s get into the unboxing. Alright guys so now that we got that opened up, let’s take a look at the drone, so let’s just do this front facing down camera, and, oh my god there. It is you guys so pretty much as you guys can see here. This is the reason why everything costs thirteen hundred dollars is because you’re actually getting a lot of stuff and to be fair. This is actually a really really solid deal and i’d highly recommend people. If you are planning to go for the dji fpv make sure you guys get the combo, because the drone itself is like 740 dollars. The goggles is like 570., just the drone and the headset itself. If you were to purchase these two separately um, they would cost pretty much the total of everything you’re getting in this package and yeah. So definitely this is what you’re getting and i’m going to pretty much just power everything turn it on and activate it alright guys. So it has been over a week since i’ve had the dji fpv and so far i already finished updating all the firmware on both the drone, the goggles and also the controller it’s.

Pretty much everything is right here and, as you guys can see, i actually did change out the top shell of the drone and guys and also another neat thing that actually just came in the mail today. Are these nd filters so right here we have the freewell nd, which comes with a pack of four. So, a few days ago i already tested out the drone, since i was just really excited and i really want to fly it and i already flew it in both normal and sport mode, which you guys can see some clips right here. But today is the day that i really want to fly in manual mode. So so far i have not flown uh manual, slash acro mode in real life just yet, but i’m, hoping that days uh. That day is today so pretty much i’ve already charged up. All the batteries, the drone, the goggles, the controller so we’re about to head out to the location and fly in manual mode and loki a little bit nervous, because i really just don’t want to crash this drone, but hoping that it goes pretty smooth. Obviously, when you guys are first flying acro mode, make sure that you are flying it in an open field where there’s not really a whole lot of obstacles or people around. So that way you have less chances of crashing uh, so that’s. Why i’m gon na go like probably towards like a football field so that way, it’s gon na be easier for me to kind of get used to flying fpv, and that way i don’t really have a whole lot of stuff to crash into so let’s get going Music, hey Music alrighty guys, so today is the next day after i flew the dji fpv and right now, i’m.

Currently, reviewing the footage – and i got ta – say i’m honestly really impressed. I didn’t think that the quality of the camera was gon na turn out to be this good, because to be fair, i was expecting like um like a gopro hero 6 with real steady is going to have a lot more clarity and look a lot better than The djs camera and, to be fair, i do think a gopro with real steady, still looks much better than this particular camera, the 4k60, but especially for what you’re getting with a ready to fly drone and the camera, not only just being the camera that’s recording your Image, but also is the one that is, you know receiving it through the transmitter for the uh for the headset i got ta say the quality of it looks really good and i highly highly recommend getting yourselves some nd filters. I think nd filters is what’s. Gon na save you with your footage, especially if you want cinematic, like uh footage from your drone. The one feature that i love about the dji fpv is that pause feature. It really really helps, especially when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t really know what to do, especially when you’re in full manual, and you just you’re kind of just stuck in that place and you’re like ah, like i don’t, know exactly what i can Do or i just like you know, i’m not focused or not concentrated or i feel super lightheaded.

Then you can just hit that pause button. The drone will stay static in the air and you don’t really have to do anything. You can kind of take a break from all the tension and nervousness that’s going through and then once you’re ready to fly. You can either fly back in full manual or, if you’re kind of just tired out and you don’t want to fly anymore um. You can actually hit that button again and it’ll do a return to home, so pretty much. The drone will fly back to where it started off at and also something that i really want to start doing with this drone is getting some chase shots. I know a lot of people like to pretty much follow cars with fpv drones and it looks really really cool so that’s, something that i slowly kind of want to get into, but overall really love this drone and definitely, i feel like there’s a lot more room For improvement, which i’m definitely going to be focusing with this drone, alright guys, so it has been one week that i’ve been flying with the dji fpv combo, and i got ta say this is probably by far one of my favorite drones. I’Ve ever flew this honestly kept my interest in flying drones, purely just because i’ve been so used to just flying a regular uh quadcopter by dji like a mavic 2 pro and honestly, i got ta, be honest, it’s kind of been a bit boring since the shots To get are very limited and definitely getting into the realm of fpv kind of just gives you a whole new variety of shots, and, honestly, your imagination can just go anywhere because the shots that you can get with this is pretty much endless like you know, to The fact that you can fly it like a normal mavic drone to the point where you can fly it as a freestyle, fpv acrobatic drone, which is honestly just insane.

