I’D. Like you to go to the description on this video, where you’ll find no affiliate links, i don’t do affiliate links. I i like to make sure my reviews are totally factual, objective and not influenced by commercial imperatives. If i had affiliate links in the description of this video, you might think that i was going to play down the bad things and hype up the good things in the hope that you would click on a link, buy the product and i’d get some coin. In my pocket, well, it doesn’t work that way here here, it’s just the facts, just the facts and to be fair, sometimes my honest opinions, in which case i’ll, let you know, if it’s an opinion or, if it’s, a fact and so that’s where we stand. Thank you to my patreon supporters, patreon and youtube advertising pay the bills here, not affiliate links now let’s get on. Why you’re here, because of this the worst kept secret in the history of fpv and it comes in this box here see this is a box. It is the fpv or dji fpv combo, now we’ve known about this thing for months for absolute months, and it is that’s one of the worst kept secrets in the entire history of the fpv industry. Everybody knew it was there. Everybody knew what it looked like, because there were so many links, which i find amazing because to get my hands on one of these, i had to sign a nine page, nda non disclosure agreement in which – and i had to hand over my firstborn child, both my Cats and my wife is on loan as well until sure i’m not going to spill the beans ahead of time, that’s how nda’s work so yeah.

How do these other people manage to leak so much information without violating the nda i don’t know. Sometimes i wonder if these leaks are not more official than we might think just to keep the hype and the excitement going anyway, i’ve got one now i was last in the queue to get these. I have, to always admit, always always state i didn’t buy this. I didn’t pay for this with my own hard earned cash dji sent this to me so that i could take a look at it. Tell you what i think. What i find is good. What i find is bad now, unfortunately, i was right on the tail of the queue. I only got this a couple of days ago. Honestly, um people know a lot of people think i got this earlier, but i didn’t – i only got it on friday and as i make this video it’s tuesday, which is monday us time so i’ve had it for three three days three four days and so now I’D, like to cut some flight video of this fantastic little freestyle, quad let’s cut to the flight video. What do you mean? There’S, no flight, video, that’s right, there’s, no flight video. Why? Because i haven’t flown it. Why? Let me tell you now: this drone is not like your average freestyle drone, you can’t just take it out of the box, charge the batteries and go fly. The damn thing you have to activate it has to be activated because dji has a whole ecosystem which relies on you, basically um, identifying yourself to them, and it just gives them a trial back to you and it handles.

You know useful for things like warranty and all sorts of things, but anyway you cannot fly a dji product without activating it. That includes the osmo pocket camera. For goodness sake, what an earth is going on there, but um that’s their business model that’s. What they’ve decided to do so? I thought hey ho. It comes with instructions yeah. The quick start guide is anything but i have to say as far as instructions go it’s terrible. I have never seen such poor documentation. I was really surprised because dji has such a great reputation for making things easy. Well, in this case, it was far from easy, um and it i went through step by step and did all the bits and pieces. And then you take your smartphone and you load up the app and i got a special link to the app because you guys who weren’t supposed to get the app before time and i get special access to the app loaded it onto my smartphone plugged. Everything in and nothing happened, wouldn’t talk to my phone, my phone just sat there going. I don’t know about this. Dji drone tried different accounts because dji was supposed to set up my account. So i had early access to the stuff tried. Different accounts tried, the new zealand distributors account. Nothing worked so ah, maybe it’s this phone, although it’s a it’s, got a um, eight core processor um with android 10. You think i only bought it a few months ago, so it’s pretty much.

You know modern contemporary phone and it runs every other app i’ve thrown at it without any problems. So maybe it could just be something maybe had a faulty usb port, although it does work, um try a samsung galaxy s8 it’s. Only a list of approved phones that work with dji’s fly app load it onto the samsung powered it up. Exactly the same. Wouldn’T talk to the drone at all, just didn’t, even wouldn’t talk to the goggles because you have to do it through the goggles. These are the goggles again everyone’s seen these version two of the dji fpv goggles, now on the if you’re just buying them for fpv. You plug them into your computer, you activate them and they work not so easy with the the whole combo setup. What you’ve got to do is plug your phone into the goggles through a an otg connector and then run the app, but no talking no talking no didn’t want to know at all. I could turn on otg on here and get the goggles appearing as a a folder just by the data. So an external data storage device, but it would the app would not talk to that goggle. So i spent over a day working with dji local support to try and get this working. The final suggestion was: can you borrow an iphone because i use android right so maybe there’s an android problem? I don’t know, but two phones, multiple cables, just didn’t work, didn’t work, so it could be the fact that the app um wasn’t properly tested it was a better app, my account or the the accounts weren’t set up.

