Photography today were going to be doing a long term review of the dji fpv drone when it comes to major releases like this, i like to follow up down the road, especially with something like this. That is totally different. It was kind of the first drone like this available on the market. I know theres many people who still have a lot of questions about it, who are still on the fence whether this is a right choice for them, its not something they want to jump into, because it does have a fairly high price tag. Now this long term review is not going to be a very technical video going over all the specs and features because theres already a ton of videos available on youtube about that. This video is going to be more about my user experience over the last six months and how ive enjoyed it now when dji launched the original fpv system about two years ago, maybe a little bit more. I was pretty excited about it because i was thinking about getting into fpv and when dji launched the digital version. I thought it was a perfect time to get in, so i started spending money on many different types of digital fpv drones. Some of these have a full air unit in it. Some of them are just the caddix vista, but, as you can see here, i did buy quite a few. I was really experimenting with it and trying to learn the hobby, and i found myself just getting more frustrated than anything theyre, not the easiest thing to pick up.

You have to really log a lot of hours, a lot of stick time to get good at it. These fpv pilots that you see on youtube that are doing pretty incredible, maneuvers and tricks thats, not something you pick up overnight. It takes a lot of time, a lot of dedication and a lot of practice, and for me i just didnt have that kind of time. For me a couple times a week, i have a few free hours in the evening where i can get out and fly, and on top of that i still enjoy flying gps drones. So you know it was kind of hard to get the time in there to really learn it. So, needless to say, a lot of those fpv drones were just collecting dust when it comes to fpv. I was more interested in filming cinematic fpv shots, not so much. The freestyle stuff, where youre flipping around trees and through little obstacles and that a lot of people like that, but that really wasnt what i was interested in. I wanted to learn fpv for cinematic flying just some different perspectives that i could edit into some of my videos. So when it was rumored that dj i was gon na be releasing an fpv drone. I got pretty excited and of course i did buy it right away and its probably some of the best money ive ever spent in this hobby ive had an immense amount of fun with it, and ive got some pretty interesting content as well.

Now, for me, the appeal of the dji system is that the learning curve is really small. If you know how to fly a mavic or even a mavic mini. You already know how to fly the dji fpv, now youre not going to have all the skill in manual mode, but in normal mode or sport mode. For the most part, it flies just like a mavic, its held in place by gps. If you let go of the sticks, its just going to sit there and hover it has all the safety features that you would expect from a dji drone like if you happen to become disconnected. It will come right back to you now, as mentioned ive been flying. This, since it came out about six months ago, its almost been six months and ive got probably at least 300 flights logged with it and for me, ive only been in manual a handful of times, im, not really great at manual but again, thats. Not why i bought it, i didnt really buy it to be doing flips and rolls now some people thats what theyre interested in. But for me again, i just wanted to get some nice cinematic footage. I wanted the thrill of the speed, because this thing flies extremely fast and just the immersive flight wearing the goggles, now im, just gon na go over a couple things here. Why? I really like it and what appeals to me about it. The first is easy charging.

These are intelligent flight batteries, so you dont have to worry about voltages, making sure you dont run them too low improper charging, and on top of that theyre very safe lipo batteries that you use with traditional fpv drones. They can be very unstable, they can cause fires and you really have to pay attention to the voltage when youre flying, but as mentioned with the dji fpv drone batteries, you just plug them in charge. Them youve got a regular meter just like a mavic telling you when the battery is low when the battery gets too low. The drone is automatically going to go into an automatic return to home, so the system is just easy to use and flawless. As mentioned its easy to learn and its easy to fly, even if youve never even flown any drone before you can pick this up pretty quickly, no matter whether youre, young or old, or middle aged its a good system for everybody, as mentioned its also scalable to Your skill level, so you can start out in a normal mode, just kind of cruising around. You can then move to sport mode to pick up the speed a little bit when youre ready, you can move into manual mode and even manual mode has two different modes. One where the angle roll is limited, so you dont have to worry about accidentally flipping over and then you can put it into full manual where you can do all your tricks, flips and dives, and all that wonderful stuff.

