Let me just have a look up top make sure we are working. I think we are um im not going to trust mark to tell me, but i see bruce, is here good evening good evening dennis good evening. Bruce hope you are well after i gave you some abuse good evening. Marxie marks always here. I never trust him to tell me the truth, though hes the least trustworthy person. I know um hes, not really, but he tries to widen me up good evening. Robert hope everyone is well. I hope you are good so tonight it is sunday again and it is live stream night, because everyone live streams on a sunday, as was said in the chat earlier. So what were going to do tonight is talk about some stuff, as always were going to talk. A little bit about the new gopro hero 10 and see what people think, because i havent bought a gopro in a very long time. I dont really use my fpv drones for filming. I tried to use that for filming, but we wont go there um, but i am tempted because i have been holding back. However, the price has shocked me to be honest. You know weve had a new iphone launch this week and it comes to something when the iphone launch launched prices, where i expected it to be yet the price of the gopro was quite a bit higher than i expected it to be um.

We have talked about my antennas on my scout hds, because ive had an interesting evening tonight and we found a problem with them and im going to talk you guys through that were also going to talk a bit about this antenna which ive been using as well As the sale on the dji fpv drone as well, because in the uk, the price of this has been dropped by over 200 pounds. However, it is in the uk. Only so well talk a bit about what does that mean? Why is that happening? Why is the price coming down? Is there a version two coming, as everyone starts, jumping up and down and well talk about that in a bit more detail now, as always guys, let me just get the chat where i can see it properly. I moved it a bit too far down. It was next to my glass. As always. Let me put that one up. You can see everyone in the chat there as well. If youve got any questions, please do put it into the live chat. I will try and answer it as soon as i have a chance if youd like to support the channel super chats, are always welcome and well always answer questions on that as well, so running down the chat good evening type. How are you hope you are safe and well felipe? How? How are you alex alex, not alex alix? I think it is fpv paul b good afternoon, pete burtons good evening buttons, big buttons.

I think it is good evening. Ive really got to get a bigger chat, with im being attacked by flies, get out. Theres flies everywhere at the moment, its ridiculous, so theyre, all in here for some reason, um so weve got that weve got king of jester 23. good evening good evening. Good evening. Show show get that its a drone go for a circuit, you can make a. Can you make a gopro seven naked? Is it worth it? Does the seven go naked? I cant remember well, have to have a look at that. Well have to have. You can call me alex that makes life a lot easier so guys. How are you – and i hope you are well now – the first thing were going to talk a bit about. Is this the dji fpv drone because theres a sale on – and this opens up a lot of interesting questions because for those who follow the camera drone side of things at the moment? And let me get a web page up that i hadnt opened yet um theres a bit of leaks happening around the dji fpv, the dji mavic 3. I should add, so let me just put the desktop up, so you guys can see that weve got some leaks around this alleged mavic, 3 and weve got some images or drawings. Personally, i think this is been done to get past. Ndas theyre not drawings. They are. I think edited images to make them look like drawings.

I would be shocked if these are renders it might look nothing like this. Perhaps this is complete nonsense, but i suspect it is accurate. To be honest, these things usually are, however, further to this weve seen a bit of a price drop on the dji fpv drone in the uk, and the price has been dropped to 999 from 200 dropped by 250 pounds down from one two, four nine. Now, as far as i can see, this price drop is uk only. I havent seen it anywhere else. It hasnt dropped. Interestingly, on the dji direct website. However, at most dealers in the uk the price has come down um compared its its interesting um. I dont quite understand why the price has come down, but it has so this begs the question: why why are dji dropping the price now we dont know for sure. Is there going to be a new version of this coming um? My personal belief is no, i think when youve got a price drop in specific regions, it generally is related to sales in those regions, and i think personally, this probably hasnt sold particularly well. That would be my guessing, especially in the uk, potentially europe as well with regulations around fpv, and this are a lot tighter than where they are in other parts of the world because remember in the uk, its basically illegal to fly it without someone with you um. So im guessing dji have had a bit too much stock sitting in these regions and thats.

Why theyve taken the price down now? The timing of it is interesting because we are heading towards the end of september, which is also wage month before christmas, and i do wonder if theyre trying to scrape some money from the uh adults before they start having to worry about christmas. I do wonder if thats part of it, but the reality is, i think, theyve looked at lockdown theyve looked at everyone types mentioned lockdown. I think theyve looked at a few things. I suspect, at the end of the day, its driven by stock levels being high theyre. Not going to drop the price if theyre selling them out the reality is its probably not selling them well, thats thats the reality of the situation now. Do i think therell be a vision to um. It depends. I wouldnt be shocked and – and you might hear this here first if there was a dji fpv pro on the cards, because dji does like to make steps in all of their product lines. So if we look at history and when history repeats itself, we originally had the um phantoms, the fc 40s. And then, when we got to the phantom 3, you had the phantom 2 and then, when we got to the phantom 3 dj introduced the phantom 3 advanced and the phantom 3 pro. They then did the same with the phantom 4, the phantom 4, the phantom 4 pro. When the mavic series came out, it was originally the mavic pro, but then there was the mavic pro 2 and then there was the mavic pro advanced.

