Let us unpack the package andsee how to setup fpv dji package dji has made all its drones foldable over the pastfew years. However, the dji fpv is a fixed design that feels more stable and is not a foldabledrone. The dji fpv is primarily focused on capturing immersive, fpv 4k video, and there is theability to capture still images at a basic level. The dji fpv is the easiest drone of itskind for beginners. Thanks to gps and collision sensors that help reduce butnot, eliminate the high risk of crashing. You can swap out the shell for a differentcolor from black to green and elements of the drone can also be replaced in the event of a crash, including the gimbal landing gear or arm struts. The OcuSync 3.0 transmission system isspecially designed to meet the needs of dji fpv, providing users with crisp and clearvideo transmission in real time. The dji fpv control sticks are designed tocontrol, the movements of the aircraft simply rotate the control sticks and attach them to the remote controller press once to slow the aircraft down and hover controls, the tilt of the camera, variousflight modes switches and customizable buttons right and left. Stick resistant adjustable screws tighten the screw to increase the verticalresistance of the corresponding stick. The controller is super easy to use tap thered lock button twice to start the motors hold to auto start click twice: toauto load. There is a gimbal tilt slider on the side that allows you totilt the gimbal to the angle you want.

The throttle button is obvious for thethrottle and allow you to move forward easily. The dji fpv goggle v2 is of excellentquality and looks like a high tech gadget from a science fiction movie. The t shapedheadband is adjustable in width and height, make it comfortableto wear for any head size. The dji fpv goggles v2 has a total of 4 control buttons, channel adjustment up and down shutter record and back button and a 5d joystick. Instead of an internal battery, it comes withan external 2s, 1800 mAh powerbank. According to DJI, you can operate up to 110min on a fully charged lipo battery usb type c, and micro sd slots are located on the bottom left on the bottom. There are two slidersone for each eye that allows you to adjust the interpupillary distanceipd between 58 and 70 millimeter. Before i use the drone, i always like to update thefirmware, because i want to use the latest versions. The flying experience is little differentwhen. You use the goggles for dji fpv drone compared to when you control mavic drones. With your regular smartphone screen. The fpv is more technicalthan, most of other djis drones. Fpv drones are fun to fly. This is a ready, tofly machine with fantastic flight capabilities. In fact, it is probably the best ready to flyfpv drone on the market if you are interested how to get flying.