Don’T. Think it was that, though, because the deal is good, distributors account didn’t work, so nothing worked so i’ve had this for four days and i still can’t fly the damn thing, which is really kind of disappointing. So why am i making a video if i can’t fly? It well, i figured every man and his dog has probably got their flight videos out this morning. Unboxings i don’t do unboxings um. If you want to see an unboxing go and look at all the other videos. There’S got to be a heap of them out there. Unboxing this, but this is what you get. I mean it’s, not really rocket surgery. So what i’m going to do instead is i’m going to do a look at the the good things about this product and the bad things from an engineering and and just a general standpoint general perspective because i can’t fly. I can’t give you the flight footage. Go. Look elsewhere for flight footage when i get it in the air. If i get it in the air, i will do some flight footage and i’ll. Tell you what i think, because my perspective is probably going to be more aligned with a lot of the people. Looking to buy this thing, i’m, not a hardcore freestyler or a hardcore racer i’m, someone who flies for fun really enjoy it. I can do lips and flips and rolls, but i actually prefer more – the swoopy cinematic stuff and that’s, probably where this machine is headed, um and so, but i’ve had a lot of background and freestyle quads as such, the technology and so forth and so i’m going To tell you what it would be like to get into this from that perspective, but also, if you’re, a complete newbie to drones.

Is this going to be the drone for you? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned and find out, but what i want to do now is just take you through some of the things i’ve noticed about this drone and what i think it will mean to people who buy them. Okay, let’s look at the bad things because there’s some bad things about this drone there’s some things that i’m not particularly happy with we’ll start with the bad we’ll finish with the good. So you leave on a high note these propellers they’re plastic, they’re plastic. Honestly, plastic plastic went out and freestyle quads and racing quads, i don’t know maybe four or five years ago. Polycarb is now the material of choice because it doesn’t break nearly as easily polycarb. You can bend it straight again and keep flying, but you got ta. Remember dji will be making a fortune out of selling spare props on these things a fortune, so why would they make props more durable than they need to be? These are just plastic and that it’s yeah i don’t it’s not going to take much of a crash to put a little white crease in the root of one of these prop blades, and then you have to replace it so i’m, not particularly you know, from a Front perspective, someone who has more than their fair share of crashes, that’s going to be an expensive option and, of course, they’re not standard props.

They don’t come with a five mil nut and a threaded, no, no, no they’re special clip and props that only dji at this stage makes so you probably want to stock up on spare props. If you intend to fly this thing freestyle, you want to stock up on spear props because it could be a shortage if many people end up having crashes now. The next thing is this battery. This has a battery in the back here. It’S, quite a big battery, see that it is a 2 000. I think 2000 1800 milliamp 6s battery and that’s fine, but you can’t just throw any old lipo in here. Oh no! No! No! This is the inkjet printer of drones, dji we’re, making a lot of money by selling these batteries. I don’t expect they’ll be very cheap, but they do make life easy for people who don’t want to mess around. With balance charges in the school you’ve got to do that. It comes with a charger, you plug it in there and it takes security. Everything charges everything little lights, flash you know when it’s charged so that’s a good thing, but – and also i like i’ll, get onto the good things later, but um this battery’s proprietary it’ll cost you an arm and a leg, probably um, and the thing is: if you’re Going to be flying freestyle if you’re going to use this quite a lot, you’ll need a lot of batteries. If one battery will not do you because it just it takes about now to charge when i was charging this, the first time took about an hour to charge so that’s a lot of charge.