Is it advanced? No mavic pro zoom, sorry um, so dji does like to segment their product lines quite a bit, so i would not be shocked if they made a pro version of this drone at some point. What that would be better camera, better image. Stabilization, probably something like that. That is what i think they might do, or i can see a vision two happening in maybe youve got something to remember with this product and something you guys might not be fully aware of this product was due to launch in january this year. Okay, i know that because i was meant to be involved and i have an nda for that period from dji. However, it was delayed, but my understanding is. It was um for the most part ready to go at that point, but it was delayed for a few reasons, so it is heading towards 12 months old. Now it would have been in production about now. So dji would be looking um around this period onwards. To push it forward, and especially if sales have been fairly slow, they will try to do maybe a facelift model with something that allows them to try to push it along for the christmas period, but were gon na have to see im, not convinced were going to See another one, probably before february or march. If then it could be a bit longer, but the one thing i will say on dji is this: they have been doing very little for a long time.

Weve just had the first product launch from dji in a very very long time. Okay, let me go on djs website and put this up that weve just had the first product for literally forever and what was it a hundred and thirty dollar gimbal. So i can tell you now: theyve been doing a lot more than that in the background than just designing a hundred and thirty dollar gimbal um. So there is a real chance around the corner. We will see a slew of new products come not just one um, but a slew of products. You know a mavic 3, an inspire 3, a phantom 5, an improved fpv. I wouldnt be shocked if dji absolutely hammered the market with these, so were going to have to see, were gon na have to see, but the price drops here 250 pounds in the uk if youre interested just going to catch up on the chat um good evening. One and all scoopy fpv hope you are well drum roll um. Did i get my affiliate link sorted? I need to go and check that in a minute too much stock mark says um, even no stock is too bruce. Even no stock is too much stock. With regards to the fpv drone, because no one buy it alex said, prices come down because they cant shift them sloppy. Fpv, i think, were. I think we know where this is going dont. We, the new hortel nano, is coming interesting and we will talk about that.

Actually um um, i am dont, have any ndas in the hotel dont reach out to me, but it looks like weve got some interesting drones for motel and theyre, not all orange. Yes, i might buy one dennis. What did dennis say: ive lost dennis, dennis theres, a competitor to ggfpv down. It seems like the only one there really isnt, so it theres nothing competitive other than whats already in the fpv market. I think only no two owners, but they did switch to normal fpv afterwards, theyre selling them cheap for spare parts. Thank goodness there are no orders here. This stream is age, restricted, 16 or under dj fpv 2. They wont improve battery prices. I dont see that happening better camera, better stability brakes even twice better. Do i think thered be a new goggles too now thats an interesting question. You have to remember these goggles were a facelift, so i wouldnt be shocked. If there was a version, three came whether it will work for fpv or not, is an entire different question. However, i wouldnt be shocked, but im not convinced im, not convinced, hey and gorilla drones. How are you my friend, hope, youre, safe and well? Each kills use market prices, it does not enough chips for new products. I do think theyve been stacking stuff for quite a while, so i think theyll be okay. I hope they do that. Dji pro cinema camera soon, not sure alex. You want to pay the price for that thing.

I know a bit about that which i cant talk about. Um. Did i catch you announcing plate gorilla jones? Did i catch you announcing plate, explain that one to me mate phantom five just allowed to use goggles a2s. Another maverick line during it its hard to yeah look the funny thing with dji. Is this right? They are so segmented. This is where their downfall is. I was thinking about this today, actually and its a really interesting subject, because we have an fpv system, a standalone and they make a gopro compatible. You know comparable camera, yet these two have zero interaction with each other. At all, gopro have a massive market share in cameras on fpv drones, for cinematic footage dji with the osmo action started to get a bit of traction, but theres no integration in these systems. Why is there not integration between the fpv system and the osmo action to allow you to control that from the goggles as well way, dji let themselves down? Is they just dont align their product lines? So again, as someone has said, we have the ocusync 3 system, where theres sporadic compatibility between the remotes and the systems. You know the smart controller does work with the the 2s. The ars um e2s, however not well. There are issues we have these, which dont work with it. They basically dont make um goggles for their standard systems anymore. So dji have a massive issue where all of their product lines are fragmented, nothing ever stays the same and nothing remains compatible and they do miss out on massive potential sales as a result of this, because what would make a huge amount of sense is to have These goggles work with every one of their drones because they could sell them to everyone.

