So i gather together your questions. Simmer them down to the most common ones and we’ll answer them here who are dji. Well, since the mid 2000s dji have been working on pushing uav tech to its limits and since the breakthrough of the phantom in 2013, they have definitely been in the conversation when it comes to the best consumer drones out there over the years here at how to Kill an hour we followed various offerings from their roster with varied wins and a couple of accidents along the way. Drone footage itself has become a big part of filmmaking and a special flavor of drone footage has really been taking off in the last 12 months and that flavor is first person view flying or fpv for sure. Fpv drones are usually characteristically much more nippy and nimble. Allowing for the pilot to pull tight turns twists and even flips, and this makes maneuvering through tight spaces that were perhaps not a viable option in the past into something that makes super cool shots. For example, a recent video went viral where someone managed to fly a drone through a whole bowling alley inside and behind the machinery and that caught the attention of guardians of the galaxy film director and producer james gunn, and to be fair, the footage was really impressive And really showed what you could do if you were skilled with a fpv drone, now dji themselves pride themselves on pushing the boundaries with new ideas.

In this case, though, the fpv is not a new idea at all it’s a refined one. For the first time they have created a complete fpv drone, simply called the dji fpv, which leads to the next question. I was asked the most: how much does it cost? It costs 1 250. Pounds which, i have to admit is a lot. However, it is good to fly out of the box with minimal assembly required, which is really a much better option for someone like myself, because for me to learn to put together my own fpv from scratch would take a long time and i’m not sure how flight Worthy it would be plus if it breaks, i have to fix it myself. How would i be patching things like this together and maybe it’d be fun for you to learn, but i just want to fly which leads on to my next question: what is dji care? Refresh i want to be clear with this before i get into the review of the drone itself, because i really express this to my friends who want to buy a dji drone. You should definitely get the dji care refresh package. If you can, when you get your drone, why the care refresh is a protection plan that offers accidental damage coverage for your drone for the dji fpv, you get a one year care plan that can include up to two replacements in one year. You basically get not one, but two extra lives for your drone if you kill it for the fpv care, refresh costs 150 pounds at the time of making this video, but i think it’s well worth it for the peace of mind, especially when you’re looking at a Drone that can move in such a dynamic way question what comes in the box.

Dji sent us the combo kickbox, which came with one fpv drone: two batteries, two pairs of propellers, a gimbal protector, some goggles four antennas for the goggles one battery to power, the goggles, the dji fpv remote controller. Some spare control sticks all of the cables to connect everything together and a headband for the goggles, including some foam padding. We also got the new one handed motion controller in a separate box which costs 140 pounds and is optional at the time of making this. There is no bundle with this new controller included question. How do you learn to fly it before you charge up and take to the skies dji, and also any sane person recommends that you download their dji virtual flight app. This has three training sessions which will teach you the basics, give you some virtual open world environments to practice in and also has a time trial mode. So you can practice your speedy maneuvers plus. You can do all of this training with the controller and goggles, giving you as reeling experience as you can get before you get into the real world. There are also masses of how to guides and tutorials on the dji youtube. To give you all, you need to get started and maintain your drone question. How long can it fly for once you’re all trained up and find a safe place to fly? Things get very interesting indeed. Now the fpv stats say that it can fly for up to 20 minutes at a time we found in the real world that we got just over 15 minutes flying it in normal mode and more like 10 minutes in full manual question.

How fast is it is rapid, Music Applause, the dji fpv can go from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in two seconds and has a top speed of 140 kilometers an hour in full manual mode to jump into full manual mode. You need to have spent some time getting very good at flying as in very good at flying. Then you also need to make some adjustments to the throttle, joystick controller, so that the sticks don’t bounce back to the middle when moving them around. This will give you a full manual experience of the dji fpv. The placement of the switch that flips it between manual and normal mode is also very easy to flip back into normal mode. If you get in a sticky situation, whilst flying fpv, it also makes landing very easy because you can just flip it back into normal mode and land question. Tell us more about the motion controller. The dji fpv motion controller is designed to make flying something you can do with just one hand, you have a trigger that you use to accelerate and a gyroscope on the controller which you use to point to the drone in the direction you want to fly. I found it quite hard to use this in the simulation, but when i tried it out in real life, i found it super intuitive. I would go as far as saying if you have never flown a drone before it might be easier for you to get to grips with this controller than you would with a conventional drone question.

