Now, as we start all of these live streams good evening to everyone, first of all, please can someone tell me it’s working mark, i don’t trust anything. You say not sure. I trust bruce good evening big a good evening bruce good evening, pixel, perfect um, good evening. Stamina, too, i think it is. How are you doing the levels? Look correct on my end so i’m going to assume we are working, um hope everyone is safe and well. I have not long got in actually i’ve been out flying this today and i’ve been out playing this yesterday and i’ve, probably flown this more than any other drone i’ve flown in the last year. In fact, i’d say flown this more than any drone since 2019 and um yeah interesting, interesting. Something interesting i will say about this. Drone is the more i fly it. The more, not my opinion changes. My opinion remains the same and i’ll be talking of that, because there will be an upcoming review, not a review that wasn’t a review, but there will be a proper overall review i’m just giving it some time. I want to understand it fully and i think i’m there now and um there’s a lot to like there is a lot to like as long as you do it properly, but we’ll come to that anyway. But i’ve been putting a lot of time and i’ve been able to um test some things and try some things and and we’ll be talking about that tonight as well.

Now, for those who are new here welcome to the channel, i hope you are safe and well wherever you are in the world. If you do have any questions, please do put them in the comments. If you’re not a subscriber, please do do it. I do welcome super chat if you would like to support the channel i’m going to put that out there now i’m going to try and make a bit more of an effort on this side of things. If you would like to support this in what we do, please do consider the super chat. If you want to do that, if you don’t that’s, absolutely fine as well, if you do have any specific questions, i’ll answer them, regardless, if it’s a super chat or not don’t worry, i don’t um make it specific, but the super chats are welcome, especially considering youtube. Take about 50 of it um i’m new, my my wife hasn’t, even been unwrapped yet good evening, catman fpv! I hope you’re well good evening, bruce, i hope, you’re well. Have you been flying evening floor? Flyer hope you are well. I have a cup of tea and no it’s, not vodka um good evening. All about drones, don’t trust you. As far as i can throw you mark well, we’re signing up sighting on the welsh coastline. Yes, there’s all sorts been going on. I’Ve been out all day today, i’ve been walking mountains, um i’ve been up hills, i’ve been flying, it’s been a good day.

I’Ve had the cameras out i’ve had the g9 out the gh5 out didn’t get done what i wanted to do. I wanted to do a bit of filming outside, but the weather was just too good, too bright it’s, you know it’s, not great um somebody’s just but apparently dj still has the drone, because i can’t tell it where to fly one of the downsides that that isn’t, A particular problem for me so guys on tonight’s live stream, we’re going to talk um predominantly about this. Unfortunately, and i do apologize because all of the content at the moment has been around this good evening francesco. How are you uh welcome from portugal um, but it there’s a lot to talk about on this, and i am also very aware that not everyone wants to talk about this, but there are some things i want to get done and get through we’re going to talk About a few things, we’re going to talk about the fcc hacks, because i did do a bit of a sneak peek on facebook and everyone went nuts and there’s a reason. I’Ve waited a little bit of time to show it, because i wanted to understand a few things more before. I show something i also reached out to the developers it’s, not my hack, it’s, theirs and asked them. Would they have a problem with me, sharing it to a wider audience and they didn’t reply so i’m going to do it anyway? Um, but again, we’ll talk about the fcc hack side of things.

We’Ll also talk about the radio system, because i have been flying this fully legally in ce mode and i have got my hand. Um sorry got my head around some things and i do believe there is a problem with the um radio switching on this, because, if you’re in fcc sorry, if you’re in ce, i forced this into manual mode 20 megabits, so not worried about 40. The fpv image is still very, very good and all of my problems that i was getting with signal loss and a few hundred meters have gone so i forced it into 2.4 gig mode 20 megabits, a second and it’s behaving like a mavic. So i honestly think um something is going on with the way the drone is choosing the bands in ce specifically – and i think, it’s defaulting to five gigs and high bit rates, and i don’t think it’s switching down properly because the second i fixed it i’ve not Had to worry about it again, however, there is a lot of want for the fcc hacks and we’ve got um the drone hacks one which has been out for a while. You know there’s nothing new. Some of you will be using it. I’Ll talk a bit about that that’s. All um and um i’ll also be talking about the ios one, but none of these come without issues, and none of these are straightforward. Like um on the e units there are payoffs at play here.

There are quirks and behaviors and certain things you need to be aware of um i’ve, just remembered, realize, francesco that is rc rc, i can’t say it rc, shim or skim. I believe how are you doing my friend? I hope you are safe and well. I think you followed me on twitter earlier. If you did hello, i followed you back um uh bruce says it can use a 200 milliwatt crp and 2.4 mobile only 25 and 5.8 yeah. There are some quirks, and i think, it’s certainly default into it, and something i would say up front for anyone in c specifically who’s using this drone is having problems, consider forcing it into 2.4 gigahertz mode 20 megabits, a second and just see how you get on You might find um, ah, mario, sorry, no, i go and get myself confused um. You might find substantial improvement as it is without fcc hacks um we’re also going to talk about the battery quirk, because i have had the battery quirk again with one of the batteries on this does not charge, and i think i understand why now and i think It’S a bug but i’ve managed to replicate it inadvertently again today and i’ll walk through that in a minute as well and i’ve also sent an email to dj about it, because i think it’s, a quirk and it’s, not something i’ve experienced on any of their other Models before so we’re going to have to see um i’m going to talk a little bit about these free world gear, nd filters.