Time and also you’ve got to use dji’s charger, which means, even if you buy four or five of these batteries, you can’t charge them all at once. Unless you buy four or five charges, because they’ve got a special connection here, you can’t just plug in your average um. You know four button charger in there and charge it. You’Ve got the dji charger because it has a special connector in here. I think, with the smart things, it’s got a little extra data lines as far as i’m aware. You cannot charge this, except with the dji charger. So if you buy extra batteries, you’re going to spend a long time charging before every flying session, if you want to get those batteries up to scratch, this, maybe something other dji drones have the same situation same problem. I don’t know because i haven’t had any dji drones before this is my first dji drone, which is probably another reason why my perspective might be of value to people watching this video, because if you don’t have a dji drone, you are probably going to be looking At all the same things i’m looking at and going oh wow, that’s good or oh wow, that’s terrible, so that’s the battery it’s, a major structural component of the drone itself. You’Ve got to put it in there, but um, and this contributes significantly to the weight and it is nearly 800 grams 800 grams. And if we look at that and we look at the size of the motors they’re, not very big.

The motors are not very big. In this thing you know they’re i’ll measure them um and see what they are later and i’ll put the i’ll put the size down here. So you know but they’re about the size of a normal mini quad motor, but a normal mini quad you’re. Looking at maybe 500 600 grams, if you’ve got a good one, so you’re looking at an extra 60 percent weight loading with no extra increase in prop and motor size. And, of course, these plastic props will flex and bend so they’re not going to be uber good and high g maneuvers probably be very efficient because they’re incredibly thin, but once you start pulling some g’s, these things are going to deform and deflect, and i don’t think You get a lot of efficiency out of them and then there’s this whole issue the whole issue of course of activation. Now, if you want to go out and fly, you don’t want to have to take a smartphone with you. I think once you’ve activated, you probably don’t need the smartphone, but the the whole process is just so clumsy and complicated. If you want to fly this thing around, like a freestyle, quad you’ve got to do a few things and here’s the transmitter. We all know it’s got a transmitter it’s a little poppy up, aerial, bing, see that and it’s got sticks and for those who want to know yes, you can convert to mode one very easily, i’ve already done it with this one mode.

One is just a software change, because both sticks are spring because that’s how dji drones fly they fly if you turn on, if you hold your transmitter like that, the drone just sits there that’s the way. Dji drones work, the gps and all the other systems just hold it in place like it’s, anchored in the sky that’s great. And if you want to move forward, then you just push forward on the forward stick and if you’ll come back, pull back. If you want to spin around use the rudder, stick, if you want to use, go left or right use the left and right it’s simple, as beans that’s. Why so many people fly dji? Drones is because they’re so damn simple to fly, but when you want to get into freestyling it’s, not just a case of flicking a switch, oh, no, no, no, no, no you’ve got to flick a switch and then you’ve got to move your throttle. Stick to a certain position and hold it for a few minutes and and it’s well, i won’t go. I haven’t used it myself. I’Ve just been told about this by the distributor, but it is not a simple process, the concept being that they don’t want you to accidentally go into freestyle mode and crash your drone, but by the same token, it’s a lot of faffing around. If you do want to freestyle your drone that’s unfortunate um, there is a emergency switch. This one on the top here, there’s also the pause button for video.

If you wake that, it’ll immediately go back into that sort of anchored in the sky mode. So if you’re heading for a major building or whatever you’re, checking out something just press that button it’ll stop and stay exactly where it is, then you can take a moment to recover yourself and just fly around normally again. But what i want to know – and i can’t test this until later – is it has a record button on this side and it has a pause button on this side. So, if i’m in sport, if i’m in the freestyle mode and are flying around and i’m recording, if i want to stop recording – and i press this button – is it going to stop recording or is it going to go into that anchored in the sky mode? I don’t know because i can’t fly, it only know once we’re flying it we’ll find out. Then. In the meantime, this transmitter feels very nice. Solid did your eye stuff does feel very, very solid. Well, engineered the sticks are quite small, but they feel very nice. In my hands, i’ve got no problems with that they give you a little wrench. You can use to turn the centering stick into a normal throttle. If you want to fly at a freestyle, that’s going to make it more difficult to fly in the gps guided mode, because you have to have to make sure you get it right in the middle to stop it going up or down all the time.

