Everything fits great in this backpack we’re gon na boot. It up. I went ahead and just have the helipad here, since this thing does have a return to home right where you can just click a button or if it loses connection or whatever it will come back and try to land where it took off. So i think that’ll be kind of cool to see what the accuracy is now remember. I got three batteries. This is the fly more kit, so this is probably going to be a long review, so sit back and relax, because this is probably going to be about an hour while we initially see how it flies in the air get used to it. With the initial controller and then also try the motion controller too so we’re gon na do all that stuff in this review, so let’s get started with dji fpv let’s do it. We got this whole front section too. So i got like all the power brick and the main wall charging cable in there and then um. If we start doing some, maybe manual mode fpv. I got the two arm braces just kind of sticking in there. If we want to get really crazy with doing some crazy manual fpv, which usually entitles crashing right unzip in this front piece – and we got a whole bunch of extra stuff, so i got all the propellers right here. I got the um charging strip right here for all the batteries.

If i do wanted to connect my ipad, i have my ipad right. There i’ve got all my cables in here. I did go ahead and just bring an allen wrench, since they only give you one really thin one, but you need a thicker one to put on the leg braces. If you do get those extra braces, you do need a different allen, wrench, which they don’t include. Goggles battery and cable right here i like to keep my little desiccant packs in the pack, just just to keep everything you know moisture free because i am in hawaii here, so this will be like a kind of a real real time. Setup it’s going to be a little longer than normal, because i’m talking and showing you guys everything but give you an idea of how long it kind of takes this thing to set up if you’re, maybe just starting and it’s your first time, because this actually is My maiden flight, after just updating, if you did miss my unboxing video, i will have it pop up here in a card it’s, also down in the description down below, so make sure you check that if you just wanted to see how it comes out of the Box all the updating and really inspecting it super close up anyway, we’re going to save the motion controller for a little bit later, we’re going to initially just use the regular controller. So this is really everything i need i’m going to take off.

The gimbal cover. First, throw that in the bag – and there you go so i got the battery already in here – just need to put the propellers on and, of course, the propellers go on to uh the ones with no red circle in the middle go on to the black motors. With no red on the motors, so i got two of these real easy dji’s infamous twist lock propellers super easy. You can’t really screw these up as long as you when you do twist them on and they pop back up just double check them, so they don’t fly off right. So putting these buggers on sorry about the overcast today, it’s usually really sunny here in hawaii, but today it is a sunday and man that sun just didn’t want to come out today. But who knows maybe it’ll rain on it? Maybe it’ll get sunny okay. So the drone basically is ready to go. I just need to quickly set up the controller so we’re putting on the sticks now remember. These sticks are a little smaller than usual, so these ones are going to be possibly easy to get lost, so be careful. Putting these on sticks on flip the antenna up, and this thing’s also ready to power on and ready to go the initial flight i’m just going to be kind of showing you how the thing performs, without putting my goggles on so i’m going to go through that. Just a little bit later so we’re going to save that for the second battery, i believe, make sure your batteries in there good.

Remember it clips in just like that tug on it make sure it’s not going to fly out plug in your power here and then all we got to do is turn this thing on. So, just a really quick click, click and hold powers, it up pretty cool yeah. How that thing turns on the camera goes up and down. Does this interesting vibration and let’s see if i have to relink this controller after i had that motion controller on remember this initial flight is just going to be like line of sight really getting close up and seeing how this thing performs great. So the controller did link up, so i don’t have to re link them. I guess they just both can’t link up at the same time, but if you initially link one or the other they’ll, always relink, if they’re powered on individually right. So here we go with the controller uh you want to do both sticks down and in and then once this thing powers up, you can see the propellers are powered on. I think in my unboxing i kind of showed it going and it it wouldn’t even turn off so it’s kind of like you have to just pull the throttle down. So maybe a little safety issue for beginners motors aren’t turning off i’m just going to push up just like you would like a normal drone, and you see those green lights they flash really quick. So that kind of means that um i was in sport mode.