They have sent me these for free. However, i am a massive fan of freewell. Goose products never had a problem with them. Good set of nds one or two little quirks, which i will talk about with these as well. There will be a proper review coming on them um, but i will talk about them and there was something else i was looking over there to grab i’ll talk about two, oh yeah. I will also be talking about something that everyone else has had for ages and which is that but i’m not really going to talk about it. Today. I’Ve got the crystal hd’s iflight kindly sent me that over um and i want to try it on the drone and i’m going to do some testing on the drone in five gigs mode. Obviously, but i’ll be honest, um i think 2.4 is the way forward. Uh. It is it i’ve been using free, well have they’re, not a sponsor of the channel sponsors. They’Ve been very kind to me. Over the years. They’Ve always sent me filters. I’Ve got loads of nd filters for free from free. Well, i’ve never had a problem with them. I found them absolutely fantastic and they’re good value, so um, absolutely fine. Have you tried landing your fpv joining manual mode? No, yes, and no, i tried once and then went not happening and switched back to gps mode. I do not like it in manual mode anywhere near the ground, um that’s, my experience bruce don’t like it at all near the ground in manual mode.

Just i don’t take off in manual mode and i don’t land in manual mode in some ways, um what i’ll say is what’s the point: it’s got gps mode. You may as well use it for the landing portion just to save your problems. You may as well just did it. Did it flip forward and go upside down? No, because i bailed before i’ve i’m, i am left handed, and i don’t particularly like the layout of certain buttons on this remote. So, for instance, i would be much happier if that knob and that button was on that side. These two signs were reversed for me, because the way i fly – and let me put the stick on – is i’m semi, i’m sort of a pincher stroke thumb on top. I i’m doing more pinching at the moment. You know i tend to be flying. Where are we more like that at the moment with it, and what i find is i don’t really get to these buttons here very easily, with the way i hold the remote now i would be much more comfortable over here, and the reason for that is. I can level this side up and then hit them and i’d be much happier now. What i found is i’ve been flying in acro with quite a lot of bank angle and then as i’m. Trying to land in i’m then messing to try and get this to lower the gimbal and i’m just not comfortable with it.

So i end up switching to gps um, i just end up. Switching to gps i’d be much happier if i could reverse the controls on the controller i’m left handed. So for me, it would be better anyway, um, but there’s. A re i’ve got one real bug b. With this remote on the setup is the gimbal switch that allows you to preset the positions of the gimbal doesn’t work in manual mode? Why why why does it not work in manual mode? That would be perfect for me if it worked in manual mode, but it doesn’t. I cannot see any logic. Dji have disabled the gimbal position, the camera adjustment position in manual mode. It just makes perfect sense, because that way you can have a position for it. For gps sport mode and a position for it for acro mode but it’s, not, i would love to be able just to go flip. It puts it straight and then i can land it easier in um acro i haven’t flipped a boost, but i bailed out. I just wasn’t comfortable and i’ll, be honest: why risk it’s got gps? Why risk it there’s close to no point risking um the landing in manual mode at all? In my opinion, you may just use gps. Now i have taken off the sprung throttle. Finally, um for acro and it’s good, the only problem is flying it in gps mode is horrible. I really do wish dji had thought a little bit more and put like a switch that you could flick to turn that on and off that would have been fantastic because the problem is you’re coming down in acro, you switch it into um gps, but you don’t Really know which center is, and you then sort of flipping the goggles – oh yeah, i’m, there now um, it would have been better.

You know, gps needs a dead zone yeah, it definitely needs a dead zone. It’S it’s all over the place and you sort of i’m going up and going down and going up and down down, um or even a larger dead band on throttle in normal sport yeah. That would help i i don’t know if anyone else has noticed that it’s just me, i can, i might put the sprung throttle back on because i found it. Okay, flying acro with the sprung photo because it was barely sprung, but i do find it very difficult to fly gps mode now. I’Ve spent three days flying this solidly in acro other than take off and landing and i’ll be honest. I tried to do one flight in gps mode and hated it it’s funny bruce you once you get used to acro again it’s, just that way, um not showing the v plus v. It also doesn’t help that the vsi is not showing the yeah exactly uh, hey lazio. How are you doing no internet upload problem today so far the router hasn’t crapped out there’s plenty of time for that yet um nah. Now i have a problem with this hub because it wants to land, not new, where i took off from and okay you’re, probably right, um, that i should probably stick it in self landing and let it come down but i’ve hand caught this every single flight. So far i have not let this land on the ground once other than the video.