But for myself i leave mine in sport mode most of the time i find it flies fast enough and it gives me the shots that i want to get another really nice feature is the break button. Some people call it the panic button thats one thing: regular, hpv drones, dont have once you take off youre committed to the flight. You cant really stop to take a breather, get your composure. You have to be on until you land that drone. If you run into trouble, chances are youre just going to end up crashing your drone or perhaps even losing it when youre flying the dji drone. If you get a little bit nervous and you just want to take a break, you can just take your hands off the sticks and the drones just going to stop and hover if youre in manual mode flying – and you happen to get yourself into trouble disoriented. All you have to do is hit the panic button there, the break button and the drone is just going to ride itself and just sit there and hover. So a lot of nice safety features to make your flight a little bit more comfortable and, as mentioned, the return to home is a really nice feature. I had an incident the other day with it. I was actually flying at my sisters. Farm now. Usually, the drone has really good penetration and really good distance, but the way i was flying, i was flying pretty low to the ground and then on top of that i went in behind some trees.

Now, if i was flying a regular fpv drone, it would have just disconnected and the drone would have crashed. I would have to go out and try and find it, but with the dji drone you could see in this footage here once it got disconnected it just break and stopped where it was. It then put itself into return to home, so it started to rise to the predetermined height, but then, of course, it reconnects and i was able to take manual flight again. So its all those safety features that just make it a really enjoyable experience and takes away the worry another thing if you like to fly long range, this is perfect for it. Now you are limited by the battery, but sometimes id like to send mine out a little bit of a distance. You can see here in this footage here i sent it out to an abandoned lighthouse and it was about two kilometers two and a half kilometers offshore. Sending it out that far and capturing footage, i had no worries at all, because i knew the drone would keep track of the battery level for me and initiate a return to home when it thought it needed to come home. And if i got disconnected from being out too far again, it would just come home now im, not a highly trained fpv pilot by any means. So you know sending out a regular fpv drone that far especially over water is something that i would probably never do.

But with the dji drone there was no issue at all now another nice thing i will be able to do with the dji fpv drone. This winter is fly it in the snow. I havent been able to do that yet because we havent had snow since i purchased this. But again i wouldnt send a regular fpv drone out in the snow because of my skill level. Id probably end up crashing it out in the field, and the snow would never find it. So all the way around its just a fantastic little drone ive had an immense amount of fun, its just thrilling, flying that fast in sport mode. You can get up to almost 100 kilometers an hour if you put it into manual mode. You can go a lot faster than that now, a couple other things i do want to talk about. You may have noticed here. I do have a camera mount on the top. This is by small rig. They have an accessory kit for the dji fpv drone which i purchased and, for the most part it works quite well. Now i have had a gopro on it. You know just mainly for testing purposes, but i find the camera on. This is more than adequate im pretty happy with the footage. I dont really like putting cameras on it, because the drone does sound a little funny up in the air and you do lose a bit of performance and agility, but what i do like to do with it just to get some interesting perspectives.

You can see in this footage here. I have an insta360 go to attached to it with a curved gopro mount, and that just gives you an interesting perspective when flying around its kind of fun to add to your edit. Now it isnt something i really recommend doing when i do attach it. The center balance is really off and the drone does make some very odd noises while its flying around. I dont do it too much, because i dont really want to push my luck or do any damage to the drone now. Another nice feature of the dji fpv drone is that the camera is tiltable and what i mean by that is on a traditional fpv drone. You know youre gon na mount a gopro on it if youre, trying to capture cinematic footage and, of course youre gon na have the fpv camera out front, but once you have your gopro on it and youre flying its in that fixed position, you cant change the Angle, unless you come back and land and then adjust it that way and myself, i have gotten some footage that didnt look all that great with a gopro just because the angle was a little off, but with the dji fpv drone, you can adjust the camera just By using the gimbal wheel on the controller and that way, if you want more sky in the shot or you want to angle the camera down, youre able to do so now, another thing i want to talk about here is wearing glasses with the goggles.

