Did you see that, so today we are unboxing and also reviewing the dji fpv combo. This is the drone uh. I just got it today. I ordered it like, maybe a week ago, so let’s see what’s inside Music it’s the most satisfying part of the video we’re coming close boom all right. So here is the big boy uh, the drone that everyone has been waiting for, the goggles are on display and then the drone itself is on display, so let’s just take out both of these from the box wow. This feels so legit, oh, my god. Let’S get to see the different parts of it: oh wow, and now we have the remote control for the drone. You open this box, wow, so many little parts we got the propellers. We got another four propellers dji for this kind of price. You guys should have included at least a bag with the drone comment down below. If you guys agree with me, wow, okay, now we got everything. All we need to do is go out in the real world test, this bad boy and rate it like. Is it worth it or is it not for 1300 i’m going to call my friend, francis and let’s talk to him let’s see what he has to say about the dji fpv drone um i’ll see you guys in the next frame outside all right guys. So basically, we just spent like two hours updating the dji firmware on the drone and now we’re flying it.

So let’s go i’m excited what happened: Music, Music. Otherwise, if that was like the race drone, it would have like flipped like a thousand times Music, all right guys. So, basically, after two and a half hours of firmware, update, we’re finally gon na be able to take this off all right. Francis do your thing and we’re not going to city, because the sun’s going down in an hour, we’re gon na, be shooting here in the suburbs. Let’S go Music, Music let’s go to the field. Yeah let’s go Music. We have like one bar left. Well, the good thing with this drone, though like if it dies. I can just if i press this button here it it will pause it and if i press and hold it, it will return to home. But the racing drone that doesn’t have that feature, and you know it just it was just crash. Basically it says flyers only we came to a place where we could actually fly the drone legally. Francis back. There is getting the dji fpv drone prepared i’m kind of nervous flying that drone, but he said it’s really easy, just like the the ones i have the dji mini 2. uh, but let’s go back there and try to fly the drone. We have two other drones. The city, wolf and the race drone, so i think we’re gon na fly the race drone with the fpv drone. All right. Are we ready all right, let’s let’s, do it Music? Oh, it feels like a regular drone, slash an fpv drone but it’s not like a race drone.

I could say that so that’s it we don’t have enough battery in this uh. It turns out the battery has died on that thing and plus we’re so skeptical about this thing, but we’re also flying the racer drone. So fpv eraser drone right there um all right, let’s go i’m, not going to be able to fly that because it doesn’t have any like automatic like hovering. Just like the dji does let’s do it. This thing has no safety feature. No safety features Music. Oh, my god, it goes so fast, Music, whoa dji, you lost the dji. Can i mean it can do what this thing can do? It’S just it’s, just a little slower, much slower heavier by the way. Can you can you drop the drone for a sec? Let’S yeah drop Music. What is up guys? So this is the second time we’re at this park where we can fly the drone legally. France is not here today, so i’m gon na be shooting the drone myself. Hopefully, i’m not gon na crash it like i’ve done with my previous drones, rest in peace by the way guys, if you guys can see, i got the new merch it’s, all stitched up and it’s from champion. This is socks too. I got the socks too, but just make sure to go on parfait.com and support us. I need francis’s help. He is the professional fpv drone pilot what’s up man, yeah what’s up francis dude.

Like i tried to fly the drone, i mean i’m trying to fly the drone right now, i’m, having a hard time without you tell me how to how to work. This thing this is connected to here is that right, this one or the battery itself like how you turn on the drone press once and then press and hold you’ll, get it automatically. Oh wow. I could see it now, yeah all right francis. Thank you francis. Oh, my god, that’s why you shouldn’t do stuff without any knowledge. Okay, we got a dog. You got a what we got a dog coming up. I got ta, get a shot at the dog, really yeah, where’s, the dog that’s, a good boy. This is a cool drone. I like it. I like the flexibility. You know what i mean that the other drones don’t get i’d rate, it pretty good, but i still like my uh dji mini, who is the right person for this kind of drone hell? No. First of all, i don’t think this is for a beginner at all. If you’re like advanced or intermediate uh, a drone pilot like you’ve flown drones before you can buy it, but i don’t know how cinematic can you be? I don’t know if you can dive buildings with this.