When i took off, let me go into normal mode, was switching into normal, so basically normal enables the front obstacle, not really avoidance, but it slows down at obstacles. S is sport and then m is manual mode, so we’re just going to go between normal and sport. For this view right here, but you can see how it’s, just like a gps, dji drone super stable the sensors on the bottom. Here you know they’re, looking at the ground, you see how it goes up as i’m putting my hand up i’m, not even touching the controller let’s bring it back down here. Real quick, so remember, normal mode is like beginner right, so leave it in the end mode. If you want that and let’s just do like a full yaw to the left and you can kind of see how that thing is spinning cool, so we’ve got the gimbal right here. You see that so i can move the camera up and down. If i want to and then any position you put it, if i press forward or back you see how that camera is being stabilized, it’s kind of going up and down and keeping what’s keeping its level while the drone fluctuates up and down i’m not going to Do that for side side, so you’re going to get that in the video the side to side, but this is electronically, stabilized, uh, video, so kind of cool. So that was our yaw speed of normal, not too quick, nice and slow, and you can just see how it’s locking in solid i got about five mile per hour coming from my back right now, so let’s do a punch up and just see how quick it Is after i, kind of pull down let’s see what it’s doing with the sensors.

As i pull down, you see how it gets about a foot off the ground and it’s not going to land unless i hold it, that’s pretty cool, so let’s punch up full speed. Yeah it’s, pretty quick, but it’s gon na be faster in sport mode. You know that so pulling down all the way. Sorry about the overcast guys and same kind of thing it like gets to like 10 feet as other dji drones, and then those sensors come into play and slow it down a little bit so kind of neat. And then, of course, you can’t go all the way down immediately and tell you let’s, try to hold it and see if we can cancel that landing so holding it down, pushing up right away to cancel and yeah it does so. You see that it went into its landing sequence and i just pushed up the cancel, so that would be really cool for like flying super low to the ground. See that, because it has those bottom sensors let’s just see how it’s kind of doing make sure there’s. Nobody around me here, wow yeah. It feels really smooth just taking it nice and slow. So you can get these kind of cool like ground shots and it’s not going to hit the ground it doesn’t look like it. Almost looked like the propeller was going to hit the ground when i was cornering hard, but you see how it kind of stabilizes itself with those sensors pretty awesome, let’s see if it’ll hit this chair.

If i um kind of come back here and kind of run into it, let me get over by the chair here. It should just slow down. I don’t think it stops but say we’re booking it as fast as this normal mode can go yeah. I already saw the chair, look at that i’m pushing forward and it slowed way down. It gets right up next to it, but at least it slows down. So it looks like the obstacle. Avoidance is working great on the front, or i want to call it obstacle. Slow let’s try that again, so i can line it up i’m going to go right into here right into the chair. Boom full stick forward, yeah ooh and there goes it hit the chair. So there you go that’s what you can expect it’s going to slow, but man i didn’t, i didn’t pull up quite fast enough or pull back and that hit the chair. No damage to the chair. Looking at the propellers of the drone see how that camera is working, kind of cool huh, how it goes up and down that’s like the maximum whoa, it can go all the way down. Can’T go all the way out, maybe like 45 degrees. As you can see, though, the propellers did turn off that’s great checking all the wingtips, no kinks and no damage whatsoever. So as soon as it like hits something i guess hard enough and it creates enough resistance.

It’S, just gon na turn off that’s awesome. Okay, let’s launch again so remember both sticks in again and no problem powering right back up lifting off just pushing up and blinking lights again took its gps point cool man, so we know kind of how fast this thing can go. It’S, not super quick in normal mode. You know this is mainly for beginners or maybe getting cinematic. When you turn it slows down a little, so you can get that kind of cinematic, but really easy to control and smooth letting off. You can see it just took about five feet to stop remember this is 6s high powered voltage. Let’S switch this thing down to um sport mode, so sport mode takes off the front obstacle avoidance, so no more front optical avoidance. See that it’s not going to stop for me, i don’t want to cut my hands off so let’s see how fast this thing goes. Now i want to do a punch up again come on back right above the landing pad and let’s punch up. Oh yeah it’s way faster, but it did you hear that limitation on the throttle pulling down holding down still and even in sport mode. Those bottom sensors are working great though, and i don’t think it wants to land same way. Yeah it’s not going to go more than like a foot down unless you hold it so that’s great, but look how much power that has isn’t! That awesome goes up real, quick but it’s going slower down it’s not going to be um because it can see the ground right.

So, listen to that again when i punch it up, listen to the high throttle and then it maxes out at a certain speed. Listen to this, did you hear that maybe at about like 20 feet and it’s, not even going any higher, i think what it is. It knows it’s in full stick down again, and so this is going to be really hard to crash. So it’s like it knows, it’s in controller only mode, there might be a geo fence on out of the box. So when i get the goggles on we’ll figure all that out, but here it is so you can see how much quicker. I remember this has a spring loaded throttle so it’s just going to stay like a regular camera gps drone. Unless you open this up, take out the throttle spring, loosen the throttle spring and that’s mainly for manual flight, if you’re using it in s or normal mode. You want it to be in uh with this throttle spring, so you can have all that safety, hovering features and everything anyway that’s the yaw speed a little faster. You see that then, with it um little faster than with it being in normal mode, almost twice as fast let’s fly around a little bit wow it corners. Quick, though, look at this nice, so it’s, really quick in punching and turning and stopping in sport, so man so don’t go into this until you’re really comfortable with the normal mode.

