This is a super super fun system, while some people thought this was going to be more of a racing drone. It is more of a cinema drone, it is really fast. It can go up to 72 miles an hour and has all the range that you would expect from a dji drone. But what it doesn’t have are any of the intelligent flight modes, there’s no active track or orbit or any of those things. This is a pure manually controlled aircraft, but it is super fun and the combo kit comes with the new dji goggles v2. Give you a really great picture, fantastic range, the picture quality in here is awesome and there is virtually no lag, giving you a ton of confidence when you’re flying and it comes with the remote controller. Very basic there’s, not a whole lot of features on here, because there’s not a lot of features on the drone. You have your normal sticks. You have one programmable button, your power button on here you have your return to home modes for normal sport and manual. This thing can actually do full acrobatic modes, pretty incredible and then some other controls over here for your camera. So i have it set to re center, the camera point it straight down or point it straight up, and you have your shutter button on the back here. You can see our camera tilt control for adjusting the tilt of the camera, and this start stop button is used when you’re in manual mode to be able to take off once you have that all set up.

You just double tap on that to take off and you’re ready to fly, don’t be jumping into acro mode. Until you are experienced, it is way fast and you really need to know what you’re doing before you switch into acrobatic mode. So this is the new dji fpv drone here in stock at multi, copter, warehouse and dji colorado. Well, we are here with the dji fpv drone it’s, actually doing a firmware update on one of the batteries. I just got them all charged up for the first time, got everything ready got the fly, app got it activated and now we’re just waiting for the battery to finish its firmware, update and we’re. Going to give this thing a flight see how it goes so. I’M. Very curious what this is going to be like i’ve, flown fpv drones in the past it’s, not really my thing: i’m, more of a camera drone guy. This seems to be the best of both worlds, but we’ll see Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music Applause, Music – that is the new dji fpv drone pick one up today here at dji colorado or on our store at Multicopterwarehouse.Com hope you enjoyed all the footage. We had a blast filming it it’s a great new product. I think a lot of people are gon na, like it so check it out the dji fpv drone thanks for watching we’ll catch.