For some time. Ive watched a lot of videos on different users, different pilots that have flown fpv and have always excited me, because just the the skill that i can see that it requires them youre doing these acrobatic moves flying in tight spaces are going very fast and its very Low altitude to the ground – and you can just sense the exhilaration that these these fpv drones were able to produce in those views and ive always been enticed by that, because i was always wondering as a filmmaker. How can i um get those incorporate those type of views into my movies, because at the heart of of who, i am, i im a filmmaker right? So how can i use this tool, uh fpv, in order to make my movies a little bit more attractive? Make the movies that i make have a different viewpoint. You know, and and just to getting that skill to be able to fly that it was always very intriguing to me and also at the end of this video ill. Be talking about how a lucky subscriber will have an opportunity to win the dji motion controller that is used to control the dji fpv im, pretty familiar with drones. Ive been flying for, like the last five to six years, started with the phantoms and moved on to the mavics and the minis et cetera, so im very familiar with using a dji drone. However, flying fpv, i thought that possibly some of those skills, or at least a decent amount of the skill that was used in flying mavics, would be able to transfer to flying.

Something like this fpv turns out very little actually transfers, because the the skill thats required to fly fpv is way more intense right, because a lot of the things that, if youve flown like a mavic or a phantom or any other dji drone. Besides the fpv, you dont realize it, but it it assists you quite a bit right and just one of the hardest things to even do with fpv is just being able to stay still and hover in place. You know because youre constantly moving your sticks, the system, they provide you with the goggles right, the the actual aircraft, the controller um. This is the normal control that they give you and then, of course, you even have this. The motion controller, which ill talk about in a second it all aids. You know it helps you to build up your skill set so that you can fly confidently now. You might not become the next. You know f greatest fpv pilot, but you will be able to get around without fear of crashing right, be able to navigate errors and the more you practice, the better you get just like anything else. Dji offers the simulator and theres a lot of other simulators out there, the drl and then rhoda wright even has one too, which i use quite often so uh just stick with those. You keep flying that and keep doing that eventually over time. You you your your mind, your fingers start to do what you you in your head.

You want to do, but it does take some time and you really have to practice id say somewhere between 10 to 15 hours is a good place. You some people say more than that honestly, i dont think its necessary because the simulator, while good place to start it, does not fully replicate reality right and theres. Nothing like flying the drone for real. So once you get a good feeling of flying um in the simulator, i strongly recommend just go out to a park just find an empty area and just try to fly every day or every other day. If you have time it permits, you have a toggle switch right here, so it lets you go from all those modes, the normal mode, being the typical mode that you most dji drone pilots are used to, and then you go to the next one, which is sport Mode which is very similar except it goes faster, and then it banks when it turns it doesnt roll it doesnt flip you cant dive per se, but you you do get that acceleration this speed and that movement of of, like banking, like a fighter jet and then Finally, which is the flow on manual, which you get no holds barred full speed and you have full control of the drone. However, the thing is that you dont have to go to manual mode. If you dont want to, you can stay on the sport mode or just go in the regular normal mode.

It really depends upon you as what you want to bring to it or what you want to learn from it. For myself, my goal was to get to manual mode as fast fast as possible, so these are the v2 goggles that dji has paired up with the the fpv. If you buy the combo package and you get a crystal clear transmission, it is, unlike anything, that youve seen out there um this surpasses analog. You dont get any fuzziness with this system. Here the transmission system, the ocusync 3.0. It can go up to like four or five miles easily right, of course, using line of sight. I dont fly that far. Nor do i need to, but that that number means to me is signal strength. Just in case, if i go behind something my im not going to lose control of the drone or im not gon na suddenly my screen gon na go blank or that type of thing like that, you will still be able to see it, because the signal strength Is that good i wanted to fly, but i dont wan na learn all the like soldering and what systems to get and what is compatible and x, y and z. It can get quite daunting right to know all the components, and then you got to put it together with dji. They made a system that works right out of the box. You dont need to buy any more parts you dont have to solder.