There’S. Probably some dead band in there, so you but the whole activation thing such a theft, such i’m farting around. If your phone doesn’t work, hopefully the app when it’s finally released, probably today, if you’re watching this video i’ll download the app again from the play store rather than sideload it through the dji website and then i’ll try and set it up again. If it goes, i’ll try and get you some flight footage, but if it doesn’t, i don’t know where to go from there. I don’t know where to go from there, that’s that’s for sure um, and a lot of the control, of course, is done through the goggles, which is great, which is fantastic, so let’s take another look at some of the positive features now now that i’ve panned it So badly now the most positive feature. This whole setup is obvious. When you pick stuff up, it’s it’s, not just built it’s engineered dji’s engineers have put a lot of thought into building something that feels very, very high quality, substantial, robust and perfectly made for the job. Certainly, the transmitter feels fantastic. The drone itself is heavy, but these arms are super stiff. They are so damn stiff, stiffer than any carbon that i’ve seen super stiff, hardly any movement in those at all, so they will be quite quite strong, but they will break and repairing them is obviously not going to be cheap because it’s, dji, um and again i’ve Already mentioned the props, but um, and this whole battery thing is brilliant because you can put the battery in the quad, but you don’t have to plug it in the battery strap or the battery connectors on a rubber thing.

So you can leave that out. You don’t have to worry about any parasitic drain, draining the battery or whatever just leave it unplugged it’s, totally safe. Then that is really really nice. I like that it’s it’s, a well thought out uh way of doing things. Um now we’ve got the gimbal camera at the front. It’S gimbal, i think the vertical axis only not the horizontal. So i guess, if you’re doing this you’re gon na get that on your picture. It’S not like it’s, not like a phantom or a mavic. I don’t think there’s any let’s have a look at that because i haven’t really closely inspected the i haven’t inspected, the gimbal, much um there’s yeah it’s, only vertically gimballed there’s, no horizontal gimbaling, so whether you take out any role in software or whatever i don’t know. What you do, but again flight videos will show us what happens there for sure it’s got collision avoidance or you know obstacle. Detection it’s got a couple little sensors here, a couple underneath so, if you’re flying towards something in the normal mode or in the sport mode, even i think it will stop and say: don’t, be stupid, you’re going to kill someone or going to break a tree or Something which is that’s great, you know for people that are, you know, learning to fly or just still want to fly in the normal modes. That gives you a lot of confidence and security when you’re flying around and i suspect, given that it’s dji i don’t know, maybe it does follow me and myself.

I’Ve got no idea because i can’t fly with anything. Um it’s got leds on it. Yeah ho hum everything’s got leds these days, but give you an idea of how well it’s engineered there’s a fan in this thing: it’s. Actually, a 5 copter, not a quadcopter, because there’s a fan in there, because this thing gets pretty warm pretty toasty there’s a lot of processing going on here, we’re doing 4k 60 frames per second for the camera and we’re talking hd video back to your goggles. So there’s a lot of processing goes on there’s, a really nice little heatsink there and a fan that blows air over it. So when it’s sitting on the ground, it’s not going to overheat, because one of the problems with the existing fpv air unit is that they can overheat and then they won’t record. This gets around that. I think, or should get around that quite nicely. This black or smoky plastic shell comes off and you can put a green one. Give you a green one. Why green? I don’t know no idea, but they give you a green one as well. That’S fantastic ho hum everyone wants one of those um it’s got a downward facing led, which i guess helps when it’s landing and in low light conditions i don’t know because then planet um. I keep saying that a lot don’t i um and it just overall. It just feels like a really really good quality product, but it feels like a good quality product that’s made to sell propellers, because i think there’s going to be so many broken props.

With this thing, um, which leads me to the leads me to the the question i suppose which i’m gon na ask now, which i can’t really and so i’m, just gon na give you my honest opinions who should be buying this thing now, if you’re, an existing Freestyler or racer, i don’t think you’re, probably going to spend your money on this. I really don’t think you are because it’s um, it’s 800 grams it’s got average size motors it’s going to be pretty fragile. The props will send you broke in the first week alone and it’s, probably but it’s not designed for you. I really don’t think this is designed for anyone. That’S already got a freestyle quad. I really don’t think it is. You know: who’s gon na i’ve said this. In a video before on my extra channel, i think i know who’s going to buy this and who dj i very cleverly, have targeted this craft at and it is the people who might otherwise buy mavic. You know you go and you look at it’s like i can buy. Mavic and it’s got a 4k camera and it’s got all this gps stuff and whatever, but man i’d really like to be able to do something a little more than the mavic layers. Maybe it’s got sport mode, but it’s not very fast, and you can’t do flips and rolls with sport mode i’d like something so that i could just do a little bit of mr steel or a little bit of van over or a little bit of that extra Guy you’re right, so i think that’s, where they’re targeting it because let’s face it.

