A lot of people are led to believe that iflight and dji are the same company, because packages come from dji with iflight technology written on them, but i can confirm they are two completely different companies. Iflight rc just so happen to sell a lot of bind and fly. Dji quads as well as non dji quads. They just have a similar name. Iflight rc and dji’s parent company is iflight technology limited. I really need to get a better unboxing knife it’s in a much smaller box than this box. This is the fly more combo, so we’ve got the dji fpv drone, the controller v2, the goggles v2 and then two extra batteries with a charging hub. First, complaint it’s really easy to rip the box you’re supposed to pull these tabs up here, put to lift up, but that just rips straight away from there let’s take a look inside ta da one thing that you don’t get through. The camera is just how small this thing is. It really is tiny. I mean that’s my hand. Some of you may know the size of the goggles. It is really tiny in the box. This should just lift out the goggles should just lift out we’ve got something underneath here. I hope so and then the controller under here on some more boxes, the props in this one 15 quid. If you want a spare set of those, what the props are 5.3 inches in diameter, so a little bit bigger than we have on our hobby grade 5 inch quadcopters.

We usually go for 5.1 inches or 5 inches the type of material that they are very similar to the props that we have on our hobby grade. Quadcopters and we’ve even got some writing on them as well, so they are a 53 28 pitch and it’s also got the direction on it. I really like this mechanism of putting the props on. I always thought that dji would nail this for us and i’d love to see this kind of thing in our hobby. Of course, you need a quadcopter that is sturdy enough to have a crash in the first place, to be able to replace the propellers spare set of the propellers here, which is always good to have no spare arms, though then we’ve got this box here you get A lot of stuff in this box, so we’ve got a spare set of sticks in case you lose these ones, which is easily done. Actually they just press into the transmitter, but i’d prefer the folding mechanism myself, but there you go spare set of those. If you lose them, then we’ve got the dual band antennas for the goggles. They are 5.8 and 2.4 this time, so not interchangeable. With the v1 goggles, then we’ve got a usbc adapter here, so you can just plug in a normal usb connector in there, and we have that usbc connector here, and this is another connector, so that’s a a barrel connector for powering up the goggles and that’s usbc.

There as well we’ve got some manuals sort of like a cream color than manuals like you’ll get with something that’s been in the attic for a while. Then we’ve got the strap for the goggles and this case, but yeah everything’s sort of spread out in all of these boxes. We’Ve got this box over here. Oh that’s heavy. Tell you what, when you used to spend 1400 quid on a phantom 4, you got a box that you could keep it in. You can do that with this, but all of this is getting torn up really easily with my heavy handedness, but with the phantom you got a nice foam box would have liked to have seen that with this one. So in this other box, we’ve got the power supply for charging up the batteries. Just like that bespoke battery connectors a bit like an xt60 connector, but a little bit wider, and then this is the battery for the goggles. So oh man it’s just so much stuff. Isn’T it you know, as somebody who is more concentrated on the hobby side of things, even i’m, slightly overwhelmed by all of this stuff. Of course, if you are a seasoned dji drone flyer, then you might think where’s all the other stuff, but uh yeah. Quite a lot of stuff in this box to wrap your head around. You could probably maybe reuse this thing, it’s a piece of foam that sits in the box for the goggles and the drone, but there’s nothing for the controller.

So you could get like your own storage case, for it get a bit of foam and make your own one up for it. I guess i’m sure there will be ones that you can buy on the market as well. Let’S see what’s inside the fly more combo. Hopefully something that’s going to allow me to fly more well lots of foam, so there’s your two batteries. They are 2 000 milliamp hour, 6s, lions, not lipos. So that might explain why they’re so expensive, maybe there’s some high discharge lions in there to get the flight time, but you would need high discharge to get the performance out of them. 130. Quid, though, compared to our hobby grade 20 quid for the same sort of thing, maybe 30 quid smart battery, not a smart price. We’Ve got the xt dji that’s, what i’m going to call it xtdry connector on the top there then in here this is like the charging hub, so you can charge the battery that came with the quadcopter and then your two other batteries they’ve done that thing. Where they’ve put all their counter, clockwise props in one box and all the clockwise props in the other box, easy enough to guess, though, red red red black black? Hmm, it does let you put the wrong props on the wrong motor, though i wonder how many people that has caught out so it’s using a one axis gimbal and it uses a combination of the gimbal and eis to stabilize the footage we have just the one Camera here, and one thing that is just a big fail for me straight away – is the props in shot of the camera.

