First it’s got a 4k camera and that’s pretty solid. It has all sorts of sensors out including front obstacle avoidance, which is something that most fpv drones. Don’T have you’re going to fly with these fpv goggles you’re gon na get crystal clear picture. This is the remote you get. It’S got a button right here that stops the drone in its tracks, no matter what you’re doing it just kind of hovers. If you’re new to fpv drones, they’re kind of a pain to set up, not this one, this one’s just plug and play, and if you can fly it like a regular drone like a mavic, it has gps it’s kind of like the best of both worlds. You can even fly this thing up to 90 miles an hour to flips and rolls and all sorts of fun, stuff or slow cruising up to you. If you’re looking for more drone info, make sure to check us out on halfchrome.