Why would you not do that? What logic is there in not doing that there isnt um dennis said? Are there any dji jones that use the v2 goggles? No only the ear units and the fpv drone thats it yet they dont sell another goggle. You know it is insanity. Now i can see a vision, three goggle coming, which has support for these drones. But then the question will be: will that work with this and will it work with the ear units because yet again dj i dont like looking backwards at all, so i can see there being more fragmentation, more issues around the corner as we come into these new Drones is this new mavic 3 going to work with the smart controller, because the a2s does barely but not well, you know um, i do see them releasing quite a few. I do see that happening. I really do but were going to have to see how it all ends up and where it all aligns. I am interested in this mavic 3. You know if you guys havent seen these are some of the leaked, drawings or images. If i just go down drone dj theres been more today and well talk about the evo in a minute, um lets just go over. There lets go to drone excel dronexl of it. Gary will have it as well. Well, go to a good news, channel suas news! Gary wont have s? U a s.

News gary wont have all of the images because he doesnt do the hype. Train um, gary really doesnt do much on the hype train. But if we, you know, look theres, theres, more renderings and sketches here. You know, but is this someone just making up complete nonsense or is there something in this and hand on heart? I dont know anymore im, certainly not involved um. So i have no idea on this stuff anymore um, but yeah were just gon na have to wait and see where this all ends up, and you know these are more renderings stroke sketches. Is this just someone drawing stuff or is it real? You know that is the question. It looks legit if you, if you look at it as a sketch but yeah, so i do see dj putting out a lot of products, but were gon na, have to wait and see what happens with it and and thats the thing. Okay time for a drink. Before we move on, if youve got any questions, guys do put them in the chat evening. All peppermint pilan left again unacceptable. Ah sorry, mate um bit late, be here now gmi. How are you so that is the situation? Um were gon na have to see what the price drop means im not expecting an fpv drone. Yes, you did miss the cheer shot. Um Music thats, a very faded yeah, its um yeah, were just gon na have to see.

Now i i am going to talk just quickly about this, because for those who havent seen this, i got a review of this coming up, and i i did it today, ive been doing some more tests on this one. Second, this is the kaiju antenna for the fpv drone. I was sent this by fpv. Turkey watches the channel quite regularly, um and um. He sent me this and i have got a review of it coming up, and i will say this about this antenna if youre after a long range antenna for your fpv drone. This is well worth the look. Yes, its big its dual band 2.45 gigs fits on the front, does add some weight. The weight is fine when its on your nose, although if its on your head, when youre moving around it, does want to drop down, but i can tell you this. This allows me to get the best performance i have ever had from a radio point of view out of my fpv drone in ce im, not going to tell you range because im not going to do anything silly and talk to you about things like that. But what i will say is this: you will run out of battery before you run out of signal using this antenna, thats it and heres. Something really strange that i dont understand fully. Yet it is fairly well known that in ce a lot of the time, its the remote signal that tends to drop out before the goggles when youre looking at the bars at the side.

So in c you tend to find you run out a remote signal before the goggle signal. However, when ive been using this at no point have i dropped remote signal and the remote signal. It almost seems like its been improved by this antenna, and i dont fully understand it because it cant its not you know the laws of physics apply here. However, what i will say is this, whereas i was getting fail safes before as a result of the remote that has stopped using this antenna very, very strange, indeed its um, so its a 2.4 and 5 gig patch antenna. This is this: is the kaiju by fpv tech there. It is ill put the website up in a minute, its a patch antenna, both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz ill put. The specs up lets go to fpv techs website. So let me uh fpv Music kaiju. You can get it on get fpv as well. Let me just put it up, so this is the fpv check how you 2.4 and 5.8 dual band patch antenna for the fpv goggles um spec wise. Let me just have a look here. It has been tested to 9.63 miles or 15.4 kilometers made in the usa um via wsr two to one its just got the uh things. It weighs 160 grams. Now i did see um. Is it digital whats the cost, its 109 um? What is that thing? It is a large patch antenna for the dji fpv.

Is that antenna better than the e x e patch? I havent used the xa apache alex, so i cant comment vision, two only okay, so this antenna is dual band: okay, so its designed for use with the dji fpv drone. You can technically use it with ear units because its single band and dual band, but if youre a version one owner, i wouldnt go for this. I would just get yourself one of the patch antennas like the crystal hds for my flight and do that. Thats on the dedicated frequency that has been proved to um go quite a distance without having drops on the fpv drone, uh gmail vardy tested it hard wall of 30. on the fpv ear side. However, the fpv drone doesnt appear to have that wall. Now there is a video showing the range they have done a flight and they do show it on a modified drone. They did add modification to it to get it to go this far from a battery point of view and they landed it the other side. So there is a video of it over that side. So, yes, the fpv drone does not have the same limitation. The fpv ear unit has interesting in itself. How does that fit around the omni? So the omnis on the front are just at the top there. They stick out just there you remove the bottom ones, go for the top ones, um rob bro youve seen the dual mox.