You dont have to add anything. You dont have to bind anything right, which is another step that doesnt need to happen and, lastly, the dji fpv is clearly if you look at the way its designed and everything like that, it can do freestyle and you can do certain things, but really at the Heart of it is cinematic fpv right. Those of you might not know the difference that freestyle is typically flying tightly and doing all these turns and flips, and everything like that going in small spaces, whether youre in a warehouse and things like that, and that can be fun. Obviously, its more risky right, because youre going faster speeds and youre going in tight spaces. Cinematic fbv can be landscapes down a mountain top or a waterfall or river, and just flying and going along and its a much different experience from do that as opposed to flying freestyle. The the dji fpv is while it can do freestyle its more for the person that is looking for that cinematic fpv experience this the break button is a godsend. Okay, this button, you press this boom. It stops immediately where its at and it just stays there. Now, if youre going 90 plus miles an hour its going to require some time to stop, however, it will stop and it does stop fast, but you got to keep keep in mind how fast youre going to it does take some time right, but it does react.

Quite quickly and this button has saved my my rear plenty of times – you know whether it be a bush or a tree or a wall or the ground or whatever right. I have crashed its just part of the nature flying fpv, but ive crashed less often thanks to this button, all drones fpv have fixed cameras right, whether it be a gopro or something like that and you cant you in order to change the the tilt angle. You have to land, you readjust it put, and then you bring it back in the air with the dji fpv you dont have to do that. This is a it. Has a single axis gimbal and goes up and goes down and its not for stabilization purposes. Its for controlling the tilt of the camera, which controls the speed of the drone and for those of you that are familiar with most dji controllers. You have your tilt wheel on the left side right here which allows you to do that thats, something that dji has that no other drone has. There are others manufacturers or another drone, uh manufacturers out there that have made controllers that use motion right. So this is not a new concept per se, but i would say this is the first product that ive seen that works and works. Well, the other ones are just either bulky or they just it looks worse and obtrusive. It doesnt make sense why a person would use it um it it it just.

The interface is just clumsy, i would say from any other, offering that ive seen. This is the first time where ive seen just this little thing right here: the batteries ins internally, you just put it on it – has a trigger, which is the allows you to move forward, the tilt, the lock button to take off, etc and its all there, and It simply relies on the motion of your arm, whether you go up or down or left and right, and it does it well actually which i was shocked, because i i was not thinking this would be um that well implemented. My hope is that dji um uses this and implements this on other drones and maybe in the future, refine it more so so so that possibly can get over some of those other limitations that currently exists for it right now. However, like anything else, it doesnt it does have its criticisms as well. One of them, which is one that youll see in a lot of forms and its a valid one, is its repairability or its. I guess you can say crash ability. The thing about flying fpv is that crashing is inherent as part of the flying experience because of the nature of the way youre flying is that you fly so low so fast and doing all these acrobatic moves its inevitable that you will crash hit a branch or Flip or something like that, and depending on the severity of that crash, you will need to repair it now.

There are a lot of components that it can be easily repaired by, like the arms can be paired. Ive had i repaired on my own. Just got the replacement part for this landing strut right here, so those are easy things. However, there are some other stuff thats internally, like changing out like all these components in the front end right here or changing out the camera. Some of those can be a little bit more challenging and thats. Where dji refresh comes in um. Some people may not they look at as a negative, but i i its a pro and a con at the same time. Ive crashed this a handful of times and only one time of those crashes where i actually needed to set it in. I smashed it pretty good. You do experience some. What they call prop wash right and prop wash, is basically when you are flying a specific direction and you do an abrupt, uh change of direction right, whether youre going from a dive immediately youre trying to pull up or youre going bank youre, basically flying youre, going Down and then youre flying through what the the current or the air that it already kind of generated right, and so the result of that is especially when you get a dive which i experience, which, which is where i experience it. The most is when im coming from dive and i immediately pull up uh or doing a uh, what they call a um, a full roll that comes out like that and youll youll experience that prop watchers.

Basically, when youre flying through your goggles um, youll notice, youll youll see a shutter right, itll youll see a vibration or shake, as i said before, i believe the motion controller is an amazing device, its its a great peripheral that dji created to know to use with The fpv, however it it does have a limitations that if youre wanting to fly fpv more and really advance your skill flying using this will, i would say, not help your skill set grow youll. Just you know you can fly, go straight and do stuff like that and theres nothing wrong with that right, if you simply just want to have cruising around think honestly, theres no better controller to use than this. However, if you want to do other things and youre trying to become that a better fpv pilot, i would say that this is probably isnt for you. Ive owned the dji fpv system for about six to seven months now and ive had a good time using it. However, there are a couple things that i recommend that to enhance the usability of the fpv, the goggles and the controller. The first thing i would suggest is um find a getting a a holder, a battery holder for the battery that goes to the goggles dji doesnt provide this for you, which is this piece right here. This plastic piece that i bought on amazon. The drive just has the wire, and it goes down to your side into your pocket and honestly, you dont want to have this control that the headset here and the battery coming down, which can get tangled on something or or caught on something right.