Okay, again, no obstacle sensor in the front, but just look how that thing’s hovering this one is kind of loud it’s like a race, drone, loud kind of whiny. You know so it’s gon na draw some attention that’s for sure. Look at that thing. Looking great all the lights, are you can kind of see them good because it’s kind of overcast, but just look at this thing, turn man that’s, quick let’s, do a um kind of full throttle forward in sport and then a stop. Okay, just a short little run. I’M gon na stop it like when it’s right here, let’s see how long it takes to stop so full forward letting off that’s going to take a little longer and guess what guys i’m getting some red beeping on the lights. So good initial test i’m going to fly it out here, just a bit and we’re going to do a return to home. Okay, it doesn’t even want to go further than that i’m pushing full stick forward, so it isn’t some kind of geofence since there’s no goggles, which is good because you can’t really see it much farther than that. So i’m gon na hit the return to home. You just hold this in the left. Stick there and it’s gon na fly back let’s, see how accurate accurate it is it landing on that h, even though it’s a little low power just see what happens, you know kind of cool to have a super quick race.

Drone and a gps return to home drone at the same time when you need it, so you can go exploring like you know through valleys and stuff, and even if it loses connection uh, it will come back even if it drops connection not only pushing the return To home, so it apparently looks like it’s, not using the bottom sensors for um. You know: precision landing like some of the other dji drones, so i’m getting that’s two feet about maybe a little less. Maybe a foot and a half about two feet. I would say to the landing pad so just keep that in mind: it’s going to land within a few feet, and they say that in the directions too and the instructions for this guy, you can hear that fan going on. Let me get that close to the mic. You hear that. So there is a fan right here on top and it’s, just sucking the air through to keep it cool, because, as you can hear, this thing is really pumping out some apps to those motor wind motors. When needed, battery is blinking at one um light here, so that means we’re low can’t, see your percentages right now, because we don’t have the goggles on. Oh, i kind of am seeing a little bit of damage from that chair. I didn’t even see before you see that so these little guys just the tips just slightly bent up but nothing broke, i can bend these back down, so that was probably creating some drag on the battery too.

This one bent up just a little bit and that’s. It that was all the damage for that flight anyway. Let’S get these goggles booted up and see what we can do with the goggles and then we’ll, throw on that motion control and really have some fun all right, guys so back at the bag. I just want to show you the whole process of just switching on a battery put that in another pocket grab a brand new battery. This is the first charge on all of these, so just double check in can do a quick check, putting a new battery in clicking it in plugging it in they hit this chair right here. The propeller bent down – and it like, marked the arm just with some red paint off of the propeller, and i think, that’s, what bent the wing ticks tips up. A little bit is just by hitting its own arm kind of bent these up just a tad. You know what i mean so um. I do have an extra set. It comes with an extra set, but definitely man get some more propellers right because you will be hitting things even this one, a little bit of paint rubbed off on that arm and this arm. The two rights – and we want to pop in these goggles we’ll power them up and get going so the way we do this is they come with this little power cable, and this is just like a 9 volt battery that comes with you can press it and You can check your power and then same thing like you, power on all the other stuff press press and hold until you see all the lights come up and that power is on on that battery, not sure if that’ll turn off automatically if it senses nothing’s going On but as soon as you plug this in and turn that on, you can hear the fan goggles kick on.

You can hear that in the mic um, so the goggles are on so i’m getting recording, hopefully on the goggles and on the drone, so hey uh. Where are you there? You are by the way, thanks for tuning in if this is the first time you’re seeing video, i couldn’t even tell if it was recording when um when i was just flying line of sight. What we’ll do here is we’ll start in normal mode. I have normal switch on the switch and i can see on the bottom left of my screen. You guys won’t be able to see this, but it does say end mode, so i’m gon na go ahead and take off before we stop burning too much battery power. You can see that the motors do spin up there in the front, so you i’m not sure if you guys can see them in the view, but i can, in my goggles so home point updated cool. Remember that switch on the right now. I’M clicking it. The three way and i’m getting these quick camera views and then on the left roller i can roll down just nice and easy. You know what i mean. So if you forget, where, like your mid camera is you can always just click this button here up and down and it’ll? Take you right to the center, so let’s fly around just pushing forward again got my goggles on and i’ll have both screens up.