Where you saw. I was testing the return to home the only that’s, the only video, so a complete lie is what i just told you there only on one flight occasion have. I let this land every other time i’ve hand caught it. How many it’s fine and hand catching nice batteries under the bottom it’s big ass thing on it in it it’s absolutely fun. No it’s it’s no fun, but i do think that landing this in acro mode is a complete waste of time. To be honest, it’s got gps use it, but i do wish there was a better way that you could switch the throttle between it um in manual mode. Have you tried the emergency motor? Stop? No chance, um, hello armatech? How are you doing it’s, okay, vlan’s, close yeah i’ve still not had it things, so um i’ve got the remote tweaked more than happy. I just wish, though, for me, the controls are the other way around, because i do find it look. If i show what i’m having to do – i i’m – i i hold this like this and that’s how i’m playing i tend to be flying like that and then i’ve got this finger here, doing the gimbal control but it’s not very comfortable for me. I would have much preferred it over this side, but look okay um. It is what it is: okay, um, i’m, a tech, a guy, a guy flew eight kilometers this week.

How did he manage to do that with the battery life? Very dangerous for me with parkinson’s? Yes, bruce that could end badly. Um i’ve also found um there’s, not a lot not to like i don’t know. If anyone else has noticed this as well, does anyone else’s remote make a noise on the throttle in the top half when on manual without sprung? I don’t know if you can hear this, you probably can’t the mic’s, probably not picking it up. I added a thunder and a thousand milliamp battery well that’ll get it there. Funny thing is dj: manual mode is described how to land in acro mode yeah. I just think i just think it’s pointless. Why um? Why risk an issue when you’ve got gps mode like it’s got the best of both worlds? It’S got the best of both worlds, cut the flex cables. They are obviously getting in the way i am tempted bruce to open it up and have a look. Is there a way to do a mod i’d just like to button on the back it’s a shame there isn’t a button that you could just press in sprung. Press off manual throttle anybody use different battery for the goggles. No, i haven’t. I have used a lipo but um i’ve not really stopped by the rescue you landed upside down in afro and motors didn’t. Stop spinning ouch that’s, not good. To be honest, the motors don’t like stop in spinning, even when you drop the throttle down, you know.

I still firmly believe that this drone is um. Music is holding the throttle intentionally. I was doing a load of flips yesterday and um and it’s definitely holding you know when you’re doing the flips. You know you, you pump, drop the throttle or flip it over back and there’s about a second delay on the throttle coming down. So you pump, you can hear the throttle rise, um and then you you drop it down, but it doesn’t come straight down. It’S a bit weird it’s, a bit weird anyways. We have 53 people here now so that’s the padding so that’s the start of it. Now, before we get into the fcc stuff i’m just going to talk about the battery stuff, first of all, so for everyone here welcome uh, hope, you’re, all subscribers. If you’re not, please give us a like and please do hit the button. As i said, super chats are welcome, but they are not mandatory. Okay, so the battery thing no motor breaking, perhaps possibly bruce um. Okay, the battery thing, if you saw my review that wasn’t a review you’d, have seen me comment that i took the drone out to fly flow. Two packs and th found my third pack wasn’t charged and i hadn’t flown it now. I didn’t know if this was a quirk or something had gone wrong. Um and i didn’t really understand what happened i charged them again afterwards. It was absolutely fine. However. Last night the same thing happened again now.

Let me just show you what i found this morning because i recorded it. So let me just get this up on the screen: um yeah, it was used, it wasn’t self discharge. It was 24 hours um right. Let me just open this up and then i’ll share. My screen with you guys, okay, so this was me coming up this morning and i will uh. I think i figured out what it is now so hopefully you guys can see that and what we’re going to do is show you what i found this morning. So i came up and found uh. It would have been on charge overnight and i found that the leftmost battery this one year had not charged. So i came up hit the buttons on the top checked that one on one light and i was like okay that’s strange check, the other one fully charged check the other one fully charged now. The way i did this on charge last night is this was all plugged in and ready to go already. The power cable was already in. I put this battery on to the hub first, when i did that that battery started to charge instantly, because it would because the way the hub works is it measures the voltages on all the batteries and then it will charge them one at a time from the Most capacity, first of all, to give you the fastest charge, then it will move down to the next one and the next one.

But as this was the only battery on the hub, because i literally opened the pack, the three were on the table. Put it on it started charging that battery. Then i plugged that battery in and then that battery now what happened at that point was the hub started flashing the little led over here and then decided. Oh, i want to charge this battery not this battery, because that one must have had more capacity than that one or that one. So it did that and then i left it overnight and what i think it’s then done is this i’ve plugged this battery in here on its own? First of all, the first one it’s gone: oh i’m, gon na start charging that i’ve then sort of a few seconds later plugged that one in a few seconds later plug that one in i’ve then watched the light on the hub go doing its thing and it’s Thinking about it, and then it goes actually. No that battery is the one i want to charge and it started charging that one it’s then gone and then charged that one but it’s completely forgotten to go back to this one that it started to charge earlier. It’S done that one then that one and i think the quirk is that it doesn’t go back. If you do it all. At the same time, when it’s powered up the trick is that you go that one that one then that one then plug the hub in um uh? Maybe you had a damaged cell? No, it charged fine after this it’s charged fine i’ve flown it today, um flying more combo and it’s never happened to me.

