You just want to watch footage of the dji fpv drone and the gopro hero 9., and i will see you at the 2 minute and 37 second mark to figure out learning how to fly this thing from zero. So without further ado lets watch the footage, Music Applause Music, but if the british empire and its commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say this was their fighting tower little sight in france, which will fight on the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds we shall fight in the fields and in the streets which will fight in the hills. We shall never surrender what kind of a people do they think we are. Is it possible? They do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them. Long as we have faith in our cause and an unconquerable willpower salvation will not be denied us. Ah, this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end sure i am that this day now we are. The masters of our fate. Do Music, my Music Music? Oh fpv, drone! Now it has been my dream, since i was probably four years old to be an x wing pilot and probably the next best thing to being an x wing pilot, probably going to be flying this bad boy, 87 miles per hour and ive played ace.

Combat ive played star wars, squadrons ive done the whole vr pilot thing on the playstation, and this is aimed towards beginners. So i think i should have a pretty fair shot at doing okay here in the beginning, so one thing that im not so excited about with the dji fpv drone is the camera quality. You cant shoot in 24 frames per second and honestly when im looking at other creators footage when they use just this camera on the drone. I am not super impressed by the image quality so to compensate for that got a gopro hero9 some filters for the gopro, and then this special little thing that i ordered off of ebay then well strap this bad boy to the top of the drum right out Of the box is everything you need: drone remote, intense, looking goggles and a ridiculously intense startup noise, oh thats, so unnecessary. I want to meet the guy who put that noise in there. I am going to hook this up to the flight. App dji has their own flight simulator app after watching other creators. I figured i needed to spend at least 10 hours in the simulator before attempting to fly it for the first time in real life. The app walks you through the basics, but in manual mode there are a lot of basics. This drone is not like normal dji drones. You need to understand and control throttle yaw pitch roll attitude. It is very difficult at first and the goggles started making me sick.

Oh hey, by the way like this thing is not like normal vr like so. If you like, shake your head. Oh oh, i dont like that. Thatll make you dizzy. All right lets go through the academy. Before i started. I was pretty certain that after a few hours in the simulator id be able to fly the drone even the next day, i didnt realize how difficult this was going to be control, stiff throttle controls, propellers, throttle up to increase aircraft down and decrease yaw controls, the Horizontal rotation pitch up pitch down right move to the left. Oh, oh! I just nodded my head dont! Do that its literally just flying straight! This cant be that hard. This is not the same at all as normal drones. Oh, what the heck whoa! Oh gosh dont move your head, dont move your head, thatll, make you safe. I got ta. Do five of these man im already sick. Okay! Here we go. Oh dont move your head gosh. That makes you sick. No. That is really hard. So i had planned on like being able to fly this thing tomorrow, but honestly i dont know i am not at all comfortable yet flying this thing in real life, and this thing is heavy. If this thing hits someone or something thats doing some damage well, after several days of practicing at least an hour per day, i nervously decided to take the drone out and fly. I knew i needed to push myself past the discouragement id been feeling in the simulator, but i wasnt at all any more confident for this first flight: Music, Music.

In short, the flight was a waste all right, its not switching to manual mode come on. I couldnt figure out how to put it in manual mode. The gopro was facing up the whole time and the footage was useless. The only successful thing i managed was flying through my friend jakes legs in super slow, normal mode. To be honest, i started to wonder if this dream of flying fpv was ever going to actually happen, but once again i knew i needed to push past that discouragement. I decided the next morning to head out and figure it out. Nothing was going to stop me from becoming a great pilot and i couldnt quit Music goggles remote gopro drone extra pair of pants, my hearts, beating so fast nervous, but determined to push forward. I made my first manual flight Music Applause, okay, yeah, all right. A little crash landing, but i think im pretty happy with that lets go i just cant wait for the next time. I i im not gon na, be able to think about anything else today. I have to do that again. Okay, honestly, i am 110 committed to just keep practicing at this. You just feel like this unlimited feeling of freedom with this, and so i am one thousand percent committed to practicing. The thrill was incredible. I practiced anytime, i could just flying around the neighborhood and i was totally hooked. Music. Oh sprinklers just turned on ah Applause that was still so much fun though, and i feel like okay, i got a little bit over the nerves that time so well see how this next one goes.

Then, a few days later, i knew i was ready for my first cinematic shoot. 5 000 feet later lets: go Music, Music, so Applause, so Music, Music, its broken this landing gear right here is kind of broken like that, and then on the back side. Light is broken as well. Yes, you can damage these things. However, the replacement parts arent that bad, i think its going to be about 15 for me to replace those parts overall, i am extremely happy with the dji fpv drone with the gopro. On top of it. I would not want to shoot just with the dji fpv camera alone, because it cannot shoot in 24 frames per second, which makes the footage have a little less of its of the natural motion blur that you can get from a lower frame rate. This drone takes practice the other dji drones you can just take out of the box and you know, fly at the very first time. You dont need a simulator. You dont need anything like that. However, with the dji fpv drone, you are going to have to spend a lot of time practicing its already been a month, and i still have so much to learn about how to fly this thing. For example, i feel like im always going way too fast. My thumb is just naturally going for that throttle, so i think this drone is for people who are willing to put in the time and effort to get the shots they want to get its going to take dozens and dozens and dozens of hours, unlike other drones.

Honestly, though, this thing is so much fun to fly, and i wish i could just spend a lot more time flying it. To be honest, also now that were getting to the end of this video, i just wanted to say thank you. In the last month there have been 19 new subscribers and its so cool that all that has happened in the last month, like together, the 19 plus me so 20 of us have started to create something. I dont know what it is, but theres just something in all of us that just has to create it hit me a few months ago. Like the importance of creation, i mean what, if what, if george lucas never created star wars like that, has impacted millions and millions of people. So what if he decided uh its too hard uh, no ones gon na, like my stuff and he didnt put his stuff out there to create and the same thing goes for you and for me, whats in your mind, right now that hasnt been created before its Still just stuck in your mind, no one else knows it besides, you and no ones going to know it until you put it out in a video and actually make something out of it. How many lives are you going to affect how many, how much joy youre going to bring to peoples day i mean what stories are going to be left untold. So obviously this channel is young and stuff.

You know were just starting this, but im excited to see where this goes. Im excited to see what creators kind of rise up and start making cool videos. And yes, this video is sponsored by plannervade and when i say sponsor i mean i made it planner vid. So im sponsoring myself now thats a flex but planner vid is the complete tool to discover what to film and how to film it for a youtube channel im able to plan out months ahead of content and im able to see what its going to look like On my youtube channel, like weeks even months before, i even make something that way. I know people are going to want to watch it and that its going to be enticing right, a good title and a good thumbnail, planner vid takes out all the planning part of it. So that way, i just focus on making fun videos. So if you want to get your free 7 day, trial of planner vids sign up below again, this channel is sponsored by well me because i made planner vid, but thank you again to the 19 new subscribers in the last month. Like i i am so excited. I cant wait to see what comes next, so to prove that you were here on this channel that you were in this community before everyone else before it was a big thing. Go ahead and comment below that. I was here, and together, were gon na, be the founding starters of a channel that helps people create things, speaking of which i have some more videos that i want to plan tonight and its getting kind of late right now and im excited.

So thank you again to the new subscribers and cant wait for you also im just very hungry, so i need to go.