I just spent like the last 10 minutes flying all around these abandoned mining houses. This banning facility from i don’t know what year, hopefully i found it and put it down here. However, i did all these close up. Shots got the graffiti got all this landed and realized. I forgot to hit record yep because i usually just hit record and record my whole flight. However, this time i didn’t it probably didn’t even record in the goggles. Do you know if it recorded in the goggles? Probably did not probably did not so he’s flying in manual right now trying to get some shots to make up for my dumbass, not getting the shots. I’M gon na put one more battery in and we’re gon na take another lap around those buildings, and i was hoping we’d be able to get in there and get close up and actually vlog it a little bit inside of those buildings, but it’s not looking possible. It’S, a no trespassing area and there’s nowhere to park that you can’t uh, make it pretty obvious that you’re there so my first flight i did go in there real slow, checked out where all the wires were. The last time i flew here was many years ago with the original mavic pro when it first came out, and i had a couple of swallow – birds like just chasing it just die bombing me so hopefully. Well, we didn’t get that last time.

We’Re gon na go here’s some footage: Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, just got a second flight, captured some cool stuff i’m going to mix in some of dobo’s footage with mine. You’Ll be able to tell the difference mine’s like nice and slow and just sort of scout in the area and he’s, of course, flying in mac, acro mode. So it’s going to be a completely different look i’m hoping we can figure out a way in there. There is a car over there, so i don’t know if that’s a security guard or somebody who just happened to get in there if it’s a security guard that would prevent us from getting in there and getting the footage i want, but either which way pretty stoked To have gotten that i’ve, hopefully all the little fun facts i’ve been putting at the bottom of the screen, filled you in a little bit of the history in this place, make sure you check out the original dobo’s channel, because he’ll have a really cool, acro video. Hopefully, of this place as well, i hope you guys are enjoying this content. We have more coming so if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you subscribe if you’re enjoying this content – and you want to support the channel i’ve got a new logo with shirts merch hoodies. Awesome stuff that you can help support the channel by wearing make sure you tag me on instagram or twitter at that handle there if you do buy something and i’ll share it in a future.

Video Applause, Music, so we’ve been scouting all over the place and all we’re. Seeing is signs like this and typically that wouldn’t stop me because well, what’s gon na go wrong. We’Re, not gon. Na graffiti it we’re not gon na. Do any damage we’re, just gon na capture some cool footage, but somebody is in there right now and that’s gon na prevent us from being able to do. What we really wanted to do here is some kind of power that actually looks newer, not old and outdated, but you can see like even this brown tower here. I don’t know how close i can get, but all this is just shut off and it’s a shame, because i really wanted to get in there and share it with everybody. Let me go up here and see what we can see on this tiny little ridgeline and we can’t see much from this side, except for gorgeous views and this crazy couple of little brown, water looking towers or whatever they are. I don’t know it’d be very easy to sneak in there and go around all this, but there is somebody in there that looked like it was some kind of security car or something so we’re not going to deal with it. We’Re going to go, fly somewhere else enjoy the rest of this footage: Applause, Music Applause – this is the closest we can get to it without actually uh tromping in there and going through the no trespassing areas, i would love to hike around and really explore this little Town, but i hear that they they do enforce fines and things like that.

However, there’s there’s no signs over here. This is all open, hiking area. You can hike all this and there’s a path over here and down there. I bet you we could park here and go right over there, pretty good. We were way over there when i flew, so it was pretty impressive that i had no signal breakup or very little with the dji fpv, but damn that is so cool and it’d be so cool to go in there all this stuff. Let me see what he wants to do and we might – or we might not – probably not, because we still have a lot of stuff to do. What are you doing? B: roll thanks, everyone for watching we’ll catch you in the next one: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. We got the original dobo is here visiting right now and i’m, bringing them out on the electric skateboard.