So you guys can see what my goggles are seeing and also uh what i’m seeing in the video so remember normal mode kind of has that oh cool there’s, an h on the screen too. So it knows where it’s home is. I forgot about that. This does have so i’m full stick forward now. I’M. Just cruising around um i don’t want to get too low because i don’t want to you know, run into any people. Let’S go out of ways get above these power lines. I don’t want to go over any people or houses here, especially with this one. You know this is this thing is, it seems like it weighs almost two pounds there. I just let off and i will have that video up, so you guys can see what’s going on and now since i have the goggles connected. Oh look at those jacarandas down there. So let’s try this this button. So the right clicker see that jack nice jacaranda and i’m just pushing forward again. So you can see that kind of roll in the screen so that’s for me, kind of rolling the craft left and right with the right stick and also with the left. Stick while i’m going forward i’m moving, it left and right, so it just kind of flies like an airplane sort of in this mode. Let off the sticks and just completely stop that’s the way the camera is working. I’M gon na pull the camera back up to horizontal position hit forward again, and let me tell you how fast i’m going 20 30 wow going faster than i thought it would.

30. 30 miles per hour, so basically you can get 30. with normal mode 132. Now, with some wind, i guess letting off, and you can see how fast that slowed down and stopped. It says height 40 feet and it tells you the distance in the goggles is 85 feet. I can move the camera around how i want once you get the camera to your position, see that and then you move forward or back the camera just stays in that position. So a really good, at least pitch really good, at least pitch stabilization. Now the side to side let’s see how it is: i’m, i’m moving the roll like real, fast left and right. So you guys will see that in the video and my goggles and also hopefully the drone is also recording. Let me go out of ways i’m going to switch into sport mode, so gimbal pitch access, endpoint reached when i stopped there’s a little message so just kind of maxed out. I can see on the bottom right how many minutes i have left to fly. My battery power is 69. You guys won’t be able to see this. It says 11 minutes left to fly, rc signals max, hd signals max 24 satellites and 93 percent in the goggles and on the top right it says, i’ve been recording for five minutes and 20 seconds switching into sport as we’re flying boom sport mode obstacle avoidance is Off you’ll be able to hear this coming up whoa, so i just let right off and did you see that it like rocked a little left to right so kind of strange? Maybe they can work on a few things, but you know you’re going to have that kind of problems with the race drone.

If you’re just there, we go. Let’S fly back out this way: 55 50 60 miles per hour, screaming 61. cool, so you’ll be able to kind of see the side to side guys. Oh, it just stopped on its own max flight distance reached okay, uh 1620 feet, fyi guys if you um, probably don’t mess with any of the settings. I’M gon na kind of get over just this area right here i got 56 percent power remaining and what i want to do is i want to go into my goggle menu i’m, just hitting the the top of my goggles here. Let me spin this around. So you guys can see a nice view of west maui mountains. You can see it’s fighting a little wind to the left. You see how it’s tilting to the left a little there’s a little wind coming from that front. Left um let’s see settings safety, altitude, okay, it’s, 1640. that’s, the max. You can go it doesn’t. Let you turn that off flight distance i’m gon na hit no limit there. We go okay, so it was at a limit by default, but there is a no limit option and return to home. Altitude is at 300. Excuse me 328 feet and you can adjust that between 66 and boy, so i guess i’ll just leave it uh. Well, i want to bring it down 328’s, a bit high, so i’m going to go to 131 there’s there’s just options you can’t, like punch in anything okay.

Here we go so i’m gon na go back, and now our distance shouldn’t be limited. I’M still in s mode, i see on the bottom left of my goggles i’m, not gon na go over these houses and i’m gon na go straight out a bit more see if we can get up to 60 yep going 60 still, hd just dropped to 3 Bars this isn’t really a range test, but i just wanted to check it out yeah and i’m. I can go way further, so you know if you want to do some exploring take that uh range limit off again, not going over any houses here and let me just do a slow roll on the gimbal down nice. So, while you’re exploring easily pitching the gimbal i’m going way the heck out here and as you turn, you can see where a big h on the screen where your home is that’s awesome. I love that coming in don’t want to hit the power lines, but i just want to come in and do a flyby hey guys whoa. Did you hear that don’t go over the houses, gimbal pitch maxed out issue again, pretty amazing let’s get up a little higher. So we’re, not this thing’s noisy, as you can hear, you’re going really fast. So you see these valleys here, man, this is gon na, be fun to like, maybe explore some of these valleys right. Look at this 25 power low battery r2h in one second, okay check that out it stopped.

