com. Today, we’re going to be doing a install and review of the new decal sheets that are skins, what you want to call it for the new dji dji fpv drone and uh we’re, just gon na get right on into it. So, first off what you want to do is just take off the props they’re, just gon na get in the way, if you have them on there, so we might as well just take the props off the drone for now also make sure that your battery is Already out of the drone we’re going to be putting decals on the batteries as well too, you want to clean it with some like baby wipes or some any cleansing wipes that are non solvent, based um. It could take off the coating that dji puts on drones from factory, so we’re, just gon na go ahead and wipe it down with some baby cleansing wipes. It recommends it in the kit it uh. It lists like where, to start with the letter, a and b and c and d and stuff so i’m, just going to kind of go off of the the letters so we’re going to start with letter a i went with the they call it bleep bloop, but Basically, it’s a r2 themed skin and uh. I love star wars, so why not? So this would be my little bleep blue you’re gon na want to have a card so that way you can get in the little crevasses.

So we have one arm. These are nice. Adhesive so it’s not like you can move it around. So if you don’t line up the first time, you can peel it back off and put it back on, so the adhesive is really good, and i know this video is primarily about just putting the skin on the the drone, but i just i mean i got To tell everybody, if you were thinking about buying this drone it’s, it definitely is well worth the uh the purchase. This thing is it’s great for beginners um. If you’re trying to get really nice cinematic fpv shots, i mean this thing is really smooth um. The learning curve is great, you know they can. You can go from not being able to fly a drone ever in your life to learning how to fly one within a matter of weeks, and my advice would be spend a lot of time on the simulator before you even think about going into m mode. But uh, even in normal and sport mode, the thing is crazy: fun onto the rear, arms and it advises. You know to start at the edge of the light, but what i’m doing is putting it up against edge light and then also looking at the curve of the arm. So that way it goes across nice and smooth and if you’ve ever done a vehicle wrap, the material is nice and flexible. So you can stretch along the curves and it’s, not perforated, so you can’t get the bubbles out so make sure you’re getting the bubbles out.

As you’re laying it down perforated perforated, i don’t know so don’t bash me on that this kit so far is going on nice, and i mean it fits the same perfectly. I haven’t had to break out a razor blade, yet so it’s going on there really nice. I think this is going to be super super cool just seen this thing flying in the air once it’s all done, it’ll be pretty rad to see a little uh r2 up there. Flying and again. Thank you. I got to give a shout out to uh dji for providing the f the fpv um no i’m, not sponsored or anything like that, but uh. I have a co worker that hooks it up pretty well and thank you. Decal girl for providing the super sick skin that we’re uh we’re installing or reviewing today so far, uh a plus on quality and ease of installation and i elected to go with the gloss finish. I just i like glossy. I think it just looks a little bit cleaner, but that’s just my opinion. Uh they do offer. The standard is it’s like a matte finish, so it would be roughly the same texture as the stock dji coating that they put on most of their drums. If there’s any of the screw holes still on there, just pull those off before you get on there. That way, you can properly align uh. These skins on i’ve been using a lot of the screw holes as guides throughout all this already, and this is a pretty straightforward so far super pumped on seeing this when it’s all done, you just have to follow the all the guides and you’ll see like as You’Re going the lines of the body and like where everything needs to line up.

This is definitely one of the better skins like if you’ve ever put skins on cell phones or, if you’ve ever wrapped cars, or anything like that. This is uh definitely fitted nicely. They spent some time mapping this this out and just like it’s it’s, just like all the rest of the stuff. So far, it just fits it’s seriously. A really good skin and again i’ll have a link below where you can click on and get your own skin. There’S so many to choose from it’s it’s crazy how many designs are available getting through this pretty quickly it uh it’s, not overwhelming at all it’s, actually going pretty smooth yeah. That adhesive is pretty pretty good it’s going to allow you to move around. If you mess up a little bit or it’s not aligned properly, when you get it halfway through it’s, it’s, forgiving and being a huge star, wars fan just throwing r2 on a on a drone, and i just i don’t know i think, it’s classic and not like That it’s, going on the uh going on the controller going on the goggles everything it’s it which we’re gon na get to that the whole. The whole kit is super cool because it gives you all of it: the goggles, the batteries, the controller, the drone, a really cool deal, got one side getting there and with everything whenever you’re, applying stickers or decals or any other stuff, your adhesion’s pretty much the most Important thing and that’s why taking the proper steps and cleaning it prior is is crucial honestly, because if you don’t have a nice clean surface, this sticker is not going to stick anyways and we’re.

Also gon na we’re gon na take some heat to it. At the end of it, too, make sure all of our gaps and everything’s nice and neat that heat will bond that adhesive a little bit more into the plastic it’s. Just that extra step, i’ll tell you what man this! This wrap fits good, huge shout out to for this and it’s going to protect your drone from all little scratches and stuff, like that, um i don’t know i’ve always believed in wraps and skins just to protect a surface. You know we spend you spend enough money on all these hobbies and stuff like that. You don’t want to just have it it’s all scratched up in that messed up? Why not protect it? This thing is looking so cool super super pumped on this, so cool because it like just transforms the whole look of what was already a super cool looking drone and just transforms the look into something completely different. Now, just awesome pretty cool. It even gives you a little sticker for the uh little flappy door. I thought that’s pretty cool all right, so that’s it for the drone part of it. We’Re gon na get the battery part of it. Now and again i clean the surfaces. Just get all that stuff off. I take that back, we’re, not done with that. We have the motor pods there’s, some nice accent, stickers that go around the uh the light, the light pods back here complete the whole theme throughout the front to back.