I havent well have a look at that in a second. I should do a project video best patch, for that. Do you think its worth? Trying to make some diy hexagonal antennas for dji its hard to find any pre made um d menace so yeah, so the fpv drone can go beyond that. Thats the reality so worth a look. Ive got a video coming on it ill say what i will say is, and i and this, as i said, hand on heart im not going to give range numbers ive, certainly not got that, but it definitely works. Theres no question about that, but whats really weird, and i still dont fully understand – is why ive been able to push through the rc signal difference compared to the goggles before, because i was expecting an improvement, but i was expecting it to drop and what i am Wondering is if that display isnt as accurate as i thought it was and um. I thought it was the remote drop in, but really it was the goggles because remember um. The fpv drone tends to put the remote on 2.4 gigs when all of the tests ive done. Even if video is on five gigs, the remote tends to be on 2.4, and i have this in auto. I didnt put this in manual so im assuming it was in 2.4, but i didnt actually uh force it to um. But traditionally the fpv drone remote can do five gigs, but it tends to sit in 2.

4 and the interesting thing with the fpv drone, and i do need to make a video on this. I dont think ive done it already. Um is that it tends to drop the video on five gigs and the rc at 2.4, and i do think thats, where a lot of people have problems. Um width wise. What they say on the antenna is horizontal, on 5.8 55 degree, field of view and 75 degree field of view on 2.4 and on the vertical 65 on 5 and 70 gig on 2.4 um. So yeah interesting with a look, as i said, i tell you what it does do as well, and this is one thing i really noticed. Is it stops all of that focus mode and all of that sort of medium range? So you know where the fpv it begins to enter focus mode. It seems to stop all of that. The image is just bang crystal clear and you do really forget how good the image quality the live feed is on the fpv drone. Whilst i have complaints over the video quality, the live stream is absolutely stunning on that drone, especially with this patch antenna. Will it work with the v1 goggles i wouldnt rob it can fit, but its dual band, its not designed for it. I would be looking at one of the dedicated patches for the v1s, not that so no dual band just go for a standard patch antenna crystal hds live.

The crystal hd is good. I do want to test this on the ear units i havent actually tested it on the unit. Yet because i i have got an area where i can get break up quite quickly, and i want to see how well it works um, it does give um 9 db of gain at 5.8, gigs and 6.5 db of gain at 2.4. So whats the crystal hd offer um lets just have a look shopper. I flat im trying to remember what the specification on the on the crystal hd is uh or 9 db, so again, very similar, very similar. So i would be going. I would be going with the crystal hd on that: theres, no reason not you couldnt use this, but its very big and heavy. You know youre wasting size on the fpv side dont we basically um best patch for penetration signal. All of them are pretty good. So the crystal hds are all about 9 dbi. Now what was that antenna? Someone said um, someone said about an antenna. Have i seen it and i went no uh ive sent bobby a message on linkedin with your email address, the only one, the only fans, one uh, four hawks. I have a four hawks antenna here which ive used in the past theyre pretty good antennas. Ive got a four hawks i could have mounted onto this because this dual band it was for the inspire too um. Is that other one um so yeah so thats that okay, right guys, if youve got any questions on that? Please do.

Let me know if youve got anything but yeah where to look good bit of kit. Heavy then just put nothing grabbing a drink. Yes, yes, brandon beans, so the any hope a unit two will have dual band. Technically, yes, okay, so with regards to ear units, we dont know if dji are going to make a vision to fpv system. No one knows the reality. Is we dont know we dj? I see that product. I have a feeling i understand where they see it based on their behavior, but i personally dont 100 know my personal belief is that dji have pretty much moved it into no more development end of life. Now. The reason i say that is the v2 goggles were only existed for the sake of the fpv drone. They completely screwed the v2s up in so many ways for the fpv system and theyve pushed pretty much everything over to cadx. Now i think this is rather unusual of dji. My personal belief is: they basically have no interest in the fpv system. I almost think they were going to abandon it before everyone kicked off and then they suddenly said. Oh were going to work with partners, because, if you remember a load of us made of, i made a video on it and a couple of others that dji of that you know the fpva units were end of life because they were the dji store said that They sent an email to many dealers, saying it was end of life and then suddenly they put that statement out saying were going to have partners or third parties continue to support it.

I personally think that was oh crap um wed better, do something quickly and let cadets get on with it. Theyve now introduced runcam as well, which is interesting, which means there is certainly some k there or some want to do things there um. But the question will be: will they want to produce another system, the current ear units and everything are all capable of dual band theyre, all capable of it? It has all of the pcb traces everything in place. They just didnt populate that hardware and the firmware doesnt have it as well, so they could make dual band air units tomorrow, but youve got to take into account the antenna situation with dual band air units and all of the other issues around that as well. You know take into account the current system can do 13 kilometers as it is. Why whats the reason to go dual band dji have no interest in that system going further because theyve limited it remember. The limit, as far as um vadi has shown is, is dji limit its not um the system. The system can go further, so why would they want to do 2.4, gigs theres, no good reason for dji to do it um the dj, i believe, still making a unique codex. Yes, dji im, making the hard way. Dont get me wrong, but they seem to have have no interest in the marketing or anything else. Now, even if you look at the manual with the cadets, it might appear one.