It knows it centered its camera. It knows so. This does also have a low battery rth, so awesome. So you have all this ability let’s see yeah. We can move our camera up and down let’s see. If i do try to turn the drone nope, i can’t do any rolling or yawing, but i can pitch the camera up and down. Let me try that notching pitch yep see that oh, i can see the arms in my goggle a little bit. I guess we’ll see if you can see that in the hd video as well, so this battery’s at uh 19, guys it’s been recording for 10 minutes and there’s my spot. So i have the gimbal pitched all the way down. You can go a little bit more than if you just do this i’m just clicking this notching button on the right. The three way, but look at this, even though that’s maxed out on the bottom, with that button, it’s gon na start landing, now see that i just pulled it down a little more so nice, so it’s going to return the home and let’s see how close i Can’T see directly below me so fyi see, i can’t see my landing pad, but i can tell you right now: i’m, just looking up at it i’m. Turning see the landing pads over there i’ll have that up in the video. I just pulled the camera up myself and i can tell you right now that that landing pad is one two about four feet away, so it seems like maybe the harder you fly it around.

The farther you go. You’Re gon na have less accurate, landing here’s where you can see where it landed so technically, one two technically about five feet away for that flight. Remember the first line of sight flight around the park a lot closer, maybe two feet this time five feet. So it gives you a little indication of how off this thing’s gon na be but um yeah the thing it does sound like a race drone it’s in the air blinking yellow, because the controller is now disconnected so power. This down and let’s put on this motion. Controller put in another battery again guys, i just like to show really how it is in real time doing things there’s the two spent batteries. Of course these are awesome because they have little battery checkers. You don’t have to guess how how much your batteries charge or get like another little charge indicator so there we go that new battery in there. This is the motion controller. I did link it in my house so remember if you guys caught that um unboxing you’ll see how to do all that. Basically, it’s just hold the power in when this thing’s uh on and it starts blinking fast on the battery and do the same thing with this when this thing’s on hold the power and it syncs the two up, so let’s just do a normal power up. This thing comes with a lanyard if you think you’re going to be flying it around, so you don’t drop it and it linked right up.

So awesome no need to do anything else, that’s great, that you don’t have to go through that whole linking process over and over again when you’re, switching between the two controllers – okay guys. So you should be able to hear me and see me in the drone camera and for this one i’m, just gon na stand up so i’m gon na put this battery in my pocket, with my keys here. Put this guy on and let’s try to fly with this motion: controller, okay, so double press the lock button to start so on the top that red button i’m going to double click it there we go. The propellers are now spinning. You can probably hear that and i want to push it again, hold it down to launch. So here we go holding down that red button and it’s just going right up: oh cool, so i’m hearing beeping in my goggles. I guess that is because it’s detecting something’s in front of it yeah so it’s showing me in my goggles. I have like orange at the top to be cautious and even on the bottom of the goggle screen i’m, seeing four feet so there’s, something in four feet. In front of it so watch this, as i push the controller down and up, let me get where you can see this. This is kind of strange, but i just wanted to show you this, so you can see me in the picture and if i just push down like twist it down and up look at that camera going cool huh.

This is normal mode. I can go through the modes just by pushing the button over here, the m button, okay and then, as i kind of tilt, my controller left to right. You see how it’s turning or i can go like this too. I can just move my whole body left to right and keep the controller facing up. So i have those two options: that’s cool, how i’m hearing beeping in the controller. So as i pull the trigger i’m pulling it slowly see that and it’s just flying here. You can see the controller a little better now now. This is kind of weird but it’s really beeping at me and telling me there’s an obstacle and you can kind of see how i’m moving the controller up and down so kind of awesome. You can’t back up. You can’t roll left to right, it’s, just gon na turn the head and you can just go forward. Okay, so be very careful flying next to people so i’m gon na start flying i’m, just pulling the trigger harder and harder and i’m seeing my home button show up on the left, so i i can rotate my whole body around. I just like twisted my whole body around or all i got to do is remember tilt my hand left and right um. I don’t i can just be facing forward and do that so this thing’s going to fly wherever i kind of point this thing up or down don’t want to go over.

