So i have blue red and orange. Now youre, probably wondering about these props hey. Should i buy them? Are they any good? Well, i dont know because i havent tried them yet but im about to go outside and try them. I just want to read what is on the master airscrew website, so they say that hey faster max flight time 11, faster, okay, so thats pretty decent 13 max ascent speed. So when youre going straight up, youll go 13 faster. It says a 2 improved efficiency, so that means you should use less battery power and get a little bit more flight time. I dont know if youll notice, two percent, it says when youre flying this youll notice, better responsiveness and agility and they say theres an improved, sound pitch. We believe that racing should sound like racing test. The mesmerizing sound of flying at 100 miles per hour, thats just gon na scream, oh im, looking forward to trying these. So let me show you what you get in a box. So when you open it, youre gon na get a set of stickers, master air screw a set of safety instructions, and then you get the props and they are all nicely placed together like that. Okay. So if i take a prop off my drone – and i compare the two, what do i notice first thing i notice is that the master air screw props are more like a bullnose prop and if i look at the angle of the prop well that ones hard To tell the way im looking at no, i dont know i cant tell if theres more of an angle there might be but its hard to tell so.

Let me just weigh them here and see what the difference in weight is. Okay, so the original dji prop weighs a total of five grams. The new master airscrew ludicrous prop weighs a total of seven grams so from a weight perspective. It tells me that these props are thicker. They have more plastic in them and yes, im trying to bend them so maybe thats how they chop through the air. Yes, yes, these are very, very flexible. The original dji props very flexible. These are very solid. Oh yeah! You cannot bend these at all, not at all so thats. Why thats, why theyre, probably pretty loud and gives you a lot more flight characteristics? Now i should mention as well that the master air screw props are plug and play. That means that you dont have to attach anything on your drone. You just take your old prop off. You take your new prop. You just match the motor im going to try to do this with the front one since its closest to the camera. But my fingers are in the way and then you do your normal press down, spin the motor and its locked in place, and it is ready to fly so uh next thing. Im going to do is take this outside, but i do want to test the speed. So, im going to try to put the sky rc gps module on the drone. What ill probably do is if props flying everywhere, because i never put those on – is ill – probably velcro a piece of velcro on the back of a few batteries ill.

Try a new battery each time. I try this and then velcro this right in the rear, its not in the way of anything, and it doesnt weigh anything so it shouldnt hamper anything and then well see what our total high speed race tests are. So lets go outside and try this all right. I have the normal dji props on to start for the first flight, and i have our gps unit back here and ive put some velcro along the battery. So all i have to do is first power this on so its not in the way there we go now im going to take our gps unit skyrc and im just going to stick it in the back like this, and it should attach nicely just press that In without powering it off there, we go its on as long as i dont crash. This wont go flying anywhere, please dont crash. Okay, first flight is, with the normal dji props, on here, im going to put it in manual mode, its the only way its going to work am i in manual mode sport mode, normal manual. There we go wheres my antenna, i havent flown manual. For a long time there we go props going and lets go straight up in the sky there we are our drone fly. Now there is wind, so im whipping down the field here, im gon na, take it around and whip it back. So in one direction its with the wind, the other direction, it is against the wind, so its just going to give me the top speed of what im doing this time im going to do a dive.

So let me see whats the height im going to take up to 120 meters and dive there. We go full blast right at the ground, get that over its cold out here guys my fingers are freezing lets. Go all right. Lets go way up again: im up to 120 and another dive coming straight down to the ground. There we go thats going to give you a super fast speed with these props and of course, you can do up at everything, but im going to do the same with the other set of props from aster master air screw and see if theyre, safe, all right. So lets bring it on back to me coming back for a landing, bring it over here. Someplace over here, bring it on down there. We go okay, so lets take the gps off there. We go lets power. This off im gon na put a fresh battery in all right same thing as before. Lets put some velcro back here. All right next thing lets: take these props off the dji ones and were going to put a set of the master air screw props on im. Going to put the blue ones on because i want to show theres a huge difference in color, so were going to go from the gray to the blue. It would be so much better if it wasnt so cold out today, all right with my frozen hands. I am going to put these on the drone Music all right.

There we go. I think i got them on tight im just going to make sure okay. So if youre new to master air screw props, let me show you something really quick. These props are longer than the dji props, just by a few millimeters. So if you have anything on your dji fpv drone like i had these little fins here, ive had to remove them because the props just touched them slightly. So i dont want them in the way so ive taken them off. Now we take our gps here. All the lights are on its ready and it should stick on the velcro in the back there we go all right, so lets put it in uh. What do we want to go in manual mode there we are and tap tap there. We go motors starting and way up all right here we go master air screw props. Is this thing going to keep on going? Is it going to obliterate itself due to the high speed whipping around coming back its going pretty fast against the wind with the wind spin it around bring it down low its windy out today? So i really cant tell you if i notice any differences in the flight patterns, nothing at all its a very windy day, so that affects everything. Whoa theres, a little poster anyways. So lets get some speed going here and ill do some dives! Okay! Here we go were going up up up up up up height, uh lets get our way up there, 120 meters.

There we go, lets dive down coming down coming down whoa and there we go back up that should warm up the motors and battery. Try this again up, get up to 120 meters, wow climbs, pretty fast, all right and were going to go this way to dive down this time there we go got a few dives. That should give me some weird wicked speed. All right now, youre probably wondering how is it with these master screw props for freestyle? I have no idea but ill just try a quick little roll here. Nothing exciting, like i said im in the wind, so im getting bounced around quite a bit. Come back over to me, Music, coming down there, we go all right so youre curious to know the results with the master air screw props. So take a look at my phone screen. It says my height was 168 meters thats, not really true, because in my goggles it said i was like 120 130 meters, so i never got up to 168. Not unless i popped up really quick and then came back down, not really sure says my max speed as you can see on the phone was 145 kilometers per hour, and i will put what that is in miles per hour right up there. And if you look at the top portion it shows my distance. I flew time elapsed and average speed was 70.. Now let me show you what my readings were using the master air screw props.

So here we go there. You go look at the phone, it says i went 200 meters in height, but a speed of 162 kilometers per hour, so i was really booting it with the master airscrew prop. So they do give you more speed and you can see distance as i flew a longer distance about the same flight time, and you know my average speed was about 73 kilometers per hour. So, according to my really really unscientific uh trials here with this little gps module on the back, it shows that the master air screw props will give you a faster flight time now. Let me point out really quick: if you have this dji fpv drone and you dont fly in manual mode, say you fly in normal mode and sport mode, you probably wont see much of an improvement because in normal mode and sport mode gps is on and any Drone, like a camera drone gps drone when theyre under gps satellite positioning system, they dont fly very fast and they dont fly in the same manner. So you really are restricted to what the drone says. Youre allowed to fly so, in other words, normal mode, has a max speed. Sport mode has a max speed. You cant exceed that. Even if you are like put on the most amazing props in the world, but in manual mode there are zero restrictions. You can go as fast. You want do whatever you want, so thats when you get the speed.

Everything else hope that sums it up. Links are below to this product. Here, master air screw uh. You can check them out, theyre, not too expensive. I think they run about 16 bucks for four okay, so theyre, maybe theyre a little bit pricey, because if you break one you need another one. So youre gon na have to buy some more, but most people probably buy two sets in two different colors so that youre okay, for that but hey, i like them ill leave them on all right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you have questions on the Product just post it below, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.