Second, let me just show you something: god i dropped a battery. Let me um get the overhead up one second, is it even on no? No its not on? Let me get the overhead working there we go. Oh focus focus focus hey there. We go okay, okay, so let me just show you something quickly: if its in here, oh, i might have binned it. Oh, i think i have bugger um one second, try this one im. Looking for the manual pin the manuals. Okay, what i was trying to show was this: the um, the paperwork and everything. Whilst all labeled cadets is basically djis. It looks exactly like all of djis paperwork that theyve always shipped with all of their drones. If you ever own anything dji, they have a very specific manual type. The paper, the way its printed. The way the manual looks, dji have a very specific way of making their manuals for their products. If youve owned more than one dji product, theyll all be the same, youll just look at them all and youll go oh yeah, thats dji and the manual on the cadet stuff is the dji manual. It just says cadets now, instead, so the ear units, the manuals, everything as far as im concerned is made by dji its just a front to ship them to cadets um, so that thats, the interesting thing you know thats interesting but well, see. Who knows? No one knows what dji wants from this system moving forward.

No one wants um. No one knows what dji wants to do: moving forward chibi, why the facade, though, i wonder why they only sell through cadets, okay, the belief is with the vista is because its not fcc registered. Remember there is no rating for the vista, so the dji unit is fully fcc and ce compliant. The belief is, the vista was sold by cadex, because dji didnt want to be seen to sell a non licensed or compliance product, so thats the belief of why the vista is sold by um cadets. The chances are thats for a number of reasons, emissions and thats. Why its not in a big metal box, so we suspect thats the reason. However, why then have they pushed everything else over? Who knows maybe to avoid anti trust im, not convinced that one would i dont know on this. One remember: dji, do still sell the e units directly, just not the cameras because they couldnt get them. I think its a very strange relationship that product. But what concerns me is this and ive said this before, and i will say it again: there will be a day when this product is ended by dji and be aware of that guys, the version two and the version one. Let me just get it: this product will be made end of life by dji and you will need to buy everything you get because it will not be compatible forever. Dji have a history of an abandoning products.

Time and time again just go. Look at the fpv ocusync system, which was the ocusync racing system. I reviewed that on that channel. I used it extensively and one of the only people to have made lots of content about that product. You cant, buy it anymore. You cant buy a unit. You cant buy anything for that. Now, the phantom 3 you cant buy batteries, inspire one you cant buy batteries. The mavic pro is getting to the stage where you cant buy batteries. Dji have a history of littering the world with products, you cannot repair, you cannot fix and you cannot get accessories, for they are as bad as it gets from a right to repair and a right to continue to use your product point of view now. Are they any better or worse than samsung or apple, and those is is a question that remains for many other people. However, dji will abandon this system, be under no illusion that they may at some point in the next six months. 12 months, just go thats. No longer available ear units are no longer available and you will need to run around and get everything you need so stock up on what you need just in case, because it wont stop your system working, but dj do abandon products fairly regularly. Theyve done it before they will do it again and dont think for one minute they are interested in what the fpv community think about it, because the fpv community is minuscule compared to the communities.

Theyve done this to before think of how many phantom threes and inspire ones have been sold um, they will do it and they dont care. So there is a day where it will come so use the product. The best you can but dont be under any illusion. Its going to last forever, you know the nasa is a classic example: flight controllers, dji dont make flight controllers anymore. You know that they really are not involved in this parts style end of the business. This is very much outside now of their world. You know if you look at and im going on a bit of a history rant here, how dji started they started by making flight controllers, then they started making escs and they made frames and they made parts for drones. Dji started as a company that made parts for drones, so the nasa, the the ace one, the um, the um Music uh escs. They made amazing eses, fantastic drone eses. They used to do all of that, and then they started putting that all together in a package and then you got the phantom and then you got the inspire and if you look back far enough, their um their system, their parts always end up building into a System theyve, what theyve done with the fpv is what theyve done in the past. So if you go back with dj, they started making flight controllers motors and escs. They then made the phantom from those flight controllers.