Any houses, remember pulling the trigger hard. Oh, this is so neat it’s like a whole nother experience. I want to watch out for power lines because there’s a jacaranda down there see if i would down it, will fly down to it and it almost seems like it lost range right there. That was interesting. Let’S see if we can change the range, let me go up whoo. You hear that thing screaming. Oh wow, so i just pointed up at the sky and went up. Let me just go into the goggles real quick like well. I got you guys here. Go into settings safety, yeah flight distance, low, no limit, so it’s still saved the same settings as the regular controller. So i have a white dot. I should tell you: i have a white dot in the screen like a white circle and i’m just pointing that circle. Wherever i want to look at and then if i pull the trigger watch, this it’ll just come right down at me a little bit squirrely there letting off full blast whew. Did you hear that so a radical experience, man? This is really neat, but so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t recommend maybe close. Really close proximity let’s go a little close to these trees here kind of neat i’m, just in normal mode. Remember and uh yeah there’s jacaranda going to go up. Oh neat, this is so intuitive. You can just get these cool like cinematic kind of flying shots.

You just got to be careful there’s, some cactus here so don’t want to hit the trees right but let’s, just oh. It detected them it’s on my goggles let’s, see if he detects this yeah, it started to slow down, but it let me go past them. Oh that’s, so cool turning slowly letting off the trigger lit a little bit to go slower. I’M, just gon na kind of do this surrounding flight around me. This is really neat guys: i’m gon na switch into sport, okay, so letting off and just hovering. You can also do there’s this button here. Let me face me here see if that works and get closer. I don’t know if you’ll be able to. I don’t have another camera on me, but there we go. Let’S, go closer there’s a button over here on the top it’s that big gray button. If i press it, it see how nothing’s happening it just goes pause say you want to pass the controller or you want to do something right and you don’t want this thing to fly. Um you’re good to go, and then, if we press pause again, it gives me control back pretty cool huh, so still recording, awesome and um. You know what let’s try to take a picture: real, quick! Let me go up pointing up at the sky. I don’t want to go over these people’s house, so let’s go over here, i’m gon na go into sport in just a second okay, guys uh, but i just wanted to try some pictures, so the bottom left i’m going to stop recording bottom left of the controller.

Oh there’s also a tilt for the camera, but it’s not going to really work um because i’m in this mode right now go up a little higher whoo that’s like maximum height speed. If you just point right up at the sky and then just pull the trigger fully okay, here we go so i’m going to press record real, quick, it’s gon na stop, recording both goggles and the device. Click on that um button. Again on my left, it starts. Recording, but i actually wanted to take a picture sorry, so this little red button by my thumb, i’m going to click and hold changes it to photos, don’t think i’ve took any photos yet let’s. Try it out photo of west maui. I hear speeping in my goggles let’s point this point down this way photo of that field and then west maui again, but you see how the horizon is going to be off because it’s fighting the wind. So keep that in mind. If you try to tilt it’s just going to turn the drone let’s try another one west maui picture, and then let me go over here. I’M. Just rocking my hand to the left and let’s do like a poly poly shot over here on maui boom, see how good those pictures i’ll have them popping up. Holding down that record button, you’re gon na hear two beeps. It goes back into video recording pressing. It once goes back into and starts recording awesome.

So here we go so i got this mode button, two on just below that red button. On the controller like, i was showing you guys and uh let’s turn this way and let press mode now i’m in sport mode, so no obstacle avoidance let’s, see how this thing is. Maybe we’ll go down in this valley, a little bit i’m full trigger right. Now. Oh neat, wow full trigger 62 miles per hour. I will have this recording let’s try to go in this valley. What do you think don’t crash wow? This is cool. Oh video pixelated a little bit, but look at this man i’m, just like moving my hand around and flying right over this valley. This is so cool watch as i kind of go in the valley. Oh totally, shut off. It pauses itself on its own i’m. Moving the controller around and nothing’s happening see that take off pause. Oh, it went into low battery rth, okay, good to know, and it it’s still recording. Is it oh, it stopped goggle recording it does the same thing as a version, one man that sucks so right now, it’s doing i can’t move the camera around at all, but i can i can press the brake button to cancel rth if i wanted to, but I want to get the goggle recording back so i’m going to stop the drone recording and then restart there we go so it does that same stupid thing where um gosh it.