I mean that is just a simple thing for me that we don’t want now all of the people who have bought this will just say. Well, you can crop it fair enough, but i just think it would have been just an easy thing to just design it a little bit differently, but there you go so the first thing you want to get if you’ve got this package in my opinion, is one Of these when they released the dji v1 goggles, which are basically identical to these, except these work with the fpv drone, this foam face plate here. It didn’t fit anyone’s face. Well, it didn’t fit mine anyways. If you’ve got a more broader face, then it fits nicely but narrower faces. It does not so dji recognized that straight away. It was one of our first complaints. You’Re welcome, dji drone world. You can get this foam face plate and this is so much more comfy. It gets rid of the light leak, it’s yeah, i couldn’t, do without this, and you might say well, you know this is for wearing glasses over the top with i can’t do without these. So if you are short sighted, you might get a blurry image through there. My prescription is a minus two and i can’t see anything worthwhile. Without these diopters you don’t need glasses. You can take glasses off nice and comfortable. The other thing, of course, is that you need two micro sd cards which it doesn’t come with.

Now you can order them on the site. You need an sd card for there and, of course, also for the drone and you’re gon na need a really fast one as well. I use the sandisk extreme pro that is these ones. They even have a little drone logo at the top, if you are wondering which ones to get we’ve got two cameras underneath positioning cameras and two on the front, i do believe, though they will only slow you down. They won’t. Stop you running into things. Interesting choice. I’D, just rather not have them at all, looks like that thing is like a module that bolts on doesn’t. It then we’ve got a light under there and some sensors there they’ve got an nd filter in front of them as well. So i can’t see what that is: they’re, usually ultrasonic, sensors for height 4k, 60 on the camera. Of course, it only outputs in is it 810p to the goggles or 720p and that’s, where we put the micro sd card just a little cap that i’ve taken off there and there’s also a usb connection. The battery sits out the back there strange looking in it and looks like the motors. I think they are at the same height. It just looks different because we’ve got these landing feet up the front here and none on the back so it’s like it’s sitting on the battery isn’t, it that’s never a fun thing to do.

We try to avoid that yeah landing straight on the battery. We call that a bottom mount, the first thing i’m going to do right away, is get rid of the spring tension now normally it’d be that side for mode 2 flyers but i’m, a mode 1 flyer, so take the back off. Remove the spring tension. We tend to find with dji models and models in general that have altitude hold is that you can go a few percentage either way it doesn’t have to sit right in the center. So i suppose, if you’re used to a mavic you’re going to want this, but if you want to do any of the acro mode or even learn how, to you know manage your own altitude, then i take this spring off personally. So this one tightens up the spring tension or loosens it, and this one seems to get rid of the spring. You need a 1.5 millimeter hex driver to do that, tada. Why has he done it on the wrong side? That’S the pitch! No look up the difference between mode 1 and mode 2.. I fly mode 1 because i’m ancient and been flying forever. You have to buy this separately. I think it’s 1′ quid as well. So one of these or a battery battery uh not pew something else. I guess you’re meant to hold it in that hand anyways. This is gon na, be a video for another day now it’s my opinion that we were accidentally or maybe not so accidentally – miss sold this product outside of the us.

One thing that i noticed when all of the reviews dropped of this product was that they were all american youtube channels, and i only saw european reviews where someone had gone and bought the product and reviewed it themselves and in fcc regulated areas such as the united States of america, the drone will output 31.5 dbm on the 5.8 gigahertz band and the 2.4 gigahertz band, which equals to around about 1400 milliwatts of power just a little bit over that and that’s a lot that’s more than an air unit and it’s more than a Cadex vista, however, in europe and the uk in ce areas, it is outputting only 14 dbm or, as we know, that figure in the hobby as 25 milliwatt in the 5.8 gigahertz band and 20 dbm in the 2.4 gigahertz band, which is 100 milliwatts. So you can select it to always output on 2.4 to give you 100 milliwatts, but 100 milliwatts against 1400 milliwatts. The figures don’t add up dji’s website is saying that it will do six kilometers in a ce area and 10 in fcc. I don’t believe that whatsoever. There is such a huge difference from 25 milliwatt 100 milliwatt to 1400 milliwatt. Now, if you want to unlock it because it’s, not an air unit or a vista, you can’t just put a single text file. What you can do is you, can temporarily unlock it by paying for an app that someone has built and then that unlocks it until the next time you plug your phone in i’m, not suggesting that you should do that.

In fact, to me that is such an unhobbyist thing to do. You can watch my next video and i’m going to show you how to unlock it for free now, i’m going to get all of this set up, get everything charged and whatever, but my main objective. I have decided with this drone is to speak to the people who have bought it and show them what is possible with what we can do with hobby quadcopters, because they already have the goggle or you already have the goggle. If you have bought this thing, unfortunately, you don’t have the controller. It would have been super if dji could have made this compatible with the cadx vista and the air units, but they haven’t don’t know if that is on purpose or not, but you know we will never know because i’m already seeing cases of people buying this thing And going oh well, actually, i can’t fly it an acro, because if i touch a leaf on a tree, it’s going to break an arm but hang on what is this nazgul 5 from iflight and they are finding it that way. So i think that’s a superb thing and that’s what i’m going to concentrate on oh and i’m, going to do some line of sight with it. If i haven’t broken it by then so there you go. That is my unboxing of the dji fpv drone. Look out on my channel for more things that i’m gon na do with this, hopefully stuff that no one else has covered, as always thanks.

So much for watching.