Have you has this all been powered up when you’ve plugged all the batteries in though that is the question, so i think this only happens when that one you plug that you plug a battery in there and it starts to charge, and then you plug the other One in and the other one in now i’m going to test this again tonight and i think it’s a bug that way that’s what i think it is now. If you plugged all three batteries on then plug this cable into the charger it’ll. Do it fine it’ll? Do it absolutely fine, no problem at all. First turn on the batteries connect the batteries and charge it now. I have always done what i’ve done here with all of the dji hubs. Nothing is different here, i’ve always done it. This way, not really unplug them. Just put all the batteries on, let it go on with it, but i do think there’s a quirk in that firmware, so the battery’s fine, all i had to do was charge it and it went through absolutely fine, no problem at all it’s. Just a quirk of this somehow and it’s definitely seems to be that port. It definitely seems to be that poor um it hasn’t done it every time mind it did work absolutely fine once or twice so. I think there’s a quirk in there somewhere. The way it behaves um, i don’t think it’ll probably happen every time but again that’s what a bug exactly is.

So if you are using it, what i would suggest is plug them all in first and then plug the uh. The piece in the other side charges in a strange order, so i’m plugged it and replugged it back in now it the way the charger is designed to work is it’s meant to charge from the highest capacity first. So the idea is, it will give you the most charged battery quicker. So if you’ve got a battery at 20, 30 and 40, it should charge 40 down, then the 30 battery than the 20 battery the idea is, you can get flying quicker. That is the theory behind the hub um, but i do think there’s a quirk on it now. What is interesting is there is no usb port on this hub. All of the other hubs used to have usb ports. You could update the firmware this one doesn’t unless it’s hiding underneath nope it’s, not under there, no it’s not under there so i’m guessing there’s going to be no firmware update for this one yeah try it as you said, and try it a few times. I have you, you have a. I have usb ports – i’m, not missing it. Am i it’s not hiding somewhere. Two usb ports, solid, yellow light means no battery attached in the charge. Yeah it’s not yellow, it’s orange at that point. So if i go back on here, what does solid red mean? Bruce, i can’t be bothered to check um just to show you there and you can see it’s solid red.

So this is how i found it this morning, so those two are charged, but that one’s decided not to it’s fully plugged in and all i then did to get it up and running was unplug the cable plug it back in uh, and it was fine. Absolutely fine, it was uh yeah, very strange, very strange, but um. I have had it again so it’s something i’m gon na keep an eye on, but it is a quirk that does exist. Um in your video, the led is yellow. It looks red on my end. It looks red it doesn’t think a battery’s attached makes you wonder done it, so i think there’s, a quirk here, architecture sent me an email. Oh, let me have a look. Read me solid, roomy, hmm yeah. I have the usb port on the adapter yeah yeah yeah um, oh wow, i’m. Just looking at that. That is a great image. So have you modified the battery or have arm attack, or have you modified the drone to get the wiring in yeah it’s? Something quirky in it? Something quirky there’s, definitely something the battery’s fine. I can charge it individually um and it charges straight away, so it i think, it’s something on the hub unless i got a bad hub, but it has charged once it has been fine. Okay, now before we move over to fcc battery okay cool jump to show the picture, you happy for me to show the picture that’s interesting, had they been updated before because i’ve not been prompted but then again, i’ve not flown with um i’ve, not flown with the Fly up attached since the first couple of days, so if there is a new update, yours done the same thing, definitely a quirk in the batteries.

Let me just get this. I just want to show you guys this trying to get my uh there we go. We have a picture. I want to show you guys. Just let me uh bring this up, got a battery update today, interesting okay, i need to check that then. Has there been a firmware note, update notice, then let me just have a look while i’m waiting for the email to download, because you will get an update, notice um if your batteries haven’t been updated originally, but you should have got that on day day. One, do you know we’re well down the line for that now um, so i wonder, have they put out uh a release notes? No indeed, i know let’s be honest. Release notes, second, to the third, no okay, typical that’s, something we’ll check in a minute: um. Music. I’M, just trying to get this picture to download on my pc, because it’s playing up it’s only 1.7 meg and my my lap, my computer, is going. No, i don’t want to give you the picture. We just open mail and then we’ll show you guys this battery mod um very interesting. Why is this not allowed me to download the mail? App does not want me to have the picture. I think i’m gon na have to leave that a minute and then come back to that one okay to catch up in the comments also 3d printed them out for the battery we’ll come back to that in a minute because my computer is refusing to download the Image why why why, when i’ve already got it on my phone, i can see it on my phone, hello, david.