Why is it going up so high holy smokes geez, it went up. Oh, it thinks it’s only 65 feet, oh yeah, because it tapers down sorry so moving the controller around. I can’t do anything it’s on its way back, but what i was saying it does that same stupid thing. That version one does where, once you go out of range of the goggles, it stops goggle recording, but it keeps recording on the drone when it gets back in the range it doesn’t start the goggle recording. Why can’t they fix that that’s kind of lame. To me, you know what i mean, so if i wanted to stop this return to home i’m, going to press that big gray button on the front there you go and i just canceled, and now i can kind of fly like normal i’m gon na fly kind Of towards us let’s go down here, there’s, a construction site right here; okay, i’m flying super quick! Oh! This is awesome, though man i got a little h over there. I know where my home is. I can just fly right towards it. It’S almost like you’re flying an airplane wow, it detected that but it of course it’s not gon na stop. Oh neat, okay, let’s come on back, takes a while to get used to this. What it is super cool, so you guys keep an eye on that video. The whole time i was flying, so you can see what’s up i’m gon na go into normal mode i’m, just hitting that gray small button on the top back in the normal, so there’s not going to be any manual for this.

I hear kids around. I just want to make sure they’re not next to me and look at this so it’s using those sensors right to keep itself off the ground let’s see if it hits the ground full trigger. Whoa. You can get some neat low shots. Oh okay, now it’s it’s demanding i return to home, so it just cut me out of control and it’s gon na fly back. So apparently, if it’s close to you, it’s not going to go to your rth height boy, don’t hit me uh, otter, auto rth, interrupted by obstacle, so it just stopped and gave me control back. Okay, go around myself let’s see if it keeps trying to do an auto rth. This is so cool. Look how low you can go see what happens here. Oh it’s, at 10, okay, good low battery a good low battery voltage check here. Is there a net in here i don’t see one let’s try to fly through it. Oh that’s, so easy just moving your controller around battery output, insufficient what’s, it gon na do okay. So if you’re at a park make sure there’s a guy walking over there, don’t want to hit him six percent whoa okay battery too low landing. You see that it just jerked itself around i’m gon na go ahead and get back to my home point here. I’M. Just controlling it still yeah, you can still push forward and it cuts it stops it from going down until you let off the throttle.

Let me show you that so i’m pushing the trigger letting off and then it’s going to land, that’s, so cool, make sure under and press and hold the lock button to land. Okay, so there’s a red button right here in the controller i’m going to press and hold it super easy man, guess what guys zero percent power we need. A zero percent and it’s still recording so super cool man that um that motion control is just so fun. I think it’s even more fun than the regular controller. So anyway, that’s battery number three let’s go ahead and do a um sit down. Do a pros and cons with this thing and i’ll tell you what i i think that was just super fun, so we really exhausted that battery i’ll go ahead and have the flight times for all three flights pop up on the screen at the end of each Flight keep in mind the harder you push this thing you’re, going to suck that battery down way faster. It is going to get a little bit of lift and kind of gliding ability when you’re moving with these, like, i was saying these teardrop arms. That kind of give it a little bit of lift, but this thing is heavy remember. This is not meant to soar. It’S gosh. It does honestly feels like two pounds so went through these three batteries and i got ta, say man. This is gon na, be like the pros and cons.

I had such a more fun time flying with this motion controller than i did originally and i’ve been flying with a regular drone controller. I mean if you’re gon na do like manual mode you didn’t get into manual mode on this flight, so probably gon na do another review of just the manual mode i’m, not the best manual mode flyer and it’s it’s kind of hard for a lot of people To fly a manual, and it takes a lot of practice to get it right again, if you did want to go into manual, they give you that allen wrench in the box, you just pop this open loosen these two f1 and f2 screws, and it will take Out your throttle spring, so you can fly that full manual mode when you buy this thing. You’Re gon na have to get it with this controller, but i think this is like a hundred bucks, if i, if i’m, not mistaking 100 or 150 or something this thing is just so neat to fly around with. I honestly think i’m going to be flying with this and just enjoying the flight a lot better. You could see me going through those valleys. Remember down not way down inside of it, because when that happened, since it was at distance, you can see that the fpv, hopefully the goggles, got a little bit jittery and you can see that breakup in the goggles, how that was happening and that’s gon na happen.

When you’re going a distance – and you got earth between you and the drone, because i was going down into the valley, you know if you’re behind a few trees and stuff and buildings you’re going to get a little bit of a break up, but not as bad As if you go into the earth so, but i can’t man, i can’t say enough: how fun that is, with the motion, controller you’re really going to need to experience it yourself. Hopefully my experience kind of shared that with you, so you kind of know how it’s going to be the goggle battery. Remember, we only used it for two flights and it only has um one led gone. This is definitely going to last you, the three batteries. If you get the flamewar kit with the three batteries, the goggles pretty cool, but man a con, they still haven’t fixed that problem. Where you drop connection, it stops, recording your goggles and it keeps recording the drone. Even when you get back into connection, so they really got ta work on like the programming to make sure that this will just auto start recording again when it comes back in connection because that’s a real hassle to have to stop recording the whole thing. Both the drone and the goggles and then re record, and then you can have both recording again so kind of a lame feature that they haven’t fixed yet or a problem that they haven’t fixed.