The existing drone market, the market for mavericks and phantoms and things is pretty saturated. They did really well with the mavic mini 2 and the mavic mini because they have a sub 250. This is not sub 250, but going sub 250 opened up a whole new market, but the market for mavics and that with all the increasing regulation and remote id and all sort of crap, that market is pretty saturated, so they needed to create a new market. Now there’s no point in dji producing a hardcore, freestyle or racing drone because they just couldn’t compete on a price basis. So every man has dogs churning out carbon frames super cheap and you can buy super cheap modes from banggood and the flight controllers with 30 bucks. You can’t beat that in terms of price, so what dj i have done quite cleverly is made of mavic and wolf’s clothing. This is this is this is basically everything a mavic will do except the stabilization in enroll, but it gives you a whole lot more. Once you get tired of doing wonderful aerial shots of the scenery, you can switch it into freestyle mode and have a ball. Have a ball until you run out of props um and that’s, where they’re aiming it, and i think they will be very successful in that, because they do have this whole fpv in a box thing or this whole drone in a box thing pretty sorted apart from The problems i’ve had which, as i say, maybe related to the fact that it’s, android and i’ve got it early, um we’ll, soon find out, but uh yeah.

This has opened up a market that didn’t exist anymore previously, because someone who might be thinking of getting into freestyle or cinematic drone flying, i dare say that they would have found it very difficult to transition from a mavic to a freestyle quad in acro mode, because The the skill levels required are dramatically different flying some. A freestyle quad in acro mode is almost impossible for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time practicing or a lot of time on a simulator, whereas anyone can fly a mavic or a phantom in the standard. Gps mode or even sport mode, so what i’m thinking is that dji have seen that and they’ve decided to create this. This hybrid, this hybrid, it is basically a mavic, but it also has some freestyle jeans, just enough freestyle genes to make it attractive to people that might have otherwise said. No. Just hang on to my mavic i’m happy with my mavic yeah i’d like to freestyle, but i can’t be bothered going through all that having to solder, wires and stuff. Those people are probably looking at this now and going my mavic’s fun, but it looks like more fun. Maybe i will buy this and that’s how they’re going to open up their market that’s, how dji have created a whole new market that they will own they’ll own? That market, just like they really own the market for camera drones. You know, if you see a drone out there, nine times out of ten.

It is a dji drone, because they’ve just got the whole thing down. Pat they’ve mastered the whole marketing packaging, everything and that’s. What they’re going to do with this? So, if you’re an existing freestyler, i i wouldn’t waste my money on it. I i would not buy one of these wait. I tell like i would, i probably would buy one of these, but because i’ve always wanted a camera. Drone i’ve never had a phantom or a mavic, and sometimes when i’m doing um filming with a a freestyle, quad i’m thinking i’d love to have something that would just stay there or had a gimbal on the camera or whatever and i’ve been sorely tempted to get Myself, one simply for some shots i want to get. This would give me that almost the same kind of capabilities, but also give me the ability to have a bit of free reign and do some swoopy passes and things so yeah. I might be tempted to buy this, but if you just want to do freestyle and burn up batteries, bashing up bandos, you don’t want this you’re not going to want this you’ll, be you know you, but having said that, of course, if you wanted the goggles and The controller which might work with future air units we don’t know um it’s, probably not a bad bundle and just the quad would be just something you’d get along for the money, that’s a value equation only you can work out, but i would say that the big Market for these are people who already have mavics or are thinking of buying a mavic, and this may be an alternative, so yeah only time will tell if i’m right or i’m wrong, but in the meantime that’s this now a couple of things.