Those motors those escs, the first phantom had a nazar inside it. It had the escs they made, so they made integrated all of them. They then made lightbridge a standalone wireless video system. They were using wi fi before that, and then they integrated lightbridge into the phantom 3 and the inspire one. It was the inspire one. First of all that had lightbridge the first dji drone to have their custom wireless system based on fpvgas. They then integrated into the phantom 3 pro drone. They then introduced lightbridge 2 as a standalone product and the um in the n1 flight controller, as well as the a7. Is it the a7 its been a while since something into these um, and then they were integrated into the m600 and the inspire 2, and now they created this fpv system, which is better than any other. There was at that point fpv system. There was from a hd and digital and latency point of view for all digital, and then they created this. So what dji has a long history of doing is building technology and then integrating that into products. However, they always abandon those standalone products once theyve integrated it. Every single time, every single time, the standalone product that drove the technology forward to be integrated into that product gets abandoned, the nasa the n1, the a1, the um light bridge 1 light bridge 2 theyve all been abandoned and end up with just the consumer. Products left – and it will happen here as well my one as a nasa fc yeah, so um, no one will reverse undo the dji stuff.

No ones managed it in the past is the parrot and affy any good, not great its okay. The people who fly it like it, but its not particularly great theres, some very smart people out there there are but re undoing what dji have done is extremely difficult. You know thats all custom ip choose a custom chip this. This is what dji have developed. That makes that exist if i put it on the overhead, that is the p1. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a custom piece of dji silicon for their fpv system. This only exists as a result of these systems. Let me just find it that chip could be worth. Thousands in the future – okay guys, so i hope thats my little rant on that done anyway, um cc3d in a box just checked out that dj yeah, no, that um, i know the gentleman was modifying the patch over time. You know the patch was only recently released as far as im aware: um thats, a thats, a broken one brand new still in packaging im gon na im, gon na put it up on the wall that one you know, dji do have two chipsets they use. They have a p1 and an s1 okay, so the p1 is the video chipset and the s1 is the um. It tends to be the chipset used in the remotes, with video out via usb. You know dj is dj, except that its not going to be here forever and youll be fine, okay, so guys, let me just move that out of the way.

Okay, now before we jump onto this, were going to talk a bit about this ive got some stuff to show you on this actually um. This is the scout hds for hd zero, and it leads us nicely onto that. Actually. Well, just talk quickly about autel, because all tell do apparently have some new drones coming um. Let me put the desktop up apparently right as far as im aware and ill say this now, this is complete nonsense, evo3. My understanding is that is complete and at a nonsense not happening. There is not an evo 3.. However, this actually looks really interesting and whats really interesting is theres. Multiple colors and i really like that red. I dont know about you, but i actually really like that red its better than the orange um, but look at this gray white, so it looks like theyre going to release some new drones and basically theyre going to be competing with dji on a direct level. So theyre going to release a drone, which is the same as the a2s and theyre going to release one the same as a mini 2. um. So its going to be interesting. Yes, that photo is real with the colors. It looks really interesting. Cant even get the evo 2. theyre struggling a bit on supply at the moment. My understanding is the evo 2 is going nowhere. Nowhere at all thats my understanding, but it does look like theres three new drones coming.

This seems to be complete, nonsense. Think thats interesting. An a2s style drone and look you know if ortel can produce these products, they are really bringing it to dji here they really are because look outside of dji youre left with husband and husband, whatever theyre called and those those little drones. You know nothing that is as good as dji look lets be under no illusion. You know if you buy a mavic a2s a mavic mini. You know youre getting a great little drone thats going to get you great footage and do exactly what you expect it to do. It will work like clockwork. Yes, it will have nfc systems, but it will just work like you expect the product to work. So we know what dji is really good at is a turnkey solution that does a great job out the door, especially now they are really good at making consumer drones. However, no one else has really got close to them. On that youve had the husband and knows things that whats that new um that new one called um is it there has been drowned. Is it husband or husband, husband, Music lets just have a look um. Is it these? Here we go theres this thing, which does look interesting. The zano mini youve got the xano mini se, but i dont know about you: ive always felt it really difficult to give them my money that ive just always felt. Why would i give these guys my money when i could give it to dji, and i know what im gon na get and thats always been my issue.

However, ortel is a different kettler fish. They are really beginning to deliver some interesting products and, frankly, i do trust that brand more than this brand, because these make some cheap toy tat and what i cant get away from is how do i know this isnt, more cheap toy tat, if you get my Meaning and thats my problem with these products: this could be fantastic. This could really be good, but because they make something a lot of tat as well. I just dont trust it. I just feel i could be getting ripped off. However, i know what ill make a good product, because theyve got legs in the market of doing so. The drones have history, theyre, not perfect, but we know what they can do, and this really then gets interesting. You know you then get to the stage of going. Okay, weve got a company with a solid background in products, so weve got the evo and the evo2. Both products absolutely delivered on what they were meant to do and now theyre talking about producing something like this, and i think its really interesting. I honestly hand on heart do and if they made and sort of e2s equivalent, i could be tempted its just the question of. Why are you going to give or tell your money and not dji lets not pretend theyre not both made in china theyre both chinese owned companies. I dont care about country of origin. I have no interest in that.