Yet didn’t do any range testing this time. It kind of felt like this one’s not going to give you as much range. Of course, you have a flip up antenna on this controller. No problems way the heck out there, but when i i think it was one time when i started to turn at a distance out there um i had like one glitch where it seemed like it lost connection for a second. So i would say that this one is going to get you way less range than this guy, with its big antenna on here and we’re. Going to do those range tests in the videos to come so make sure you’re subscribed. So you don’t miss the series on all this stuff. We’Re doing range tests i’m going to do more cinematic videos. I live in hawaii on maui, so i’m going to get some beach videos cliff cruising, and i really want to test it with this because man that is just going to be so fun cruising through the cliffs in the ocean. It is noisy. It is a high powered 6s drone, so you’re going to have that noise issue. If you’re around people, it might be kind of annoying that front obstacle. Avoidance did work pretty well uh in normal mode that’s, when it will slow down in sport mode and manual. It will show you the obstacles on the screen like it’ll, have like flashing and distance bar, but it will not avoid them in sport and manual, so you got to keep track of that when i was getting close.

Some of these trees coming back. Those jackranos were just beautiful: those purple leaf trees, um when i was coming kind of close to the tree in sport mode. I did see flashing and i heard beeping so it at least it tells you you’re, getting close to some stuff didn’t put on those arm. Braces didn’t really need to for this flight, but you could see how easy i mean the the most proximity i really did was flying over the treetops a little and then coming under this non net goal post, and that was super simple man with that. With the motion controller, even though it was in normal mode, you know detected some of the stuff glitched for a second because it was getting close. But if you went into sport mode and did that it would just go right through and so we’re going to get more into that in one of the other videos too we’re going to try more close proximity. Even with the motion controller, i can see how that’s going to be really fun as well for kind of a new experience, guys like more high speed, cruising experience, especially with the motion controller. I know i keep saying that, but it’s just you got ta, do it it’s super fun and i had a good time with this initial review. Sorry it’s a little bit overcast, not the best views today, but i think we really did kind of put it through its initial paces.

With all the controllers, all the batteries we got to see video. I took some pictures and you kind of got the um gist of how this whole thing works so again, we’ll get into it in videos to come and don’t forget all the stuff. I review is always down in the description down below so check. Those links support my channel and also have the card pop up too, for the series on the dji fpv drone super fun different, but i can see how i’m gon na have a lot more fun with this in the videos to come. Thanks for watching guys and see you in the next one, hey got a visitor today, hey doggy hi, a little visitor. Oh i got plastic. I don’t have any treats you guys still here. Well, why not see how this thing is to break down let’s see how fast this is, if you’re kind of in a rush or, if you’re not i’m, just going to do it as fast as i can so. Gimbal cover always protect that camera i’m. Just going to leave the memory card in here i’m going to leave this battery in and uh just undoing the propellers see how fast these things come off. One two three, even in the crash, remember it crashed into this chair. They didn’t pop off, so that’s awesome and uh really minimal little lip damage to the propeller that i just bent back anyway. The drone goes right here.

This is where i i’m putting this thing in the front top extra case right there and then i’ve got the goggles unplug this again there’s an sd card in there i’m going to take out when i get home that’s. What you guys will be watching this footage from actually i want to go this way there. We go so goggles nicely in there and uh by the way. Remember this is the dji fpv bag? If you guys want to get one of these, it seems perfect for this drone that’s going to go in the front pocket. This guy just goes like this. This goes over it, so you can have two controllers: i’m gon na go ahead and take off these sticks because they seem to kind of get uh jammed up in this bag, and they do give you an extra set of these sticks. If you just so happen to lose one in the grass or something that fits there perfectly two other batteries boom boom easy in there, and now all we got to do is put our propellers and stuff in the front. So this is the main, the main uh cavity here of the backpack flipping it up and where is it there? It is this front thing kind of goes down and then doesn’t really zip all the way down it just kind of folds over. I have the propellers in here. I know i had two sets but i’m, not sure where my other set it’s, probably somewhere in this bag – just forgot, where i put it so set up propellers in there.

Of course, you can just throw them in the main bag. If you wanted to like that, and then i got my little allen wrench in this pocket with the fpv goggle battery and my other allen, wrench set in case, i want to put on those extra strong arm braces for when i try and manual mode that’s.