My name is tim i’m out here in bali, indonesia and i’m gon na be unboxing. The dji fpv combo today i’ve never flown fpv, but i’ve been like so excited about it and waiting for this for a very long time. I only have a little bit of time because today, we’re actually also taking a boat over to the neighboring island of gili t. This is going to be a really express unboxing and first impressions possibly made in journey of the dji fpv drone yeah got it woo. Yes, everyone’s asking me: how much does it cost we weren’t able to find the fly more package anywhere, but the basic fpv is 1999 900. Basically, 20 million indonesian rupiah yeah open the box. My seventh draw it’s a bit smaller than i thought it would be so inside we have the fpv drone from dji. This is incredible. Basically like a flying battery. It’S 90 80 percent of the weight is battery and it just has the propellers and the cage around it. It is about a little bit bigger than the size of my hand. I got medium biggest size hand, so it’s about this big are these goggles cool. This is going to be interesting. This is going to be exciting, put this here and take the foam out, so you got the controller propellers, more propellers batteries, power, adapter and other accessories. All in here, it’s, very unique i’d, say it’s about the size of the mavic air 2, but it just has a totally different form factor than all the other drones wow.

It definitely looks like they’ve spent some time. Thinking about this, like everything dji of course, let’s see what else is in all these boxes and again we got ta hurry because i got ta get to another island looks like goggle accessories. Goggle antennas looks like if you wanted to switch this out to this hornet green. You can and i’m sure there’s many more of these coming all the cables usbc’s charging cables. All the prongs are all right here, yeah. This looks like some kind of strap for your head. This is really cool. These are all just charging accessories. This is a huge power brick compared to the other ones, it’s about 50, bigger goggles battery one set of propellers. This drone is a reasonably small size, but it doesn’t fault so it’s, not as compact as the mavic’s. So hypothetically, you have to figure out how to put like this this and the drone in some kind of container or some kind of bag or box. If you’re gon na take it somewhere, so this is pretty much everything that’s in the box, so i wonder what i should do. First, let’s get the manual back out quick start guide. Eight steps download the app charge the batteries charge, everything this is 100 dead, not even one percent charged on arrival, so i don’t think we’ll see much until we get to the gili islands, so let’s just plug all this in and jump to the ghillies Applause.

I am, of course, wildly late, but off now to padding by for a boat over to gili t when you buy the drone from the store they give you an fpv mask and it’s so nice and so comfortable, so i’ll be rocking that this trip, oh wow, Bobby literally is right here: it’s such a beautiful day, we’re going off to the gili islands again we’re late, though so we got ta go. Basically, this is what i get for being super late. This is gon na take all day. So if you remember, i started this trip with a totally different group of people. I actually overslept that’s what happened? It’S 24 hours later, we’re gon na see those people there, but amina here, my friend and ray new friend, they saved my black ass. Finally, after a 36 hour sleeping delay, so sad we’re not on the same ferry, but i hope you guys have an amazing time on gili t it’s a bit chaotic there’s, a lot of people here. This vote is super late, but i think we’re getting on it. We’Re gon na get checked Music. Now i guess we made it okay, my second time here that boat ride was wildly more: oh, no, i’m, all good hello! How are you good? How are you very friendly people here? I left my house at about 10 30 right now, it’s about 5 30.. I know really long a very, very long trip trying to find where we’re staying now welcome.

I made it 24 hours late, so i had a really long conversation with my lawyer that i totally forgot about from 10 p.m. To 4 a.m, pick up, it was 5 a.m. I closed my eyes for one second, i fell asleep and then these guys had to break into my house. I just like i’ll go later and later ended up being 24 hours later, but guess what guys you made it? No, no something else! You brought the mpf tv drone that too something else drinks on me guys better late than never, but never late is better Music. This is the room, the bathroom little bed fridge. This is pretty good that’s, my friends, their rooms are there because they showed up on time Music. Oh all this ears, very secure, we’ve found ourselves to a beautiful sunset. There is an insane view of mount agung a little bit cloudy, but it’s insane finn is gon na throw up his mavic air too it’s the next morning now, and you know, it’s a great night when you sleep with the keys in the door. I just get fried rice because fried rice is life, okay, back to what you guys have all been waiting for i’m gon na try and set up this drone now. So i just actually watched a few other videos from the dji site and a couple even on youtube that are showing a little bit more about how this all work, because it is very different guys.

It is not the same as the mavics at all. I couldn’t even figure out exactly how to do it without reading the instructions. It’S still simple, it’s, just not intuitive. I guess we fire this thing up. You got to go ahead and plug in this battery into the goggle, and then you use this cable to plug it into your phone ipad. The dji fly app is the one that you need for the fpv drone we’ll go ahead and put the antennas for the first time on the headset. Laura finn and susan are somewhere we’ll, be here soon, but i’m pretty much ready to go. So i think i’m gon na try and turn it on now. So we have three errors. We have a sensor system error, we have an imu, initialization error and we have aircraft sd card speed too low, which is just me being lazy and putting in a slow sd card that’s, not really that big of a deal so i’m in here trying my hardest To calibrate all of these, the first table we were using is a metal table, so it probably triggered all the magnets and all that it couldn’t figure itself out let’s, see yep, no more errors, so we’re ready to fly. Once we put these props back on wow holy crap wow, that is like if elon musk was a drone. I literally cannot believe how fast this thing is: we’re gon na move to another location and try this again this time with a memory card we got another full battery does take quite a bit longer to set up oh and i’m, so hot here in gili t Let’S, try and shoot this one more time, Music back in changu.

Now, oh my god that boat ride was ridiculous, but anyway we didn’t really get to fly the fpv drone much while i was out there and the first time we flew it. There’S some memory card issues, but i have an expert coming today: who’s going to help us set this thing up properly because he knows a thing or two about fpv looks like we found a little break in the rain. We went about three minutes away from where i live and we’ve got z here. Z is a professional fpv pilot, so i think there’s, no one better to actually show what this thing can do in full, acro and manual mode than someone like z.