I really didnt have any plans to buy this fpv drone, but the story is actually i did buy a city whoop and i was waiting for these goggles to arrive, but it never did so. I switched the order and i just got this combo instead and now. Im super stoked that i can use these goggles for both my cinewoop and also this dji fpv drone. Yes, thank god, im so happy now, so i just decided to do a simple video of me, unboxing and savouring the experience of unboxing, this wonderful drone. So in the box you get these goggles, of course, and i was quite surprised that it felt really light. I was expecting it to feel a bit more heavier, but its nice, and here it is guys pierce the stones, the drone itself, man. It looks really nice. In fact, it looks like one of those alien movies kind of design actually looks just like the alien hit, but it looks good and i love it. Okay, so lets go quickly through the camera specs. The sensor on this camera is a 1 2 3 cmos sensor and effectively has 12 megapixels on it, and it can shoot up to a maximum of 4k 60.. The drone comes with just a few sensors in the front and also at the bottom, but dont be fooled that its a mavic pro. It is definitely not that the sensors will definitely slow you down, but it wont stop you from crashing into obstacles.

So you definitely have to be mindful of that, so the back here is where the battery is, and it can last you a maximum of 20 minutes in flight and thats unheard of in an fpv drone. Okay, so lets see what we have down here, alright, so this is the remote lovely feel it almost feels like one of those playstation kind of remotes, or maybe even one of those microsoft consoles too. It feels really nice chunky, not too heavy and its got a nice matte finish to it filled with buttons at the back, its got a good weight to it as well. Okay, so lets have a closer look at the bottom here well over here. This is the usb port, where you can charge your remote control, and this is where you stow away those joysticks and you can always just screw them on when youre ready to fly quick tip whenever youre not flying its best to stow away these joysticks. So it doesnt mess up with your calibration and over here we have the antenna, pretty cool design, nice flippy design here. So the back of the remote here is where all the buttons lies. You can control the camera. You can even control the speed of the drone from normal to sports and to full manual theres, even start stop buttons for recording and also you can change. The gimbal angle, which is great also dji, did include two sets of props, which is great because flying fpv drones theyll definitely get damaged.

Okay, so lets see what else we get in the box. Well, this is the strap for the goggles. This is the power cable to the goggles and some other cables for your phones and stuff like that. Here are the antennas for the goggles itself, so there are four of them and you just have to screw them onto the goggles itself. Man, these antennas really look good wearing the goggles youll. Definitely look like some kind of extra from star wars or something okay. So what else do we have here? Oh, they actually give you this green body case for the drone, quite funky, okay, so heres the battery for the fpv goggles itself and its really nice and small. Apparently, you can use it for about one and a half hours or so and heres the charger for your battery. Installing the goggle, strap is really easy. All you have to do is just velcro it on and its pretty much self explanatory. It is not hard at all and thats, basically it that is my whole fbv setup that i just bought and i cant wait to give it a test drive. Well, i hope you did find this video useful and if you did please dont forget to give me a like share and subscribe. Oh yeah and dont forget theres some sample shots towards the end of this video so do check him out Music. Oh by the way. Sorry guys, i dont have many sample shots, but this will do for now im still getting used to this whole fpv idea.

So i hope you guys forgive me anyway.