How are you doing trouble? Is it won’t fit in the quad? Let me just do something i’m going to try and send it to something else, and then that way i can get it there and then i’ll get it from another way on here time to please the algorithm give us a like: yes give us a thumbs up. The good old algorithm right we’re going to come on to fcc now in a minute guys. Let me just uh: do this see if this is actually going to be hey, come on? Hey, okay, so look at that uh you want! Let me just take my face off the corner, a minute one, second, that one, so you guys, i see it properly. Look at that, so this um karen, must be a subscriber um interactive dna. How am i doing? I am fantastic. Thank you very much. My friend um, so this is the mod that um, where is he ammo tech has done on his dji fpv drone. He has added a second battery and he today has flown. Let me just find, i think he said 10 kilometers. I think he just said 10k. Let me just find it it’s a hell of a distance that is awesome that is awesome. It’S gon na be even heavier on its arsenal. Now eight kilometers eight k it goes into the battery, so he’s modified the battery itself, not the drone, which is the best way to do it.

You don’t want to modify the drone itself um this drone. It wouldn’t be hard to someone to make a proper y adapter. Now this um. This is probably the first drone we’re making a wire adapter it’s fairly easy because on all the other dji drones you’re having to mess with the connectors on the battery, which is really difficult. So on the mavics, for instance, let me just grab a mavic battery. You’Ve got these stupid connections on on the battery. If i go to there put that one there just to show you guys, you know, you’ve got these damn connectors, however, on the fpv drone it’s much easier, because you’ve just got that connected now. Whilst there is can bus in there, a loop through cable should be able to be made for this. Now let me just grab the battery, so a loop through for this should be easy, so someone should be able to make a y cable to loop through the can ports and then give us a y cable on here. It should be fairly easy to do. It should be very easy to do. Um stephen on the french dji facebook group, the guy’s, actually making it the loop coupe it makes sense loop through cable, is absolutely the safest way forward. Um. Definitely the best way forward. You know that way. We cannot have to worry about even messing with the battery you’ll. Be able to do it. Dji free you’ll be able to do it, dji free, so let’s, move on to the fcc stuff.

Okay. So i need to talk about this and i need to explain a few things. First of all, because there are some things you guys need to know: it’s a complicated subject: um and the it’s, not as simple as as what we’ve had so fcc hacks for the dji fpv drone right now. There are two options available to you. Okay, now, just to be clear, there is no 1200 milliwatt hack. There is no way to use the naco.txt files on the fpv drone. It does not work that way. Okay, this works very much like a mavic from the way. The fcc side of things is handled number one. It has gps on board the drone, but that isn’t the primary location part it’s actually handled via the dji app as well as the drone, and this has been the case for the mavic mini 2. The mavic mini the mavics and all of dji’s other drones. So, whilst you can do hardware mods on aircraft for the most part, the mod actually has to be on the device rather than the aircraft itself, so for, for starters, all of these hacks are generally done with the app now there are two hacks available today that I have seen the first is drone hacks. Now let me just get the website up and i’ll explain drone hacks. Now some of you will have this already. This isn’t news to you for those who have, but i will put this up so drone hacks.

First of all, these are a company who have been hacking: the dji drones for some time, not the fpv system, but the other dji drones, and they have now released a new light licensed hack that supports the mavic mini 2, the mavic a and those models, including The fpv drone now when you go through this, the way it works is as follows: you have an app that they’ve now released that tells the drone to go into fcc mode. However, this is like their own piece of software that runs outside of go or fly depending on which aircraft you’re. Using the downside, though, to the drone hack system is this it’s only on android, first of all, and secondly, you cannot use it with the fly app, because the second you connect the fly app. It will tell it to go back to your correct region ce, and that is the problem with the drone hack solution. But if you are new and you haven’t seen drone hacks, you basically pay 25 because it isn’t free and then you can download their new dh companion, android application, which allows you to force the aircraft into fcc mode and it is simply download and trigger it. And it will force it into fcc, but again this is only on android and again this only works without the fly app now. The nice thing about this hack is that you can just do it on any android phone and it just works, but you will need to do it every time you reboot the phone and you will need to do it every time you change a battery, so that Is the problem with the drone hacks? It is a solution, but it isn’t ideal.

Now there is also a second solution for ios and this is a modified fly app that allows you to not only unlock fcc but continue to use the fly app as well. So the fly app functions exactly the same as it did before. However, there are some issues here as well. This is a hacked version of the dji app, and i will show you this in a minute, and i will also show you how you get this too, but you need one of a few things to be able to use this. Your iphone must either be jailbroken or you need access to a developer license to allow you to sign the app. There is no other way of getting the app on your device. You must either have it jailbroken that will allow you to sideload the app or have a developer license, which costs a hundred dollars. That will allow you to sign both of the apps off and then put it on your device. But you’d have to do that again. Every 30 days anyway, now the best way to do this is with a jailbroken phone, but that isn’t something everyone’s got. My main device is not jailbroken in the video i shared you’ll notice, um i’m using this phone. This is my daughter’s phone it’s, not my unicorn it’s it’s, my daughter’s spear phone, my daughter’s only young, so she has a phone for messing around the house and i’ve been using this because i’ve jailbroken this, but i have not jailbroken my main phone so just to Be clear on android you can use drone hacks, but you can’t use it with the fly app and you can’t um you’ve got to do it each time you can unlock geo zones and everything, though, with drone hacks just to be clear as well um.