I wanted to point out just to show again how clever, dji, they’re very clever people very clever engineers at dji and i’ll, show you why now they claim up to 20 minutes flight time with this thing, which you think at 800 grams, how on earth are they Getting 20 minutes out of an 800 gram drone with an 1800 or 2000 milliamp hour battery. That sounds like an awful lot. It doesn’t look like your typical long range or endurance drone. Does it and remember it’s got a 10 kilometer, a radio range up to 10km radio range, so it’s long range and i’ve worked out. I think i’ve worked out how they’re doing at least part of the way they’re doing it. Now they quote this um up to 20 minutes at a specific speed. I think it’s 24 kilometers an hour or something, and if you look carefully now the props on this thing are angled. Let me hold it out here since um. The the whole idea of having angled props was kind of big back in 2016., a lot of quads came up with angled props, the idea being that there’s less angle of the body in the airflow and things that go faster well, this is done very cleverly. If you look at these arms they’re actually like wings, they actually have an aerofoil section on the arms of the quad itself and you’ve effectively got a a dual bite or a dual plane.

It’S, like a biplane here, we’ve got two wings that are holding the motors and, if you angle it forward at that angle, there, which is look at the angle of the props, it’s, probably going to be a reasonable, cruising speed. These arms act like wings. They do. They will produce, lift and they’ll produce quite a reasonable amount of lift which will reduce the amount of work. The props have to do to keep the thing in there. It becomes almost almost an airplane at cruising forward speeds and so it’s, interesting to see that that up to 20 minutes is at a forward speed, not in a hover at a forward speed where these wings are adding lift. Now that is incredibly clever, that’s a smart move on the part of of dji, because the normal normal quad we have the flat plate, arms and the motors bolted to them. When you angle, it up they’re, actually a wing pointing negatively so they’re actually trying to pull the quad down, because they have a negative angle of attack to the airflow, which pulls the quad down, which means you’ve got to put more power in which means they’re. Not very efficient dji have turned it on its head and said at forward cruising speeds. These arms have a slight angle of attack. They’Re producing lift. They will reduce the amount of work. The motors have to do, therefore lower amps longer flight times bloody, brilliant. That is really really clever, i’m, very impressed with the way they’ve done that now.

The other thing i notice is that the the motors have some coning angle on them, which is to say that they’re, not the props aren’t dead flat, they cone up somewhat and that’s. Probably a stability thing i’m, not sure i’ve noticed on a number of other quads, not typically your freestyle quads, but by having coning angles on the props it’s, almost as kind of a automatic dihedral. So if the craft slips a little bit, it will automatically roll in that direction and come back so it works with the fly controller to increase stability, especially in a bit of a wind again little things tiny details that at first glance you wouldn’t notice, but i’ve Been going over this with a fine tooth comb, looking for the things i like and the things i don’t like, and these are two things i really like the way they’ve thought about the aerodynamics, because normally quadcopters people don’t think about aerodynamics. They’Re they’re a small windowless building with four motors on them, but this is aerodynamic and the only thing i’m, not so sure about, is these feet at the front which are these are ahead of the center of pressure, which means the center of gravity, which means they Will try and cause your instability if we’re, not careful, i i guess the controller’s got ability to take care of that and to compensate for that, but i i i’m surprised they had to have those long feet to make it sit level when it’s on the ground.

I suppose, but they are the only thing i can see that isn’t, particularly aerodynamically expedient. I can’t see a reason why they would have those like that, but it’s a lower drag teardrop shape. Airflow shape is the lowest drag you can get. So if they just had a round section, it would be more drag that a square section more drag, so it is solely to reduce, drag that they’ve got that aerofoil shape on the verticals i’m, pretty sure so that’s. My look at the dji fpv thing and you cannot understand how pissed off i am that i can’t fly this thing because we’ve just had several days of beautiful weather and now it’s supposed to rain for a week. So, even if i get this thing going tomorrow at the official launch, i’ll have to sit around for a week as we enjoy thunderstorms and torrential rain until i can fly it. I really wish dji had got this to me a lot sooner and worked out the prop the issues with activating it because i’d love to have done some flight video, but i don’t know why i’m always at the back of the list. I guess i should be thankful. I got one at all, and indeed i am because i will be doing a lot more um investigation into this. Looking a lot more detail, i might do a little bit of a tear down for those who want to see and we’ll look at some of the things that if you’ve got questions, of course bang them.