I know theres a lot of people who have asked me about wearing glasses and im a person i wear glasses for driving or, if im, watching a movie or something anything that i need a little bit of extra clarity in the distance. When i first started flying with it, i didnt think i needed my glasses, because everything in the center was nice and clear, but the problem i was having is no matter how much i adjusted the vision at the bottom there with those adjustments, the outside of the Picture was always a little bit blurry. So then i tried it with my glasses, and the whole screen was crystal clear, so indeed you can wear these with glasses with no issue at all. Now, with that said, i just want to mention: dji sells a foam upgrade its supposed to help with light leakage. Some people say theyre more comfortable. I did try them, but the problem was: is that once i put them on, i was no longer able to get my glasses through because it does make the opening a lot smaller. So keep that in mind if you do end up purchasing the dji fpv drone and you wear glasses, you may want to avoid that upgraded sponge. You may find that your glasses dont fit underneath correctly anymore now as much fun as ive had with this drone. There are a few issues with it that you need to be aware of now.

The first thing is is that this thing can be damaged fairly easy. Now, with that said, it is a fairly robust drone. Ive actually crashed this a couple times and uh for the most part, ive been pretty lucky ive had some props ive had to replace, but really its like a mavic drone. If you crash into a tree or a wall cement wall at full, speed, youre gon na break it and most likely will have to be sent back in for repair now. Dji does sell these arm bracers for it and the two times i did crash mine. I had them on so you know. I do believe that these do help stiffen up the drone and can prevent some damage. So definitely i do highly recommend them, and on top of that they do sell some replacement parts like, for example. Here we have a gimbal and camera unit, and this is actually fairly easy to replace on your own. You know so its a fairly easy fix. If you happen to fly into something and you damage the gimbal and camera, you can order these on the dji website, and you know its a pretty easy fix. The other replacement parts they sell here are the landing feet at the front. These things can snap off fairly easy, especially if youre flying low to the ground, and you do a somersault. You kind of these things can snap off. They can be replaced fairly easy as well, so that is one of the downfalls of it.

You know knowing how fragile it can be kind of prevents me from getting too risky with it. You know theres some shots. I would love to try and get. But again i dont want to risk destroying the drone. I am hoping when dji releases a version 2. They are going to make it completely 100 modular, where its plug and play you can easily replace motors arms. I think that would make this drone much more appealing to many more people, because then they wont be so worried about destroying an expensive piece of equipment. The other downfall to it is that its quite bulky, this drone doesnt fold up for most storage options. You have to take the propellers off and then, of course you have the goggles the controller, the batteries. The batteries are fairly large in this, so you do have to have a fairly large case if youre a person who always likes to pack light travel light. This definitely is not a great choice, especially if you like to bring other equipment with you. I have a large backpack that i use that i have this drone in and i can carry a couple other drones in it as well its a big backpack and it actually has wheels because it does get quite heavy. The other thing is, it is a little bit pricey, especially if youre just starting to get into drone flying um. It comes in at 12.99 for the base kit that only comes with one battery.

If you do want to buy the fly more kit for more batteries and the charging hub, youre going to be looking at another 299 dollars and then on top of that, if you want even more batteries because uh three batteries, in my opinion, just isnt quite enough, The other downfall to it is that it is extremely loud, so be prepared to attract a lot of attention and some people dont, like that. You know. Quite often when i fly, i love the mini because nobody knows im flying it. It is very loud, especially if youre flying fast and aggressively, so maybe not the best choice to be flying in a quiet, suburban neighborhood and lastly, as mentioned the camera on this isnt too bad ive been pleased with the quality. Of course, it can always be better. I would like to see on the second generation a much better camera now. The other thing i want to mention too, when this drone first came out. A lot of people mentioned that this is a great beginner drone for fpv people who want to learn fpv. In my opinion, yes, it is indeed a great uh drone for beginners if youre wanting to learn fpv, but to me its not just a beginner drone, its also an end drone, as mentioned, i have all those other fpv drones that i purchased when dji released the Digital fpv system – i havent flown them since i picked up this drone.

For me, this drone is meeting all of my needs, in fact its exceeding my needs. So i have no interest to fly. Those other drones anymore, worrying about lipos, most likely theyre all going to go up for sale. At some point i might keep one of the little mini ones just for beating around and uh. You know doing a few little flips with it. So that is basically my long term review of the dji fpv drone. I really hope dji continues down the fpv path. I would love to see some different variations of this drone. As mentioned, maybe perhaps a cinema rig. I would love to see a little sub. 250 gram, one and perhaps maybe theyll make one thats more geared to freestyle for people who just want to do a lot of flips and different things like that. Well, folks, thats, basically it for this video. If you enjoyed it and got some value out of it, give it a thumbs up.