You can do that, but you have to do that before you use the fcc hack app, so the way to think about it with drone hacks is this: you install their app, you do everything on the fly app. You need to do so if you’re in a geo zone unlock it first. If you want to do anything with that, do it first, but then you have to close the fly app and you cannot use it again once you have performed the fcc hack because it will reset it the ios. One, though, is different. This allows you to use the fly app as it should. However, you must actually have either a jailbroken phone or a developer, license so i’m going to show you now how this actually works, it’s easy once you’ve got it on i’ll show you where you get it from. First of all, okay, let me show you um. The app is actually called. I need. Let me just get the name right on this. Yes, it’s, my daughter’s phone before someone says something um Music, the app is actually called. Oh, let me go to that one there. Let me put this back up. This is not my phone right, daughter’s phone, you can see it. There dji fly frida. You can also see cydia there because it’s jailbroken, so that is what the app is called. Okay, you get this app from telegram. Now you have to be on telegram to get this now.

I will share a link to this um and i will put a link to this in the chat in a minute, but you need to join this telegram group and follow the process and there’s an automated process, but something else i need to add on this. This app is not free, there’s, a seven day, free trial and it’s. Fifth, i think it’s 50 or 50 euros a year at the moment for the hacked apps and they provide updates very regularly you’re paying someone to develop this hacked app for you basically, and you get access to all of the updates for that period as well. I think it’s 50. Well, let me just find it. Let me just share this probably isn’t that easy to see um, it’s, also a russian site. You can see all of the updates they. They really do provide regular updates to their hacked apps it’s amazing it’s, regular um, where it’s the last pro latest pricing. I just need to find it. I think it’s 50 euros or 50 dollars for the yeah year 50 and get by 365 days and get 90 days free um. So there is no free solution here: you’re either paying drone, hacks or you’re paying these guys. And these guys it comes with some requirements and it’s, not their fault. You know there is no way to install hacked apps on ios devices, with either out a developer, account or side loading via a jailbroken phone.

This is an apple limitation, not anything to do with the app. So those are the only two hacks that are out there today and we’re going to take a look at this one in a minute i’m not going to install drone hacks it’s, no point: um we’ll just have a quick look at the this one. I’Ll just show you in action, it’s really easy. Once it’s done, it’s done if you’ve sideloaded an app before it’s very easy, but there is no free get out of jail card here to get fcc you either have to um. You either have to pay for the android or the ios one. Now i don’t believe you’re going to see a free hack for this drone, because we’ve not seen free hacks for any of the previous dji drones either. This is not something that has easy to do. Look nate niko naco text was leaked by dji. It could only have been leaked by dji calling it a hack is probably wrong on the fpv goggles naco text is not really a hack. It is simply something that dji has baked into the firmware and it has been allowed to continue if it was hacked, they would have closed it down the way it appeared was it appeared in my inbox, among other places, within two minutes of the of each other. It was a random post on rc groups. I was also sent this myself and shared it. This was a leak, hack, let’s, just say this is different.

They won’t do this for this. This is the problem now, just looking at the comments before we’re gon na um. Can you hack the drones who thinks it’s in america to enable fcc uh ex drone hacks is german uh john hacks on smart controller? I don’t think you can. I think drone hacks has to be used on the original controller cover the gps unit. Problem with that is you only you’ll be limited in altitude, because the dji system limits you in altitude when there’s no gps signal in every mode. I believe i haven’t tried it in manual, but i believe it does will prevent you taking off. You’Ve got to remember this is a mavic for fpv and you have all of the same limitations that a mavic 4 fpv has. It has all of dji’s geofencing. It has all of their usual um problems around doing stuff like this. What you guys are seeing here is what all of the traditional dji drone owners have been fighting for years. This is nothing new um and you’re reconnecting the official app. Ah now that’s the same as this hack. Then it remains persistent until you connect the phone and that’s what i was going to say on this. No, the vpn won’t work, vpn doesn’t work, but how does it know the altitude if it knows doesn’t it? If it doesn’t know how does it know the altitude baro sensor it’s the same on all the dji drones? If you read the manual without gps, you are limited, i think it’s 30 meters in height and it uses the internal barometer.

This is all the same features that tj have had on all their drones. The guys have been fighting this stuff on these aircraft. For years. Put some tape over the barrow yeah people have been fighting these issues for years, so people have to remember you’ve bought into the dji ecosystem with this, and you get all of the problems that come with that as well so anyway. Just to show you so to be clear, just a quick overview on these hacks again so fcc hacks on android drone hacks. You can install an app that will force the drone into fcc mode from one of the comments is, it remains persistent when you change the battery, but not when you connect your smartphone. You cannot fly it with your smartphone costs about 25 ios. There is a hacked app which i will put a link to shortly, which you can pay about 50 euros for for the year’s subscription and last 12 month subscription. But you don’t own, the app you don’t own, the drone. So you shouldn’t worry about owning the app, but you must have either a jailbroken ios device or you must have a developer account and this is being done by what appears to be russian ish hackers so bearing mind about your data privacy. Hence the reason i’m using my daughter’s phone, because she’s very young and it’s not used for anything. So there is no narco. There is no anything else now.