In the description of this video i’m. All keen, and for those that say who are new to the channel, i have a background in electronics, engineering background in aerodynamics and a background in general engineering. So anything you want to know. I’Ll do my best to have a look and tell you in the meantime. Thank you for watching now. Should you rush out and buy one of these? I can’t say yes or no, if i am to assume that it flies like a mavic in its normal modes and it is a a modest freestyle quad in its freestyle mode and you can afford it and you don’t have an existing investment in the hobby. Then i can’t say that it wouldn’t be a bad, buy it’s it’s a pretty good buy, but as they get lots of spare propellers, um and yeah, i would certainly buy one of these in preference to a medic, certainly would or or other camera drone. At this stage, um yeah just have to stay tuned, i suppose so um i never usually say this, but if you’re not a subscriber, if you’re new to this channel, why not subscribe and and just keep an eye out and you’ll, see more videos coming on this Thing and i’ll go through and explain what i have to do eventually, to get the damn thing activated and just as a final, a final i had to laugh this is i actually laughed out loud when i saw this now now.

We all know that the rules regarding drones are kind of crazy. At the moment you know, they’re being treated like lethal weapons and you’ve got to register as an offender and you’ve got to set exams and all that sort of stuff and it’s crazy. These are, you know i don’t know, but what they’ve done here in new zealand is they’ve included the little a little brochure from cia, our equivalent of the faa or transport, canada or or whoever casa in australia, have included a little brochure safety, brusher, and i say Little look at this. Actually, i hope the green screen doesn’t go through the green screen. This is it. This is the little brochure that they’ve chosen to include look at the size of it. It’S tiny it’s like oh, if we have to might as well it’s just unbelievable um yeah anyway, but they did put it in there fair deuce. They did put it in there and, while i’m. On that, i i think i have to say another thing you want. I wouldn’t buy one of these to fly bandos for another, very good reason. I live quite a long way from the local airport. Here i can’t fly this at the airport, even if i could have got this going. I couldn’t fly at the airport because it’s an airport – and this has geo fencing geo, fencing for goodness sake, so dji decide in the wisdom. You may not fly at an airport.

You may not fly near an airport. In fact, my home is three or four kilometers from the airport and i still could not fly this without unlocking at first i mean goodness, gracious me, i think a word to dji. If you’re watching this and i’m sure you are because you wouldn’t have sent this out if you didn’t want to watch the video i made a word to you realize that this is a different class of machine. Now, a lot of freestyle action happens below 100 feet. Most of it happens below 80 feet so, instead of geo, fencing and saying you cannot fly here because it’s within this area close to an airport. Why don’t? You just say you can fly here, but you have a maximum altitude of 80 feet. Now, two kilometers from an airport. There will be no manned aircraft at 80 feet. I can guarantee you that unless they’ve got bigger problems than a drone, so let if you want to sell this to a group of people that want to freestyle in parks and things and many parks are within a splitting distance of hospital, helipads and airports. And things and it’s quite safe to fly, there alter your geofencing on this craft only and only in the freestyle mode, so that you can fly up to 80 feet above the ground in freestyle mode, regardless of well. How close you are to an airport, or at least make the little boundary just a few hundred yards around an airport so that people can fly these things safely without being constrained, because there are so many places around the world now where you can’t fly any dji Drone because there are just airports and helipads everywhere, and if you want a mass acceptance of this, you have to let people fly it in places where it is safe to do so so change your geo, fencing.

This is. I cannot fly this at the airport. I cannot fly around my in the parks around my home, even though it’s totally safe and even though i’m legally allowed to dji says we know better and we’re not going to let you that’s not good enough that’s, not good enough to do it because remember if I don’t have my smartphone, i can’t, if it’s not talking to it, can’t, even change any of that can’t request a a any. You know, clearance to fly. No sorry! Another thing i’d like to check is someone told me: i haven’t seen any notification of it in the documentation that says adsbn. I don’t know i can’t test it until i get it activated so that’s it. I will leave you with that and, as so there’ll be many more videos to come on this thing, if you want to see them, go to the comments, tell me if you want to see them. Thank you for watching the video and, as i say, if you want more just stay tuned, there will be more in the meantime, thanks to my patreon supporters to make it all possible, and now i will go home edit up this video and continue trying to get This damn thing to talk to my phone or any phone. I don’t have an iphone i’m, not a rich youtuber i’m. Only a android youtuber bye.