I got it for christmas. Ive been having had my eye on one of these for a little while and uh, i wanted to get one see what it was like see, what it was. What the experience was like theyre pretty expensive, so ive had my uh questions if it was worth it or not, and after a lot of reviews, ive watched and a lot of things ive looked at um with other youtubers that i follow on things i decided to Pull the trigger on it and im really happy. I did um were gon na, go through it in this little video here um this isnt my first drone my brother and i built a couple that we got on banggood a couple years ago. Um. I actually have a four inch drone that im building and trying to get dialed in right now, um now that i have the dji set up with the goggles ill, probably put the cadx camera on that. One too im really happy with the video transmission coming from analog. It was just a couple years ago when we built those first drones. We had we built a couple, three inch ones and then a five inch setup with a tyro, 99 4s and analog, and i cant believe how much better these are. The camera feed is amazing. The quality is absolutely amazing. This is what it looks like when youre flying this isnt, like an action camera or a run cam or something thats on top of it.

This is actually from the video feed so and what ive got right here. This is my first battery pack um. We call this beggars canyon, when star family does its just a place. We like to go well shoot guns and ride motorcycles, and i thought itd be really neat to fly through this canyon. I remember i took my other tyrell through this and id done a lot of work on that tyro with betaflight, and it was quite a bit more responsive than the dji is. But that being said, i have this on the normal mode and i have not adjusted anything at all. This is right out of the box charging it and flying it. So um this. I did kick it into sport mode a couple times, but i ended here in a minute were going to go to uh the second battery pack, and i fly that one in sport mode the whole entire time so um. It is a little bit windy where im at theres every now and again, youll get a gust and if theres too much of a gust wind gust, it will itll. The drone will try to compensate youll, get a little error in the goggles and itll kind of stop itself um like right there. That was a good example of it um it does it a couple times and its just like i say its real random with the wind guests, but im kind of glad that it does that it.

This thing is full of features that make it so anybody can fly it. You really have to get real crazy. With this thing to crash it theres a lot of features with it. Itll take a little bit of time to get used to, especially if youre brand new to it ive flown before um. I actually, i actually really like how it flies out of the box, its very, very easy, very, very docile, very very um. The the sticks are very very light, theres, very, very little input on the sticks and anybody whos flown one will know what im talking about, especially compared to a race, quad very, very, very docile, still fun. I still like it its very you know. Every quad you got to get used to and thats kind of my goal here is just to fly a little bit im going to leave a comment section open on this video. If anybody has any good tuning tips id like to see those id like to hear about that what you did or some things that youve done – or maybe even some links to videos that are helpful for that, but out of the box, you know charge the battery. I think the goggle setup menu took about 10 or 15 minutes um. I didnt buy the fly more package. I wish i would have what actually happened over thanksgiving. I saw this for 9.99 on get fpv and amazon a few places.

I just thought id wait till christmas and get it the price went back up to 12.99 um. I wanted to get it in time for christmas, so i just went ahead and bought it and ill link the get fpv link where i got it from theyre down. In florida, usa and um, like a week later, it went back down to 9.99, but now theyre showing back order. So i guess im just glad i got one when i did, because you cant even get one right now according to get fpv. So what i did is i bought the the uh free duality antenna upgrade um that came with it. When i got it and then what i did is i actually got the prop upgrade, so you can actually put around a traditional set of props with the little bolt on kit. I havent messed with that yet ill do that in the future, but um also. I bought a another battery and i bought a carry case off amazon. It was 80 and its made for this drone, so everything fits in little slots and pockets and its made for two batteries which i, in my opinion two batteries is perfect. You could do the fly more combo and get three batteries and get the charging dock. That would be nice, they all charge together, but i usually plan my flights well enough in advance that im all charged up ready to go and these two batteries together.

I think i got over 20 minutes of flight. I only recorded portions of it so um this right here, im glad it stopped right here. This is one thing you need to be aware of in the goggles you have to go in and you have to set your return to home height, and i was not aware of that. So i actually had hit like 30 percent of the battery and it did return to home right then, and i couldnt figure out why it was climbing. Well later i went into the goggles and it was set at like 1400 feet or something i had actually set. The window i had set a ceiling earlier, but i didnt set the return to home ceiling so make sure you go through the menus, theres. Quite a few menus and theres. Quite a few things you want to do to be it go get going. I put my ceiling at 500 feet just so i can get used to the drone before i get too crazy. I have not enabled manual mode. I did play with sport mode a little bit here. It goes about 60 miles an hour in sport mode, and it is a little bit more responsive, but it will not roll. I ive tried to get it to roll and flip and its actually a little bit hard for me to control coming from a race quad that is so sensitive with the sticks, like you, can roll it and flip it and carve really hard like on the beginning Of this video, you see me going through the canyon coming down here and i was trying to carve with the canyon and it just doesnt the way it set.