Okay, let’s just show you this actually in action, so we’re gon na put that there. Let me just put the camera up as well: uh, one second guys Music actually have. I got it on this one. No, i haven’t uh. No, i can’t, okay, we’ll uh we’ll. Do this so i’m gon na unlock my daughter’s phone. You guys don’t need to see that what i’m going to do then, is power. The drone up that seems to a good engineer account for dji. Yes, the engineer accounts from dji do work, yes, that’s legitimate. If you had one of them uh, if anybody is how it can be hacked so much altitude limits can be turned off. Yes, there are hacks for that drone hacks. Do those tacks drone hacks do them as well. So let me just sorry guys, rather than show you that let me get myself up and running so let’s get powered up, so we need our cables. We need the power supply and i will show you this in action. Stick at the key of no crack to be fit: my daughter’s seven! So no she’s, not she’s ten, my boy’s, seven, my daughter’s ten, so i’m having a brain fart moment. So she’s not really it’s, not a phone phone. If you get me just there’s no sim card in it, it’s just uh it’s, one of the old phones we had lying around, but she plays roblox on most of the time and talks to her friends.

So let me just fire everything up my controller as well. The firmware has a building code that knows with c bus. First, you could change the code of the drone and you will be able to have more. I think these you have to remember. This is still basically a mavic. This is the thing people need to understand. This isn’t anything based on betaflight this isn’t anything based on anything you guys in the fpv world have come across before all of the same issues on that guys have been fighting for years. On these you know this is where most of my experience um, you can play roblox in the ggi simulator. Can you um recent drones? They have been struggling. You know, there’s been a cat and mouse battle with dji hacks for donkeys years. There are some mildly. Clever people who’ve been looking at this for years: it’s, just not simple: okay, we’re fired up so just to show you how this app works. Okay, so put this over the top, so we currently have the drone on and we have the fly app so i’m going to open the fly up. Ah, the the is a bloody issue, my daughter’s rebooted, the phone and um the jailbreak has dropped. Give me a moment, and if you don’t know, the jailbreak must be alive when you’re doing it. Sorry, i’m, just finding an adapter two seconds: i’ve got to re jail, break the phone again, something i forgot to check massive.

Thank you for the super chat, dev xe massively appreciated so what’s the logic on the 500 meter from launch line of sight issues. This is something dji have had for years. So sorry, i’m, just going to re jail, break this phone um. This is something dji have had for use. Okay, these uh. Let me just find it i’m, actually just trying to remember how i, how i did it in the first place: um. Yes, there we go i’m, not showing you guys this, oh god, sorry mac os is now telling me it won’t. Let me run the app yes, yes, yes, i know. I know i know yes, yes, yes, open anyway. Thank you. Okay, right sorry, i’ve just got to re jailbreak. Your phone in a moment takes a second. The problem with the jailbreaks on these phones is they’re, not persistent. So if you reboot the phone, it loses the jailbreak um. So you have to do it again. It only takes a couple of seconds right. Click start sign button, holding the buttons down, release the side button having to put it in dfu mode, simply move to the usa. Well, once you, if you don’t, reboot the device, it remains jailbroken, but if you reboot the device it doesn’t evening david, how are you yeah, i’ll shoot attachments about the thing to understand guys, and this is i’m just hacking – an iphone a moment, um the thing to Always understand is this is not like anything from an fpv community’s been used to before you’re very much now into um the same situation as all of the dj hacks and there’s been some amazing people.

Looking at this, this isn’t just as simple as basic coding dji. Oh, are we done? Let me just check all done: okay, sorted that’s, how long it took to jailbreak it doesn’t take long on a compatible device. Okay, so so put that back up show you guys there okay say hello to the elves. We have elves, okay, so we’re going to open the app wait a moment, and then it comes up with this tweak loader 3.0 and choose our action now. This is the bit that performs the fcc hack. This is the bit that tells the drone to go from low power mode to high power mode, and this is what i was doing off camera on that other bit. You hit launch and that’s. It done it’s now in fcc mode it’s, that simple and as you can see, we can still see the image on the front uh. If i move the camera. Oh, the camera i’ve still got the gimbal protector on the front overnight knife, but that’s it that’s. Literally, all it is to do you have the hacked app you open it up. You tell it to do it and that’s it in fcc mode, but you do have to have a jailbroken phone to do this, but the nice thing is, you can use it with the fly app. You can use it with the fly app. Let me just turn that off a minute now, as i’ve already said and i’ll share with you guys, let me just get all of this tuned off.

These are the only options you have today. So if you want fcc, hacks you’re going to have to either choose drone hacks or this new one on telegram just to put that up. So you can get this from here and i will put a link to this in a minute. But you’re gon na need um you’re gon na need to pay for it. There is a seven day trial. You can try this for seven days, so don’t worry it’s it’s, not um, all forced. Actually, let me make sure i can turn my camera back on now. Uh there we go i’ll be back up in the corner, um it’s, not completely forced you can actually um, try it for seven days on a jailbroken device and then um and then pay for it. If you want to keep it now. The interesting thing is these guys update their app literally all the time they are updating the app when dji updated, if not more often, they’re, updating the hacks and improving them, and things like that. So there are, you, know, you’re, not just getting some random hacked app that you’re never going to get updated again. They are very much a developer, let’s just say as well. Um now, with regards to the other issues like 500 meters and stuff, like that, okay, the guys who are talking about you know why is there a 500 meter limitation um? Thank you, devaxy uh, what you say to be honest if it makes sense from a safety perspective, then it’s, okay, but mountain range shots will be tough with the 500 meter limit again it’s a fpv, mavic and dji have always had this hard coded 500 meter limit.