So then youve got to come down to well. What am i getting on one versus the other, but i think its very interesting. It really is. Let me just have a look at the chat. Anafi ai, not interested at all, mark zero interest in it at all. I i i am consumed. It is just brut brittle, not brutal. Brittle um gary still got a couple of those thats a broken one. I expect yes get down a bit further um. If gj accounts for governors, they have some new goggles around the corner. Dont forget dronex id say they are fantastic. The new pirate looks interesting interesting, but i think its brittle performance from an air unit with original dji cam versus the vista with the original cam, basically the same so the dji fpv unit and the vista. But remember the vistas, only got one antenna. So you then down to um performance differences as a result of one antenna and the mimo technology behaving differently overall theyre, both capable of 1200 milliwatts, should give you good range, the guy who makes drone x used to work for dji. Yes bruce. Yes, though, youve seen the same adverts, but he got delicious illusioned with the company yeah, but you need to add a robotic voice over that amen, mad amen. What are you amen in mike? I want to know something about dji company change me after menace look. I have zero issues dj. They make some fantastic products that bloody work thats, the good thing.

What youve got to take into account, though, is they are what they are and youve got to understand them, but their drones work, but they do and and show us my show, i just cant for some reason: law um, the autel nano has 300 gigabit camera. Nobody likes dj as a company at menace. They got down monopoly. Look i ill say this: i have zero issues with dj as a company im fed up of their nonsense, but then again lets not pretend or tell them much better right now, geofence, i i dont have issues with geofenton look that is its a legal requirement in The uk youre not gon na hide from it its coming its here. I dont really have an issue with the geofencing side of things. I understand it. It doesnt restrict me personally where i live anyway. I get why they have to do it. I dont worry about that sidelines its mandated in law in the uk. Now anyway, i just got my gear: stolen, dji sleeping bag. I just got my dj. My gear stolen dji, made me sign up to activate googles, ear unit phi categorists theres, no way to identify mine for police. They cant supply the serial numbers interesting. Are they not listed on the dji website if youve registered and activated them they should be on the dji website? If you go under support, you should be able to list all your stuff. Let me just have a look on mine.

Thats orders im sure it is listed somewhere. I am sure its listed somewhere, its got to be thats insanity dji do make brittle waterproof. Bebop is a neat idea hope you are well thanks for the subscribing power ais in the world to know how good they are cool tech, visa yeah it just it concerns me. I watched the video from the show on the inaughty and i was like im, not sure um. You know nothing, but you will be happy yeah, no joe and autel the thing to take into account with autel auto assist. They may not have any choice to add geo zones because remember to buy to sell products in the uk and eu. They will have to have them so regardless if theyve got them today, thats coming to everything all the serial numbers were available there, because i found them once yeah theres. Definitely some way, theyve definitely list them somewhere. Um got ta, go in stay, safe, gorilla, drones, look after yourself, so thats that um, but were gon na, have to see but yeah if they do produce it. Im really interested. Okay, now guys. The last thing im gon na talk about because were heading towards 11 and weve got a bit of time to go yet dont worry but were going to talk um about this before we get on to the gopro. Now these are the scout hds. Now, when i bought these, i got them from get fpv in the us.

My review of these has just gone up on the channel if you havent seen it yet um and overall, i think, theyre a good set of goggles, however, something i noticed when i first got them was. I was having a problem with one of the antennas. Now i did reach out to carl at divi math on this, but i didnt get an answer. Um, i dont know if it got lost in translation or what. However, if i just go on to uh here and put this up, this is probably quite small, but you guys can see here. This is an image from the 23rd of august, where i was talking about my scout hds, and i was just saying just on the antenna thing scouts are here and heres. The diagnostic screen, the left hand, is showing substantially less signal than the others. Is this a hard way to show on my unit or have you been able to find something and what i was doing? I was reaching out to carl now i never got an answer on this, but if you look at these bars, okay um, that number one is that antenna, the on that side of the goggles that one and you can see it was substantially lower. I know thats quite hard for you guys to see than the other three um now i went on about this and i i continued to use them and i said in my review um i got some really odd behavior around the antenna, behavior and stuff like that And i kept having a look at it and going around and trying to figure it out and understand it and in the end today i got back and i stripped them down again and the wire was hanging off um again.

But it is easy to drag the wire off whilst removing the front panel, because theres some bits that stick out – and i commented on that on the video as well. However, i felt it didnt feel right now. I then decided to take advantage of the new piece of hardware that ive got so it was time to get the um. Where are we? Let me just go into the folder to get the um antenna off. Have a look at whats going on now. Let me just get this up to show you guys, so i got it under the microscope. I decided to put the sma, not the sma, the ufl connector under the microscope, and look what i found. So this is the ufl. Let me just go forward a bit, whereas i get it in a good. Actually what i have got just to make life a little bit easier downloads, screenshot number one, the the ufl connector is damaged its bent over. So there should be a circle in the center. Here showing you with thats, where the pin goes in, you should have a piece here, a piece here and what looks like happened is we? The connections been put on and distress and, as i said in my review when you watch the review, i said the cable end on that side was quite tight and what i think theyve tried to do is force the connector on at the factory, because this was How it was when i received it with this low signal it wasnt on and that pin is actually touching the outside and its grounded out and its then squished.

