This is mike welcome back to another video. I hope you guys are doing great today and in today’s, video we’ll be talking about the dji fpv drone and how i color grade my footage with it. Ever since i started posting my videos with the dji fpv drone here on the channel, you guys have been requesting to see my settings for recording cinematic footage and also you’ve been asking how i color grade my videos, especially on one of my videos. You really seemed to like the look of it, so i decided to make this video for you to show you how i color grade my footage with the dji fpv drone and it’s quite easy. You don’t have to use a specific software nowadays pretty much any software. Can do color grading and you can use luts and here is the keyword i have developed my own lut for the dji fp drone. I will link it down in the description you already saw the intro, so you see the before and after but it’s not the only thing i do. I don’t just slap my lut on top of the footage and call it a day. There is a little bit of tweaking afterwards but it’s. Pretty simple and i’ll. Show you how i do it so without any further ado, let’s go for it, so here we are in final cut pro x. This is my software of choice, but, like i’ve said before you don’t have to use this specific software.

You can use any software you like. As long as you have the basic controls. You will be fine, so i have chosen these two clips right here to demonstrate how easy it is to color grade them and how some little tweaks can do a massive difference. So we start with this clip right here, which, if we play, is pretty basic in terms of colors. It is very very flat because of the decent like color profile. This is pretty much the standard. Look that your footage is going to have straight out of the sd card. If you have selected decent like in the camera settings of the dji fpv drone, it is highly recommended to use these cinelike. If you want to color grade your footage afterwards, because it retains a little bit more data and you can color grade it a lot easier compared to footage that has been shot in normal, for example, so a plugin that i use to color grade. My footage is called color finale pro. It is about hundred dollars. You don’t have to use it. This is just my personal preference and i’m going to drag color finale pro on top of my footage and show you what i usually do when i want to color grade so here we have all these different controls that you can tweak, but the first thing i Will do is go to layers and click on edit layers when we do that, we will have the option to add a lut, and this is where i will be adding my own lut.

If i click on this, i will have my dji fpv drone lut, which i can enable and when i click insert you will see that is it’s terrible, but trust me. I have worked a lot on this lut to make it not terrible. So, of course, it is quite saturated and that’s on purpose, because you want to have more control over how much saturation you want to add. So the easiest thing you can do is to lower the intensity of the, and i usually use it at about 60 to 70 percent. Here i think 60 would be fine, so i’ll drag this down to 60 and we already have quite a massive difference compared to what we had before. I still don’t, like the look of it, though so we’ll have to tweak it a little bit that’s the thing with luts. You have to tweak them a bit because it’s not a one click solution for all of your footage, since it has been shot in different lighting. You have different colors, so you have to adjust those colors. So the thing that i do is click on this icon. Right here, which is the six vectors icon – and here you have control over all the different colors inside your footage. So for me, what i usually start with is to change the hue of the blue colors. So, for example, this the sky is a bit. You know. I don’t like the blue color of the sky, so i will change it a bit more towards the hue color and i will drop down the saturation a little bit and also the luminosity for me.

This really helps to isolate this color and make it a little bit more cinematic, and i do the same with the cyan color right here so i’m, slightly going to drag it over to to the positive side of this slider and then drop the saturation and drop The luminosity, you can, of course, always tweak it if things don’t. Look too good for you and, of course the orange color is the next thing which i want to tweak a little bit. It is a little bit um, weird looking so i will add a little bit more red to those rocks just a little bit and think you can always go to the you know to the extreme sides. Just so, you can see what difference it makes so like small values of 0.1 is enough and i’ll slightly desaturate it and lower the luminosity and check this out check. How much? How much more contrast we have, how much more difference we have in the colors and if i close this right now and click on disable this tab, you will see the difference we’ve made with the lut and a few adjustments. So now i will add a little bit more exposure, since i think the shot looks kind of dark. 0.2 0.3 is good enough. We don’t want to overexpose the footage. We will add a little bit of contrast, maybe like so uh from here. What i really like about color finale pro is the fact that you can change the temperature, the tint and the saturation of your footage.

So i will add just a tiny bit of saturation, even though we have removed some saturations from some of the colors. But we will add it to the global clip right here and then we will add a little bit of sharpness like three or four or five is good enough. We don’t want to have a super, sharp footage and then we are pretty much done with this footage. Of course, we can use a lot more time to tweak it and you know play with it, so you can make it uh better in your own eyes, but this is just for demonstration purposes. Obviously it takes a little bit longer for me usually, but here is how the footage looks like and of course my computer is struggling as we have 4k 60 footage here, but you see the you see the difference from the before and the after. Next, we will go to this other clip which i really like, but i i shot it in the wrong white balance. I think it it’s too blue and sometimes this can really ruin the look of your footage. So we’ll do exactly the same thing. So we’ll drag the color finale pro plugin. On top of that footage, we’ll go to edit layers, we’ll, add our lut and again it’s a little bit too saturated. I will lower it to about 70 percent. I think it’s not as drastic as the previous one. So yeah 70 percent, or something like that it’s good enough and then we’ll, go and add the six vectors once again and for for here i think we don’t have to adjust the blue as much.

Maybe i’ll desaturate the blue just a little bit because i don’t want it to be too saturated and too fake. Looking, if you, if you know what i mean and i’ll, do the same with the cyan color just a little bit, i i prefer to have those kind of muted tones um here in this clip and i will simply drag the hue on the orange a little Bit because we we want to have a little bit more color inside those colors right here. These sections of the rocks that have a little bit more orange on them um and then i will drop the luminosity just tiny bit and i think i will play the clip, so i can see how it looks and what we have done so from here. I think it definitely needs a little bit more contrast. It needs a little bit of global saturation and it needs definitely needs, in my opinion, a little bit warmer look. So i will increase the temperature just a tiny bit, so we can have a little bit more of that sunny look because, like i said, i showed it with the wrong white balance. It was just too blue and i just didn’t enjoy how the regular footage looked like, so i will increase the exposure just a little bit, so we have more more of that bright, sunny, look inside the footage and if we disable color finale, you will see how Dark – and you know just muted those colors are and with the lut and just a few tiny settings tweaked, we already have a lot more presence.

We have a lot more of that sunny natural, looking colors that are just very much more pleasant to look at so, as you can see, it’s really easy to add the lut and also tweak it a little bit after you add it, because sometimes those colors need To be adjusted for me, it’s, mostly the blue colors and the orange and and the red ones that need to be tweaked, but uh it’s really easy to change the hue a little bit or just saturate them a little bit more or desaturate them uh. Depending on what type of look you’re going for, but for me that orange and teal color scheme is really appealing and i’m just a huge fan of that. So this is my preferred way of color grading, my fpv clips with the dji fpv drone. I think it’s very, very simple, but it definitely works so that’s pretty much it guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how i color grade my footage with the dji fpv drone. If you have enjoyed this video, please do me a favor hit the like button and subscribe. If you want to see more videos like this one, i really do appreciate it with. That being said, i hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.