So, for those who are planning to get this as a pure racing drone, i would recommend to start off with it, since it can definitely kind of get you into that racing realm, but again for those who are already pros and who are looking at this drone. I don’t think that this drone is for you for the pros out there. I think you guys can stick to your hard work and creating you know nicer and better drones that will fly faster for you since this drone again it is quite a bit chunky. I do believe it’s like seven to eight hundred grams, so it can be pretty heavy at times uh, for which racers don’t really want. They want something that’s lightweight and that can go pretty fast um. So, for those who are racing with it, i wouldn’t really recommend this drone. But for those who are kind of like me, who want to get some nice cinematic fpv shots, but have never really wanted to step in just yet. I think now is definitely the perfect time, especially with this new combo and the goggles version 2, and especially with the new controller. Honestly, everything is just so seamless and just works really really well. So again, i definitely recommend you guys to start off with the fpv simulator, which is on ios, currently right now, it’s, currently not on android, but for those who use android um again the place, i would recommend you guys to go and practice how to fly.

Fpv is through a simulator known as liftoff, which you can get on pc or mac um, so that can definitely teach you how to pretty much fly, acrobatic drones. So definitely i would recommend investing a couple hundred dollars into an fpv controller, since they are different than like, playstation or xbox controller, and connecting that to your computer and playing that liftoff game, because that can really show you whether or not fpv is for you. So definitely i recommend you guys to try that out. So that way you guys don’t go and spend you know uh thirteen hundred dollars – and you know obviously just figure out that fbv is not for you highly highly recommend this drone. If you guys are starting out or just want something that can get that cinematic shots, so if you guys have any questions about the dji fpv combo um, you know regarding how it flies: how to learn things like that. Let me know down in the comments below i’m, more than happy to answer your guys’s questions and yeah. I got ta be honest. More of this drone will be coming in these videos, especially when i can go back and travel again, which is something that i really want to do now that i’m fully vaccinated um. Hopefully i can get back out and travel and bring this drone along with me, because this is definitely going to be the drone that i’m going to be bringing with me most of the time i don’t know about the mavic again.

I still do love the mavic and i just don’t want to sell it just yet purely just because i do love the quality that you can get out of that hasselblad sensor again. The mavic is definitely more geared towards cinematic users who want that high quality video like myself, but also sometimes you just kind of got ta let loose and just freestyle with something new and something different, so yeah, that’s gon na do it for us on this video Guys make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and i’ll catch you guys in the next video peace, Music. Ah man, this thing is so cool can’t wait to fly this thing, yo dude! That was a great video man. Look at what are you doing god? Why do you keep doing this bro? What bro? Why can’t, i just be here seriously like you, have nothing else to do bro. You know that stuff is pretty dangerous too right. Okay, well, just got ta learn. You know you can fly that into a person right. You can go to jail and there’s gon na be a big, fine and stuff, and also you got ta get that thing registered and i don’t even know. If you’ve got that thing registered, yikes bro like it seems like you got a lot of work: okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, 100. Okay, now, can you get that bro? Sometimes you just got ta learn how to accept it’s called immersion brother.

You got ta immerse yourself into other people, that’s how you make connections it’s, how you make friends? What are you doing this guy? Can you get out all right? Fine, you want me gone gosh all right, i’m. Coming back, though, i’m coming back mark your words, bro mark your words, i’m, coming back just go! Do something with your life. I don’t know all right.