You just its not ideal so theres a variety of places. You can do ill put a description or the link of this one. If you want to get this – and i simply just put it on like this right and i can have it resting on my head, like that – theres no wire coming down my jacket, my pocket, my pants or anything like that to get caught on which i love And when i want to use it, i just simply pull it down, adjust it a little bit and then im good to go right. You can see here its nice, so i upgraded to these um where um through uh, i think it was loom. Lumineer duality, um antennas ill, put the again ill put the link in the description below of this video for those youre interested in it. First of all, they it. It provides a slight increase on the range and the signal penetration right, and i i cant verify because i use it, and i say it does help its not dramatic, but it does help in in these cases. So when dji provides you these antennas about right here right, you can see the difference right. They stick out a bit. You got this little antenna thats coming here and you got the stubby, and so i was always concerned when i was placing this in a backpack, whereas you know, if you hit it the wrong way, it could kind of snap it off right, and i have heard People where they kind of snapped it its its not as durable right, because it is plastic, you know.

The last thing i recommend is to not use or buy djis official props that come for the dji fpv, now theres, nothing wrong with them. They work right and theyre nice. The problem is that they are expensive, relatively for props. One set of props costs about 15., 14.99 right plus tax, so i looked around and i was able to find this set of propellers by drone tech and ill put the link in the description below so, if youre interested in it – and they are identical in the Shape form and factor to the dji official props right. The difference that the drone tech has over the dji ones is that they are half the price. Now there are other users out there who have mentioned using a prop adapters, meaning uh traditionally with fpv. You actually screw you put on your prop and you screw it on with the bolt and it stays locked in and ive seen uses to have that and it eliminates the prop wash almost entirely thats cool. But the problem with that is that you lose the quick release mechanism that dji implements on all their drone, where the prop just goes in you push in you twist and it locks in, and so when you want to simply just um store it or youre, ready To youre finished flying you just pop them off, and you put them in you put in your backpack so like any other giveaway that ive done in the past, with the ronin or the mavic mini or mini 2 or whatever item that ive done in the past.

Its the same thing as always subscribe to the channel if you havent done so already. If you have thanks, i appreciate any support is very helpful, but if you havent subscribed to the channel leave a like for this video and then below in the comment section, leave a comment right and in about id say about two weeks or so ill put the Date, uh youll see the date somewhere on this on this screen right here or in the descriptions below about when the date will happen, it will be a random drawing and then this will be sent to that lucky subscriber. So, in conclusion, i think that dji has created another great product that for the consumer to use they they they have a knack of creating products that they can. They put their dji spin on it and it and it brings new innovation to that platform right. They did it with drones, they do it with gimbals and stuff, like that, and theyre always becoming something. What pushes the industry forward right now? Is this the best fpv on the market right and i dont know right? There are features that are definitely cutting edge and there are some things where, like you know, the fpv crowd is like. I dont know about that. What i can say it about. There are a lot of features here that i believe should carry, and then other manufacturers should take note of because they are welcome, features like the braking feature.

That is, that is amazing. Right um, you know being able to tilt basically having a gimbal on here, thats, something that no other manufacturer or drone has done for the fpv market. So who knows maybe theyll theyll catch on and say: okay dji was on to something with that. In all case, i think this is a great platform ill continue to use it. I have no issues with it. I love it um its, but its only made me want to go more to fpv. Probably i want my next fpv drone. I want to get a cinewoop right, something small, tiny and and if dji is watching, this video make a cinewoop right, make a tiny one that can go through little tiny crevices, and i just you know i dont know if you guys watching these videos where people Are going through like bowling alleys and stuff, and you know thats theyre, using a cinema for those type of things, and i just know that if dji wanted to, they could right. Imagine just having, since, if you already bought this one right, the fpv and you already have the goggles and the uh and the controller all you need what to buy that drone. You can just pair to their connected, and you have this ecosystem of fpv drones thats through the dji system, which would be really cool so im, hoping they do that in all case, um im very satisfied with the drone.

It does have its drawbacks, but the pros, in my opinion, outweigh the cons. So in all case, i hope you enjoyed watching this video. Please remember that were still this. The giveaway for the motion controller for those of you that are interested in it just follow the rules like i said before, and within two weeks the winner will be announced. So hopefully this comes to somebody that will enjoy it and use it. Well, i did for the time that i had it but its time to go to someone else that will find more use of it than i did so.