It’S always been it’s on every drone they’ve made since well. I think it’s on every single drone. I i i’m thinking back. I think it was literally it’s been on every model, every model it was even on the nasa flight controller. My friend asked me when the drones returned to home home will decrease altitude as well as pass over higher buildings right uh. My friend asked me when his drone in return to home, will it decrease altitude as well, when passing over higher buildings right? I haven’t seen how this behaves yet in full return to home. Okay, so just to do a talk on that, because it’s quite an interesting thought right, the mavic series. So this has two main features: it has object avoidance and it has smart return to home. Now the smart return to home means it will use the object avoidance to go over and around objects that it senses on the front. This also has the back tracing feature where it will actually not just come back um line to sight. If you imagine drawing a line between you and where the drone is, it will actually follow the route back that you took out if there’s enough battery, so the idea of that is it’s a second safety feature that goes basically, instead of it just go in line Of sight, it’ll go back the route you take to avoid any of the things you avoided. However, whilst this does have object, avoidance sensors, it isn’t fully clear how well it behaves now.

I have read the manual and it does indicate that it will do object. Avoidance sensing in return to home, but i have not tried it or seen any evidence of how good it is if it works the same as the other dji drones. It should either go around or over objects to return home, but there is one major problem with this product that the others don’t have and that is the battery life uh interactive dna. I have to go great stream ads tech. Give you a copy of my studio. Obs studio you, how do you think it’s hi mate? Oh cool, send it over i’d appreciate that um. The big problem with this is the mavic tends to have a lot more battery life to get home. This does not so that’s where the problem is. In theory. It should go over or around objects based on the object sensing on the front. Okay, can anyone lorenzo? Can anyone talk to me the c vision in 20 meg instead of 50 mentioned at the beginning? Okay, so you need to go into your settings. Um i’ll talk! You i’ll tell you how to do it now. Let me turn it on we’ll. Do it, i can’t show you live, but we will do it. I will tell you the menu order. Whoa don’t have kicking with a buzz doesn’t it. It is in the radio system menu, so i’ll tell you exactly where it is now just so.

You know one day it happened to me after a few flips switched back to normal mode and when i pinched forward the drone started to fly backwards. Have you experienced that crazy bug i’ve certainly noticed some strange um behavior when it comes out of any mode in a failsafe, so, for instance, the first thing the drone does is stop recording, really frustrating really really frustrating, and it really does some quite strange flips. There are one or two bugs on this, in my opinion, in its behavior right now: okay, so to change the radio system go into the main menu and go down to transmission and then go down to channel mode, and you will find it will be currently set To something like auto and then change it from auto to manual and then choose your frequency, which is between 2.4 and 5 gigs, and then choose your bandwidth and that’s, how you switch it so transmission channel mode to manual frequency to 2.4 gigahertz bandwidth to 20 meg. So into in my experience, i’ve been flying it all this week and, oh god, i’ve put it in binding mode, just turn it off um. I found it much better in force 2.4 gig 20.. I haven’t actually tried force 2.440. I haven’t tried it. It might be. Fine, in that, what i did was, i put it in a mode where i knew it would be solid. The fpv image quality is absolutely fantastic. At um image called, i don’t need any more than that.

It’S, absolutely fine, it’s, absolutely fine what’s, my sensibility settings of controller. Do you mean in acro mode i’ve i’ve, pretty much left acro mode as it is i’ve not pushed it up. I’M. Really flying this more as an fpv cruiser right now, um, you know, i’ll show you guys some i was out yesterday. Let me just find this and i’ll put it up on the screen Music masters in progress fpv today, no, not today, fpv drone. Let me just find the folder: there should be a folder here. Where is it hiding? Oh, no, wait there not that one sorry wrong place too many drives so i’m, just trying to find Music. Here we go found him um. Okay, next topic thought the e news would be come up with the fbv controller. Sadly, not the v2. No dji have decided they won’t and i don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t feel trying to shoot gaps or fly you in the mode, just not controlling computer manual, no um, okay, i’m. I’M. Treating this like an fpv cruiser is how i’m treating this drone. Now. Let me just just have a find this video file close that one i’ve actually opened a file on a hard drive which seems to be running a tiny speed, it’s very floaty. This drone, especially with the image stabilization i’ve, just seen, which file this is before. I show you guys yeah. I was just like this. This is a bit of flying yesterday.

I was doing it’s very float. This is acro mode. This is acro um with that image, stabilization, it’s, still very floaty um. The image just feels floaty there’s, a few flips in this um, just to see how it behaves just to see how it feels you know nothing, scary, just just this was just some.