Dji repair tape, 300 quid off the dji store much cheaper than buying the care refresh package. Okay, let’s go for a line of sight flight with this guy i’m, going to turn the drone on first and then the controller i’m gon na be flying this in full manual mode or acro mode, as we know it in the hobby. A problem with flying in manual mode that we don’t have in the hobby is the fact that if you leave the manual mode button pressed and then turn the quad off and back on, it goes back to normal mode and that’s a problem, because the way you Arm this guy is with a double tap here, which isn’t going to work so i’m going to have to go back into normal mode into manual mode, and now the double tap armin works. Something i’m glad that they’ve really added a switch would have been nicer. But a single tap on this is no good because you accidentally press these buttons. So if you accidentally pressed the disarm button, then it just fall out the sky so throttle down here and double tap of this under arms. So i can take off here in full. Acro mode or manual mode i’ve got the rates set to around about 750 degrees per second for the max velocity, which is a little bit higher than i usually have. But you can see, i can do my normal acro flying there’s a nice loop.

The light is getting a little bit low today i have got the goggles plugged in back there. What i was finding is that when the goggles weren’t plugged in it was leaving manual mode and going back into normal mode now, one problem i see flying this model in full acro is the fact that the batteries cost 1′ gbp compared to what the 22 gbp The 6s battery like this would cost on a hobby quadcopter. Now the problem with that price is the fact that i can do this. That is full throttle. Now people will try and argue with me that oh, the dji battery management system will mean that you can have you know hundreds and hundreds of flights, but everyone in the comments of this video and my subscribers will tell you that i don’t care how good your Battery management system is, if you are giving it def on full throttle that battery is going to be dead in about 50 flights, and that is an expensive battery to keep doing that with now, i would say: dji are hedging their bets that most people are just Going to fly in sport mode with this guy, because if i smash this right now, it’s going to be in pieces and be very expensive. So most people aren’t going to be flying. It like this especially line of sight. But this is how i’m flying this model with loads of power. I can actually hear the voltage sagging there can actually hear it and voltage tag is not a good thing.

It does feel limited. So i think you know when people talk about the battery management system. Music, then you know they will have put a limit on there. We call that a throttle limit so that we don’t destroy our batteries as quickly but i’m telling you. There is no way you’re going to get lots of cycles from this battery with them, allowing it to throttle up like that, every time it does that that is def for a battery, and you know if you just hover this thing around then yeah you will get Near to a 20 minute flight time, but if you fly it full acro like this, you know on full throttle. You could have a five to four minute flight time. Those are the flight times that we see with our hobby drones and guess what our batteries Applause. Last about 50 cycles, if we are lucky so this is where you might want to consider getting into a hobby fpv drone, because it’s going to be much cheaper on the batteries Music. But i have to say this is fun when it comes to you know, people say: oh, it flies like uh clean flight or beta flight 2016.. I think people have been a bit harsh on it. There Music, i think, it’s better than that. I think you can actually fly it pretty smooth. You need to mess with the rates you can get good results out of it, but it’s quite the price you pay to get those results, see if i can get a bit of a screenshot of it eh.

One thing i do like about this is flying at line of sight is i can see how much battery i got left. I tell you what you cannot see the leds very well for line of sight. I thought, oh, that would be great for orientation for beginners, but actually they’re, not that bright and the sun shining on them. But you know you can’t hear any wobbles any wobbles. You can hear coming from my fingers. The controller i’m not used to Music it’s like an fr sky x light. As you can see, i can throw around like an fpv hobby journal and i remember people saying dji aren’t going to bring out a freestyle drone that flies just like a hobby ground. Well, actually not true, it flies just like a freestyle model and it flies very good. What it’s not good at is crashing and speaking of crashing, i uh i don’t want to jinx it. So what i do like is the disarm thing, so i can just quickly disarm it. Two presses disarm now this is really good. This is a good thing. Everybody doing acro with this guy needs to have that quick arm and disarm.