The way of the pid tuning is on this thing stock. It wont you cant, carve it hard enough. It doesnt have the tuning in it to to adjust with your inputs, so you know its its but its. I get it um its a commercial drone, its something that anybody can pick up and fly um and also with that being said, my son never flown a drone. Before i headed the controller, i explained how the return to home safety fail. Safe button works. He got into a little bit of trouble. He couldnt really tell where he was going and i had him. Let go of the sticks, push that button and it stopped, and i was able to take it from him so um. You know 1300 drone versus back in the day we were building these bang good drones for like 250 300 and take a week or so to build them um. You know the big difference, but theres a lot of cool things about this, that im really happy about. So, where it was snowy, i dont have landing pads. I thought itd be good. To use my side by side hood roof a little worried that theres some creases that might land straight. So this was completely just looking through the goggles flying another favorite feature of mine. You notice how, when you hit the ground, so i took off from this spot. The set the drone can sense where youve taken off and it will kill the propellers and kill the the motors itll, put it back into failsafe once its landed.

I really like that feature. So, okay, this is battery two um. It is all in sport. Mode um were going to show its going to show me flying a little bit more aggressively, like i say, ive not enabled the manual mode and gone through it. I know theres a setting in the goggles where you can go through and adjust some of the tuning. I have not done that yet um. This is actually my second time flying this drone and we just got a bunch of snow this week and i thought itd be cool to take a video of the snow and kind of the area that im in so um. This is lets see here, im gon na pause. This well go a little bit more into it: Music, okay, so yeah you can tell im going to look quite a bit faster um. I think in normal mode, its about 30 miles an hour in sport mode. I got it clear up to 60., it itll itll uh climb quite a bit faster, its quite more quite a bit more aggressive. Itll drop a lot faster. The roll rates arent very much different um. I was trying to get it to roll and flip and i couldnt i didnt know if it would or not. So i thought id just try it um. You saw a little bit of distortion there. I went over that hill lost a little bit of uh reception. So, im kind of glad that i turned when i did got over that hill um heres another one, those where the wind hits it makes it stop.

That must hit a little gust and it just kind of it kind of fell safe out. I wasnt sure how that works with the wind um. I dont know what the gusts were: theyre, probably 10 miles an hour 15 miles an hour, but this is southern utah. This is about 10 miles from my home. I love this little spot. We go riding motorcycles here. Quite a bit, ive camped out here before ive shot guns quite a bit. I drove my side by side quite a bit out here and its just a beautiful area, its a fun place to recreate i enjoy it, its peaceful and uh. I, like that little canyon, i think i named my family named that beggars, canyon and weve, seen uh theres, some bald eagles – that live up here in this little canyon, where im pointing right now, um weve, seen all kinds of wildlife out here and its just a Beautiful spot that im very grateful to be close to that we can. We can recreate and enjoy um. My wife and i have spent many many days out here, just riding her side by side, taking a lunch with us and enjoying the scenery taking the camera. Taking some binoculars and just enjoying utah for what it is, its a very beautiful state, ive lived here, my whole life and continued to im. I really i really am impressed with how beautiful it is here, but okay now watch this.

So my other drone, i used to be able to fly very aggressive, and this drone it just doesnt, have the tuning to kind of get down in there and carve super hard. What youre seeing is me full full rate im moving it as hard as itll. Go left and right and it just doesnt: it needs more tuning and more adjustability to be able to do that with my other drone. So what i just did right there. I could have completely did a 360 reverse roll g out, and this thing it wont it wont, do it. It has a its got, a the way, its tuned right. Now it wont allow it to do it so ive tried it a couple times. I tried to do some flips and all it does is climb, so there is some tuning that you can do and i think once you get to manual mode, maybe ill be able to do a little bit more of that manual mode does disconnect the sensor. So you got to be careful with that, but overall, my review of this thing. It is expensive but youre going to get a very high quality camera very high quality goggle. I have some cheap eachine goggles and these blow those out of the water theyre worth the 10 times the price, because they are so much better um. I feel like anybody can enjoy this. I feel, like my kids, can enjoy this id like to teach my wife how to fly.

It were going to make some motorcycle videos in the spring and uh. It is expensive, but i my my review of it as having won drones before and having a family that likes to go and play a lot outdoors, its its well worth. It so hope you enjoyed this review. Thats all im going to write for today ill put a link for get fpv in the comments and ill leave. The comment box open. Please share your opinions, share your thoughts and i hope you enjoyed the video.