All this plastic around here – you cant, see it properly, but what youve got here is the circular bit there youve got the groove around here, but thats then blocked up and the connector is completely over done. I found this when i looked at it under the microscope. Now i would not have seen this had. I actually not looked at it under the microscope here. You can see it again, so it was oh. That is why that antenna is not working properly. So let me just show you this, so the ig then was to get it in view and then try to actually bend it up straight now. What i ended up actually doing is going to get a needle. I think i used a here. We go. I then started to bend the connection up. Actually, if i go back to you, i must have done some of it off camera, but you can see ive bent it up and weve now bent the connections back in place to put the groove back in the middle and then it was a case of then Just removing all of the excess plastic from around the edge of the connector and then what i found was. I ended up um you can see the its its blocked the channel that it was going through. So i ended up then trying to do it with tweezers that wasnt working very well, so i then ended up going to get a needle lets.

Have a look. I dont i havent looked at this footage, yet i should have zoomed out a bit. I was picking away at it with the needle to try and clean it up there. You go just cleaning the connector out, getting it right, getting the remainder of the crap out of the connector to make sure its actually clear and its able to push on. I then also had a look at the sma just to see how the sma looked, and you could see that its actually folded in slightly as well. So what we ended up doing on that was uh. Tidying that up as well. Getting that bent back out properly straightening that one up underneath two again all done under the microscope, and then it was finally a game of just getting the connector on and just making sure it fitted properly. Now, what i can say is having done that. It is now fine i have now. So let me just find discord because i put the images on my discord: hd, zero, um, ive redone. The connection um ive also now decided to put some hot glue on it as well. It clipped on much tighter this time than it did the the first time it was actually clipping on um, and this time now to hold it in place. Ive stayed away from the electronic components. I wanted to make sure that the glue didnt go near them, but it was then a case just a dab of hot glue on that side.

Just to do that, one and then um on the other one. On the other side as well, you put a dab of hot glue on that one too again, just to make sure that the connections stay on and theyre not moving around and then, as you guys will see now, looking at the antenna bars were now back to Normal we now got the two, so we got left and well right hand patch from looking at the back left hand patch and then the two. So this explains why i was getting some of the problems i was getting because looking at it, it was clear. You know if i show you that connection its been mauled just completely mauled. You know that pin there is bent over there touching the side and that one was there now. I know this happened at the factory, because my goggles were that way. The day i received them, this isnt the result of me stripping them down for the review. I did note in my review that um they felt very that cable felt very loose um, but its clear. That was an issue from day one, and i can back that up with the yearly post that i sent to carl on it: um Music, catch up on the chat assembly, very fat, shocker and suited by force yeah. What i said is – and i still stand by it – that cable is really tight, so i reckon there wasnt enough to fully go on the connector tightly.

I think they went on on the skew and thats what damaged the connector. Ufl connectors are incredibly prone to that sort of thing. Yes, they are bruce, unfortunately, arent they um, really arent, designed for more than a couple of incisions watch. It doesnt break yeah. It was once its on its glued. Now i dont see it moving um. The microscope view is impressive. Its better ill talk a bit about that in a minute. Um im not happy im happy with the microscope. Im not happy with the camera view, but i can see me now spending more money on that um nice job with that. Thank you mike did the ufl use the screw terminal block instead, fat shock need a new hammer. Bobs your uncle steve man, buns yeah. It was late again fail safe. How are you my friend, hope you are well so yeah look. It was like it from day one. So the reality is ive been flying these with one patch and two omnis, and what we dont know is the effect of grounding out that other antenna that would have had on that omni, because carl has explained a little bit about how the antennas work on these Um and its im still not a hundred percent sure but im interested that, because what it does is what he said is this. Let me just ill read it as he posted it, um Music and he has posted it. Let me just find it and what he has said is because i asked a question about it and they did reply um, okay, so the so.

What theyre saying is this its engineering description? So it basically is um using signal to noise ratio on each of the two mic maxes on each side between the antennas and it mixes the input signal from the two antennas based on signal to noise ratio. So, for instance, it might use ninety percent patch. Ten percent omni on that side and ninety percent patch and ten percent omni on that side. What i dont still fully know, because he hasnt answered, is if its then using one mux or the other or is it then mixing the two muxes again so its? So? What carl has said is its using signal to noise ratio between the say the left marks between the patch and the omni and then its mixing the two to have the output based on the two, its not choosing one or the other. It is always mixing the two and its doing the same on the right hand, side left and right, but what we dont know is how it then deals with the signal from both those muxes.