This giveaway will include free shipping, and you have to have a six month or older youtube account. You cant just make a brand new account and apply it to this giveaway. If you make a brand new account were not going to account, you were going to be checking dates to make sure that it is an established youtube account. So that is super exciting, and we also have this eachine wizard ready to fly, bundle that were giving away for one dollar on the channel and be a subscriber find out when the new youtube short comes out from me. Announcing this drone is in the dollar store when it goes live, you will see it in stock, buy it quickly because theres only one and its first come first served and next up we also have a free drone thats going into the free drone store at Some point were going to announce this on a youtube short as well im going to tell you that this is in the free drone store. You can go to refresh the page. If you see it in stock, buy it quickly, you will have to pay shipping on this one inside the united states and outside, but the drone is free, so tons of new ways. You can get something on the channel im trying to give back as much as possible to the fpv community and the drone community around the world. Im really excited to be giving away this dji fpv drone to one lucky new subscriber in the next 100 000 to 200 000.

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