How good is the footage? The cam on the fpv shoots 4k at 60 frames a second, and if you like your slow mo to be even slower, you can shoot at 120 frames a second at 1080p quality. You can utilize the whole 150 degree wide angle lens when you are shooting at 100 or 50 frames a second, but when you’re shooting at 4k, 60 you’re looking at 142 degrees, which for me, is wide enough. All of the settings. Apart from the physical adjustments i mentioned to, the controller can be done in the menu via the goggles. Whilst you are wearing them, you can also access manual, camera controls too. You can record footage directly onto the micro sd card on the drone itself or one that’s put inside your goggles, so that if the worst happens to your drone, you have a copy of the footage on you from what we saw. The footage that was captured directly to the drone was better than the one that we captured in our goggles. The footage from the dji fpv looks lovely in the edit and we will talk more about that later. I will say now, though, with dji’s image stabilization. The footage is already smooth before you actually do anything to it. In the edit question, tell us about the goggles. The goggles are the second generation from dji and they’ve been designed to give you a clear, true representation of what you have captured and boy, oh boy.

They are super clear compared to what people flying fpv drones have had to use in the past. This is a lot better question. Do you get motion sickness using the goggles? I get horrible motion sickness when i’m in cars, in real life and also in vr, because i was only using the fpv for 10 minutes or so at a time i was fine. I did feel a bit queasy when i was using the software in the virtual environments, though perhaps it was the fresh air when i was actually flying that made it less of a big deal question. What is this black and orange car that keeps popping up in the background of your video? Well, this is the new i go from toyota it’s, the jbl edition, starting at 14 000 pounds. The igo is a very reasonably priced car, it’s small smart and has a one liter engine, which is not that nippy but fuel efficient. It has four doors and four seats, probably not big enough to fit four six foot. Four markers bronzies in it would probably fit more like four people who were five foot ten in it. I will say, though, with the seat pushed all the way back. There may not be room for anyone behind me, but i was sat very high and had plenty of room for comfortable driving. The boot is also not enormous, but this is a small car. From my time with it, i will say that it’s a tasty little first vehicle for somebody who wants to go from a to b or perhaps a new driver.

There is one thing about this jbl edition of the either that isn’t small though, and that is its sound system. Its apple carplay, enabled infotainment system is hooked up with 600 watts of speaker, including our 160 millimeter subwoofer, which occupies the same space normally reserved for the car’s spare wheel and this thumbs it’s a big positive for me and made driving a real fun experience. As i love music, in fact, i love good music over drone footage. So let’s see what we picked up with the dji fpv question. Have you got any gripes? Whilst the hardware is amazing for the dji fpv, i mean listen to the way it sounds just when you turn it on. Oh great, we did have some issues with the software, though we had errors about prop failure and low battery which, after some investigation, showed that our display on our heads up was showing 50 battery when the drone actually had much less, we had to emergency land. Luckily, everything was okay. Perhaps this is an error that dji can make sure is fixed before you get your hands on yours. The one handed controller was also a bit glitchy. Sometimes both of these things can be something that dji improves with software updates over time, but at the moment of our testing there was a little bit of work that needed to be done to make sure our flying experience was safe and accurate. So there you have it the dji fpv, giving you all the best bits of fpv with minimal hassle once dji sort out their software, especially if you get the care refresh package, which i really think you would be silly not to is the dji the future of Droning, i think it might just be you can let us know in the comments, if you think that that’s the case and also let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll try our best to answer them.

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