I like it, i think that’s, pretty cool. They added just that little bit of detail. Okay, now we’re finished, we got to put the front legs, the goes around the lights and in the back, the little motor pod uh little protectors there, too it’s sick. I dig it onto the battery. I had to check real quick where this one went because we’re right here on the back, and they did send me enough for the all of my batteries that i have for it, but uh just for the sake of the video i’m. Only gon na be doing one battery because we still have the uh the goggles and we still have the controller to do as well, but just like everything on the drone, the fit fitment on the battery it’s it’s spot on, like it’s, they nailed it but it’s. I mean it’s it’s, just as simple as you know, putting some stickers in and just take your time and make sure it’s all nice and neat, but uh like just like that. We’Re all done with the drone let’s put that battery and see what it all looks like here. Oh yeah, that’s, sick. That is sick. What do you say? We do goggles next i’m gon na go ahead and take the antennas off just again kind of like we did with the props. Just get all the stuff out of the way might make it a little bit easier for install wipe them down with uh the uh baby wipes and there’s.

No like a b and c on the goggles. It’S kind of the goggles are self explanatory that’s for sure. For the goggles, with it being so flexible, it really helps because this big piece that goes all the way around can get a bit tricky. So just take your time and make sure it’s aligning with uh all the goggle parts, basically because it’s a little bit different angles, and i want not to put it in on to the blue part we’re getting there this ipod over here and again, you just do The same thing that we did with the uh with the drone is just find your marks and just kind of follow them. I’Ve been following a lot of these like button holes and screw holes and stuff like that and aligning it up that way, it uh seems to make it a lot easier and then just kind of randomly trying to find a spot if you’re looking to get yourself. One of these fpv drones, the whole combo set, obviously dji uh their store, their online store or um. If you’re arizona loca, you can get uh get it over at dji arizona, they uh. They always have a nice selection of in stock items out here in arizona. I believe they’re, the only authorized dealer out here in arizona could be wrong just putting on that top part right there and we’re gon na be putting on the bottom part now top of the nose part right here: dang, Music, look how sick those are i’m, so Pumped on these, i thought i mean the drone’s sick, but man these these goggles and that’s uh.

I really dig how these came out. Okay, so now we’re on to the controller it uh has a skin as well. Let me wipe that down first and this one i’m going to really wipe down because i’ve been using this for flight simulator, the the dji remote. You can actually use it on the dji simulator, which you can download it’s only for ios right now. I believe or select android but um you can download it and do it on there. I i flew that one and as well as i flew um rotor riot’s liftoff, which both of them are great simulators. I just liked using a little bit of the uh different level or level, not the maps. Basically, i thought the rhoda riot maps were pretty cool, um dji ones were cool as well, but uh i find myself jumping back and forth between both of them so check those out. Um get your practice in before you start taking that thing into mode up there. In the air, this one’s pretty simple, it’s, just one big one, so try to line it up the best you can, i always start from center out, because then you can kind of form it. The way you’d like it, oh and one thing i’m noticing is the little holes for the indicator for it to turn on, i need to poke those out with a little needle. My suggestion would be to make sure you have those out before you uh put the controller on because i’m going to struggle a little bit trying to get these out now, actually didn’t struggle at all, just poked them up through the top and worked out pretty well.

I like to get it on the important parts and then work it around those important parts, because you can, you can stretch this material. As you can see, we can see all the lights and just like that, the controller is done as well. We’Re going to apply a little bit of heat to all this, so that way it all adheres pretty well and won’t peel up later on down the road. If you get some nice heat on it like press it all down, the adhesion will stick a little bit better to the plastic and not pull up. You want to get it warm, but not like really hot. I mean it’s not good, for the electronics to get super hot and be not for your hands. I just like to get it really warm and then press it all Music, make sure it’s all good on all the edges primarily make sure there’s no bubbles in it. As well too, because sometimes you can get bubbles in this stuff and, like i said in the beginning, it’s not perforated or perforated. Well, we have all the uh skins on all the products here they came out. Amazing, i mean amazing, is actually kind of an understatement. Um the fit and finish of decal girls wraps are insane they fit perfectly on there. I didn’t have a single issue with anything lining up. Uh directions were pretty much self explanatory as well and yeah, and not only that they look super super sick.

I mean it’s. All the way around it, i got little r2s flying around now too and super pumped so again, um. Thank you to dji and thank you to for providing everything in this video and, if you like the channel and want to keep seeing more videos like this. Go ahead and like and subscribe and turn that notification bell on i’ll be posting up; uh some live videos every now and then as well and uh we’ll see you guys on the next one.